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10 Secrets Of Ancient Egypt

10 Secrets of Ancient Egypt 10) Who Built The Pyramids? Despite the prevalent myth that the Pyramids
were built by Israeli slaves, Egyptologists have determined that the Pyramids were built
by paid Egyptian laborers. Evidence shows that around 20 – 30,000 laborers
were recruited from poor families around Egypt to complete the enormous construction over
a period of 20 years. Laborers were extremely respected for their
work and fed like royalty. The work was incredibly hard and dangerous, but those that died during
the construction had the high honor of being buried in tombs by the sacred pyramids. Source: The Guardian 9) Medicine The ancient Egyptians were renowned for their
medical knowledge. So much so that rulers of other empires would request that the pharaoh
send their Egyptian physicians to treat their own ill loved ones. Despite Egyptian doctors having an extensive
knowledge of the medicinal properties of the plants around them, cures for ailments still
included a magical spell. As well as herbal remedies, many other cures
were based on ’sympathetic magic’. For example, it was believed that a crushed up
pig’s eye, used in a treatment, would transfer the power of sight into the patient’s eye. Source: BBC, The Lancet 8) Shape-Shifting Jesus In 2013 an ancient Egyptian text was deciphered,
re-telling the crucifixion of Jesus, but with surprising plot twists. Dating back 1,200 years, the ancient text
paints a markedly different picture of Pontius Pilate, the judge who ordered Jesus’ execution. Instead of sharing his last supper with his
12 disciples, the text states that Jesus shared his last meal with Pontius Pilate, who offered
to sacrifice his own son in order to save Jesus’ life. Even more shocking are the allegations in
the text that Jesus was a shape shifter, with the ability to change from white to red or
young to old. Source: Live Science 7) Heb-Sed After a pharaoh had ruled for 30 years, they
took place in a strange ritual, known as Heb-Sed, in order to prove that they still had the
power and strength necessary to rule the kingdom. The ceremony, which once initiated took place
every three years until the pharaoh’s death, saw them dressed in a short kilt, with a bull’s
tail on their back, as they were forced to run as fast as possible around a race track. In early practices of the ceremony, any pharaoh
too unfit to complete the course was sacrificed and replaced with a fitter successor. Source: Mental Floss 6) White Pyramids When the Great pyramid of Giza was completed
in 2560 BCE, it was plated with a smooth surface of polished, white limestone, which gleamed
in the sun’s light. However, in 1301 CE, a massive earthquake
hit Egypt and loosened many of the casting stones. The damage to the outer pyramids prompted
rulers to reuse the stones to build mosques in Cairo. As impressive as it still looks, what can
be seen now of the Great Pyramid of Giza is just its core structure. Source: Discovering Egypt 5) The Female Pharaoh One of the most successful pharaohs to rule
Ancient Egypt was almost lost to history, until her story was uncovered on temple walls
during the 19th century. Hatshepsut came to the throne of Ancient Egypt
around 1478 BCE. During her reign, Egypt enjoyed great peace
and prosperity. Hatshepsut cultivated beneficial trade routes and oversaw incredible construction
projects throughout her kingdom. However, 20 years after her death, her successors
began a campaign of erasing Hatshepsut from history. Statues of her were destroyed and
her name was scraped off the buildings built under her rule. Source: Discovery Egypt 4) Sunken Cities Thonis-Heracleion, one of the greatest cities
of ancient Egypt, remained lost for 1,000 years, until it was re-discovered underwater
only 20 years ago. Thought to have been founded in 7 BCE, Thonis-Heracleion
was a major trade center, linking ancient Greece, Egypt, and the wider Mediterranean. Archaeologists excavating the site have found
a host of perfectly preserved pillars of hieroglyphics, as well as statues of Greek Gods and rulers
depicted in the fashion of Egyptian pharaohs. It is thought that the discovery of the lost
city will transform our understanding of the deep connection between the ancient civilizations. Source: British Museum 3) Masturbation Rituals In Ancient Egyptian mythology, the God Atum
created the universe by masturbating into the vast nothingness, meanwhile the other
Gods spontaneously grew out of Atum’s ejaculate. The ebb and flow of the river Nile was also
attributed to Atum’s semen. This concept inspired the annual Pharaoh ceremony,
in which, as God’s representative on earth, the Pharaoh had to recreate the creation myth. In front of a crowd, the Pharaoh would masturbate
and ejaculate into the river Nile, in order to ensure a year of bountiful harvest. Source: Sex and Society 2) Biblical Plagues Scientists have found evidence that the Biblical
plagues that ruined Ancient Egypt in the Old Testament were due to global warming and a
volcanic eruption. The reported plague of the Nile, which turned
the river’s water into blood 3,000 years ago, is hypothesized to have been caused by
the arrival of bacterium, known as Burgundy Blood algae, which stains water red. The scientists claim that the algae attracted
frogs, lice, and flies, which led to diseased livestock and boils. Furthermore, there is evidence that the Santorini
volcano, which erupted 600km away, threw ash into the air as far as Egypt, which would
have blocked out the sun and plunged Egypt into darkness. Source: Telegraph 1) Incest In Ancient Egyptian mythology, many deities
were married to their siblings. Although there is little evidence to suggest
that common Egyptians married their siblings, incest was rife for generations of the royal
family. Due to siblings marrying each other, many
members of the royal family, such as Tutankhamun, suffered from a range of malformations, infections,
and genetic diseases. He suffered from weak bones and was unable
to walk without help, contributing to his early death at age 19. Source: Explaining Incest by Brent D. Shaw,
Scientific American

Otis Rodgers



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    4 Jesus Christ is not a hybrid BLOODLINE meaning it's completely impossible for Jesus Christ to be OSIRIS Osiris and Isis are Hybrid Royal bloodline of the highest class in all there incarnations not Jesus Christ not Horus not seraphim Micheal Jesus Christ is not a hybrid BLOODLINE nor is Hathor

    5 Jesus Christ is not of the 7th ray the bible is very straightforward about that that Jesus Christ who is also seraphim Micheal one of the 4 seraphim one of the 4 horseman is not from the 7th ray Lucifer one of the 4 seraphim is the first born male of the 7th ray the ray of God the number of God not Jesus Christ

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    Another completely whitewashed video. White Jesus is only about 500 years old. Pope Alexander VI paid Michaelanglo to paint his son, Cesar Borgia as Jesus. Da Vinci was also paid to paint everyone in the bible as white. This is openly known and can easily be researched. The oldest image of Jesus is a 2000 year old painting of him and it is found in the Museum of Cairo. He and his apostles all look clearly Black. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/thegistoffreedom/2016/09/06/black-jesus-from-egyptian-american-coptic-christians-view-w-mariam

    Blacks built the pyramids and evidence of that is overwhelming. Europeans never built a single pyramid in Europe so we are supposed to conclude that they traveled 1000 miles by foot to begin building something they didn't do in Europe. The pyramid builders are from Africa as there are hundreds of them all over the continent.

    The earliest math to exit Europe is called The Roman Numeral System, 800BC. By that time Africans were already using the modern math we use today. The two oldest calculators in the world are found in Africa, the calendar we use today was created by Africans. They don't get their proper due so as to protect so called white supremacy. These facts surely undermine that notion.

    The second oldest calculator found in Africa, The Isango bone https://afrolegends.com/2013/08/29/the-ishango-bone-craddle-of-mathematics/

    The oldest calculator found in the world is in Africa, The Lebombo bone http://mathworld.wolfram.com/LebomboBone.html

    The African origins of mathematics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYny1iQ_1r8&t=193s

    The African origins of writing and math https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZoOQvb_wc0

    African origins of math Dr. Ron Eglash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXRvwk12atw

    Ancient math in Ethiopia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXOTKidm7A0

    Ancient Egypt math used in modern computers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcdbhBLmb98

    Africans were all over the world over 50,000 years ago. If they would have stayed in Africa instead of migrating and exploring then the rest of the world would be a desert. They were in Asia first and today India and China openly admit this.

    Chinese came from Africans see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw-MSRWdEIM Looks like the early writing and math that China is credited for was there because Blacks were there! See also http://thewestsidegazette.com/chinese-scientist-proves-the-first-inhabitants-of-china-were-black/ see also http://www.trinicenter.com/FirstChinese.htm see also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2B8hgT2LKk see also http://realhistoryww.com/world_history/ancient/China_2.htm see also http://en.lisapoyakama.org/the-first-inhabitants-of-asia-were-black/ see also http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13602009608716324?journalCode=cjmm20 see also http://atlantablackstar.com/2014/06/20/the-black-presence-in-early-china/ The Chinese have been trading with Kenya for over 700 years http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-11531398 Chinese apologize for slaughtering ancient Africans in China http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/feat/archives/2004/11/27/2003212815

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    The true descendants of the Egyptians ancient Egypt Heritage was the Coptics who now live in their home land harassed, banned from rights Muslims have and treated as 2ndary citizens in once a predominantly Christian and African country. Now Coptic people and Africans there are persecuted and their lives are threatened, especially the womens if they refuse to convert to Muslims ways. The Coptics are the true lineage of Ancient Egypt and some Africans as well not Muslims. Now Christians face discrimination as martyrs in Egypt, they as the minority now face forced extremists occupation by Islamic control and oppression. Let as an Orthodox Christian woman from the U.S let my Coptic brothers and sisters go and leave Egypt go back to your own country Islamic State people and let my brothers and sisters in Christ have the land their ancient ancestors gave them back before you mercilessly stole it from us Orthodox Christians and forced it into a Islamic country when it was always a Coptic and African Egypt Christian Country long before Muslims stole it.