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【ENG SUB】古剑奇谭二 07 | Swords of Legends II EP07(付辛博、颖儿、李治廷、张智尧主演)

Swords of Legends II Episode 7 Help. Stop. H- Help. Miss. Sir. Help. It’s you who stole my sword. Yeah, you’re right. It’s him. This monster stole it. He wants to kill me. You stole my sword and used it to commit murder. Drop the sword! Wuyi, we haven’t figured it out. Silly boy. You’re such an idiot! – Silly boy.
– Wuyi. What are you doing? You even snapped at me. Don’t use my sword to commit murder. Your sword? Yeah. Sword Hanguang is mine. My father… my father lent it to me. I don’t allow you to kill people with it. Foolish. Swords are murder weapons. They’re made for killing. Who said that? Swords are used to protect people. You can’t do anything now. But for this Taiyi Binding Rope, I wouldn’t have subdued him. Binding Rope, the principal treasure of Taiyi Sect. It’s you stole my sword. There you go. It seems he’s right. You’re really a silly boy. Give it back to me. What? Although it’s your sword, I paid for it. Now it belongs to me. Escape-proof Net of Taihe Sect. Five Ghost Magic Wheel of Danxia Sect. Where are you thief from? You stole all treasures of all sects. What thief? I would never change my name. I’m Treasure Hunter, Master Hui Ming. It’s you. How do you know all kinds of freaks? My master ever mentioned
that Hui Ming was a disciple of Taihe Sect. He’s expelled from there for bad conduct. Later, he made a living by swindling. Taihe Sect once sent a letter to Baicao Valley
about requesting its help with arresting him. Since you’ve heard of my name, you had better kneel down and beg for my mercy. I very rarely like this shit sword. Okay, all right. Look, I just take it as a gift from you two. Stop talking rubbish! Make a move. Why are you rashing? – Yes or not?
– Yes. Let me teach you a lesson. You both fight against me. It’s unfair. What are you talking about? I haven’t made a move. Wuyi. TomBoy. Take this. Wenren. Wuyi. TomBoy. Wenren. What’s underneath? It can even melt silver. Soul Devouring Gourd of Tianzheng Sect. If I don’t get it wrong, it probably is Decomposing Water
which can decompose bones into blood. Just a very small blob would dissolve your body. Come on. Wuyi. Stop. You thief. Release Wuyi from it. Wuyi was put into Soul Devouring Gourd by me. Now he dissolved into blood. What are you saying? It’s time to subdue you young lady. See? This is a precious fan with 12 beauties of Nanjing on it. These 12 real live beauties were put on it by me. I think you’re good-looking. Let me put you on it as well and let you become the 13th beauty of Nanjing. No, it’s impossible. Wuyi. Don’t cry. Do you hear it? – Stop crying.
– Wuyi. I’m not softhearted. Crying is not useful. Wuyi. Return Wuyi back to me. I want Wuyi back. Return Wuyi back to me. Stop crying. I… I’ll put you on it. Wuyi. I… I’ll put you on it. Return Wuyi back to me. Shall we have a chat? Don’t fall asleep. If you fall from here, it’d decompose your bones. I don’t like chatting. Why are you so impersonal? If we die here, I’d be the last person you’ve ever seen in your life. Anyway, we can’t get out of here. We would die sooner or later. But, if I’m dead, my senior brother should be in charge of finding our master. You always mention them. What about your parents? Where are they? I’m an orphan. My parents died long ago. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to talk about it. I just feel we’re gonna die here. You’re silent usually. I just want to know more about you. So you can accompany me to the netherworld,
laughing and talking. When I was a child, a group of bloodthirsty demons broke into our village. They killed everyone they saw. They absorbed villagers’
blood and vital essence. – Come on.
– This way. Come on. Here. Wait for us here, okay? It’s okay. Be good. It’s okay. Be good. Dad. Mom. Those monsters are so cruel. That’s outrageous. And then? I hid in a dry well alone. I didn’t know how long I hid there. But my parents didn’t come back. Dad, mom. You’re not my dad. Who are you? It’s my master brought me up. Every year he went out for business, he would accompany me to the village to offer sacrifice to my parents. I’m sorry to touch your sore spot. It’s okay. It’s gone and it can’t be changed. My only regret is that I haven’t found my master. For me, he and my senior brother are the closest people I have in the world. It’s okay, Wenren. You won’t have any regret. You’re not afraid of death. You still miss them. Actually, you won’t know anything when you’re dead. Instead, those who are sad are the ones who miss you. So, if there’s a gleam of hope for survival, we can’t never give up. Here you are. It’s for me? I like the water crystal you sent me. Well, friendship cannot stand always on one side. I can’t owe you a favor, right? All right. Thank you. – Return Wuyi back to me.
– Just cry as you like. You look ugly in this way. I won’t bother to put you on my precious fan. Fine. Let’s just say goodbye. I sold treasures, magic weapons, and monsters. But I haven’t sold Sword Spirit. Come on. Go. You can’t leave. – Return Wuyi back to me.
– I told you that he dissolved into blood. Come back. – You can’t leave.
– Come with me. Wuyi. Wuyi. Wenren Yu, what are you doing? Wuyi, come over here. Come on. How did we get out of there? He. It’s this little boy who saved us. Shut up. I hate people call me little boy most. Well, young man, what monster are you? Are you Thunder God? – Hold on.
– Wuyi. – Calm down. Don’t thunder.
– Take care. I’m Yu Qi, the Sword Spirit of ancient Sword Hanguang. Nai Yuqi? Yu Qi. Wait. What were you saying just now? You’re Sword Spirit? I’ve lived for thousands of years. You’re just under 20. How dare you take me as a child. Don’t be angry, sir. We failed to recognize you in time due to ignorance. Please forgive us. Kidding me? A panda can become Panda Spirit. Beauties are monsters. An ancient sword has Sword Spirit. Wuyi, don’t talk too much. He’s fierce. Sword Hanguang can fly by itself. It ever protected Wuyi from danger. I had a vague idea that Sword Hanguang had got its spirit sense. Today, you showed up in person, which has solved my confusion. How many things do I not know in the world? I’ve lived in the sword for thousands of years. I’m unwilling to step into the outside world. However, I’ve witnessed your behaviors all the way. I’m ashamed to comment on it. Sword Hanguang is the peerless weapon, while you used it to chop the wood
and cut the stone several times. I forgave you because you’re young and innocent. But today, you even sold it for money. You’re as blind as a bat. It’s a pity to leave your shit eyes unused. You might as well give them to me. Swords are used by people. Using them to chop the wood or selling them for money, is better than to kill people. Take it easy. Don’t thunder. Remember my three suggestions. First, don’t use it to chop the wood and cut the stone. Second, don’t sell it for money. Third, don’t use it without permission. Understand? What do you mean? I’m not allowed to use it. If you want to die, you don’t need to listen to my advice. Fine, I got it. Anyway, I felt tired after using it every time. It’s okay not to use it. Why is Sword Spirit so irritable? That thief. Stop. Stop. Be gentle. Aren’t you tired by carrying so much stuff? Not at all. There’s one more step before I get to the door. Don’t bother to see me off. You stole so much stuff. How dare you flee? Miss, you’re such a beauty. Look, I’ll send you my precious fan. Let’s make friends. Do you think we’re like you? It’s not enough, yeah? All right. Take away all my treasures. They’re all for you. Let me go. What is it? It’s still moving. Universal Bag. Is there any living creatures? How adorable these two little boys are. Men? Don’t insult us. We’re monsters. It’s my first time to see small monsters like that. Such an ugly man. Stop looking. It’s you. Me? I’m uglier than him? You’re just ugly like him. It’s my first time to meet such an impolite monster. Because you didn’t see too many monsters. They’re right. You! What monsters are you? Who are you? I’m Princess Zhao Ning. I’m Niu Niu. I’m Ben Ben. Wow, awesome. Tell me first, how did he get you into Universal Bag? Forget it. We wanted to save our youngest brother. Youngest brother? There’s another one boy? Watch your language! It’s Sir, not boy. All right, Sir. He’s called Niu Ben. He’s caught by this bad guy. He said he had sold him. We wanted to take him down and let him take us to save Niu Ben. As a result… You have the nerve to talk about it. You were lured into Universal Bag by an osmanthus cake. Weren’t you there as well? You didn’t think it’s delicious? I… I… I couldn’t handle him on my own. I was there to stay with you. You were worried I’d eat it without sharing with you. – So, you…
– Shut up. Where is Niu Ben? You should ask this bad guy. Tell us where Niu Ben is. I’m a hero who robs the rich and helps the poor in the world. I have my own rules. I can’t disclose the buyer’s name casually. You! That’s enough. Don’t flatter yourself. Well, if you let me go, I’ll do something that goes against my principles. How dare you bargain with me! If you don’t say, I… Say. Okay. Taoist Ling Xu of Xuanmiao Temple of Jiangling. Taoist Ling Xu? He practices Taoism, why did he buy monsters? You don’t know. Every part of the monster is useful. Different demons have different functions. Some monsters’ fur can be used to keep warm. Some demons’ organs can be used as medicine. And some have internal elixirs which are the most valuable. Cut the belly and take the elixir. – You’ll live longer after you take it.
– All right. That’s enough. Human beings are cruel. Actually, only some of them are cruel. A small part. A little bit. Sirs, you’re lucky, intelligent and outstanding. Why not take me as a fart and let me go? No way. You did so much evil deeds. It’s too good for you if we let you go like that. Yeah. What about reporting to the authority? No, we can’t do that. The authority is onto us. Then what can we do? He’s cunning. We can’t go on our way with him. Yeah. I’m very crafty. I’ll cause you a lot of trouble along the way. There we go. What’s it? It’s Spell Bird. It’s made from spells attached with spirit power. Tiangang Warriors often use it to deliver letters. It’ll fly to Jiangling Branch of Taihe Sect and tell them the whereabouts of Hui Ming. Taihe Sect will come to deal with him. What’s up again? You’re so nosy. – Why not help us save Niu Ben?
– Nosy? Okay, no problem. Wait. We don’t know where Xuanmiao Temple is, or how good Taoist Ling Xu’s Taoism skill is. What if we’re all caught? Don’t worry. Anyway, we have Wenren Yu. That’s right. Come on. I have something important to do. Sir, please forgive my leaving without telling you. I owe you my life. I’ll repay you if I have a chance someday. Who? If you don’t come out, you may get injured by my sword. No. Take it easy. I just wanted to find a place to hide. I’m not malicious. You’re a monster. Please help me. Did you escape from the backroom of Monster Purifying Tower? It’s horrible. I don’t want to go back there. I never do harm to human beings. Please, don’t let them take me back there. Xuanmiao Temple always takes removing demons
and pacifying civilians as its duty. If you were innocent, why would they catch you? They wanted to get my monster elixir
to improve their Taoism skill. There are many kinds of demons in the backroom. Most of them didn’t hurt human beings. Instead, they’re afraid of people. That damn taoist killed monsters
to get monster elixirs there. He took monster elixirs. He’s a bad guy. Leave it aside. You look so young, how could you have a monster elixir? I do have. I’m not lying to you. Though I’m tiny, I’m an ancient holy beast. I’m fierce. – Go find it over there.
– Yes. – Yuan Zhuo, take some men to search over there.
– Yes. The rest come with me. Come on. Search over there. – Yes.
– Yes. Come on. Hurry up. Mr. Xia, there you are. I want to take a walk in the courtyard. Why do you take so many people here? A little monster fled from Monster Purifying Room. Have you seen it or heard any strange sound? No. Mr. Xia, that little monster is very cunning. Do you mind if we conduct a search of your room? Please. Thanks. Sorry to trouble you, Mr. Xia. Junior brother, you got something? Mr. Xia. We searched every place except Mr. Xia’s room. But we haven’t found anything. It’s weird. What shows on Monster Detection Compass? Nothing. I guess it’s got out of Xuanmiao Temple. No. Don’t catch me. Little monster, you hid yourself perfectly. Junior brother. Yes. Take this. Go. Plese don’t kill me! Plese don’t kill me! I’m begging for your mercy. Plese don’t kill me! – Master.
– Master. Why were you so careless
to let several monsters flee from here? I’m ashamed. We’ve captured all the escaped monsters. Thanks to your Monster Detection Compass, we detected them. Master. You should be careful in the future. Every monster in the backroom is not allowed to get out of there alive. – Yes.
– Yes. Didn’t you say you had captured all escaped monsters? Master. All escaped monsters were caught. All of them. Leave now. – Yes.
– Yes. Why not show up since you’re here? You’re a monster. They’re guarding over there. How can we get in? By the way, even if we get in, how can we find Niu Ben? We can break in. We have Wenren Yu. Oh, yeah. How can we find Niu Ben if we get in? It’s easy to handle those two disciples. But I’m afraid that more rescuers will come. Besides, even if we get in, how can we find Niu Ben? Don’t worry. There’s telepath among the three of us. We’ll find him as long as we get in. Don’t worry, we’ll find him. Or let the three of us sneak in disguised as pilgrims. Okay. What about them? I have a way. I can’t believe I saved a monster. I even ate, drank, and talked about nature’s mystery with a monster. I’m just a joke. Sir, I respect you for your divine demeanor and your kindness. I just never figured that you’d do
something dastardly like that privately. Dastardly? Monsters are evils. I’m inclined to goodness when I eliminate monsters. The sun and the moon can prove that I’m inclined to justice. I don’t need to conceal the truth. Absorbing internal elixir is the cruellest sorcery, which is despised by all decent sects. But you used it to improve your Taoism skill. Eliminating demons for good is just to satisfy your own selfish desire. I benefit mankind by removing monsters. Even if I got a little grace occasionally, it’s god’s pity for me. You’re a monster. What rights do you have to judge me? I’ll subdue you today. Our chief has something important to do. He can’t meet you. Please go back. Sirs, both of my kids suffer from serious illness. Please make an exception for us and let us visit Taoist Ling Xu. But it looks like your kids are not seriously ill. Yeah? Dad, mom. It hurts. You mistake her for your mom. I’m your mom. It hurts, dad. It’s killing me. It hurts like hell, dad. Mom. It’s killing me, dad. Sorry. Please leave. Why are you so heartless? They’re seriously ill like that. How could you refuse to help them? Forget it. We won’t bother you. You practice so hard every day. You have to suffer the blazing sun and the heavy rain. I have a gift for you both. Here. Please accept it. Here you are. Let’s go. Go? Are you serious? You asked me about Bone Remoulding Skill that day. I should have thought that you came here for a reason. You were trying to imitate that evil demon
to damage the world. I sought Bone Remoulding Skill for saving others and myself. I just want to protect my family
and live peacefully as normal people. Monsters are monsters. No matter how your appearance changes, your cruelty and your bloodthirsty nature
would never change. Sir, may I make bold to ask you? What’s the difference between what you did
and that of those evil monsters? Xia Yize. Today, I’ll purify you. – Third Brother.
– Third Prince. Third Brother, are you okay? – Zhao Ning.
– Are you okay? Who are you? How dare you trespass the forbidden area of Xuanmiao Temple? Damn taoist. Why did you do this to my third brother? I’ll tear you to pieces. How dare you talk wildly? Sir, you practice Taoism. You not only sold monsters but also hurt the innocent. Aren’t you afraid of the wrath of heaven? Do you mean Mr. Xia is innocent? What rubbish, if not? You can’t even tell he’s a monster or a man. How could you take him as your friend? What do you mean? Mr. Xia is exactly a monster. How dare you! What are you talking about? How could my third brother be a monster? There’s no monster smell on Mr. Xia. Don’t talk nonsense, sir. I don’t know what sorcery he used to cover his monster smell. But this is the truth. Here you go. Treasure Spell, Empowered by Heaven. Third Brother. Third Brother, are you okay? Mr. Xia. – Third Brother.
– Mr. Xia. Third Brother. – Damn Taoist, what did you do to him?
– Mr. Xia, are you okay? – Third Brother.
– You’ll see. – Third Brother.
– Third Prince. Third Prince. What’s wrong with you? Third Brother. Go. Third Brother, what’s wrong with you? Don’t freak me out. Third Brother. Third Prince. You… You’re really a monster. Yeah. I’m a monster. I have a monster as my friend. No. Nonsense, Third Brother. You can’t be a monster. It’s impossible. Third Brother. Zhao Ning. I’m sorry. Everything is clear now. Hurry to help me eliminate him. Why are you standing still? He’s deceived you. He must have an evil intention. Let’s take the opportunity to kill him
in case of later trouble. Wenren, what are you doing?

Otis Rodgers



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  89. Sandersonbree Posted on October 31, 2019 at 6:49 pm

    I can’t stand that spoiled whiny brat princess she is good for nothing

  90. Night Ranger Posted on November 3, 2019 at 7:23 pm

    i find the MC particularly annoying and i am 100% sure he will be responsible for some of the deaths of his loved ones

  91. Roselyn Adams Posted on November 4, 2019 at 9:25 pm

    I hate these self acclaimed righteousness taoist😠😠😠

  92. siti chotimah Posted on November 19, 2019 at 7:38 am

    Wuyi is dumb 😂

  93. August MJ Colney Posted on November 21, 2019 at 4:22 am

    🤣🤣that silly little Princess, so funny…💗 she makes me laughed so much 😂🤣🖐🏼