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2 CREEPY Cult/Witchcraft Stories

I am a teenager living in Kansas and I sneak
out of my house on a fairly regular basis. One night at around 2am my friend Keaton and
I were smoking weed in a junk yard. we would always hang out there, at its a really big
junkyard, we had never been bothered by anybody there before, so we weren’t worried about
getting caught. we would usually smoke in the unlocked abandoned vans. We were in back of the van, in the middle
of our smoking seshion, when we hear tiny rocks hitting the right front passenger window.
we immediately freak out thinking it was the owner of the yard, so we put are stuff away
and stayed quiet. After a minute of complete silece, we hear people knocking on the windows. I almost shit my pants; the windows were spray-painted
so we couldn’t see who or how many people were knocking, so we burst out the back door
and ran as fast as we could through the yard. when I looked back, there were 4 men in President
Clinton masks and dark clothing. The were all laughing devilishly, which temporarily
distracted me from noticing what they wey had in their hands; each one of them was weilding
a knife. I nearly passed out from fright, they were
catching up to us, so my friend and I cut down a row of cars and hid under the nearest
car we could both slide under. We were there for maybe 3 seconds before the men stopped
only a couple of cars away from the car we were under. we could hear them talking, they
all sounded older, like in there late 20″s One said “fuck! Where are those stupid kids?”.
Another said “He is not going be happy. The ceremony is later tonight.” This sent shivers down my spine. Then one of them says, “They can’t be far,
I smell the little bitches fear.” It sounded like a line straight out of a horror
movie. They started opening car’s doors looking for
us. when they got to our car, I was so scared, my friend and I were both breathing heavy,
but straining to remain silent. Time moved excruciatingly slow as they swung the car
doors open. After not seeing us inside, they quickly moved to the next car. They tried
2 or 3 more cars, and then I assume decided to go look for us somewhere else, or gave
up completely, because they ran off yelling and whooping into the night. We remained silent, hidden under the car for
what felt like another 2 hours, until I peaked my head out and saw no one around. We sprinted
out the yard and didn’t stop until we reached my house. We never called the police or told
anyone, because we would get in trouble for sneaking out and smoking. we have never been
back to that yard again, not even during the day, and we still don’t know who those men
were or if they were part of a cult or something. A few questions I still ask myself are, how
did they know we were in the van? Had they scoped us out on our previous visits, or were
we just in the wrong place at the wrong time? The one question I don’t know if I wan’t to
know the answer to is, what was this “ceromony” they wanted us for? A few months back, I was working at my local
Dollar General. It wasn’t the easiest job in the world, due to the fact you constantly
had to stock shelves and watch your register at the same time. Even though I don’t consider
myself a people person, I did enjoy some of my customers who would come in every now and
again. One evening, as the store was getting ready
to close, Liz, a woman in her late twenties, came rushing in and apologized for disturbing
us as we were preparing to close down for the night. I waved and gave a friendly smile
and told her that it was no problem and to take her time. As she came up to my register,
I noticed she had bought and all of the Halloween decorations that were leftover from the holiday.
She had a few skeletons, a cauldron and a little ghost figurine. Somehow we ended up
talking for several minutes about the paranormal and she had informed me that she was on a
TV show called ‘The Dead Files’ because they did an episode in Delmont, Pennsylvania. That
episode was titled ‘smothered’. I of course took great interest in this because ever since
I was a child I was always intrigued with the paranormal and the supernatural. Long story short, she ended up giving me her
facebook and told me to send her a friend request after work. When I had got home I
did my usual things such as eat shower and tended to all of my animals. I had logged
on to Facebook and discovered that she had already found me and sent me a request instead. Liz and I spoke on and off for at least 6
months. At the time she was in a terrible living situation that involved her roommate
being a hoarder; And if you think that is bad, she not only was holding material objects,
but animals as well. From what I was told, she had well over 20 cats, and most of them
were sick. She lived secluded in her tiny bedroom which she shared with her two cats.
She was worried that her two cats would contract whatever the other ones had and was desperately
trying to move. My landlord and I get along pretty well, seeing
as how she had worked with my grandmother decades ago at a florist shop. I made a quick
phone call and spoke with the landlord and discovered there was a unit available in our
building, so I immediately told Liz. Fast forward to a month later and Liz is already
starting to move in across the hall from me. Everything is perfectly fine and she is acting
normal, like she always had. One evening she invited me over to have a cup of tea and I
obliged, not wanting to be rude. When I walked into her apartment, the atmosphere
felt much thicker and dense. There was barely any lighting in her living room, and from
what I could see, she barely had any furniture. We made small talk and enjoyed a cup of tea
together. Out of the blue, she had asked me if I wanted to see her bedroom. I gave a slight
nod and stood up and began to follow her as she took me back through her hallway. When I had entered her bedroom, I was completely
flabbergasted, but attempted to keep my facial expressions neutral. There, right in front
of her bed, was an altar. I don’t mean a satanic altar, because it had angels sitting on it,
but there were other things such as crystals and an authentic cauldron. She laughed a little
and admitted that she is a witch.I chuckled with her, and not being very judgemental,
I accepted what she had told me thinking that it was actually rather cool. I then told her
that I needed to head to bed for the night because I had work the next morning. The next day is when I begin to notice her
strange behavior. I had gone on break while I was working and 99% of the time I always
had my phone on me. I had pulled my phone out to give my boyfriend a call, as I usually
did, and noticed I had several text messages from her asking when I was getting home and
if I would go back over to her place. I thought this was slightly odd, but I didn’t look too
much into it and replied to her that I would be home within the next few hours. Two minutes
after I would walk into the door and set my things down she would be texting or calling
me. This has gone on for several months. I think I truly began to realize the severity
of this problem when I received a phone call one afternoon asking if I was able to go over
to her apartment to open a bottle of medicine because she had the flu and was too weak to
do so herself. As I stated, liz is almost 30 years old. I am only 22 and when I am sick
I have no problem opening a bottle of medicine. I began to feel uneasy about this situation
more and more, to the point where I had to have a talk with my boyfriend about her. The very next day I was enjoying my couple
days off by playing Borderlands 2 with my man. Anytime my TV or radio would be on I
would immediately get a text message from Liz because she knew I was home. She was still
constantly asking me to go over, and most times I would have to tell her no because
I was busy. That is when she began to beg. I would get text messages at different hours
of the night because she knew my boyfriend worked graveyard shift and wouldn’t be home
until 5:30 in the morning, and I usually stay awake and waited on him so we could be on
the same schedule. It was 2 o’clock in the morning, and I received a text message asking
if I could please walk over to her place and help her clean her cats litter boxes. I was
completely baffled and asked her why she was not able to do it herself. I had gotten no
response back. Later on in the week, there was a knock on
my door and it was of course Liz. She asked if she was able to come in and I agreed but
told her that I would be leaving shortly to run errands. She seemed to completely ignore
my statement and began talking about something even more frightening than witchcraft.
Liz began to tell me that one of the main reasons she wanted to leave her old Home,
was not because of her roommate being a hoarder, but because she was not able to openly express
her beliefs. I asked her to elaborate, and I truly wish I wouldn’t have. She began to tell me that all kinds of mythological
creatures such as fairies elves and Dragons still exist to this day and that she believes
she is part fairy. She claims that she is currently making tiny wooden doors and windows
to glue to her walls because that is the entrance point for fairies and tiny mythological creatures
to enter her home. I did my best to keep my composure but inside I was screaming for her
to get away from me. Her story just continued to get even crazier when she claimed that
she can see and speak to her spirit guide, and he tells her to do all kinds of different
things. Now, I am not exactly an expert when it comes
to all things paranormal, but seeing as how I have a Hindu friend who is actually very
spiritual and knows many things when it comes to things like this, I do know that it takes
many, many years for one to be able to see or even speak to their spiritual guide; if
one even believes in that. It was at this point I knew that I had a problem.
Not only did my neighbor seem like she was mentally unstable in many different aspects,
but she was extremely clingy with me. After this occured and she had invited me over several
different times to “chant with her and make spells in her cauldron.”, I slowly began to
distance myself from her. Once she began to realize that I was no longer
responding to her text messages or phone calls or even so much as visiting with her, she
began to get angry. As crazy as this may sound to all of you,
the entire third floor of the apartment building, where our units are, was nothing but a dark
and ominous atmosphere. I have even noticed that no matter how many times maintenance
would change the lightbulb, it would constantly burnout and leave the entire 3rd floor in
a blanket of darkness. After a couple months of not speaking to Liz
my Hindu friend came for a visit. As I mentioned, she is very spiritual and is very knowledgeable
when it comes to the occult. The moment she had stepped into my unit she stood and took
a minute to look around. She immediately told me that there was a dark presence lingering
between my unit and Liz’s. She immediately pulled out a stick of white sage and began
to burn it as she recited all of her prayers in Hindi. Afterwards she had asked me if anybody
I knew was messing with a Ouija board. I had told her that Liz and a few of them
and from what I was told she enjoyed using them on and off to speak with the nonliving.
This made my friend very uneasy and she quickly began searching her backpack for the holy
water in which she brought for us, as well as her totems she uses that protect her and
her people against evil entities. After the cleansing of my apartment, the atmosphere
in here is definitely lighter. Even though Liz still lives across the hall
from me I rarely see her, and when I do she seems to try her best to ignore me. There
will be different times where I leave my apartment to either get my mail or to run errands with
my man, and sometimes I can hear her talking to herself about very odd things. Not only
will she speak to herself, but she also answers herself. There has been many times where I
could hear her using a Ouija board, because I could hear her asking it several questions.
Believing in witchcraft is one thing, but babbling with Ouija boards is never good. There is so much to the story that I know
I’m leaving out many occurrences, however, if I would continue it would take forever. All I know is that Liz is messing and talking
with things who she must think are good, but in reality they don’t seem to be. Maybe she
has some type of mental disorder that she’s unaware of. I did my fair share of research
on schizophrenia, and she exhibits some of the strong signs; or, maybe something is truly
happening, I guess I will never know.

Otis Rodgers



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  5. LindaLooWhoo Posted on March 4, 2016 at 9:46 am

    I'm super annoyed with the second story and most of these comments on it. being pagan and currently completing my year and a day studies, there are a lot of holes and unfounded judgments here. I feel like the writer of this story was just young and naive, trying to make something seem more ingesting than it really was.

  6. Bailey McInnes Posted on March 4, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    ok so as a witch (and wiccan) myself, i promise we are good people and relatively normal lol. a real wiccan and witch, who worships nature does not curse (which is what it sounds like she was trying to do) and if they do its for a REAL reason not because you start to egnore them haha.

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    Clearly, neighbor-Liz had issues that weren't being addressed, and she may have been using her witchy beliefs as an excuse to not get help that she definitely needs, perhaps not necessarily for the posited schizophrenia, but certainly for something. The constant phone calls and borderline-stalking are reason enough, even without her other claims. (While there are practitioners who believe that supernatural beings exist and there are some traditions that even commune with them, claiming blood kinship is another matter altogether and it's something that a lot of us kind of side-eye. Being a witch, you see, does not negate the need for critical thinking or common sense.)

    I sincerely hope that Kate hasn't had any further problems, and that Liz has resolved her problems in a healthy and positive fashion.

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    the second story gives witches a bad name.
    Grated, the individual "Liz" may have been clingy (lonely), however in listening to the storyteller, it definitely sounds as though she has allowed 2000 years of bad PR to affect her.

    As a Wiccan High Priestess who is out of the "broom closet" I have no problem letting people know I am a witch. I proudly wear my pentacle. However if they want to judge me, I should be judged on my character, my integrity, how I treat and relate to my family and friend. Wicca is a beautiful religion.

    To those who are afraid of Ouija boards, don't use them. If you know how to cleanse and create a sacred space, you should be fine. A Ouija board is just like a spiritual internet chat room – unless you are calling for a specific person, anyone can respond. And like a chat room (or Craig's list) it could be a real spirit of someone you know or a spiritual troll. There are bad spirits just like there are bad people.

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    The average Human Being today is in no way ready to become Neophytes of this occult science……..20%

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  72. Marlena Sutherin Posted on January 4, 2017 at 7:55 am


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  80. Ryan Wilson Posted on May 4, 2017 at 12:38 am

    you not no about are religion we witches it is a nature religion datas back 40:00 years before chistian religion and we are not evil go online Waleed asaad we use the enrgy of the sun earth look it up and don't judge us because of are religion it is a sin in your bible to juedg people and your god will judge you so smrtin up😡

  81. Ryan Wilson Posted on May 4, 2017 at 12:50 am

    and one more thing Waleed asaad we don't workship satan and we don't eat baby.s we don't have warts and we are not getting to hell we don't believe in satin devil's hevin and don't have to believe in your religion when you judge us you are sin and good people don't go to hell people who judge a good person who are pick on good people go to hell like you

  82. Ryan Wilson Posted on May 4, 2017 at 1:35 am

    I agree with you ava lynn I'm a male witch and I'm a good person and all of us and you too I use heling spells and can feel the enrgy from crystals and rooks

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  88. Rolyat Rocket Posted on November 19, 2017 at 8:32 pm

    How do you know that it takes many years for EVERYONE to speak to a spirit guide just because your one very spiritual Hindu friend thinks that? Second story person sounds silly. That's one person. There are also very spiritual people who don't think that. Beliefs vary. Especially among the very spiritual. One person may not know the truth… obviously.

  89. Zudo Zudo Posted on January 26, 2018 at 9:24 pm


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  92. ginger psycho Posted on February 24, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    That woman who fucked with the ouija board does not know what she's getting into. She's no witch, she's fucking with dark stuff. Stuff she doesn't understand at all.

    I use crystals, for self healing and protection. Amethyst, rose quartz, tiger eye, lapis Lazuli and malachite. She was abusing them, not respecting them. You don't just pick up crystals at random to use.
    They choose YOU not the other way around, you know your crystal because it gives off a certain vibe to you, so you know which one is meant for you. I can't describe it aside from the energy it gives off.
    Rose Quartz and Amethyst are for protection and healing, they keep negative things away from you. When I'm around negative energy, it really helps me out. they are not only my birthstone, but the stones that are my go to in most situations.

    Lapis Lazuli helps with the third eye, your more psychic spiritual stuff. Its mainly used for those with a higher mind and the desire to seek intellect. Being a person who generally lives with an open mind, its a very useful stone for me.

    Malachite is a SERIOUSLY strong stone, you have to respect this stone completely. I've affectionately nicknamed it "The getting shit done crystal". If you have something you need done, but require a level head in order to complete the task. You need malachite.
    What the task may be, is varied. But Malachite is good for that sort of thing.

    Tiger eye, both in red and amber colour. Also known as "The all seeing, all knowing eye", it allows the user to observe everything even behind closed doors. It helps bring sharpness to your inner vision, to allow you to understand a situation better.
    Its a good luck stone, negates bad energy and allows one to grow as a person. I've managed to avoid many a bad thing because of this stone.

    But why why crystals work so well for me is because I know how to use them. I've had a few years experience. Using a crystal is very much a two way thing. You must respect the stone and it will work well for you. allowing you to use its power without abusing it.
    You leave it in a sunny place when done using it so you can purify it of whatever bad energy it has absorbed from you.

    Sorry for ranting, but crystals are one of my many passions. I use it as a form of healing and its done wonders for me since I discovered them. I've tried to recommend them to a friend but they do nothing about it.
    Crystal healing is a seriously underrated form of therapy, it really helps your energy levels.
    That girl had no idea of how to use them and how to respect them

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