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【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 39 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添)

The Taoism Grandmaster Episode 39 You tell me what to do. I have no idea. Bai Qianji is so wicked. She knew that Dragon Pig is my friend. That’s why they let him guard to protect me from escaping. General Flower, why are you here? I’m gonna have fun there. Piss off! Muddling Worm, hide yourself. You can’t have fun inside. Maybe you can check somewhere else. You know nothing. I can have fun with that fox. Having fun with Liuli? I don’t understand. You’re only a stupid pig. You know nothing. Piss off. General. I am stupid. I do know nothing. But the Commander asked me to guard her. I can’t ignore it. Tell you what, if you stop me again, I’ll cook you. Piss off! General. Please don’t. Don’t come here. You’re controlled. Good. So I don’t need to do it myself. What are you doing? Do you know how heartbroken I was watching you tortured by that old fox? Don’t touch me. Leave me alone! So sweet. That old fox doesn’t have this kind of scent. Leave me alone! Go away! Liuli. – I’m gonna kill you!
– Muddling Worm. Muddling Worm. What did you do? You bite me? I’m the best at using poison. Let’s see whether your poison or mine is better. Muddling Worm! What did you do? Relax. It just passed out
due to the poison in my blood. But it’s also easy to kill it. Muddling Worm. Please don’t kill it. Please release it. OK. Since you’re begging, just listen to me. As long as you don’t resist, we can discuss that. Please don’t touch me. Please leave me alone. Leave me alone, please! – Help!
– What should I do? Help! Leave me alone! Help! Please! Let me go. Help! Help! Leave me alone, please! Help! Let me go! Help! He can’t do it. He can’t. You stupid! – Dragon Pig!
– How dare you? – Stop beating him!
– You stupid! Stop! I’m gonna kill you. Stop beating him. – You wanna die?
– Stop! What a stupid pig. Stop. I’ll do whatever you want. Stop hurting him! You’re lucky this time. You bastard. Pig. How dare you? Stupid. Let me go. Liuli, let’s go. You stupid. You can’t be so lucky next time. Come back. I’ll make you suffer. Anybody? Come here! Hello? General Flower. What are you waiting for? Release me. He’s making me crazy. What a bastard! I’m gonna take his ears, nose and eyes, and… Enough! Stop making noise. So annoying! I’m gonna kill him. Although Dragon Pig is stupid, he already took Zi Liuli here
for his mother’s safety. He wouldn’t let Zi Liuli go so easily. I wonder why you were there. I was gonna check whether she ran away. I already let Dragon Pig guard. General Flower, why are you worried? You can’t make sure
that fox won’t seduce Dragon Pig to let her go. Foxes are so cunning. She might stir up the base passion. She… General Flower. Who do you think is more cunning, me or that fox? I let Dragon Pig guard out of my reason. I don’t mind that you don’t understand. But you can’t ruin my plan. Fine. Right. I wanted to have fun with that little fox. Did it matter? I didn’t let her go. Fine. I’ll find them and kill them. Stop. You can do whatever you want to Zi Liuli. But I already promised not to kill Dragon Pig. If you kill him, I’ll make you suffer. You can cut off his left foot. Understand? OK. I won’t let you down this time. He really humiliated the Abandoned Squad. Liuli, get up. Are you alright? Where are we? Where are we going? What’s this smell? No. Don’t breathe it. This is poison. Little fox. Stupid pig. You can’t run away. I didn’t expect you stupid pig can do something. No wonder you’re in the Vanguard Army. Liuli, go! Leave here! No, I can’t. I forgot that I couldn’t kill you. I can only take your left leg. You stupid. You dared scrap my face. Ugly as you are, do you know
how important this face to me? I won’t let you go. Dragon Pig. Dragon Pig. My leg. Your leg… No need to take care of me. Leave here now. You dared fool me! Dragon Pig. How are you feeling? Your leg. Why do you have fox fur? Stop talking. – I’ll help you stop the bleeding.
– No need. Liuli. It won’t work. Liuli. It won’t work. Liuli, I’m happy that I have a friend like you. I’m so happy. Because of me, you lost your eye and arm. How stupid you are! I am stupid. Dragon Pig! But I never regret. With a friend like you, everything is worthwhile. Dragon Pig. You’re still warm and cheerful as before. I promise that wherever you are
and whatever you are, I’ll always be your good friend. Dragon Pig. Liuli, that would be nice. Glad to hear that. Liuli, I don’t… – What’s wrong?
– No. I don’t want to go back. – Dragon Pig.
– I don’t want to. – Dragon Pig.
– I don’t. – I don’t want to see the Commander.
– What’s wrong? It’s horrible. I… I don’t. I don’t want to go back. What’s happening? – Dragon Pig. Sober up.
– Liuli. – I’m here.
– Liuli. Please. Kill me. – Dragon Pig.
– Kill me. Promise me. Kill me. OK. I promise. I promise. Thanks. Thank you. – Promise me.
– Dragon Pig. Dragon Pig! Dragon Pig. Wake up. Stay with me! Dragon Pig! Please stay with me. Little fox. How dared you to fool me? That pig died. You saw that. I only cut his left leg. I didn’t kill him. It’s because of you. It’s your fault! Beauty. You can’t kill me. You jerk. You’re fooled again. Muddling Worm. Go find Zhang Ling and Tie Lang. Wanna ask your friends to help you? OK. When they’re all here, I can kill them all. Only you? Right. It would be boring if they’re killed by me. I want you to do it yourself. I’ll give you the power to kill them. I feel so uneasy for no reason
since I came back from Ancient Route. Is it because the alcoholic
became General Rampage? Maybe. Maybe it’s because of Master of Berserk. We used to hate her very much. I didn’t expect that we’re worrying about her now. Actually she’s the first
to teach me swordsmanship. She is my first master. A master for a day is a master for a lifetime. She’s also my master. I’m not sure whether
she would accept us as her disciples. She hasn’t accepted disciples for many years. She wouldn’t teach us swordsmanship if she doesn’t want to accept us. Swordsmanship of House of Berserk
won’t be taught easily. If we three ask her to be our master,
would she accept us? It’s hard to say. Her thoughts are really hard to guess. Muddling Worm. Something happened to Liuli. Flower? Flower? General Flower! Liuli met General Flower. Let’s find her. Senior Disciple. Are you gonna find Feifei? I have to explain something. Can I go with you? I want to say sorry to her. Mirror of Sky
has been destroyed by nine-tails fox. I’ll disappear forever. I hope the spiritual power I saved here can sustain you until
the Taoism Trial Competition ends. Bring the third and the forth Saint Armor. We have got four of the five Saint Armors. With the help of Ling Ting, I’ll find out where the last Saint Armor is soon. Chiefs, get the competitors ready to set off. OK. It finally comes to the last level
of the Taoism Trial Competition. It’s depended by the only level.
Few competitors could survive. Only one is enough. As long as there’s one left, there will be hope. Liuli. Damn it. She seems to pass out. I’m gonna kill General Flower. – Save her first.
– OK. My teammate. Isn’t it too obtrusive if you show up like this? I know that one of you wants to save Liuli, and the other to avenge your mother. But don’t forget that the enemy we’re facing is General Flower of the Abandoned Squad. He’s good at using poison
and not that easy to deal with. If we make a mistake, we can’t even survive, let alone saving others. Tie Lang. You decide how to save Liuli this time. Me? You’re the soberest among us. Therefore, it’s best that you make the decision. Can I? Of course you can. We have confidence in you. OK. If I make the decision, it will be my style. Sure. Go for it. Let’s fight with General Flower face to face. It is your style indeed. What’s wrong? Can’t I? You can. You’re the leader. We listen to you. In my opinion, Liuli is the bait now. General Flower must be in some place
waiting to attack us. So let’s fight with him face to face
to alter the situation. What if General Flower
wants to fight with us face to face? It would be the time to test our ability. In case General Flower uses poison, we have to get him down at the first shot. Do it quickly. OK. General Flower, show yourself. You’re a bastard who can only use poison. We’re under the Cloud Umbrella
and no poison can hurt us. Your tricks are useless now. Show up and have a fight with us if you have guts. What? Are you afraid? You poisonous bastard. You don’t deserve your millennium’s practice. In my opinion, you’re only a coward. No, you’re less than a coward. At least a coward won’t use poison to seduce women. Man uses his appearance, ability
and masculinity to conquer a woman. You can only use poison. In my opinion, you’re a bastard, beast, and asshole. You must be extremely ugly. Monster, show yourself. Shut up. Look at me. Look carefully. Is this face extremely ugly? Can you surpass me? What do you think? You’re not ugly. But extremely ugly. Alright. As you want to fight with me, I’ll fulfill your wish. This is for my mother. You’re happy that you can kill me, right? You’re glad that you can
take your mother’s revenge, aren’t you? But it’s not over yet. Because… I… I have her. Liuli, Liuli, are you alright? – Liuli.
– Liuli. – Liuli.
– Liuli. She must be poisoned by Desire Flower Seed. Let’s send her to Fox Den. Don’t worry, Liuli. I’ll save you. I didn’t expect that
they have made such rapid progress. They must have surpassed me. Senior Disciple. You won’t lose. You won’t. I haven’t mastered Secret of Pure Vitality
taught by master. I can’t defeat them. But I am with you. As long as I’m here, you won’t lose. Do you need power? Do you wanna be the Taoism Seeker? I can help you. What’s wrong, Senior Disciple? Nothing. Maybe I don’t feel peaceful. Senior Disciple, whatever you want, I’ll help you to get it. Xiaoyu, thankfully, you’re here with me. Come in. Vice chief, how are you feeling? Not bad. But you don’t look good. So do you. Anything you want to say, go ahead. Stop lying to her. Let’s tell the truth. One of my friend was poisoned
by Desire Flower Seed. We know that your Immortal Medical Skill is best. So we want to ask for a way to cure this. What friend? How could your friend be poisoned
by Desire Flower Seed? Her name is Zi Liuli. She is a fox. And… she’s also in the Vanguard Army. But she’s a good fox. She believes that Zhang Ling
would be the Taoism Seeker. So she betrayed the Wolf’s World to help him, with the hope that Zhang Ling
can stop the war between human and the evil. Besides, if Liuli didn’t help us, we would have died at the first level
of the Taoism Trial Competition. She also helped us to defeat Bai Qianji
and to get the first Saint Armor. – And she…
– Enough. Do you know the aftermath
if other chiefs know this? Of course we know. That’s why we only tell you. Why do you think that I won’t punish you? Maybe it’s because
we’ve already regarded you as our master. We must ask our master
when we can’t solve something. How could you be my disciples? You didn’t kowtow or call me master. And you want to be my disciples? You’re quite smart, aren’t you? Call our master! Master, please accept us. I won’t let you call me for nothing. Get up. What a pity that there’s something
even I can’t help. I can’t save Zi Liuli. Why? Do you remember the mystery that I killed
my disciple of House of Berserk? Yes. Why did you kill Ao?
It’s one of the mysteries in the Immortal’s World. If I can save Zi Liuli now, I wouldn’t have killed Ao at that time. Was Ao poisoned by General Flower? General Flower not only fooled her, but also poisoned her by Desire Flower Seed. She would be a demon or die in seven days. Ao asked me to kill her when the poison began to work. I couldn’t save her. So I killed her. Therefore, I can’t save Liuli. There’s one person who might help you. Who’s that? Xiao Wanshi. – Wanshi.
– Wanshi. Her magical medicine is a little weird, but it might work. Maybe there’s some medicine which can help you. We have no choice. Let’s go find Wanshi. Hold on. Master, as for Ao, we took revenge on General Flower. You killed him? He not only got Liuli, but also was the one who killed my mother. I knew it from what my mother left. Now, Ao and my mother can finally feel relieved. Well done! You’re my great disciples. We would never let you down. You can leave now. Let’s go. Forget about the division of good and evil. Our life will burn out and end together. We’re destined to walk together. Because of the firm and constant belief… I don’t have that. Please. Please help to save our friend. You’re our last hope. You’ve invented so much magical medicine. You must find the way to detoxify. It’s useless to beg me. General Flower is really good at using poison. Master of Berserk
with the best Immortal Medical Skill can’t do anything, let alone me. Even if your friend won’t die, she would be a demon. I can’t help her. Is there medicine which can slow down
the process of toxicity. Then we can have time to find another way. I can’t figure it out now. There must be a way. What are you doing? – Zhang Ling, are you mad?
– Stop! You can’t touch things here. Do you wanna ruin the Untrammeled School? Zhang Ling, calm down. If the Untrammeled School is destroyed,
we have nowhere to go. Are we gonna give up? How can I forget that? What? The antidote? This is not medicine. This is what I invented last summer to make soup.
It’s called Magical Ice Ball. You mean, it can cure our friend? Of course not. But this Magical Ice Ball can freeze her body and slow down her vital activity. Then the process of toxicity will be delayed. Will it work? You can try this. Can it work for long? You can tell me after you use it. Will the Magical Ice Ball work? Though the medicine Wanshi gave us was useful, it had great side effect. We’d better try this. It’s better than being poisoned to death. Her vital activity is slowing down. Looks like it’s slowing down
the process of toxic attacks. Liuli, listen. I will find a way to cure you and bring you back. I will. You two can leave. I’ll stay with her tonight. Right. Feifei. You need to have a rest. OK. We’re leaving. You should go to bed early. I’ll take care of her tomorrow. Let’s go. Feifei, can I have a word with you? Sure. I’m leaving. It’s said that you’re with Tie Lang now. It seems to be true. It’s true. I thought you’d be with Zhang Ling. I didn’t expect it’s Tie Lang. But Tie Lang is trustworthy. I won’t be worried if you’re with him. Just… Just Senior Disciple can’t forget you. He can’t forget Xiaoyu. How can Xiaoyu surpass you? Feifei, I swear that Senior Disciple’s feelings
for you never changed. I also thought like that,
until I saw Senior Disciple and Xiaoyu at the night you asked me to comfort him… I thought we three would be together forever. But it’s just what I thought. Yun Qi, you need to
take good care of Senior Disciple. You should be responsible. He’s with Xiaoyu everyday
and he keeps practicing in his room. I haven’t seen him for a long time. But don’t worry. I’ll check. It’s late. Go to bed. OK. So do you. Yun Qi. I want to see Senior Disciple. He’s practicing. Yun Qi. You can come here tomorrow. He’s been practicing for a whole day. Doesn’t he need to have a rest? Master said that he can’t master Secret of Pure Vitality in one day. Or he would feel a pain in the chest. I want to meet him. It’s an important moment for the practice now. If he’s disturbed now, he might really feel a pain in the chest. You’d better leave now. Let me know when he finishes practicing. OK. Senior Disciple. Are you OK? A little pain in the chest. It’s okay now. Good. Senior Disciple, you must defeat Feifei. You’ll master Secret of Pure Vitality. How’s it going? Will Bai Qianji come here? She will. She won’t like the feeling
of her heart being burned. Presbyter of Laugh, are you crazy? The Infinite Pagoda is melting. This Magical Spell is getting weaker. It’s about the day
when Wolf King II makes a comeback. The day we massacre human beings is coming soon. Masters. Master, what happened to your hand? None of your business. Tell me, why haven’t you reported to us for so long? Masters, I’m really busy when in the Realm of Man. After feeling better,
I had to go to see General Flower. After meeting him, I had to destroy
Alliance of Five Great Mountains . What? You destroyed
Alliance of Five Great Mountains? Yes. After knowing they’re attacking us
to get the Saint Armor, I can’t stop it. Out of rage, General Flower and I destroyed it. I killed many people to take your revenge. Well done! After losing their home, the Chiefs and those competitors
would have nowhere to go. Right, but, I haven’t finished. General Flower already poisoned Zi Liuli
to punish that betrayer. So, Zi Liuli won’t live for long. Good job! After we leave here, we’ll reward you and General Flower. Reward General Flower? Master, if you want to reward him, you should wait until his soul comes back. What? Did General Flower die? Yes. You need to pay if you want to kill your enemy. He already died. I didn’t expect
that we lost another valiant general. Although we hurt Alliance
of Five Great Mountains a lot, they got two Saint Armors from us. With the last Saint Armor, the Taoism Seeker will appear and all is one. Why do you call us up here in such a hurry? I want to know how the Vanguard Army
behaved in man’s world. Anything about the Vanguard Army
seems to have nothing to do with you. I’m the Queen of the Wolf’s World. Can’t I know that? Queen, remember, you’re trapped here
because you worked with the enemy secretly. We’ll deal with you
after Wolf King II makes a comeback. You can still call us up, because we appreciate Wolf King I. You look so nervous. You must know something
from the Change of Destiny, right? Maybe it’s about your personal maid, Zi Liuli.

Otis Rodgers



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