January 21, 2020
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도교(道敎)로 나라를 말아먹은 황제 (Taoism Emperor screwed up his Empire)

This story is borrowed from the Naver Blogger, “Ban Jeon”.
“The last day of Song Empire: A Shaman destroyed it.” Northern Song: Song Dynasty A thousand years ago, population 100 million.
Abundant rice, more than 100 silk weaving factories.
Tea, shipbuilding, canals, bridges, weaving, dyeing, printing, compass, gunpowder, banknotes, bill, double bookkeeping, Confucianism, white porcelain, celadon, international trade … …
Top superpower that could mobilize 1.4 million military force.
It was the most prosperous era in Chinese history. “Of the many countries I’ve seen and read so far, there has not been a more rich country than the half of the Song dynasty.”
– Marco Polo – Astonishingly, such a wealthy Song collapsed within 167 years.

The demise was caused by Jin which had a tenth of the population comparing to Song.. “Throughout the history of China, the period of overwhelming economic superiority was the Song Dynasty.” “It is hard to believe that the Song Dynasty which was outstanding in the economy was continuously robbed by the inland Asian nomads.” “The Song adhered to the civil policy and thought it would be better to keep the peace by giving carrots rather than fighting the enemy.” “The Song Dynasty was frail in terms of military strength, but as historian Dieter Kuhn said, it was the most humane, sophisticated and intelligent society in history.” Intelligent society? These are why the Song was collapsed
They put civil policy first.
They despised the military officers,
And Taoism (Taoism) On the final day, the two emperors (Huizong and his son) made a big and outstanding contribution.
Both were sincere Taoism believers. The Song devoted tremendous tributes to Jin and Yo, to prevent invasion from them.

However, the two emperors listen to the advice of stupid staffs.
They decided not to give tribute, and promoted internal conflicts in Jin.
Jin got furious about it.

In the end, in 1126, the Jin king decided to conquer Song. In such a desperate situation, a shaman named K. K. came out. The shaman explained his plan to emperor Huizong who is a Taoism believer.
He insisted he could practice magic. “I can practice magic controlling demons, moving mountains, reversing the sea.
Even 100,000 Jin force comes, if I have one week ritual, I can defeat it with sprit troops.” The shaman persuaded the emperor, and became a defense commander and formed sprit troops..

He conscripted 7,777 men who had same birthdate and time, let them put on white clothes and ordered them to stand in front of the altar.
Three times a day to pray for the sky, he continued ritual spraying waters on amulets for a week! He wasted time until the enemy came, saying that he needed to take the lucky day.
Even though the Jin force came in front, the shaman was so cool. Watching the shaman’s coolness, the two emperors felt safe with satisfactory, and they never suspected him.

At the end of the week, the gate opened wide and the regular defense army retreated and the 7,777 spirit troops advanced. The result was of course all killed.
The shaman was missing. As sinners, the two emperors bowed down to Jin king, calling themselves servants.
Gold, silver, and silk gathered from all of the whole country,
24 queens, 22 princesses, thousands concubines, … more than 10,000 women,
4,000 engineers, artists, scholars,
whole were devoted to Jin.
All royal women including the empress had to serve for Jin troops as sex slaves. In 1127, the Jin king invested the two emperors as follows. The father, the Man of Confused,
The son, the Man of More Confused. Both means, they are stupid and irrational.
Both stupid emperors lived by plowing fields with their own hands; the man of confused died after 10 years, and another stupid died 20 years later. They sacrificed lives of innocent 7,777 young boys and put the fates of the royal ladies into slavery for life.
The two confused men never took the responsibility.
Only the dead boys and the ladies were pitiful.
In addition, it is dissevered to get the people’s blaming because they are the one who screwed up the world’s greatest power. War is the nation’s fateful event where the numerous lives of boys and youths can be killed, and civilians can be slaughtered in the rear.
War is the most complex human activity, mobilizing all techniques, capabilities, manpower and resources.
In order to win, supreme command must mobilize all available means, concentrate and maneuver power as efficiently as possible. So the study of wars war called “Art of War” in the past, and now it is called military science or international relations that deals with tactics / strategies.
The name, Art of War, means very detailed and artistic synthesis of the complexity. A president or a king is supreme command.
Countless civilians and soldiers’ lives are on the command’s responsibility.
The command of war demands the highest intelligence in military.
But, usually king or president is not a military expert.
Therefore, they must take the advice of a military specialist, such as generals, or entrust generals to command war with reasonable decisions. The two confused and stupid emperors in the belief of Taoism, entrusted the superstitious scammer to command war, instead of the general, and put many fates neatly into the sewer ditch. Thanks!

Otis Rodgers