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10 FORBIDDEN PLACES You’re Not Allowed to Visit!

– Bet you thought you could go pretty much anywhere didn’t ya? uh-uh. So we live in a world that’s
more accessible than ever. Advancements in technology and travel make going anywhere in the world more accessible for more
people than ever before. However, this ease of access
doesn’t apply to everywhere. In fact, there are some places that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to visit. These places are so entwined in secrecy that very little is known
about their inner workings and what actually happens there. So this week, I gathered the most exclusive and
secretive places on Earth that, despite your best efforts, you will never be able to enter, sorry. So here they are, ten forbidden places you’re
not allowed to visit. Number one is White’s Gentlemen’s club. Located in London, England is the most exclusive
gentleman’s club in London, and possibly the most
exclusive in the world. The clubs members include only the richest and most
powerful of society’s elite, including Prince William,
Prince Charles, Conrad Black, and even former prime ministers. Originally built in 1674, it’s an all boys club only accepting men. It has three stories, including a basement, and an attic, and several rooms within. These rooms are often used to hold private and secretive events that
the public is never privy to. And members often use
these rooms to engage in other activities, such
as high stakes betting. In order to even get close to the club, let alone join it’s ranks, you need to know someone
that’s already a member. Or you could just master
their secret password, which is probably just “I bathe in money”. Make sure you twist the
evil villain mustache or, you’re not getting in. Number two is area 51. Located in the state of Nevada, the infamous Area 51 is, by far, one of the most well known and least accessible places on Earth. According to the CIA, the official names for the facility are “Homey Airport” or “Groom Lake”. To this day, the bases primary purpose is still publicly unknown, as the government has never disclosed it. The public has never been allowed inside, which has led to tons of wild speculation. Non-conspiracy theorists
generally believe that the base is used to develop and test new aircrafts and weapon systems. However, conspiracy
theorists generally believe that that’s simply a front, and that Area 51 is actually a hub of intergalactic
activity, where testing of and communication with
extraterrestrial life is commonplace. All of this intense secrecy and theorizing has made it’s way into pop-culture through shows like “The
X-Files”, and “Roswell”, as well as several movies. Of course, all of these tin-foil
hat freaks need to chill, because aliens don’t exist and you should simply
stop asking questions. [voiceover] – This message
sponsored by the CIA. – Number 3 is the Jiangsu National
Security Education Museum. Located in Nanjing, China
is a very special museum that has some extremely restrictive rules as to who can enter. Displayed here is a range
of documents and gadgets dating all the way back from 1927, that have been deemed too sensitive for anyone that is not Chinese, thus foreigners are
forbidden from entering. Those who were born in China are severely restricted once inside. No photography is allowed in this museum, which is said to hold spy gear such as guns disguised as lipstick, hallowed out coins that hide documents, and decks of cards that hide maps. Unfortunately, very little else is known about the contents of this building due to China’s policy that the museum is for Chinese citizens only. Which is odd, because the
Chinese travel, right? So, somebody knows something. Somebody spill the beans, we gots to know. Number four is the Metro-2. Located in Moscow, Russia is the Metro-2, an informal name given to the purported secret
underground metro system. It was supposedly built
and code named “D-6” during the reign of Josef Stalin. The length of the Metro-2 is rumored to exceed
that of the public metro, have four lines, and lie
200 meters underground. It’s believed to be operated
by the Ministry of Defence, and connects the Kremlin to
the Federal Security Service, as well as several other
important branches of government. Several reports exist as to the discovery of this transit line by urban exploration groups. This has also, reportedly, been confirmed by documents obtained by United States military intelligence, however, it has never
100% been proven to exist. Of course the “Metro-2” is just one of the many names they considered, including the “Rush-In
Train”, and the “No Stalin”. Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Number five is Room 39. Located in North Korea, as oh so many shady things are, Room 39 is a secretive organization that maintains the foreign
currency slush-fund for the country’s leader. They hold as much as five
billion dollars in funds, and have been suspected to be involved in illegal activities such
as counterfeiting money, illicit weapon sales, and drug production. It’s believed to be located inside the Ruling Worker’s Party building in Pyongyang, not far
from Kim Jung Un’s villa. However, it’s believed
that this organization is critical to Kim Jung
Un’s continued power, enabling him to buy political support and fund North Korea’s nuclear program. Despite overwhemling concern about Room 39 from the international community, North Koreans remain unconcerned because as soon as Kim Jung Un
flashes that adorable smile, everyone just melts. Or else. Number six is the Coca Cola Recipe Vault. The world of Coca Cola interactive exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia is a
destination frequented by tourists. However, not everything there
can be seen by the public. Within the exhibit is a dedicated vault that holds a secret held since 1886, the coveted secret recipe for Coca Cola. After Doctor John S. Pemberton
invented Coca Cola in 1886, the formula has been kept a close secret. It was only ever shared
with a small group of people and never written down. That is, until it was
eventually put to paper and kept at Sun Trust Bank since 1925, until it was moved to
this new location in 2010. To this day, the full
formula is only known by approximately three people, unlike Pepsi’s formula, which is probably in the hands of some warehouse manager
somewhere named Craig. Craig’s a good dude. Number 7 are Google’s data centers. Unlike the rest of the
places on this list, Google’s data centers
exist all over the world, and can only be accessed by a select few, and certainly not the public. These massive centers are loaded with hundreds of thousands
of servers, colorful cables, and bicycles, so that engineers
can get around quickly. Each of these locations
represents a hub of information where google processes
internet search requests, stores Youtube clips like this one, and distributes emails
for millions of its users. They are highly secure locations that store unbelievable
amounts of user information. The high security is necessarry as such large amounts of information, if fallen into the wrong hands, could have catastrophic
consequences for millions of people in an increasingly digital world. Yet, aside from hackers, the real threat to the data center remains a carelessly thrown magnet that threatens to wipe away all of those beautiful
cat videos on Youtube that we’ve come to love. Or else.Practice magnet safety my friends. Number eight is the Chapel
of the Ark of the Covenant. Found in Ethiopia is a chapel
that’s believed by some, to be the final resting place
of the Ark of the Covenant, that holds the Ten Commandments. The legendary ark is protected
by a single high priest, who is charged with it’s
care and preservation. Interestingly, he’s the
only one who is allowed to actually look at the ark and is the only one who
knows how to locate it within the chapel. He’s never allowed to leave the chapel and will name a successor on his deathbed. No one from the public
has ever seen the artifact and no one is allowed to
enter the church to view it. Because of the amount
of secrecy around it, many question the legitimacy of the ark actually
residing at the chapel, despite all major news
sources reporting on it, including CNN. But hey, some guy from
Ethiopia said it’s there and if some guy says
it, it has to be true. Pfft, obviously. Number nine is the Javari Reserve. Located in Brazil is the Javari Reserve, the largest concentration of uncontacted tribes in the world. According to satellite imagery,
at least eight tribes exist, with as many as 14 potentially existing. The reserve itself, is
a swath of Amazon jungle half the size of Florida. Both the Brazilian and
Peruvian governments strictly regulate who
may visit the reservation with very few being allowed. But even if somehow you
did manage to visit them, they would be threatened by the foreign germs that you carry. You, know, when I think of this tribe, I really can’t help but think
of the bumblebee tuna scene from “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective”. The difference is, that you would pose a serious threat them and they would probably
kill you. So, not as funny. And number ten the Bank of England Vaults. Located in London, England
is the central bank for the United Kingdom. The model from which most modern
banks have been based upon. However, beneath the city is the vault, a massive space greater than that of the third tallest building
in the city, Tower 42. There are sever security measures that make sure that the vault
is extremely hard to get into, including keys that open it
that are 91 centimeters long. Making it even more difficult to enter, is that even if you wanted the keys, you wouldn’t know from
whom to take them from, because the employees of the
vault are kept anonymous. The near impossibility
of entering this vault is a necessity, as a
near 156 trillion pounds worth of gold deposits exists there. So unless you’re psychic
or can carry around a few 91 centimeter keys
without being noticed, you’re not getting in there. Sorry. And that’s it for this video guys, thanks so much for watching, and, as always, if you enjoyed it, remember to click that like button. And if you’d like to see
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Tuesday and Saturday. I hope you guys have a great weekend and I will see you on my social media. Peace. (upbeat electronic music)

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