December 7, 2019
  • 2:15 pm Greek Orthodox Church in Adelaide is up in flames on Agios Nikolaos Feast Day
  • 2:14 pm MABON: Ritual equinoccio de otoño l Sabbats Wicca
  • 2:14 pm ¿DAVID ROCKEFELLER ha muerto o ha sido SACRIFICADO en un extraño RITUAL? | VM Granmisterio
  • 2:14 pm With Us – Hillsong Worship
  • 2:14 pm Now That Your Near – Hillsong Worship
Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα – Δαίμονες που παίρνουν τη μορφή νεκρών

Orthodox Miracles – Demons using dead people’s figures Took place in: Athens Spiritualism and Necromancy promise a communication between the alive and the dead. Many people, hurt by the deaths of their loved ones resort to there, having the hope to “see”, “hear” and learn how they are. But they fall into a demonic trap, because in reality, they don’t communicate with their dead people’s spirits but with demons who transform into the dead person’s figure. Some preacher went to a spiritualistic session in Athens, to prove to every participant in such rites that dead people don’t show up and that they’re actually demons. He asked from the spiritualist to call the spirit of a known Archimandrite, Dionisios Farazoulis (1882-1920), a virtuous and sweet person who had just died. Veritably, after a while a spirit appeared. “-Brother”, it says, “I am Dionisios.” “-You are Satan”, the preacher answered. “-Don’t you know me? You forgot me?” “-You are Satan, you ‘re not Dionisios.” “-Remember, we had lived together”, the spirit was persisting. “-You are Satan, you’re not Farazoulis”, the preacher was persisting. Then the spirit got mad, started screaming wildly and broke everything down in the room. The people were petrified. When they came round, the priest told them: “-Do you see now that it was a satanic spirit? Because everybody knows that Dionisios Farazoulis was a really calm man who would never lose his temper.” Source: Book “Demons and their actions”, page 349

Otis Rodgers