January 21, 2020
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Ορθόδοξα Θαύματα  – Ο Αγ. Μηνάς σώζει Χριστιανούς από σφαγή

Orthodox Miracles – St. Minas saves Christians from slaughter Took place in: Irakleio, Greece … “Back then, the Turks were hearing about the success of the rebellious Greeks from everywhere, and because of that, they were erupting against the Greeks by depredating and slaughtering. The lives of Turkish conquerors were depending on the bad insticts of every Turk. On the Easter (18th of April, 1826) they thought it was the best day to hit them. They would find them in the Μetropolitan Church of Saint Minas, taking part in the Easter Liturgy. Back then, the Church of Saint Minas was smaller than the modern one. It was built in the 18th century. It ‘s still preserved to this day (Small Saint Minas). The Turks had tried to kill people in this Church before; on the 24th of June, 1821. They had slaughtererd six bishops, many priests and pilgrims. This time they tried to kill all the Christians who were present there. No one would escape because the wild crowds of Turks with their knives, swords and with every deadly weapon they owned, had encircled the Church. They had formed lines {of soldiers} in every path and possible direction. They had lit fires in many distant locations of the city in order to distract the local management. Their plan was plotted including the smallest detail. While Metropolitan Kallinikos was reading the Holy Evangel, suddenly the clang of guns was heard. The wild crowd of Turkish soldiers approached the door. They were ready to start slaughtering the Christians, who were unsuspected and unprepared. Critical moment! They suddenly saw a bright, glaring light that filled every corner of the Church. The devout figure of an old axiomatic with white hair appeared on his proud white horse, ready to use his sword. He was very angry and looked exactly like the Turkish leader of the area, Agian Agas. His horse had golden reins and a saddle decorated with precious stones. He was angry. When he was looking at Christians his stare was sweet and godlike, but when he would look at the barbarians who were against the Church, his stare would become sharp. It was portending the disaster of those who didn’t respect that Holy Day and his H o l y C h u r c h. The Turks, who were ready to kill at that point, left petrified and panicked. They protested to their Commander because he “had sent” Agian Agas to take them apart so that they wouldn’t finish their mission. But their commander said that he knew nothing and hadn’t sent anybody. Agian Agas was sleeping soundly in his house. It was then that the Turks realised Saint Minas had appeared to save the Christians. And he did save them. No one was hurt, apart from a woman who suffered a heart attack during her shock and after that, she collapsed and died. All the congregation got scared and left. Metropolitan Kallinikos stayed there and continued performing the Holy Liturgy alone. In order to solemnize the miracle and to make fun of the Turks more, Metropolitan Kallinikos visited the Turkish Commander the following day, as if to thank him because he had sent axiomatic Agian Agas to save them from the slaughter. But the Commander said that he had sent no Agian Agas. That way, Turks salvaged the miracle themselves. Some of them, overwhelmed by piety and respect, dedicated presents for the Saint to the Church annually. After their rescue, all bishops of Crete decided unanimously to celebrate this miracle the first Tuesday after Easter every year. On that day, Holy Relics of Saint Minas, which are kept there since 1700 A.C. are available for laic prostration. People of the Church used to give to each pilgrim a red egg and a candle. Now they just give a candle. Pilgrims light it during the reading of the Evangel and the Saint’s Hymns, as a sign of gratitude {for his prayers}, because the Saint saved them during that part of the Holy Liturgy. {source}

Otis Rodgers



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