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【玄门大师】(ENG SUB) The Taoism Grandmaster 45 热血少年团闯阵救世(主演:佟梦实、王秀竹、裴子添)

The Taoism Grandmaster Episode 45 How could I allow her doing evil? Just exile her. The harshest punishment for nine-fox tail,
is being lonely and deserted. Alright, I’ll do it. I’m leaving now, Empress Ling Yu. You may go now. Zhang Ling? Zhang Ling! Aren’t you dead? I won’t die before finishing my goal. Please, hear my word before having the war. Maybe there is a way to solve the hatred between us. Would you like to hear about it, Tie Lang? Tie Lang? That is Tie Lang himself! Why are you the Wolf King? I am Wolf King for all time being. Tie Lang is just a dream of mine. But in that dream, you’re my friend and teammate
who went through fire and water. That can never be changed. Tell us if you got anything to say, Zhang Ling. It’s a hope! A hope for both men and wolves. Do not trust him, Wolf King. It could be a trap. He might have lied to me, but he never set me up. Fine,I’ll hear about it. – Wolf King!
– Wolf King. I’ve made up my mind. What about you, Kunlun? I could let go of what happened in the past. You may be the Taoism Seeker as you want. Fine. The Taoism Seeker will arrive a millennium later. All is one. Demons end in Taoism. The prophecy a millennium ago was solved by Zi Liuli, a little fox. How is she now? She used up the Core to save me. She’s dead. Yang Jian already told us prophecy. The Taoism Seeker will lead the Immortal’s World
to conquer in the Second War. It’s all clear. There is no necessary for a fox to solve it. A fox she may be, but she sacrificed her live
in exchange of peace for two realms. Why didn’t Yang Jian wipe out Wolf’s World by himself
if it’s destined to be conquered? Instead, he sealed the Wolf’s World
using Infinite Pagoda. The secret lies in the last sentence. Demons end in Taoism. Have you heard about Gate of Taoism, Qianqiu? Gate of Taoism? I haven’t. Wait, it comes to me. My grandpa told me that there were seven mystery gates
in the ancient time. The Gato to the Untrammeled School is one of them. The entrance to the Dreamland is another one. Gate of Taoism is the most mysterious one among them. It leads to a new world.
There is a paradise hidden behind it. However, according to my grandpa,
Gate of Taoism disappeared after the dawn of our world. It hadn’t disappeared, it’s circling between Realms. It will appear in our land every three thousand years. The Taoism Seeker wearing the Saint Armor
should open it when the first ray of sun falls. Gate of Taoism will return three days later. There will be a new world for the Wolf’s World
as long as the Taoism Seeker open that gate. That’s the final answer to solve the hatred. No one has ever seen it. What if Gate of Taoism doesn’t exist? It doesn’t bother you if it’s fake. What’s the difference between
having the war today and three days later? Soldiers will fight, people will die in the war. But no one will be harmed if it does exist. Don’t you seek an ending like this? Why didn’t Yang Jian say it clearly
if that’s the solution? I have no idea. Empress Ling Yu told me
about her deduction to the prophecy. There is a greater secret hidden
before simply solving the dispute. It’s the Taoism Seeker that knows the secret. Gate of Taoism is the perfect opportunity for us. Would you like to have a try? Even though there is a paradise,
we shouldn’t forget about revenging for Wolf King I. She’s right. How could we realize our revenge if we don’t wipe out men? But we’ve killed more than enough! I believe in Zhang Ling. But opening Gate of Taoism is not choice of ours,
but of Taoism Seeker. I trust him. Zhang Ling never lied to me. Sword School shares the same idea, I believe him too. So do I. We trust him as well. I believe you, Zhang Ling. Though I insist that demons have to be diminished,
I’m with Zhang Ling. I trust you, Zhang Ling. I propose that we shall have a truce for now. Three days later, I will try to open Gate of Taoism
on Top of Eastern Mountain. If he’s right, the Wolf’s World could open up a new world. That’s a deal. Deal. See you at Top of Eastern Mountain three days later. We’re back. Qianqiu, are you hurt? Any wound? We’re alright. Any injury? Don’t worry, I’m fine. We’re having a truce. Truce? Exactly! Zhang Ling is still alive. He even solved Yang Jian’s prophecy. He told us about the solution to the dispute. Really? What’s the solution? Have you heard about Gate of Taoism. No, tell me about it. Enough. Come upstairs, we need to talk. I’ll be back soon. Alright. I’ve decided. We will start the Second War tonight. Why… The defense will be the weakest for them. We have to take that chance. But you just propose Wolf King a truce. It’s just a camouflage. But everything could be solved once you open the gate. As the Taoism Seeker, why am I not aware of it? That’s… We’re wasting a great opportunity if the gate is fake. How should we report to four Chiefs by that time? Cheers. Is that the ending that we’re hoping? Maybe not. But it’s a better ending than we’ve expected. I wonder what it’s like behind Gate of Taoism. Whatsoever, it’s a new world. Cheer! Liuli didn’t die in vain. The nightmare for a millennium finally comes to an end. So much for the sorrow, tears, and sufferings. It’s all over. It’s over. Mother. Let’s have a drink with them. – Sure.
– Let’s go. Off we go. Ying. Hurry up. Liuli is right about you. Zhang Ling, the Wolf’s World owes you a great favor. It’s my privilege. I would have died if it wasn’t Liuli’s effort. But… But I couldn’t save her at last. It’s her choice. Don’t blame yourself. Let’s have a drink, Zhang Ling. Let’s enjoy the moment. Alright. Let’s go, mother. We will be apart soon. I hope to greet Feifei. I’ve never seen her after she was taken
to the Untrammeled School by Kunlun. Never mind. It’s better for her to forget me. Please promise about one thing. Get Feifei away from Kunlun no matter what. Alright, let’s drink for Gate of Taoism. Cheers! Drink it up! Let’s have a drink! There you go! Come on. Here! Pour me some wine. Let’s go. Kongyun. Kunlun, Heavenly Thunder Token are all set. Good. Let’s celebrate end of the Second War
with the Bomb of Heavenly Thunder. Five Great Mountains! By the way, what’s the technique you just used? I’ve never seen it. You mean the Rune here. That’s not Immoral Technique. It’s an agreement between Fairy of the Land and me. An agreement? Exactly. Thanks to Empress Ling Yu,
I get to know Fairy of the Land when I was badly wounded. Not only did he cure me, but he taught me about using the Rune. The Agreement will come to work every time I use Rune. I could take advantage of anima of the land. Fairy of the Land came into being since the ancient time. You’re a blessed one. It’s rare for anyone to meet her,
not to mention any agreement with her. Though you’re not the Taoism Seeker,
you’re a man who would change the world. Let’s have another drink. Over here, let’s drink. – To the Gate!
– To the Gate! It would be our paradise! Drink it up! Is that… Watch out! Let’s go! Tie Lang! Are you alright? I’m fine. Mother, Mother. Mother! No, mother! Mother! Kunlun! Let go of her! Leave me alone, son. Kunlun, we agreed on a truce! How could you do that? Let go of her! I’m not interested in the damned gate. Nor would I want Feifei to meet you! You can’t save your troop. Kill yourself if you want her alive. Stop it! Leave, son! Leave, now! Mother! Mother! No! Tie Lang. Let’s go! Leave! Where are you going, presbyters? Move out of the way, fox! I won’t do that. I will burn you out with Spell of Heart Devouring! Oh no! Please don’t. Stop making me laugh. I bet you don’t know that I’ve dissolved
Spell of Heart Devouring. I were just playing with you. Don’t take it for real. I’m tired of playing with you. You shall have a taste of being burned out. Presbyter of Flame! Presbyter of Sword! Leave now! Presbyter of Flame! Presbyter of Sword! Leave! There’s no need. I dare her fighting against us. What a surprise! You’re getting more mean than I expect. No wonder you’re under my guidance. Now the Wolf’s World is conquered. The Second War has come to an end as well. If the Realm of Heaven dare resist, we shall kill them all. You will be the king to Three Realms by that time. Come with me! Come on! Get off me! I’m sorry, Tie Lang. I don’t know that Kunlun would sneak raid. Shut up! Tie Lang! I’m not Tie Lang! I am Wolf King! I’m the king of Wolf’s World! Kunlun just killed my mother! The Alliance wiped out my people! We’re enemy at first time. We would never be friends! Leave me now. No, I can’t! Gate of Taoism is not opened! I can’t leave now! We can’t give up, Tie Lang! Stop talking about Gate of Taoism! But that’s our only chance! Don’t you believe me? Of course I do. I always believe in whatever you said. It’s Kunlun that don’t believe you. All he thinks about is the Second War. He didn’t want anything about Gate of Taoism. The only choice for me is to fight with men. No! You can’t declare war! Stop making the same mistake a millennium ago! – Tie Lang!
– Stop! Stop persuading me. I don’t want to be your enemy. Nor do I want to kill you. Leave me. Leave! Our lives will burn out and end together. We’re destined to walk together. The belief is firm and long lasting. It has not changed at all. Our lives will burn out and end together. Till the end of the world, there would be no regret. Never let go of the courage, thank you for holding my hands and moving forward. Follow the natural law and face obstacles head on, we’re here to face the trial. Though the Five Mountains seems hard to conquer, the determination fo pursuing Taoism should not be shaken. Forget about the division between good and evil, our lives will burn out and end together. We’re destined to walk together. The belief is firm and long lasting. It has not changed at all. How is it? Did it work? It worked. The Second War is over. Fei, it’s done! I finally finished the Second War. I realized my promise to you! I did it. I did it. But the two of them aren’t dead. I suspect that they’ll be here to tear us apart. We shall get married soon, Fei. What do you say? Got it, thank you. I wish City of No Tears could be like this everyday,
full of joy and happiness. It must be great if you could marry the one you love
and live here. Is it your turn or mine? How did you know it? Because I’m thinking about the same thing. I will accompany through difficulties. We shall taste happiness and sorrows. The mystery relationship ends up apart. Farewell will always be how it ends. It’s only after the tears in vain, could one find the true love. Don’t you know I’m not in position to love,
yet I’m not able to hate you. There’s no where could I hide from you. Don’t you remember the privity between us. A tangled love, a broken marriage. I will accompany through difficulties. We shall taste happiness and sorrows. The mystery relationship ends up apart. Farewell will always be how it ends. It’s only after the tears in vain, could one find the true love. Thinking about giving up? Who are you? I’m Qi Ye. Qi Ye? You’re Chatelain of City of No Tear. I’m not the chatelain. I’m just a ghost trapped here. Just like you, being trapped in your memory. You won’t understand. You won’t know about what happened to me. How I wish to hide here in City of No Tear, just like you. No, you don’t belong here. You’re just a passerby. You’ve got your path. My path? My path has ended. You don’t know what I’ve suffered. What if I know? There are various people here everyday. They came here with different stories,
various information. City of No Tear is an amazing place. It enjoys listening to different stories. I know everything it hears. You’ll find out about the great sin in me if you do know. I thought I could solve it with what I’ve got. But the whole Wolf’s World is wiped out
by the Alliance because of me. I don’t know how would I continue my journey. I’m telling you, Zhang Ling.
Your path will be harder for you than ever before. There will be more pains and tears alongside. But you have to keep going. Because there are many followers
that are feeling hopeful because of you. Their hope will break up if you stay here
in City of No Tear. City of No Tear is a nest for losers. You shall never stay here. You shall never end up like me. Think about it. Your friends are counting on you, how could you betray their trust? I’m not the Taoism Seeker. How could I change it? The Taoism Seeker hasn’t showed up. Only the one who’s indifferent to fame
and caring for the world could be the Taoism Seeker. Does Kunlun deserve it? You do. City of No Tear is always ready for you. It’s your choice if you want to stay or not. Wolf King, there are less than 800 soldiers
who could be summoned, including wounded ones. We can no longer fight. I’m sorry, Demon of Laugh.
I should have listened to you earlier. The Alliance won’t spare us.
They will attack us at any moment. Retreat to Wolf’s World. Barricade at all cost! Yes, Wolf King. Teammate. Backoff. Yes, Wolf King. I’m not giving up. I hope you’re not. That’s the message from Ling Ting. Four Chiefs are arrested and confined by Kunlun. He also collude with nine-tail fox,
going after dominance the Three Realms. Feifei will marry Kunlun tomorrow. I promised Feifei for her happiness. I shall never allow Kunlun marrying her. Shall we fight together again as Uncommon Tao? The Untrammeled School Feifei looks so beautiful today. If only she could get to normal. Feifei. Tie Lang. Come on. Let’s set off.

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