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Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα – Η μαρτυρία του καρδιολόγου του Αγ. Πορφυρίου

Orthodox Miracles – St. Porphyrios’s cardiologist Took place in: Mount Athos “Tele-diagnosis”, was his specialty! He could notice changes within himself and others, often within his doctors too, with excellent precision. He said to me that he diagnonsed a young man with hypogonadism just by looking at him, and diagnosed a nun living in another city with a spinal fracture. There are probably thousands of people who accepted his diagnostic energy and their sickness was later justified scientificaly. I will mention an self-diagnosis of his, here. He noticed changes to his electrocardiogram, without using a cardiograph. One night, he called me, worried: “Come, even thought it’s late, and you’ll notice distortions to my electrocardiogram. Today, I’m in pain many times and the pain extends to my back”. Indeed, I noted ischemic changes (to the electrical images n3 – n6) and asked him what was his stress level that day. He started crying and describing to me during the pauses, scenes of the fights on the streets of Romania in detail. It was the day of the revolution against Nicolae Ceaușescu in Romania and the Elder was “seeing” the shootings and the deaths on the parks with his charisma, just the way they were published on the newspapers, the following days. He continued crying and I begged him to ask God to remove his “vision” for a while. His heart was in danger due to the shock. This would lead to extension of his infarction. I was in the same sock too, because I could see the sensitivity of the “other” heart of a Saint. I hid my eyes with the cardiogram and thought: What the meaning of the nitrate medicines I am going to give you, Elder? You ‘re not from this world. Your heart beats in Oropos and lives in Romania. In the electrocardiogram, the heart seems to have ischemic “depression” of the Se segment, but in reality, it experiences a great elevation towards the sky. I left late, feeling the terror that I saw some of a a Saint’s light. I was visiting his hut as a diagnostic doctor, but he would diagnose me many times. I will mention two cases: I was operated by Dr. Vasilis Golemakis (two inguinal hernias simultaneously) and visited Oropos with my wife, during my recovery. I don’t know whether he was informed about my surgery by friends, but when we came in, he kept looking at my belly intensely and said: “I see that the operation on the right side was good, but the one on the left is masterful. Why did he pay so much attention there?”. My wife signed: “What is the Elder saying?” I hadn’t said anything to my wife or to anyone else that the surgeon had performed the Soudaice method on the left, because it was too big. The Elder “saw” it. During December of 1990, I was in bed with one of my many gastric hemorrhages. During a moment of intense questioning whether I should have a surgery or not, the phone rang. I write the words of the Elder, unaltered: “These days, I visit you often and act as a therapist with the “charisma” I was given by God. I’ve never been to your house so many times, in a small amount of days… I feel that you shouldn’t have the surgery now, but you should change your lifestyle and relax. Stop thinking about the surgery for now. What should I do, act like a doctor to the doctor? (he laughs). You should relax more, because people love you. You stole my glory. (he laughs)” Imagine how I felt under this protective presence! He loved all the people who would approach him and his doctors, of course, so that he would activate his therapeutic charisma for us. People who approached him naturally, have similar experiences. Many times, I would bring friends or relatives with me who were surprised when he would start talking about their problems, without me having to inform him about them before our arrival. On our way out, a lade wanted me to sweat that I hadn’t talked to him about her before arriving at Oropos. His charisma made him more sensitive to human pain. During an evening, the nuns interrupted the cardiological check, because many people who were waiting for his eulogy had gathered ouside. I went outside the hut and the visitors just kissed his hand. He was tired and spoke to nobody. The last lady walked out crying. When I entered the hut, I found the Elder crying. “This always happens. I saw that mother getting beaten up by her drug addict son tomorrow, to give him money. And of course, the poor lady must have felt awfully because she has such a big problem but left without help… What can you do, poor Porphyrios… Lord Jesus…”. And he repeated the word “Jesus” whisperingly, many times. He was such a sweet and simple man, so that you’d feel comfortable asking him even stupid questions. So, one day I challenged him indiscreetly: “So, Elder, how do you know that this proactive charisma is given to you by God and not by the Devil?” He laughed innocently and said: I’ve tried it. It’s given by God because it’s never wrong. Should I give you an example? The sexton at the General Hospital was holding her right cheek because her upper right molar was causing her pain. I told her that her left molar had the problem. She was persistent but when she came back from the dentist, she enthusiastically told me I was right. On the radiography, the damage appeared to be on the left side but she was feeling the pain on the right side, because they were in the same nerve. So, if that information was provided by Satan, it would be based on the patient’s feelings and would turn out false. The energy of God doesn’t do anything false.” Not only could the Elder “see” my physical illnesses as a doctor, but he was also taking care of my many spiritual imperfections. He was trying to help me acquire prostration. During an evening he called at my office, right after an andue expression of love by a couple of patients I had taken care of. I write his words as they were told: “George, it’s me, the Elder. You and I will go to Hell together. We will hear: Fool, fool, they will demand your soul this night… All the goods you acquired in your life, to whom they belong to now?” I interrupted him: “And what did we enjoy in this life, Elder? The broken car, the empty health booklet or our non-existing sleep?” He responded abruptly: “-What are you talking about? People tell you;>, and you accept this! Oh, {that way} you lose what you gained. The same thing happens to me. They tell me I have “charisma”, that I can perform miracles just with my touch, that I am a Saint and I believe everything, me the fool and the weak. That’s why I’m telling you, we’re going to Hell together!”. “-If that’s what happens”, I responded, “let’s to Hell together!”. And he hang up the phone, saying: “I’m speaking to you seriously and you’re always joking. May both of us have repetance “. Another day I was broody, thinking that most of my years were spent in an ineffectual way through useless daily details. The Elder called and brightened my mood just with some phrases; “-Doctor, have you ever hear the phrase; “and they will never taste death”? If we want it, we can avoid the feeling of death. Our love for Christ is enough. And “with your whole heart”, Mister cardiologist”. (he laughs) The Elder was not only a doctor, but also a veterinary. He loved animals. He domesticated wild parrots and taught them the Wish. When I heard the parrot repeating the prayer in the hut, I was shocked. “He ‘s more spiritual that me”, he said. “I get tired and fall asleep, but he stays sleepless”. Lately, he was trying to domesticate an eagle. During a weekend, he told me about an event that happened at North Evia where he was living as a monk: “A shepherd asked me to pray for her herd, because her goats were sick. I agreed, so they brought the herd close to the chapel I was living. I stood in front of the herd, raised my hands high and said many psalms and prayers referring to the Creation. The animals were completely silent. None of them was moving. Then, I lowered my hands and the goat moved. It came close to me, kissed my hand and walked back silently… Am I telling this right, Penelope?”, he asked his niece who was standing a little bit futher away from us. “Yes, Elder. That’s exactly how it happened. I was there”. Every time I was visiting F. Porphyrios, I was scared that this would be the last time I would examine him. So, I would make sure to perform palpation of the cardiac thrusts and carotids for a long period of time, having the certainty that I palpate the body of a future Saint of our Orthodox Church. When I was lifting my hand from his pericardium, he was repeating “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on the world”. How much does this world, our generation, owe to Elder Porphyrios’s prayers? And how many things I owe to him personally! Before leaving, I would lean down to receive his eulogy and he would either give me a slap (it was his utter expression of joy) or tighten my head with his hands while saying the prayer (it was his way of giving me a electroencephalography). Now I can explain why God “planted” me the desire to study medicine and become a cardiologist at an older age. He wanted me to meet and feel personally the simple, kindly and charismatic Saint Elder Porphyrios Bairaktaris. Some day he told me: “I’ll be closer to you when I’m gone. Distances are abolished, after death”. I hope that he enters our houses and our hearts easier now. Source: (republished from the magazine ” Synexy”) November 2002

Otis Rodgers



  1. Μιχαλης Μπασιος Posted on June 19, 2018 at 10:46 pm

    Χριστος Ανεστη. Θαυματα πολλα μεσα στο Χωρο της Εκκλησιας γινονται ,αλλα αυτο το θαυμα που δεν γινεται , θαρρεις και δεν ειναι σημαντικο, και δεν επειρεαζει ,την ζωη μας μεσα στην Εκκλησια ,ειναι ο ελεγχος αυτων που διατηρουν την Εκκλησια Του Χριστου καταξεσκισμενη και διαιρημενη και μαλωμενη.Τι χαρα να σου δωσει το οποιοδηποτε θαυμα οταν μεσα στην Εκκλησια Του Ιησου Χριστου βρισκεται ο εχθρος και κανει κουμαντο στην Εκκλησια Του ; Πολλα λεγονται οτι γινονται στο Ορος ,αλλα ο εχθρος μας εχει στησει εκει εμας τους προσκυνητες και πιστους Στην Αγια Τριας,παγιδες απο τα αδερφια μας τους μοναχους . Τετοια συμπεριφορα απο μοναχους ,μπροστα Στον Αγιο Θεο χωρις τσιπα και φοβο. Κυριε Ελεησον.