December 13, 2019
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Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα –  Ο Άγ. Νεκτάριος θεραπεύει παιδί σε κωματώδη κατάσταση

Orthodox Miracles – St. Nectarios saves kid in coma Took place in: Lavrio, East Athens Jim Kaberis from Varkiza was twelve years old, when he went to the Pedon Hospital in a coma due to a serious tetanus infection. His liver was seriously damaged. Everyone was worried for the his health, fearing the worst…. The blessed parents didn’t lose their courage… They rushed to Kamariza and invited Father Nectarios. They asked him to visit their son, whose life was at risk. Father Nectarios, knowing the purpose of his serious mission, didn’t waste a minute. He took a part of Sant Nectarios’s Relics, oil from the oil lamp and went to the hospital. He kneeled beside the sick child who was comatose. He could not communicate with anyone from his environment. The priest prayed warmly for a long time, asking for the help of the miraculous Saint Nectarios. He crossed the boy and anointed his forehead with the holy oil, expressing his belief to the parents and the relatives that the Saint would perform his miracle once again. That’s what he said to them, then blessed them and left. After the following minutes, – as if by some miracle -, the child opened his eyes, sat on the bed and asked his mother: “Where is the priest who crossed me, Mom?” All the bystanders started sobbing and thanking Saint Nectarios, who heard the prayers of Father Nectarios and theirs, and gave the child his precious health again. {source}

Otis Rodgers