December 7, 2019
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Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Εικόνα της Παναγίας αναβλύζει Άγιο Μύρο

Orthodox Miracles – Virgin Mary’s icon outflows Holy essence Took place in: Monastery of Malevi, Arkadia Around 1964, an ancient icon depicting Virgin Mary’s Death (maybe by Εvangelist Luke), started outflowing Holy Essence, which wasn’t coming out of a specific spot of the icon, but was ”penetrating” the glass and flowing on the ground… But due to the massive attendance of buses full of pilgrims, the cars, the tractors, etc. and the big fuss they caused, around 1969, some residents informed the district attorney οf Sparta about a possible “fraud”. He sent officers who took the icon to the garden and washed it with vinegar twice. After that, they locked it in a hut and placed a gendarme outside!… But God’s words and miracles can’t be bonded or imprisoned in any way. That night, the Holy Essence started flowing out more that every other time. It leaked under the door, on the gendarme’s feet… The following morning, the authority’s next step was to return to their base. There wasn’t even a “single drop” of fraud! The Essence was coming from the sky, in a completely strange manner, which flows still to this day, but not as intensely as in the past. The even stranger fact is that the small copies of that icon existing in homes of pilgrims aroung the world, for example in Canada, smell like scent and outflow Holy Essence, as the basic icon of the monastery does… {Source}

Otis Rodgers