December 8, 2019
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உன் உறுதியான விசுவாசம் விடுதலை தரும்! Firm faith will set you free! #appadurai

Beloved, Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ I’m glad to meet you again through
this program “Family Blessing Time” Because God loves to bless families The Bible clearly says that Even to Abraham, God said “I will bless you, you shall be a
blessing and I will bless your descendants” God promised this to him Noah’s family found grace in the eyes of the Lord God promised him that
“You will be fruitful and multiply” It implies that, God loves
to bless and to multiply families. How to receive the families blessings? That’s what God is speaking
clearly to you through sermons Know one thing God loves to bless families The Bible teaches us
‘How to receive the blessings’ When you heed and obey
the word of God and pray God will surely bless your family with all
the blessings that are mentioned in the Bible I am going to pray especially for that But before that, Hear the sermon After that when you pray along
with me in the prayer time Surely, God will bless you
with all the blessings you want Listen Reading Colossians 2: 5 For though I am absent in the
flesh, yet I am with you in spirit, Rejoicing to see your good order
and steadfastness of your faith in Christ Secondly, What kind of faith does Jesus expect from us? Be firm in the faith You must be firm in your faith The Bible beautifully says, in I Peter 5: 9 Peter says,
“Steadfast in faith and resist the devil” You must know this Today, Satan is bringing
struggles in the lives of many And bringing diseases So, to receive deliverance from the disease You must resist the devil that brought the disease To resist that, Your faith in Jesus must be firm Jesus can do miracles in your
life only if your faith is firm The Bible clearly says that Read in the whole Bible In Luke 5: 20, An incident is written there A paralyzed man was brought to Jesus Four men brought him Jesus healed him And said “Rise, take up your bed and walk” What is the reason for Jesus
to do such a great miracle in his life? Jesus saw their faith There’s a secret in there Jesus sees the steadfastness of their faith Four men are bringing him on a bed Think, He is paralyzed and
laying on the bed like a corpse He is brought to Jesus The house is fully packed They are standing there They have to bring him inside with the bed They would have asked for a way
to the crowd, to get him in front of Jesus The Bible says, Even if the house is fully packed But there is some space
in front of Jesus, to keep him Some space in front of Jesus So they asked the crowd for a way The crowd would have
mocked them seeing his condition They would have told what is the use of
bringing the paralysed man who is at the verge of the death. They would have discouraged them, They would have discouraged
the four men with their words Read in the Bible Their faith was firm People might discourage you,
no matter what they say, Would have discouraged you while coming here Others would have told you as you
are abandoned in a despair situation by the doctors. They would have spilled
words to discourage you Many would have discouraged you Because, that happened to this man Was denied to enter the house Also would have spilled words Read the Bible They never minded their words They had the faith that, if he was placed
in front of Jesus, Jesus would heal him Jesus would make him walk They had that faith That’s why, with the
intention of laying him in front of Jesus They carried him to the
roof of the house and removed it. Read the incident in the Bible carefully. We just read the Bible without
minding its underlying facts. Imagine the incident
when you read the incident. To lift the man to the roof They would have worked hard It’s not that easy So much of hard work, Think about that That’s not a simple thing Lord noticed the steadfastness in their faith After lifting to the roof They uncovered the roof They uncovered the roof Here in this tabernacle To cover the top with sheets,
they have attached lots of rods In those days, They used reapers
and potsherd to cover the roof Here, they let down the bed with the paralytic man Just think about that Can they let him down with
only the potsherds removed? They had to do lots of work to uncover the roof After that, they let the bed down Just think about their steadfastness in faith They were ready to do
anything to place him before Jesus They had a firm faith that
Jesus will surely heal him Strong Faith That’s what the Bible says, Jesus
sees the steadfastness in their faith They worked hard They worked hard to place him
before Jesus, by believing His power Because of the faith and steadfastness
they had in Jesus. They placed him before Jesus Seeing their firm faith Jesus said, “Rise, take up your bed and walk” “Take up your bed and walk” Immediately, he started walking So, the vital thing that God expects from us is Steadfastness in faith You have come here to this meeting To receive a deliverance from the Lord Think about Jacob’s prayer He prayed “I will not let
You go unless You bless me!” He struggled with the Lord Won’t leave Him, until He heals you Pray to the Lord Believe His power and Have a firm
faith upon the Lord. Be tenacious in your prayers So, what God expects from you? Steadfastness in your faith In the Bible Read acts 14: 8-10 Paul is preaching there in the city called Lystra Everyone is hearing the sermon While speaking, Paul intently observed a man Who was he? He was a cripple from his mother’s womb He was born as a cripple But he carefully heard the sermon of Paul So, hear the word of God carefully Only if you hear the word of God It only can steadfast your faith The cripple man was carefully
hearing the sermon of Paul After that, Paul intently observed him The Bible says “the man had faith to be healed” He heard the sermon carefully He had the faith,
“Jesus that Paul preaches would also heal me” Paul would have preached about the
miracles of Jesus and also about his power Perhaps, Paul would have preached so While hearing the sermon, Firmness in faith came to him He had the faith that, “Jesus
would heal me and I will be healed” Firmness in faith comes inside him That’s why Besides the crowd, Paul stared only at him And said “Stand up straight on your feet” Listen reading Acts 14: 9, 10 This man heard Paul speaking. Paul, observing him intently and
seeing that he had faith to be healed. Said with a loud voice,
“Stand up straight on your feet!” This part is so important Listen to this carefully Paul asked him just to stand up on his feet But what happened “And he leaped and walked” Think about this “He leaped and walked” What did Paul say? Paul said “Stand up straight on your feet” But, what the man did is, He leaped and walked See his firm faith He was eagerly waiting for Paul to heal him He was waiting for Paul’s word And when the word came, Paul said just to stand up on his feet The man believed in God’s power So, he leaped and started walking He did that because of the faith Because of his faith So, God sees the steadfastness of your faith You might need a healing You might be a cripple and might
have come with the help of others You might have come in a paralyzed condition Jesus can make you walk
as He did to the man in Lystra If your faith is firm If you are steadfastness in faith If you believe, You can also walk and
glorify God like the cripple man did You might have come with paralysis How is your faith? Seeing your firm faith, God can do miracles in your life Think, What hinders the steadfastness in faith? Word of God beautifully says, In Mathew 14, Jesus said to Peter Jesus Christ was walking on the sea Seeing that, the disciples scared Then Jesus said, “It is I” “Do not be afraid, it is I?” said the Lord Then Peter asked, “Lord, if it is You,
command me to come to You on the water” So Jesus said, It is I,
Come, walk on the water After taking a few steps, Bible says, Peter drowned in the sea. Then Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him And He asked,
“O you of little faith, why did you doubt” So, what hinders our firmness in faith It is Doubt Doubt Why did the doubt come inside him? Think He asked Jesus Jesus says “I will heal you” Jesus said to Peter,
“Come, walk on the water” After that, Where does he look now,
the man who walked looking at Jesus? He sees the sea and the wind He looks at the storm Who told you watch there? Jesus said, look at me and come You should have looked at me and come Who told you to look at the surroundings? Many of you don’t receive healing Because even after come in search of Jesus Unwanted doubts have come inside you You fear to the words that others say You doubt your prayer Even after come in search of Jesus If you think about your disease and doubt Jesus can’t do miracles in your life Know this Fear brings doubt in one’s life That’s why Lord said Why did you fear? Why do you have no faith? Do you know what spoils your faith? It is fear Fear You fear about the disease you have Whatever be the disease it may be Nothing is impossible with Jesus Doctors might give negative results That is medical That is Medical But, whom have you come in search of? He is a heavenly doctor Nothing is impossible with Him May it be a deadly disease
That is not a problem to Him He created your body And he knows
how to remove the disease. If you fear, You will lose your faith
and you can’t be firm in faith Fear hinders miracles in your life Some can easily receive healing But because of the fear, they could not receive it Why many people are not healed? Because of the fear Lord says “Fear involves torment”
It is written in the Bible (I John 4:18) An incident took place in America A man was working there While working, In a room which contains a big deep freezer It was very big He was working there While working No one noticed that he is inside the room So, they locked the door from outside It is a place where temperature is very low He noticed that the door is locked outside But no one unlocked the door Fear of death caught him Don’t know what happened inside In the morning when the door was open He was found dead near the door What actually happened was They were about to defrost the freezer on the day. They switched off the plant And the temperature inside the
room was brought to ambient temperature It was a day of defrosting,
But he forgot that His mind was fixed on the freezing temperature Without his knowledge, Devil brought fear inside him It was normal temperature inside the room But because of the fear, He died inside the room This is a real incident Think, Fear hinders the firmness in faith And it obstructs the blessings
that God has kept for you So, the Lord says For the Lord to heal you How should your faith be? Firstly, You must believe His power Secondly, You must be firm in your faith Beloved You have heard the word of God So, If you want God to bless your family. If you want to receive the blessings you expect Lord said, faith is important So, through this sermon,
God is speaking about faith Reason why many couldn’t
receive blessings in their life is Because of doubt God commanded Peter to walk on the water But he doubts So, Lord said Why did you doubt? Why is your faith so little? Lord asked him That’s why you’re drowning, in your life Why our families drown sometimes? Why problems prevail in your family? Because, we lack in the faith that we have on God And we doubt His power That’s important When you doubt the Lord’s power He can’t bless you Without doubting the power of Jesus When you pray having faith in Jesus Surely God will do you a miracle Now, For that miracle For that blessings For God to give you the blessings you expect I am gonna pray for you Let’s pray [Prayer] Father, Heeding to
your words, your children is looking upon you Satan might have brought doubt in their hearts Today, hearing to the sermon, Your children are praying to you with faith Your children are praying to you with faith Father! Bless them with the
blessings and goodness they expect Perhaps, they may be struggling with Cancer Doctors might have abandoned them But Lord, nothing is impossible with you You’re almighty God Today, Your children is praying to
forgive their unbelief and to heal the disease Lord, Let your power descend upon them Let the cancer disappear in the name of Jesus Whatever the disease it may be It may be an affected kidney It may be an affected heart Whatever be the disease Now, Let the diseases disappear in the name of Jesus Let miracles happen Thank you Lord for doing so Praise be to you for healing them I pray (Praise be to God) for the children that are
praying with a broken heart by facing problem in their Family Let the hindrances that
Satan brings shall change in the name of Jesus God who breaks the obstructions, According to the word “I shall go before you” Let the hindrance that satan put to obstacle
the progression of families change right now It may be a hindrance in business Or maybe put hindrances in the life of children Or maybe put hindrances in occupation It may be obstructing from getting a promotion I prevail all the hindrances in the name of Jesus Let the families be blessed in the name of Jesus Let the hindrances in marriage
change right now in the name of Jesus Let the hindrances in education
change in the name of Jesus Lord bless them by opening a way for Job I am especially praying for them For what blessings your
children are praying to you Lord bless them with the
blessings and goodness they want I thank you for doing so to your children Father, In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen! Amen!

Otis Rodgers



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