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【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 10 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添)

The Taoism Grandmaster Episode 10 My son. Can you hear me? We’ve done all your commands. The Vanguard Army has already prepared
to set off to man’s world to have fight with the Immortal’s World
at close quarters. The Taoism Trail Competition
will be unsealed soon. Everything can’t be irretrievable now. Do you really think your decision is right? My son… Who? Your Majesty, Wolf Queen. How dare you come here without approval! Really? Four elders brought me here before. I don’t know I should come with approval. I just walk around in my free time. No warned, no fault. Don’t show me your affectation! Get out! Do I? Wolf Queen. Do you really want to see my original shape? Don’t regret it! The evil fox. No one in the three realms can conquer you. You pretend to be a slave willingly. But who knows your real thoughts? Don’t look at me with such a look! I’m just a poor fox which’s been abandoned
by the three realms for thousands years. I only have one goal. What else can I have? What purpose do you have? Tell me! I want the three realms to remember me forever. Wait! I’m leaving. The Learning Dorm is for the competitors. You can find your names on the beds. The rooms on the two sides are for males. The rooms on this side are for females. The five chiefs will start
the Taoism Trial Competition at 11 o’clock. Please finish washing
and rest as early as possible. Assemble in the Playground before 11 o’clock. Yun Qi, your bed is over there. Mine is here. Yuan Hang, there is a moneybag on my bed. Did someone leave it here? No. They’re for you for becoming the competitors. You can use it as will
or you can add some equipment. Qianqiu must be the happiest one. During the time in the Taoism Trail Competition, everyone can get a bonus or a treasure
after finishing the tasks. So we hope you can keep on working hard. Okay! They are all our enemies from now on. You’d better prepare for it
so as not to be killed by others in the night. Feifei, why are you unhappy? Are you recalling Zhang Ling? Yes. A little bit. Although he’s a little bit careless and casual, he can bring us hope when we’re in despair. We all feel pity he became
the last one being eliminated. Pity is useless. It’s all over now. It’s all his fate. Maybe. Feifei, I want to give the money to Yun Qi to keep. – Go ahead.
– Okay. I don’t know how Zhang Ling is now. We haven’t thanked him before he left. In the Dreamland, we might be
all eliminated without him. Pity. What a pity! Feifei, here are you. Qiongqi is coming! We’re a team, which means we should share hardship. Senior Disciple, let me see. Taoism doesn’t have a clear entity. Though it’s faraway, it has its figure. Though it’s faraway, there’s entity inside. It seems that human’s mood is faraway as it. Faraway. Faraway. Faraway! Zhang Ling! Why do you never say goodbye to others? I’ll tell you next time, if we have a chance. I have my own reason. – Goodbye.
– Stop! What’s the matter? You’ve become the 49th competitor
of the Taoism Trial Competition. – Why?
– Because Li Zhi from Kongtong School quit. – Why?
– Something unexpected happened. I suddenly heard a screech before I went to bed. Then we found Li Zhi
fell in a faint on the ground. Li Zhi! What’s the matter? I’m not on purpose. – Why did he faint?
– Because Xiao Yu hit him. Wait… Xiao Yu hurt Li Zhi? Well, she used 50 liang silver to hurt him. 50 liang silver? I’m really confused. All the competitors reorganized
the processes in order to find the truth. But later they found Xiao Yu tried to
give her money to Yun Qi before he fainted. We were threatened but not dangerous last time. Yes, thanks to Zhang Ling. Though his head was hurt, it’s only hurt outside. It’s not a big deal. Actually he woke up soon
but he was a little bit strange. Then we asked Master of Berserk to check him. Who are you? Who am I? I don’t know. Where am I? Who are you all? – This is amnesia.
– Amnesia. – Amnesia?
– Yes. Master of Berserk said the 50 liang silver
just hit the most fragile part of Li Zhi’s head and hurt both his brain and memory,
which is amnesia. – Can it be cured?
– It’s hard to say. She said maybe it’ll be cured tomorrow,
or in three months, or it can’t be cured forever. As he can’t use his immortal technique
without his memory, he can’t join the Taoism Trial Competition. Then the five chiefs of
Alliance of Five Great Mountains disputed on it. Originator never told
that it had any candidates. The originator confirmed
the number of competitors. Can’t we start the Taoism Trial Competition
without 49 competitors? Zhang Ling is too crafty. I don’t like him. I’m relaxed when he’s out. But your apprentice could early be out
without Zhang Ling. What do you mean? Would things become so complex without him? Chief, what do you think? Chief, don’t forget he’s Zhang Dashun’s son! I don’t think a candidate is necessary but… I find it. See. The code said that
its “Dayan” number is 50 but it uses 49. 49 is necessary. You don’t need to choose him as a candidate. – But…
– But what? But you must restart the battle
and choose another 49 candidates. It’s impossible to restart it
for the Wolf’s World will assault at any time. Having no more choices,
the five chiefs finally decide if you want you can be the 49th
competitor of the Competition. – Do you just want to tell me this?
– Yes. Actually, Tie Lang is also looking for you
but we are separated. I don’t know where he is now. Is it important whether I’m in or not? I just pass on the message.
You should decide by yourself. Or you can let the leaf help you. That’s what I want to do. Zhang Ling, why don’t you decide by yourself once? This is my choice. Why do you let it decide your future? You won’t understand even if I tell you. How do you know that? You haven’t tried yet! Okay, come with me. See and hear. Use your heart to feel the world. All the living creatures, sun and moon, all
the various things seem to have their own karma. Establishment, Stabilization,
Extermination and Formless. It seems that they’re unrelated
but they all obey an intangible rule. Run and never stop. Obey the law and never violate. – That is the natural law?
– Yes! This is what cultivators pursue,
which is the truth of cosmos. As you know the laws well,
you can be harmonious with cosmos, which can be in a free and easy state. You’re really free and unfettered! Maybe. Actually, I haven’t penetrated its secret. What I said is learning from the books. Following your heart is just pursuing your law. You try to find the natural law’s secret. I find you’re clever now. Obviously. Don’t look down upon me! One can pursue individuality
when he knows the law well, which he can be in a real free and easy state. Following my heart is
the first step of pursuing my Taoism, which is also what I should do. Now do you know the importance of the leaf to me? Yes. But I still think it’s boring. It seems that it’s boring. But we wouldn’t meet each other and have such
an unforgettable memory without the leaf. Right? The goal of man’s living is to pursue a good memory. Pursuing my Taoism is
just creating my good memory. Come with me. There are two ways here.
One is to the west, the other is to the south. But I have one more choice now,
which is to follow you back to the Alliance. Let’s see how the natural law arranges. – You’re so annoying! Tie Lang!
– I’m the Taoism! Stop talking nonsense! Just tell me your choice! Zhang Ling, your way is in my hand. Just accept it. I have my own reason for refusing going with you. Back or not? I really do miss you guys. Just tell me the choice! I don’t want to be the Taoism Seeker.
I just follow my dad’s words. Back or not? Let’s go. We’ve just accepted an important task. The one who can’t spend all his rewards
in the Untrammeled School before 11 o’clock. Who’ll be tortoise’s son. What about it? – Tortoise’s son?
– Would you like to join in it? Join us! – Come with us!
– Yes! Join us! Join us! – Of course I’ll.
– I’ll devote all myself! That’s also my wish. But where’s my money? Here you are. Welcome back, Zhang Ling. They have arrived. Good! Let’s conquer the Untrammeled School
before we attend the Competition and the second war. Okay! Let’s go! I’ll bring you there. This way. Let’s go there. – Here!
– Come here. What’s that? Come here! – Have you already chosen the armor you want?
– Yes. Here they are. Okay. Let me show you how to seal them up. This is the Untrammeled Token. Please import your internal Qi in it
and then create a mudra as you like. It’s really awesome! – All the styles are here, right?
– Yes. All the styles for battle are here. It’s useful but not beautiful. If you want to find the style you like,
you need to see our collections. This way, please. – Let’s follow them!
– Okay. Wait for me! It’s so beautiful. It’s too beautiful to let me refuse it. How much is it? – All the clothes here are 30 liang.
– 30 liang? – 30…
– So expensive… – Does it have some special function?
– No. It can only let you beauty be prettier. – Isn’t it better than the special function?
– Of course. I’m now only have 16 liang. So do I. Why don’t you tell me earlier? 10, 11, 12, 13, 14… How much money do you have? 16… 17. 17 liang. I still have 13 liang. Here you are. Really? No. Get your money back. I want to use my efforts to earn
more rewards in the Taoism Trial Competition and then buy it myself. – Really?
– Really! – Let’s go.
– Okay. It’s really a good one. You have a nice insight. This is really a good one. – Put it back. See it later.
– This is Magical Fire of Invisibility! – Really?
– Yes. – How much is it?
– Only five liang. Only five? – We want three.
– Okay. We want four. – I want it too!
– So do I! – We want all of them!
– It’s mine! – It’s mine!
– You! Have some tea, please. The feeling of shopping is so nice! The sense of using other’s money to shop is better. Should we consider to buy a new armor? I agree with you. – The one we bought before is useless!
– Yes. And also I want to buy an Imperial Artifact! It’s necessary! How much money do you still have? Tie Lang spent 42 liang. He still has 8 liang. He’s used a lot of money! I told you not to buy so many Thunder Beads! And why did you compete with them? – They started. Obviously I should follow!
– Okay. – How much money does he have?
– Five liang. What? Why so little? Zhang Ling, you really love
Magical Fire of Invisibility. Five liang for one. And you bought eight. And then you bought 10 Heavenly Fire
Thunder Beads and 10 Divine Water Thunder Beads. – And…
– Okay, stop! Well, five liang can’t buy any good things. The cheapest armor costs 10 liang.
Well, the Imperial Artifact… We can’t afford it! Let’s practice hard and make one for ourselves! Listen to me! Listen, the Management Team
is going to announce something. The chief lets me tell you something. From now to the midnight,
the entrance guard will be cancelled! Will be cancelled? Today is the 15th. We can be conscientious
to drink and shop in City of No Tears. Feifei is right. But there’s one rule you need to obey. You must assemble in the Taoism Heavenly Palace
in two hours as tocsin rings. And also you need to join launching ceremony
of Taoism Trial Competition before 11 o’clock. Nothing else. Just have fun! Nice! Okay, listen! It’s really a special day today
so I venture to break our family rules. One who spends 10 liang in Untrammeled School
can gain an exquisite treasure bag. – Different styles!
– Cool! And all the immortal clothes are half off! Just enjoy yourselves in City of No Tears! – Awesome!
– Let’s go to buy it. Okay. Nice! Let’s go! They aren’t like cultivators anymore now. Just let them enjoy the time
of being normal girls. – Shall we go to buy something?
– That’s what I want to do. – Let’s go.
– Okay. – Qianqiu, does the staff have a discount?
– Yes, of course. Really? By the way, Wanshi wanted you to see her. Wanshi… Wanshi wanted to see me? – What does she want to tell me?
– I don’t know. You’re her brother. You know her more. Bye! Why does she want to see me at this time? Zhang Ling, Tie Lang,
why don’t you go to buy an immortal clothes? Many things I want but little money I have. So it is. Your goods here are so expensive. Why do you show us the best one in the end? Well… I’m a businessman. Qianqiu, tell us the truth. How much is the cheapest Imperial Artifact here? – Then we can know what kind of goal we can set.
– Yes, he’s right. Do you have something dilapidated to send us? The cheapest one is about 300 liang. We really don’t have something dilapidated. But I can try to find something free for you. – Free?
– Really? Though it’s free, you need to
use something to pay the price. We’ll deal with whatever we face. As long as it’s for free. – We want two.
– Okay, remember all your words. Come with me to room 13 with your dying wills. Isn’t it the place where we bought the poor armors? – Is here room 13?
– No, here’s room 12. It’s room 12 on the surface. Actually it’s the entrance of room 13. – Is this room 13?
– Not really. It’s only the entrance of room 13. – Entrance…
– It’s the last time I remind you. Don’t enter without your dying wills. – Fear?
– Me? What should we fear? We’re still alive
after the battle of Five Great Mountains . Okay, come close with me. Don’t lose sight of guide lamp
or it’ll be dangerous for you losing your way. What is the room 13? It’s for weapon development. Why do we need to walk so long? For the safety. I know. You mean it’ll be dangerous
during the time of developing weapons, so you set it here. It’s one of the reasons. The other reason is my sister, Xiao Wanshi,
who is responsible for developing arms. Here it is. Remember do not touch anything
when you’re in the room or face the consequences yourselves. You finally come back, Qianqiu! I thought you’re already forgotten me. Impossible. I’m just busy with
the battle of Five Great Mountains. I really have no time to see you. – Are you one of the competitors?
– Yes! Later, I’ll join the Taoism Trial Competition. Great! I know you can succeed! Not yet. Future is harder. Don’t worry! I’ve already prepared
so many new magic treasures for you to test, which can let you pass the competition. Nice… Well, they’re my friends, Zhang Ling and Tie Lang. You can ask them to test the treasures. Hello. Nice! Your gifts are really great! What’s the meaning of gifts? – Come in please.
– Please. Qianqiu. What are you doing? Really strong. I’m really satisfied! Of course! They’re the competitors.
Of course they have qualities. Wanshi, we came here because Qianqiu told us
we can get free Imperial Artifacts here. You’ve come to the right place! – I have some free Imperial Artifacts!
– We need two. Two? Really? I do have! Are they really free? If you want to use them,
they’ll be free and even with gifts. Stay here and don’t escape! I’ll be back soon. – Qianqiu, your sister is a little bit…
– A little bit strange. To tell you the truth, Wanshi is my sister.
She’s cute, energetic and clever. She’s my favorite person. But she has a strange interest, which is to develop
and invent weapons all day. As she always has special ideas, the weapons she created are a little bit amazing. Have you ever tried before? I used to be her only trial object. In order to keep Untrammeled School
and others’ safety, I have no choice but to let her stay here to do it. I understand. You mean
what your sister invented is very dangerous. You’re afraid of testing them. But as she’s your sister, you still love her dearly. Then you let us be her trial objects, right? No wonder you say
Imperial Artifacts here are free. No wonder she likes us, the gifts, so much. Research and development
should have success and failure. I guarantee you
by the credit of Untrammeled School Wanshi’s successful works are ace. Has she succeeded before? Well… probably… no… – It seems that her craft is nice.
– Obviously! – What’s this?
– Put it down! What’s this? This’s Bounce Thunder Bead… Half of the Untrammeled School was destroyed
when we tested it last time. We closed for half a year! How’s its power? Breathtaking… Shocking. Nice! Qianqiu,it’s successful!
Can we sell it openly? Maybe… Nice! This one is yours. And this is yours. They are my gifts to you. Take it easy! They’re very safe
in the Universal Bag. And they can be reused! They’re not wasteful as the disposable ones. – Are you sure?
– Obviously! This is what you want. – What we want is the Imperial Artifact!
– Yes, it’s the Imperial Artifact! – This is just an egg!
– It’s not a normal one! It’s made of our treasured irons. Then I use my unique technique
to purify and forge it 3,300 times. The one in the market cannot be mentioned with it. Of course, you need to hatch them first. Hatch? We’re not hens and we don’t want chickens. They’re what you want! And also they’re free! Wanshi, the two eggs… no, two Imperial Artifacts
must have expended all your energies. Right? So we can’t take them.
I think you should keep them yourself. I don’t want it too. Don’t you remember we’re going to
drink with others in City of No Tears? – Oh, yes. We need to go now.
– Let’s hurry up. Go if you want to die.
They’re already yours now. Take them! Sorry, my friends. She’s holding Iron Operation Token,
which can use telekinetic power to control arms. You’d better accept her gifts. Wanshi. You’re really welcome! Don’t worry! We’ll put it in our arms
and hatch it when we’re back. Just like the hen! No, you misunderstand. You need to swallow it. Swallow it? – This is iron! How can we swallow it?
– Of course you can! I told you it’s forged in unique technique. It’ll unite with your own internal Qi
and personalities in your belly. And it’ll change into an unique
Imperial Artifact which is only for you. Sounds like it’s true. Do you believe? Well, I believe! Don’t worry, Wanshi. We’ll use the best wine to have it
when we arrive City of No Tears. – Eat!
– We are now eating! This is my proudest work!
It’s nice to be appreciated by others! When will the egg
change into the Imperial Artifact? I don’t know. – How should we use it when it changes?
– I don’t know. Why do you know nothing about it? That’s why I ask you to try it. – Don’t forget to tell me the result!
– You! Remember to come back alive! – Qianqiu!
– Yes? If they were dead, you should remember to pick
their corpses back. I want to do some research. – Okay, I will.
– Nice. Bye! I used to think Qianqiu’s trying to be nice. So it seems that we,
the two gifts, are betrayed by you. I’ve stored up what you did for me in my heart. I decide to send you two sets of
immortal clothes as compensation, okay? Look at the time!
Let’s go to City of No Tears to carouse! We must enjoy ourselves! Feifei, are you ready? We need to set off now. Not yet. Don’t urge us! Yun Qi said time’s limited and we need to hurry up. What happened? She used to be fast. Let me do it. Feifei, we don’t know how to tell Yun Qi,
if you still stay in the room. Hello, Feifei. I have something important to do now. Don’t urge me or I’ll punish you
to practice the sword skills. – But…
– Okay, stop! Feifei, if you’re busy, we’ll leave now. We’d better leave now. They’ve left. We can start now. What I teach now is very important.
You’ll benefit from it all your lives. So you must pay all your attentions here! Don’t distract or you’ll regret it forever! – Understood?
– Yes. The things in the case can change your fate. I won’t use it unless it’s necessary. I’ve collected these rouges
and lipsticks for years. They are not common. Let all the men remember
the most beautiful moment of us this evening! The most beautiful! – Awesome!
– You have so many tools! Why do you need so many tools? Change your face? I’m happy today. I think
you’d better do your own things. – Don’t do that.
– Okay, let’s start. If you want to get gussied up, you should think of your favorite person. My favorite people? Because when he says you’re beautiful, you would be the most beautiful woman in the world. But if I don’t have a favorite person? It’s impossible. You’ll have one as you try to think. Are you ready? Think about your favorite person now. Let’s start! The clothes is really comfortable,
just like the water. Yes. The goods from
the Untrammeled School is really nice! A rustic man can’t be tasteful
by wearing immortal clothes. It seems that I smell the taste of soil. What do you mean? Ignore them. Tie Lang, as you put on the clothes,
you’re not Tie Lang anymore. You’re Tu Lang now. Short-sighted and grimy men are always wretched
no matter what they wear. No one will think highly of them! – You!
– Forget it! Don’t bother yourself arguing with them. Let’s go to City of No Tears to have fun! Don’t let them ruin our mood. Let’s go. Goodbye, Tu Lang.

Otis Rodgers



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