February 21, 2020
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2019,God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home Wreath

hello everyone hi everyone hello hello hi Kelly hi sweetheart you hope everyone's feeling well hello angel eyes hi sweetheart Oh hi Diane hi sweetheart yay let everybody logon give him a few minutes and then we will get started everyone's starting to log on yay let's give it a few minutes awesome I'm happy to see you are doing red white and blue today we're actually gonna mix up the mesh I'm just giving everyone a few minutes to log on we are using personally yours god Bless America my home sweet home now this is really really cute because you know how you have the festivals the little pageants and festivals fourth of July vegetables and they have the trucks that are all dressed up and the festivals it's a lot of fun every year you know we don't but when the kids were little we used to take them to see the fireworks we don't do that anymore now I do the festivals and then we leave before the fireworks but in the parade's every year you'll see an old beautiful truck all dressed up that's part of the 4th of July parades and this is what that reminds me of one of the old classic trucks and it even has like fireworks behind it so it just reminds me of a parade truck so I decided that we are gonna do this in red white and blue all three colors mixed together and we're gonna be using two different ribbons and yes we're doing it on a grapevine so it's not gonna be hard smelly I will be off tomorrow which is good because I have some more doctor's appointments and we have a big tutorial on Friday night that's the peacock so I want to make sure that I'm well-rested and ready for Friday's tutorial but we are going to be using far as our ribbon the red white and blue star ribbon the tune 1/2 inches from craft outlet and the white red white and blue star ribbon from craft outlet both two and a half inches while your ribbon is there any way you can look up someone that's blocked for me on there hold on one second it's just for this yeah well not one second I just want to show my husband something that's really important I need him to look it up that person just go into community centers and see if they have a blog them okay thank you I think you can look up that um subscribers – I forgot okay we're just taking care of something okay something important all right I guess we want to make sure it's not a troll but we're gonna be fine heavys got it he's been doing it for me alright so you know anytime somebody does live other people are mean and we do get patrols now I've been getting a lot of people trying to create chaos and different things in my life but we are good we have God and I have all of you so two and a half inch ribbon the blue red white and blue stars and the white red white and blue stars remember I cut this the other day to show you about the four and one filmmaker from Regina cellars and were given away two of them well I cut them in 14 inches and then I put my tails on it I don't know how many you're gonna use but I'll count them after I'm done I do have two sprays from crap outlet with the red white and blue stars so we're going to give it a real parade look but it's not gonna be hard grape vines are so easy so we have these you can get them from craft outlet as well and then I decided that if I want to do like a bow at the bottom we're not going to be doing a flower boat today we're gonna use the star ribbon I have the blue ribbon with white stars and then I have those two colorful ribbons with red white and blue stars and we'll use the pro bow if you have the Provo large hand we're going to use mine is the deluxe the the Provo large hands same finger placement so we'll make the bow for the bottom we're using the 18 inch grapevine the new grape vines that you can purchase from Walmart that I like because they're more round you know I like the rounder grape vines these are $4.97 from your local Walmart and the name of these mines are Hampton home as you can tell they're thinner vines and they're put together a lot better than the older vines alright I love them we have done many of them I think we have three we use the new vines from Walmart be using zip ties we're gonna be using red white and blue as you see over here in this I have all the ribbon already cut up you're cutting up your ribbon today everybody and ten by ten inch squares now I'm going to just take a little at a time hmm and we are actually doing red white and blue and I have some on my ruler because I need to cut more all right just like honestly you all know I don't never know how much we're using so usually we do what was it we counted the last time we did a grapevine it was 28 bunches to fill up the grapevine all right so let's see we may add a little more this time or we may keep it at the up but these are so to make very easy to make very pretty very pretty or beautiful they're absolutely beautiful so again and we're gonna pray of course before we start I'm gonna pray Niecy goes to get her tests done tomorrow I believe on her heart so we might miss Niecy and our prayers I want to give a praise report miss you needed a washer for her clothes she's from washing all her clothes by hands and we have been praying and praying and she got a washer on Facebook everyone on Facebook for $40 and there's nothing wrong with it so praise God praise the Lord cuz that's what I've been praying for she's been washing her clothes by hand and that's really hard especially when you're older you get arthritis in your hands and you hurt so let's praise the Lord that she found a washer to wash her clothes it's really you know she's been doing it all by hand so I'm really really happy for her praise God like it's that easy easy reach point again personally yours god Bless America my home sweet home now what I am gonna do is I'm gonna get miss Lee's links so I could put it up for everybody and then we'll get started and we're gonna pray all right remember Saturday is the giveaway and remember that you have to go on the giveaway to tour I have a video as a sign up for giveaway underneath that video is where you put sign me up all right okay let me go and get miss Lee's link for everybody she's the only person I use her signs I love her signs everybody knows how much I loved Miss Lee signs so I want to make sure we all have her link and then I look down and I won't answer questions – there we go I'm so happy now okay thank you hey will you look I have people blocked on those groups – I didn't see them in there either thank you okay there we go everyone this is personally yours linked by her signs yeah hi Donna hi sweetheart hi little chickadee hi sweetie you just write missileer Oh Craig okay let me get this downtown there we go get that all done yep 23 people so we can start our prayers I'm gonna read down here I'm going to try to get to glance at chat while cooking ok what you cookin sweetie hi Renee hi Angie Vicky King hi sweetheart hi Christine hi honey yeah okay we're gonna bow our heads and pray and we're gonna get started Oh Thank You Janet angel eyes um yeah I got this a long time ago I love everyone knows I'm 1950s girl this is Baptist about three months ago thank you yeah I like um not too big into wearing blue ears but my husband likes blue because he's in the Navy oh we're gonna kick out this at times we're gonna pray and we're gonna get started this is gonna be a lot of fun everybody this is easy easy brief its patriotic you use it for a Memorial Day fourth of July Veterans Day for any of those three holidays which all of them are coming up all right so we're gonna get we're gonna bow our heads pray and then we're gonna get started on making this okay let me get this on do a close-up and we're gonna pray we're gonna pray for the needs of all all right what's a troll a troll is someone who comes on here that calls me names or they try to sabotage they'll come on here and they'll even go to like my vendors and stuff and talk smack about me they're mean they're I get trolls they'll come on here and wait until replay and they'll say I'm like one lady said what's wrong with her and then the next thing she said oh I know it's your face talking to me I've had people say that I there is no heaven there is no hell I'm wait till I get incinerated I had people say they hate me and people say they can't stand my voice stuff like that I've had people get a hold of other people talking smack about me it's just part of being on YouTube you do you get mean people and they'll try to sabotage things everybody gets that I can't make everybody happy the fact that I pray out loud makes people even angrier but I've been going through this since I started my channel I have and it's just part of it's just part of a new moon soup you're going to get mean people and you just got to learn to take it with a grain of salt and so we have monitors on here my husband's a monitor Janet Johnson's a monitor Mary Lou's a monitor she needs a monitor I have four people on here they will block and erase all bad comments they'll block people so they keep they may be able to watch me but they can't comment I also have them on all my craft groups they can block you they can block you from even getting on my page so we had to do that I started getting hateful stuff when it first started it'll be two years and the end of June that I started my channel it started all the way back when I first started my channel once it started praying out loud it got bad it got bad and people say why don't you just kill yourself you're ugly that's what trolls are they'll get on here and they'll try to sabotage you they'll try to hurt you the I've had people write YouTube trying to close my channel down I have rights we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion I don't cause I don't do anything wrong and I'm on my rights as a YouTube creator and I put my rights on the back of my about page those are my rights you tap YouTube has their own rules you are using their media platform and they are your partner you do this my partner they have up for 35 to 50 percent of everything that comes in revenue YouTube gets you are using their platform to put out your tutorials you are in a partnership when you go into YouTube not only you are in a partnership you are under their guidelines and their rules YouTube has their own copyright rules you can only use 20% of somebody's original idea they will go take your channel way you can get copyright strikes that is YouTube's law if you want to use their platform you better know the rules and then Facebook started its you unpublished and as long as you're published and published on a public network you have copyrights on your videos and on your stuff so Facebook is now helping to they're now stepping up to it so I've had people try to copy exactly what I'm Jun and it's been taken down because this is mine I'm published I am published it's a network I don't I give all subscribers permission to make it but I don't give anyone permission to make tutorials out of my stuff so if I teach this for free I'm not charging anyone subscriptions to learn I'm not charging anyone to pry the graph groups so why would any no one has the right to take my stuff and charge somebody to teach them how to make my stuff that's not cool not cool at all so I do it all for free so but anyways YouTube is a partnership this is your business also with you too you have to get I have an EIN even a 1099 at the end of every year from YouTube and you have to pay taxes on it you have to pay taxes it goes to the IRS somebody asked me if they could do YouTube and get disability new you'll get in trouble you never know how much you're gonna make and you get one month over that allowance of how much you're going to make you can lose your disability absolutely I have an EIN number I have a business I am a business this is my business I just choose to use my business as a beautiful thing not just about crafts my business is to teach crafts but the great thing is we're bringing God it's a support thing it's about prayer and love so I'm doing I'm spreading God's Word and at the same time this is my business I have a I'm a vendor and I have a business license and when you set up your account you're fine until you get to the monetization part once you are approved to get your commercials then you have to put in all your stuff through Adsense and at the end of every year and like I said YouTube gets from thirty five to fifty percent of all the revenue that you make on here all right they get that you are a partnership with them they own your business half of your business half of your media you're putting out half of everything you make YouTube has they can take from thirty five to fifty percent of what you make all right then you work through YouTube and you get Becky once you had one hundred thousand subscribers then you're entitled to get sponsorship that's when someone will that's when they you will get products and stuff sent to you and different things that you have to put it in your videos that it came from so and so and it's attached to them because you're using their stuff to make stuff out of that's sponsorship when you're at a hundred thousands of subscribers even paid content and sponsorship that's what everybody's goal is to get to is one hundred thousand subscribers so but like I said this your partnership with YouTube but trolls are mean people that come on here and say mean stuff and like my channel I have miners that watch me I do not cuss I do not use profanity I don't allow violence on here if I don't drink none of that if you do they'll make it where they have to be 18 years old and a bug that's part of it too my channel is safe for children could watch it with their grandparents and their parents as family-oriented and and people love it because we pray together we cry together we talk we're real but I am very cautious because I have little ones that watch me my girlfriend's children that are tended 12 years old watch this they have little YouTube accounts who they subscribe to me so we try to keep this as family-oriented as possible bringing my grandson on years really opened up the doors for adults and children with special needs we actually have quite a bit of kings and adults and even little ones that have autism and Down syndrome and different syndromes cerebral palsy all kinds of disabilities and they love arts and crafts and they may not ever say anything but they're watching me so anything we see in the feed that is negative or mean my husband will erase it and block that person from commenting trolls are people that are being meaning they're trying to sabotage my channel and ruin me they'll go so far as to get ahold of my suppliers that help me and try to tarnish my name and room me I had one lady write me and said that till the day her till the day she dies her goal her one goal in life is to destroy me oh yeah and they'll talk bad about me on social media all kind of stuff those are trolls but you're gonna get that no matter what you do you're gonna get it I can't make everybody happy all I can do is I pray for those that are mean to me I pray that they get Jesus in their life I pray that God fills them with happiness and laughter and love that's all I can do I used to get sick I used to cry I used to question myself and say cuz I'm a people pleaser why don't they like me what am I doing wrong what's wrong with me I used to be that way and my husband he told me he said honey you're real you haven't done anything wrong you talked about being disabled you talk about being paralyzed to talk about the brain tumor I talked about how I used to be heavy I used to weigh 230 pounds at one time in my life I'm used to be heavy I talk about my grandson with disabilities I talk about everything I talk about diseases I talk about we give praise reports we talk about God and His love I'm real but anytime you get on social media you are gonna get people that what they hate you I don't know why they hate me they hate me other crap channels don't like me I will say that they don't like me you never have I refused to be part of anything like that though I'm not part of any of the crafts conventions I'm not part of any of that Carmen's not a soul sister I don't hang out with any of them I don't do the conventions I only do my own thing just me that's it like I said I want to do a woman's retreat but you could bring your husband's with you but it's gonna be like a Christian thing where we all get to know each other and pray and take pictures and have lunch the husband's can come but they can go and do husband stuff but for all the women I want to do something where we can all just come together get to know each other pray with each other make our beautiful friendships face-to-face not just here on YouTube I want to do something where and I'm not gonna charge like other people either I'm trying to find a hall and so far we came up with Tennessee I'm trying to fund they have cabins there and they have cabins that have three and four bedrooms and they and we can even go and one of the cabins and do the little thing it's nothing real big but they also have a hall you can run and you can do stuff there but I want to do it like a prayer thing if you want me to do something on craps I have no problem with that but I'm not gonna charge you any one extra for anything if you want me to make my Pollan center or show you how to do something or teach you how to cut the mesh and seal it like one-on-one face-to-face life together where you be see me I will gladly do it and it would be for free I wouldn't charge anyone I would though if you couldn't if you wanted to make a wreath or something I would see if I can get maybe one of the ladies that sells the signs mislead to come with us and bring all her signs and people can buy them while they're there because you could see it or you know come up with tell everybody what they need to bring to me Avery you can bring it but I would give you a choice you know to buy the stuff to make it but I wouldn't be greedy I'm not gonna charge an arm and a leg I'm not like that I would prefer to tell you what to bring you bring it and maybe have mislead there to sell her signs you need to see the signs close up and have the match lady that well our lady to bring her rollers so you can see it something like that but I would not charge I would only charge where we get a group rate for which covers the hall and our rooms happens a group right where we equally will pay for it and it will cover everything so it will cover our lunch and our dinner we can even bring our own stuff in and cook together all of us with women we can drill out we can cook together wanted to be family-oriented I want to be able to pray one-on-one with my sisters and also where we pray together peace miracles happen through prayer but I think it would be amazing if we did something like that but I don't do those conventions so anyways because I refuse to be part of that world and I'm only myself and I refused to do the rape boxes like everybody else or by my mesh from a certain person or go to the conventions or be a part of that I do the people that are mean to me but I'm not I am my own self and I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe in God and I don't want to be around a bunch of people that have bad mounts that are going to be cussing or disagreements or arguments I don't want to be a part of stuff that someone's online talking bad about somebody else because this is I don't want anything to do with that I am my own person and my own channel I'm not associated with anyone else this is what you get I tell you the products I use and where to buy them I tell you the sales and you go get them paper Mart has worked with me from the very first day I've ever done a tutorial and Miss Emily from marketing and stuff she they did that on their own get ahold of me and give me the coupon codes and I let everybody know I had it time before it even goes online so people can save up and get the 25 percent off shipping a mesh that's just they're just nice to make this I advertise for free no charge everything I do is for free so paper Mart did not have eyelash mesh and I had asked everybody in the craft groups you know if you want this cuz the only place we could buy it was fuzzy fabrics Phoebe crafts and pull shop oh ribbons cheap they didn't have it so I asked everybody when you do your paper more order because we use the two-toned mesh and stuffing them put in a request to get the eyelash mesh and I talked to them and said we really please consider selling eyelash mesh because that's all I use and I guarantee they will buy it from you and I love paper marks so if you have I will use it and I will advertise and tell them well they ended it they got it in they got it later they were supposed to get it and involve remember but it comes from overseas that came in a little bit later then painted well I thank everybody for you know I suggested it and you all we all came together in the crack groups and we all wrote them and they got it in so a very grateful thank you paper mark three dollars and 79 cents for that mesh when everybody else is selling it and between six to fourteen dollars a roll you can get it for 379 and when they have their 25% off shipping or 25% off mesh you're really saving all right so it's their great company the people that I buy two eyelash mesh that the only ones that I would honestly buy it from I add some problems with one of the companies they sent me at the wrong color and they told me to just deal with it oh yeah so the only people that I recommend now paper marks my number one they have your emerald green your moss and your all olive green and your laser eyelash mesh they have some colors that the other ones don't have the emerald green in the chocolate brown then I go to Phoebe crafts calm they will give you 15% of your $100 they always ever tell you that's not new it's at the top of bebe crafts it says 15% off and every month they changed the coupon date the coupon code up there every month they offer 15% off of $100 and they're shipping $6.99 now baby craps you can get the ivory the ivory that I use you want to get that because they use that all year we just used ivory that's my favorite color bars the mesh goes it looks like lace it's gorgeous so you definitely stopped up on your ivory they have the light purple the orchid purple paper Mart has the regular purple you get from BB crafts deep across there's a couple of them you have to go through your BB press like regular purple through them green apple green and ivory those are the ones you go through baby crafts because paper mark doesn't have those colors but paper Mart has other colors they don't have those are the two companies that I recommend 100% tool shop is a great company but they're shipping as higher than paper mark so the two companies that I recommend highly 100% for eyelash mesh paper mark calm and bebe crafts calm those are the two companies I highly recommend and then ribbon paper art has some amazing beautiful ribbon check their emails they do ribbon fails all the time I got these ribbons when they were on sale they're normally $7 these are beautiful the green and the coral gorgeous ribbons keep an eye on their email because they do get a ribbon there and if you just find the ribbon through paper Mart it's cheap and shipping because you're not shipping those up because of the size of the box everybody it's the size that there should be so when I ordered just just mesh I I mean just when I ordered the peacock feathers and only the ribbon that I needed that was it and I think that it came up to $40 and my shipping was seriously my shipping was like four bucks so the bigger the box the more it cost the smaller items are not as much if you mix your mesh up with of course it's going to be more of a setup the big boxes with the ribbon alright so that's how it works crafts outlet nobody knew what reward points are craft outlet has reward points and and that is something I definitely want to share factory-direct craps is paper Mart sister company that's where I get all my peacocks from I've been using them for almost ten years and I had to make him pay peacocks and their peacocks for the last ten years before that I used to get them only around Christmastime and department stores but they sell my peacocks the white peacock the teal peacock the small one the big ones they sell my Birds look up online and put in coupon for factory direct crafts craft without a s and you usually can find a 10 and 15 percent off coupon from them when you get your stuff in from paper Mart I mean from factory direct crafts they'll say welcome blah blah blah don't throw out that little card that you get that's ten or fifteen percent off coupon for your next order within the next 30 days it always comes in when you order stuff from them alright so when you order from factory direct craft save your coupon it's good for 30 days and you can buy more stuff and get 15% off factory direct craft shipping is free afters $60 I believe and tape craft outlet after $68 shipping is free I think it's 68 sign up somebody said they didn't know that you get reward points yes and I save them all up and when I get like $15 worth I use them you have to sign up for the reward points to check your reward points you just go under your account on craft Outlet scroll down and then hit reward points and it will tell you how many you have when you get enough for five dollars off when you go to checkout it'll say do you want to use your reward points and you hit yes it'll take off you have to have at least have five dollars it'll take that off and then you pay for the rest with your card or PayPal sign up for that the reward points are definitely worth it ribbon big big question everybody keeps asking about ribbon remember yesterday we told you I'm going over it again ribbon and a half is cheaper always you're in turnout alright bye bye quantity quantity ribbon from crafts outlet this is 50 yards of ribbon under $10 it's like eight dollars and something cents alright 50 yards of inch and a half ribbon buy it in quantity and you have it good for all your reefster maybe and some other colors are on sale some of them are three dollars off right now because there are spring colors so inch and a half ribbon and I told you yesterday it's either between eight and ten dollars it's eight something $8 some of them are cheaper than that for an inch and a half 50 yards they're worth it if you buy four for them you're ten yards right there you're gonna spend more than eight dollars okay because they're usually 375 four dollars a world just for you ten yards why not spend four or five dollars more and get 50 yards an inch and a half ribbon if you do the two and half inch ribbons they're expensive all right so I've been starting to use inch and a half by buy quantity all right we're going to read and we're getting down to this just want to like Harmon know and everybody what the doctor said I am still ki-yay Malita you're still cancer-free praise God oh praise bad Moline I'm so happy you can make me cry we're gonna pray for you oh praise the Lord glory to God Malita I'm so happy used to be hard I am so happy for you Mary Lou just found out she was still cancer-free five years oh I love you Molina oh ho precious baby I love you ah I'm so happy for you I'm just so happy that is amazing hi say hi miss LAN I hope your UTI is getting better I've been praying for you hiding hi Goldie oh you're so cute Goldie I love you it's okay when you watch replay sweetheart it's alright honey you're fine you find sweetie you're absolutely fine I love you ah so anyone anyways everybody keep going to a paper Mart soon as I find out their next promotion the and the holidays coming up really quick soon as they let me what they're having on they usually do twenty five percent off shipping or 20% off mesh I will let everybody know because now it's the time to buy your emerald green and your red for Christmas time emerald green red gold silver turquoise blue light blue you're going to want to get your orange and your yellow and your brown for fall okay get all your fall colors but you definitely want to get your emerald green and your red that's gonna sell out before you know it everyone is now buying for fall and then once July gets here we're already buying for for Christmas so you want to make sure you get stocked up Christmas by the time you start Christmas everyone's going to be sold out of red white green blues silver anything to do because we do a lot of blues and silver for Christmas I did last year blue and white for Christmas red and white we do a lot of those colors and fall we do yellow orange brown with green in it we do all the fall colors together I also use red because of the leaves that you get for autumn and fall so red is a year-round white is year-round but when you get closer to July you're not going to be able to find red and white and then as you're starting to go through the month of July you're going to be sold out of your emerald green so buy it well you can even if it's a little bit this month a little bit next month get it while you can because you're not going to have anything left remembered last year everybody was sold out of all of it we couldn't find white depo eyelash mesh ivory red any of those at all and we were still we were in November end of October November it was sold out so get it while you can because we're gonna be using an upcoming tutorials alright and so I love you all so much however it's fine we're gonna pray and get down to wreath making I love you all okay that's fine everyone we're gonna pray and start our reefs but I just wanted to tell everybody what you need to get because when hi Annie hi honey I love you you're not like we haven't even done prayer yet just been chit-chatting so start buying your fall well you're still and where am i right now oh I didn't start getting your fall and then once we get into June towards the end start getting your Christmas colors because July we start our fall and I also do Christmas in July we're going to start doing a couple pieces but we mainly do fall I do not do anything that's Halloween I don't believe in Halloween I want nothing to do with it so we make all of our fall beautiful pieces we do sunflowers and pumpkins and we do a scarecrows and we do harvest time that we do fall stuff I don't do anything Halloween I want nothing to do with it so even people that request it I tell them go watch somebody else I refused to do Halloween I promised that I would not do it and I am NOT going to do it I am NOT gonna hurt thought by doing that I don't judge anybody for making Halloween I honestly don't but I personally do not make anything for Halloween it has hurt my soul and I did it not this past fall when I first started my channel and I felt sick and I hurt inside it was like I was hurting God my spirit hurt and I promised that I wouldn't do it anymore so I don't do Halloween okay but we're gonna bow our heads and pray and then we're gonna get to wreath making father god I just want to tell you how much I love you how grateful you are to be here with us tonight how grateful we are that you opened up this channel where we can all come together all my brothers and sisters as one all your children we are here tonight father God and we have price reports mamas ooh a washer praise the Lord thank you Father Malita is still cancer-free thank you Father thank you thank you for giving her more time in her life thank you Father God for nourishing her body and keeping her strong father God I want to thank you David is doing fabulously and recovery they took the tube out of him today and he is getting better faster than the doctors had anticipated thank you Father God for working through the surgeons hands to make David surgery successful thank you Father God for using the chemo and killing the cancer there was no cancer in the tumor they removed praise the Lord thank you Father God that you are touching him and you are giving him strength and nourishment to his body and you are easing his they just not dis pain medicine down thank you Father God for continuing to touch David Sanchez father god I ask that you continue to give David strength and comfort and pain relief and healing give grace strength and comfort as she's going through this with her husband father God thank you so much for what you are doing for each and every one of my brothers and sisters father God we are before you we are humbly before you and we are thanking you for all that you are doing we know that there is only one God and that is you father God father god I ask that you continue to surround all my brothers and sisters with your angels of protection as they are traveling back and forth to work or to the grocery store safe travel as they laid their heads down tonight father God give them beautiful dreams keep the bad dreams away fill them with love and happiness for those that are are grieving their child passing or their mother passing their breathing and their hurting give them images of their loved ones give them memories of their loved ones fill them with comfort and strength to get through the night and through everyday father god I pray for all of our widows I pray that you surround them with your armor and protection give them strength give them comfort as they go through each and every day self in the hearts of their loved ones that they will go visit them their children are their own the grandchildren are grown there by theirselves their widows give them direction in their life fill them father God with laughter and love and peace and direction give them beautiful images of their husband's strength to get through each and every day father God I ask that you surround all of our orphans with your Armour protection I pray for their forever homes we thank you Father God for all the things that you are doing all the miracles that we are hearing about we give you the glory we know this can only be done through you father God we give you the glory we give you the honor we give you the praise thank you Father God for your love thank you Father God for your healing touch thank you Father God for allowing us to live today and allowing us to wake up tomorrow thank you Father God for sending your son Jesus Christ to die in the cross for our sins oh Jesus we love you only believe in you we know that you are the son of God we know that you are real we know that you died on the cross and you have risen we know we believe we know that God sent has only begotten Son Jesus Christ that whosoever believe it than him shall not perish but have ever lasting life we believe we believe in the Son of God we believe in Jesus Christ we claim Jesus on our lives you have to go through the Sun to get to the Father we believe when I'm scared when something bad is happening in my life I say in the blood of Jesus and Jesus name it goes away the word Jesus is a powerful powerful word the word Jesus gives you strength when you are scared let's say you have a nightmare I have done it in Jesus name I tell you to go away and Jesus name I plead the blood of Jesus over me go away and it goes away just sayin Jesus there is power in his name power and the name Jesus Christ believed in him as you cannot go to heaven without Jesus our Father God sent his son to die on the cross for us and he has risen Jesus was half human and half God marry and baby Jesus she was a virgin God planted the seed in her belly Virgin Mary as Jesus that is a miracle in itself Jesus was sent here who died for us he was sent here and He healed a man of leprosy he touched a minute and made open a lie he was dead it's in the Bible all the amazing things Jesus did when he bought this birth it's in a word God it is beautiful and amazing and the word is power read the Bible know the Word of God the Word of God is what saves us there is power and the Word of God there's power in the Bible that's all I'm saying thank you God thank you Father God for what you are doing thank you for the miracles thank you for saving sending your son Jesus Christ to die for us and rise again thank you Jesus for all the things that you were doing in all of our lives thank you Jesus for loving us thank you for being our Savior thank you for your sacrifice thank you for your love we love you we believe in you Jesus and we know that we have to go through you to get to God and we know that you were real and we know the sacrifice that you have done for us and we love you Jesus thank you Jesus for loving us thank you Jesus for all they have done for us we would be lost without you thank you Jesus for your sacrifice thank you for everything you may that's a chance to go to heaven thank you thank you Father God I want to say I love you praise you glory to God thank you Father God for the miracles you are doing and my brothers and sisters lights every day father God you have healed a man and gave him his eyesight back you have woken up a woman from a coma you have touch sister Ruby it was on life support she is breathing on her own and now she's responding to touch hallelujah praise the Lord this would not happen without you father God you are our everything and we give you the glory we give you the praise we give you our life we give you our hearts we give you our love we love you and we know that all things are possible through you our God our Father our Creator our maker through you we can be healed through you anything is possible all we have to do is ask and claim it in Jesus name but all we have to do is ask you thank you Father for bringing me brothers and sisters in my life that look you thank you Father God for making this possible thank you I think you I love you and I am nothing without you thank you Father God for healing me I'm walking because of you thank you Father God for allowing me to live thank you Father God for allowing me to wake up tomorrow thank you Father God for touching my brothers and my sisters for their healing for their strength thank you and continue to bless each and every one of my brothers and sisters and all their needs whether it be financial blessings our medical miracle through the right medicine whatever their needs may be father God strength and comfort to get over losing someone they love continue to touch each and every one of them father God I lift up all my brothers and sisters and I ask you to touch them touch them heal them bless them give them strength and comfort I ask you Father God for those that need financial blessings open up heaven and bless them for those that need healing heal them for those that need answers give them the answers they seek and Confirmation bless them be with my brothers and sisters is their morning their child or their husband whatever it may be fill them with your love just fill them with your beautiful love your glory your life father God fill them heal them from the top their head to the tip of their toes give them strength give them courage we love you we love you so much we honor you and we believe in you thank you and Jesus precious name we pray together amen Hey I hardly ever talk about the Bible like that I normally just pray but it's really important that people know that we are all Christians and we believe in Jesus and you can't have God in your life unless you have Jesus Jesus is a part of God you can't have one without the other the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are one you have to have them can't go to heaven unless you believe in his son they are connected they are one not bad with three heads I don't know why people think that the Father the Son and believe he's on the left side so father son and then the Holy Spirit is what we feel that's why we talk about blind faith she's never test God and say you're not real I can't see you you know but excu I got it nobody can see him you cannot see God and unless you are in spirit form you will die from God's glory nobody can see him no one can you will die but you feel you feel the Holy Spirit which is a beautiful thing you feel God's love it's so beautiful so beautiful no matter what you go through no matter what you go through God is there God doesn't hurt people people hurt people God doesn't give people diseases people give people diseases people make viruses scientists do all this stuff he didn't do this to us people hurt us we did stuff to ourselves by eating the wrong stuff or drinking or you know whatever it is but people people hurt people God allows people to go through things we're supposed to learn from that verse but words have stirred in our faith but God didn't hurt us we hurt ourselves or people hurt us so we're gonna get down to making our wreath yay this is gonna be fun this is your 18 inch great volume glasses on I love you your thymus golde this is I'm like I said I got this for a moment all right we're gonna use and Kelly was right Kelly's dad like that at Walmart and I was I went looking because my husband always vitamins every time Kelly I love you I love you I love you you were so right walmart sells a hundred sipped eyes eight inches it holds up to 75 pounds got me five counts for a dollar 98 all right let me show you something there's my head said as beginning these and they have been so expensive all right Michelle yeah so you can get 250 that's 75 pounds and you can get the ones that are 45 that has Jordan 15 these are eight dollars a bag at Walmart both of them however Kelly I love you I went looking because she told me the other night on one of our lives Carmen Walmart felt the 8 inch cable ties the ones that you liked the thick ones a hundred of them for a dollar 98 I went there I loved into the plumbing section sure enough he's aboard hanging up the big bags were hanging up that are $8 these were in a box that was done on the shelves a hundred cable ties for a dollar ninety eight and these are good cable ties to work the money so you can get three packages of 300 cable ties for six dollars thank you so much Kelly for telling me because I would have never ever looked thank you thank you thank you thank you see we help each other that's what it's so amazing about this whole channel right now we're gonna get this together so I'm going to do red white and blue a mixture of it we cut our mesh and 10 by 10 inch squares and all we're going to do today's we're gonna do this with our ribbon all three colors and we're gonna make it a parade patriotic wreath so this should be used like in a parade we have two different ribbons that were using today and we're probably gonna put this going through our wreath more than once because I cut up plenty of it alright red white and blue both of them they're both stars you have the white one and the blue one remember to pull them in half you're going to twist it even a pinch it pinch and look we're gonna actually put it up here where it's gonna go up but I have others that are going to go at the bottom I want to kind of make this real just with the parade we've something really cute and pretty again you can go a quarter of an inch on the outside and it's probably gonna you know to you it's gonna hole up the same but we're gonna put a little more detail into this I want it to be red white and blue and I wouldn't use the cable tie gun on this honestly I'm gonna move that over cuz you're using the grapevine and grapevines can break if you do too rough with it so I would use your Fiskars so take it cut it do not worry about any of this stuff enough pick it up all right we have two different colors going through and they actually have three colors we're going to use inside the reef alright two different colors so you can move on going down and when going up however you want this to look really pretty and you can actually double pick pick thicken this and put some in the back so let's say I want to make this thicker I just want to give it a wow factor alright if I decide to change it I will we could take Oh angel eyes I love you Greg right hey Mary Lou you're fine and just got done praying log the chitchat before we got done explain what trolls are right away yeah people didn't know I get trolls on here and people that are mean to me they just like to be mean they like to cause problems in my life too all right here we go we're gonna move this up nice and pretty now you can take this down do you want the grapevine to show or do you want it to be more of a ribbon feature it's up to you because you can actually take and add more mesh all right we can take this there's several ways you can do this here take that remove the ribbon I think we may even do that smooth our ribbon taeksoo bundle red light blue all together nice and pretty let's take it and we can add where we have the rhythm going through it as well take this again I do about a quarter of an inch around even though it's thicker it's a log thicker these are big bat bunches alright and I personally want to see that with it is the ribbon is what's gonna make this so you can take it again I'm gonna see this ribbon take our ribbon fold it in half I'm gonna get the I have some thin zip ties then I'm gonna use this anyone today yeah take the little skinny one right here so instead of putting it all on one bunch put it right here we used six pieces there push this out to the back nice we didn't do it like that going all the way around this is a parade reap so you wanted to be very festive right you can also take it and put it in the back here where it goes over here I kind of like it I want to see it I want to see all those colors I think it's pretty like that I like it like that alright so we're gonna do bunches I'm gonna probably do that going all the way around and then we have flowers we're gonna don't want to jump too fast into it move those up it there so we got red white blue I'm gonna do two which is gonna make it fill up more if you want to put all the bunches to all the ribbon together with this absolutely you can do that so you want to change this up most definitely you can take your ribbon and put it into the bunch alright so you're doing red white blue red white blue let go we're doing red lights again when why choice you can put your ribbon in it or put it on here at the bottom so you see all the mesh sparkling behind it all right so you're gonna see all your ribbon here and the mesh is skating in the back you see the poof's of the red white and blue in the back take this move it over you don't have to have them as close either because you're having thicker bunches everybody the thicker the bunch you don't need it so close there's six pieces per little bunch I had a quarter of an inch to the back this ah nice beautiful let me cut this gorgeous alright remember that these are cut and 14 inches and take this you can alternate this going up and you can actually add Q of each ribbon but we're gonna probably add a lot more to this I want something to go up and some to go down you can also alternate it so I'm going to do the white on top and the blue in the back take it fold it in half you saw me do these we tried to do them a little bit different take it oh there's a skinny zip tie we're going to go to a branch right in front of this nice thick one though you know like the baby ones you want something thick that will hold is dead alright take it where your little creases where you pinched it pull it towards the back nice and tight once the signs on it you would say okay I got it I know it's just doing up alternate this or alternating our colors of rhythms so it's kind of criss crossing as it lays its Criss crossing I look at crisscross criss cross nice and beautiful all right this is just two pieces all right this is gonna be really pretty though I'm getting to white to red and I have more because I need to cut up more G blue and I'm probably will need to cut more in that spine she read she white to blue and I like the sequence where we do red white blue red white blue cuz it lays on your wreath better alright so red white blue we got red flies Wow white let the parade Reeve we're using all the colors get this better instead of doing like I did before we've done the red and white and then the blue in the center we're doing a multiple one with all the colors together and I still have more that we're going to be doing more patriotic reefs this is what are one two three four I think this is a fourth one one I have a lot more we will be making a lot more fourth one this year so far let me move this up move your ribbon away so you can put this on remember it doesn't have to be close because you have all this ribbon and bunches you have six of them or dia and each bunch two of each color take it got a quarter of inch from the end toilet ut-oh yeah and then take this right in front of it you're gonna find yourself a piece of the vine that's strong enough to hold your ribbon take yourself one piece of white one piece of glue and put the blue on top since we use the white on top on the other one fold this in half these are 14 inches every one and then you cut your tail all right we take this better zip tie you're gonna go to dig mine first thing I was doing oh hi sweetheart stick this you're gonna scrunch up your ribbon take your zip tie I'm going taking this under a piece of the vine that's thick to attach the Sun take your ribbon right where you pinched it so much everything to be good well you pinch to increase that it's very gonna pull is it time step towards that yeah and Chris Kraft Newman all right EMS with these would you get them on I like to pull mine and shape them once they're on all right so we're doing different stars doing a patriotic beautiful red white and blue all the way around the white is going to go in front on this one I'm going to go ahead and fold it down and then we're gonna grab our bunches and put them on all right 14 inches that I cut my ribs with using Regina sellers form one two one two one two one two / it is this is getting sick really fast as you see we did three bunches and it's already a quarter look we're already a quarter of the way done that's just three so it builds up really really fast write this over here oh I had more I have plenty of red now I think I know I had more yeah you dividing it up and put it on the other side we go hold it up that's six of them together nice puppy great wine well remember this is thick so you really don't have to have it that close but inch you can even probably go lighter than that you really don't have to have it that close all right just get it in you need a quarter at least support of an inch around your vine to hold it in if you do it too thin you don't want it to pop off so I always get at least a quarter of an inch all right take it and yes your ribbon is gonna overlap but that's just gonna make it so pretty that's what makes it so far we do our ribbons and sides of our mesh move your ribbon over this and the other one as you're applying it on to this side right I'm taking now you can put them on all together but I kind of want this to stand out for a reason take my zip tie you're going to go underneath a piece of vine all right to find yourself a piece of vine to stick this under in front of your mesh all right Clojure the baby has been so sick I'm so worried about him that my son has got sick too as it is of my little guy got a virus like I said he gets sick all the time he does oops I broke that one try not to break it trying to put it under this is the hardest part but I got it yeah if you need to go over to another like right next to it that's why oh I got it right here there's little vine dividers on here that hold this together so if you need to put it there you can scrunch there you go this one has blue at the bottom you make sure should I keep it coordinated yep for the lights at the bottom of this one all right wait on bottom blue on top and I'm just gonna pull them apart after we get this all together and shape it so just move this over I'm gonna shape it once we're done she read she white people oh I have this sniffles and crying though this common crises wives whatever this you know like I said you can do these two inch apart there's some Pig what happens at the end of your very fine yes and at the same verse that was thingy of me the flat site was already there Oh I cannot wait until I get a bigger a bigger craft room that has very tires we will be moving and the wide thing they said we get a place that has a basement it's yours for a craft room we're gonna try to make sure that I have a room big enough to accommodate my craft making stuff makes me happy it really does this is what makes me happy I love to create I love to prank I love to pray I like praying and sharing God's love and I love making stuff this one has the white on the bottom so now we're gonna put the blue lights off far as everything goes blue we're doing every other one we're switching up the ribbon just to ribbons I got their really really skinny zip ties they're taking this and you're just gonna crunch it at the bottom take your own zip tie go to a little piece of vine in front of it remember that these do breakers you saw earlier we can break this way we don't use the cable tie gun we only use use our hands to put them on okay easy to braid it's easy to break if you pull it too tight too so we'll just use our hands to create yeah Oh read by them what am i okay still I put up our lemonade wreath I just put it up like ten minutes ago on one of the sites for sale it just sold yay she just bought it but she's saying she's gonna be sorry about that I want to make sure she knows it I wanted okay I just sold it yeah I told her I can hold it for her I can hold it a week for you all right yay she's gone that was fast yes I just put up my lemon Avery up not even ten minutes ago it just sold remember I told you local thigh I have regulars that buy from me and she saw it she what she actually will go on to my business page about she'll look at everything I put up there's about 15 15 20 of my regulars here and they know they know that I won't I usually don't hold it but she just bought two other reaps from me I told her that I would hold it for a few days for her so it's gone that's why I didn't put it up on SD I knew that one would go cuz of the flower bows and we're gonna be doing some our flower bones everybody I knew that one would it's gone is sold so it's if it's not up on XD that means I sold it and usually my locals that will buy it for me I have a lot of people here that watch me and buy my raise so yeah I can get more ribbon that's what I think about I need certain colors of ribbon need help my husband with the bills and I need more mesh so that's where you know your money goes back into your supplies I'm telling you know if you break even with your business then you're doing good the first three years you're at a loss I'm just going to tell you right now but I knew the lemonade one would go because there's five people within the last 30 minutes before I came on I just posted it posted it and five different people employed so she just told me please Carmen you know I'm good please because I want it I want it or want it that's like Oh Kathy okay I'll take it off the market okay I let my locals buy before I put it up on my st now my locals if they want to buy it and ship it to their family member the best way to do is put it on there and then we ship it from there and I don't have to deal with anything but she just yeah it just sold it just sold said to go take it down but that's why it's not on st everybody because I knew that one would go fast and I always put it my others store site before I put it on St I have another place I sell it for my locals it's on there on that place only and it's a group we have here for all the crafters and local crafters and I put it on there before I put it on the st and that's where most of them sell that and my festivals but that one was gonna sell fast and I already knew it so it probably need to get another lemonade one but I'm making that Apple one and I know that's gone and my dad already bought the peacock we're doing on Friday and then I got to make another one in the peacock for the giveaway in July so I need a lemonade one there's I have a strawberry one a lemonade one all the stuff that's fruits that you can use this kitchen decor people do their kitchen and that they do their bathrooms they do a family room and the country time stuff and your farm decor there's most of the people that buy my stuff see that went broke they do not use it on their doors they sucked up my stuff is too pretty to put on the doors most of my people that buy my stuff they use it as well deport it's not door to port they use it in their kitchens in their bathroom and wall decor artwork they look at my stuff as artwork and one lady that ordered the bird when I did last year remember the birdhouse when I did that wood turned out beautiful I'll have to share that tutorial I did one for my mother-in-law and then I did one for a lady here and I do tutorials on the birdhouse one and when I went to go deliver it her husband looked at her and he said you're not putting that on the door that's too pretty and she said it too she goes oh my gosh this is too pretty she was Carmen I can't put this on my door but she has it on her wall it's wall decor and that's why when I put things up it's not just Thunder Reef I actually label my stuff under wall decor these people use it in their living room the dining rooms kitchens two bathrooms wall decor they leave it up all year long and they do like the mermaid tail that we're getting ready to do that I'm going to share for everybody which will probably be one day next week it's an easy easy tutorial to do I'm really excited I made them for little girls ruse and for bathrooms you know people like to do their bathrooms and the shelves and stuff well when I do the mermaid's tail I've paid the mermaid's tail for probably about 10 years I actually have people buy the mermaid's tail and put it in their bathroom as the wall decor in the bathroom and little girls they love it because it can be in a little girl's room so I get most of my rates do not so add reefs they sell for their walls as a decor so any want it to be like that like this is actual dory but most of them they're too pretty to put outside the lemonade one is for her kitchen that's the kitchen she wants it it's beautiful yeah you sold my lemonade reaps I can buy more ribbon and signs and I usually I make enough for my supply locally they get a break because they don't have to list it on SD they don't have to pay for a box you're not have to pay for no shipping none of that so my locals get my raves cheaper they don't have to pay for any of that and yes I do take debit and credit all the time so they don't even have to give and I claim all if it's cash I write a receipt and then claim it on my taxes because I itemized my taxes by demise everything all my supplies are itemized so I have to pay taxes on my youtube I have to pay taxes at the vendor I have to pay taxes for everything so we sell something make sure you pay taxes on it I keep all the receipts for everything I get and I itemized everything all my business at the end of the year everything is itemized so and I clean everything I'm not one to say oh if it's cash – don't be silly guess what you can sell that a marketplace and you can get in trouble cuz IRS is watching oh yeah and like I got a thing from IRS wanting me the proof that I paid my taxes for the tough guy wrote my name down wrong so I had to pray now my state taxes where I had paid for that month and send it in to prove that I paid my taxes and I prayed my vendors tax you have to prove it because they wrote my name down wrong so I had to print it out and send it to him silly right really silly silly they have the right to ask and yes IRS every single place I've ever done a crap show or a festival I've always said IRS come right up to me and ask me my name asking me my EIN number everything everything every single time and if you don't have one they give you the papers for it you have to pay taxes everybody at your craft shows you have to pay taxes it's why someone asked them will I lose my disability absolutely you can lose your disability through Kru YouTube you get a 1099 you have to claim that on your taxes every year I claim everything so I'm not gonna lie you get monetized you better set a 99 through YouTube so it's up to you if you want to take the chance yeah you lose your disability you get paid IRS sees it and gets turned into them we get a 1099 we have to pay taxes on everything we make through YouTube everything so absolutely there you go trimming up two eggs it's just gonna be really pretty look that is gorgeous nice and fat and beautiful woohoo red white blue you're doing to red to blue and see white per Bunch alright and we're doing it red white blue red white blue and we're going through sure to trim any pieces of friction and I do it in sequence and we're doing two bunches at a time red white glue and then you just do it again red white blue really pretty rag right yeah so Saturdays are give away I'm giving away two of Regina's sellers four and one tools our next giveaway it is going to be in July unless but lest I hit 25,000 so our next one as our goal is to hit 25,000 subscribers I'm giving away that peacock but the peacock is going to be July and we're hoping to get to that by the end of July that's my goal alright if not we'll be doing that giveaway and I will be given away don't know when but all everybody know when I reached my goal another four and one so we're gonna we're gonna like spiff it up for one tool for Regina's sellers or her Provo large hands and we're going to also be given away the zip snip or the skill that is the Carpenters tool intended to use his carpet me my husband came up with with using it on mesh and we have a commercial 100% tutorial on how to use the told 100% on zip snip and skill underneath my videos so anyways we came up with that year and a half ago not that long ago almost as long as my channel so I think the one commercials a year and a half old and the other ones like a year in a couple months I know I said October I don't remember I'll let you know but one of them was June July August September will be two years July or August will be tears and then October November November will be two years and the other one that we did a commercial on I did a commercial on both of them 100% on the tool there is blue that's the tutorial it's 100% on each tool dipped I take it in front of your bunch and I said don't force it under this do break easy put it under gently take it remember we're alternating blue on top then white and the white and blue bars your rhythms go we're doing them in the sequence every other every other one we're just flopping them over but keep her a bunch and that should do it so be very careful how am i glad you guys it makes it harder to see ya here you know push this cover so you can always go to this and your zip-tied that I did right here I'm good piece of wood put this up tie over squish it up and you're good to go take your ribbon even we're going to go through this after we're done placing all the mesh and stuff on Thurs she wipes it blue to red it's going all the way around you right you blue to red six per Bunch my coffee I am a cop Oh so I will tell you you know that I did – coffee Reeves for all my Italian and that is we love coffee I love coffee I love coffee I could drink coffee all day from Loring tonight I drink it even in the summer I've been that way I love coffee I just love the taste of coffee I am a coffee drinker anyways we have done two of them since I opened up this channel we will be doing another coffee read I will let you know soon as I get the sign and the sign is released I cannot wait Miss Lee said she's working on a coffee sign I will be making another coffee rate so I am very excited I love coffee I'm just a coffee drinker always then you know what I mean drinking coffee since I was little girl so I love coffee I just love the taste of it I love the taste of coffee and even when we go to the restaurants it gave me 6 o'clock at night and Lobo brought something to eat my husband's ordering iced tea and I'm ordering a cup of hot coffee he just looks at me it's 90 degrees outside and coffee he's like wow but I love coffee so we will be doing another coffee rate I'm excited and yes get your coffee beans from factory direct craft that we used and I have made coffee briefs for 10 years and I had a whole bunch of coffee reefs on my regular page before it even started click my private personal page on Facebook before I even started a YouTube I was making coffee reefs for all my friends and stuff a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus I have that one on my page on YouTube and then I have just a regular coffee sign my youtube with the coffee cups with coffee beans and we will be doing another one I don't know the colors we're gonna be using because I haven't seen this sign yet she said she's working on it she will be releasing it soon I said awesome I can't wait cuz I asked her she had a coffee one and she said yes she's working on it right now and she'll let me know as soon as it's released and it's it's released I will be buying personally yours coffee sign and we will be making a coffee break and like I said this will be our third one that will be published on YouTube so I am excited but it is probably Mike's head I have 10 different designs of coffee Reid's so that being said I have done lots and lots and lots of coffee briefs so that's just something a lot of people like that and we did a little bit a little bit of tea and a whole lot of Jesus and I put a little coffee cups on that one and we did little wooden ice teas that you can get that are already painted for factory direct craft I have a tutorial on it we did it last year so I'm excited another coffee reef we will be making I don't know the colors yet and so I I get the sign until she's done once she's done with the sign and it's released I will let everybody know and that will be something I will be purchasing and making so I'm really really excited like I said I love coffee I love love coffee you just got your hubby to bed I'm looking down any and I do have a pineapple ring for you I'll be doing to those of you if you're going to let me show you real quick before we get before I do too much I'll show you our pineapple or Walmart everybody five dollars and eighty-eight cents I got this last year we will be making a pineapple wreath using Walmart's pineapple all right so this is stuff that's coming up as well okay five dollars and eighty-eight cents of this red-white-blue I saw a flamingo that I saw something I'm personally I have more of our doing just we're trying to do one at a time peacock you know trying to get him on gun I have so many to do what we don't do this year we have for next year but I have a lot to keep us busy if we were to do reefs every day for the next three months I have enough designs them I had to do 90 days and reefs one every day I just don't have enough money and supplies to to hunt so that's why I was jumping up and down because that wreath that I sold when I get the money it goes on supplies I got to get more mesh I'm gonna get ribbon and I got to get more signs so it'll go on that so everything I sell I put it right back into my business and that's how you guys see everything and because of most of you a lot of everyone a lot of my subscribers send me things to help me I wouldn't be able to do this without them I'm completely honest I cannot afford to do this there are some times I don't sell nothing so if it wasn't for the kindness of my subscribers I wouldn't be able to do this there's no way there's no way I would be able to even maintain the YouTube but I do have a donation button and I have my Bo box and people send me stuff and people donate to the channel you go on my about page there is a bill about Carmen Katherine's rates if you scroll down to the little links where you see where all the tools that I buy and the links were to buy them right on there says donation you hit that and that brings you right to the donation button to donate to my channel every penny goes towards my channel also if you go about business inquiries right there on my the up out page on YouTube under business inquiries is my email and my peal box is right there I have people sending me stuff to my P o box too and it everything help I'm telling you everything helps Patricia West she sent me some red white and blue mesh that's what we're using right now these Patricius that means the red white and blue mesh from paper Mart I have money to buy it and they were having that sale for those shipping we were broke and oh you know my husband lost income when he went on limited duty because he said Patricia sent me red white and blue mush from paper Mart thank you miss Patricia that's what I'm using today I'm using the mesh that was Patricia sent me so I would not be able to do this without any of you so I'm very grateful I am I'm very grateful and I'm very thank you all so much for all your help I mean Kelly sent me dragonflies cute little things because I can have any dragonflies she knew I didn't have it in we've been on a tight budget my husband you know he's on limited duty right now I wants to get his next appointment everybody the doctor called him he goes in on the third but we will find out what they're doing on the third now what he did find out today is because even though it's in the normal range it's on the low end his gallbladder only functions at 65% and I thought they weren't going to do anything with it he was told today they'd be fed probably gonna end up doing surgery because it's only a 65% it's not fully functioning on its own it only functions 65% so we will find out on the third for my husband to CBS surgery all right so I will let everybody know he just told me this today because that was like well I thought they were gonna do surgery he said no he called anyone the sergeant wants to see him all right so it's an more like an option I guess because it's still functioning but it's only functioning out of a hundred percent his gallbladder functions at 65% all right so they don't want to risk sending him out so we're gonna find out on the third the Sergent call 10th today wants him to come in on the 3rd and they're going to talk about surgery and everything that he needs so we're finally getting answers 65% is not enough so I thought they weren't gonna do anything that they are so we will find out on the 3rd and I will let everybody know here next week is my MRI and I get the results of all the blood work they've been doing and the pathology results of the the polyps and stuff they removed when they did when I had surgery last week so I will find that out next week all right so I wanted to let everybody know yes we got there he read the report yes they went the surgeon wants to sit down and talk to my husband about surgery the gallbladder only works you know out of a hundred sixty-five so I guess they raid it and how its functioning so 65 so he said he wanted to sit down and give him his options some people at 65% because the stones are gone he passed all the golf stones he had both stones and the ball fell duck of his liver indignant we pass them all but the liver is functioning you have you'll have zero to a hundred percent and they said the function of it is 65% now some will leave it in until the liver can you know the gallbladder completely goes but he's still getting sick and it's only at 65% so we're going to be talking about the surgeon said that they will talk and I guess he's gonna leave it up to my husband I told my guys can get it out the worst thing I wanted you know the worst thing to happen my husband could be out to sea bizzy's active duty and even get you can get sick and get another gallstone and go through this all over again and it's only functioning stopped functioning all the way take it out get it out so we will know on the third that's his next appointment and like I guess the doc sat down with him today because you have a doctor yeah the surgeon and then he has a regular doctor his regular doctor sat down with him today instead that surgeon had called he wanted him to make an appointment and that they were going to talk about surgery so good news is they're actually going to be talking about taking it out so it does show that it's not functioning all the way so that's the one thing they were looking at the bladder does not function like it should 65% is not enough and some people live with that like you said a lot of people live with it they adjust the food and they live with a bad gallbladder but I told my husband don't take the risk your take you know you're defending our country and you're out there doctor good she gets sick you know that's other people's lives at risk no let them take it out take it out get it out I'll feel better if you get the he just gets it all the 65% functions you got a high zero to 65 it's at 55 low normal on the low spectrum of normal he said it like two more points it would have been where they have to take it off so it's going and we don't know when it's gonna go and he's still getting he doesn't get sick every day like he used to but he still gets you know certain foods irritate his belly certain things make them throw up so he's avoiding food so he doesn't get too upset he doesn't get bloated or throwing up or anything from the ball bladder but they just need to remove it remove it and let him get better and then he can go back out you know he can go back out his job get off a limited duty but we have my husband he has we have like four boats they keep calling they want my husband they want my husband you know he is it he has the cheap and they're low man and they want him but he can't go anywhere until he's released and like I said it cuz I told him why don't so if they're not gonna do anything you just need to go ahead and get released and the doc sat down with him today and said yeah it looks like we might be doing surgery son because it's only 65% that is functioning we might as well just take it out so good news is they're talking about taking it out the third is when we sit down with his top his surgeon and we'll find out the details from there and then I'll let everybody know and you know they do those gallbladder surgery wipers sculpted now so it's not open my know is cut wide open now they do it through the belly button he's never had surgery before but they say that it's not a hard recovery the worst part is you know adjusting to you can't eat certain things your body processes it differently so we won't we shall find out on the third so just pray that they schedule it and get it out right away that's what I'm praying for it's the gallbladder out of my husband so he can feel better a lot my husband back I want my husband back my husband you know he'll never say he's depressed I'll never say anything like that but my husband is hasn't been the same since he got sick and I want him back I miss him I want my love back so I just want to you know I want to see him more active and happy again I'm usually the sick one he's never been sick I want my husband back I worry about him I'm happy again are you ever gonna take this can't so anyways everybody understands most of you are all married you know what it's like three when your husband doesn't feel good you don't feel good and you hate seeing someone you love and paying we shall see I'm just glad they said that I'm glad that his doctor on base told him yeah I see the sergeant wanted to see him and that it was only 65 percent you know that it was working and they're probably gonna schedule to take it out so our prayers are being answered this is what we've been asking for everybody spoke rain on my head let me get his gallbladder out he is this is about the dog if it said you're most likely gonna have surgery I just don't know why they're not doing it now but it's not a medical crisis you know they feel that he can wait and they can schedule it in he's no he's been sick since December but he passed the Gulf stones so and we got that big test they ordered and we got the results I'm just very thankful that they want to go ahead and proceed with it and it's a nod it out I made my husband better I want my husband well we go red white blue I'm gonna have to cut some more red which is fine to go enough for two more bunches and then we have to cut more red white blue now we we only do the single bunches instead of three bunches everybody we wouldn't have to cut it but because we're doing a thicker wreath the normal you have to put it all right we may not end up doing a bow because this is so beautiful it's so thick and beautiful just gorgeous trim dollar trees should start having their ribbon everyone and what I'm doing on this grape farm you can go get your grape vine from Walmart if they blend like I have for five dollars it's 497 you can get your ribbon from Dollar Tree they have it's you and a half and Memorial Day fourth of July the red white and blue they have the red white and blue and you can get two different styles you're going to need more than three yards I'm going to be honest with you so we'll count how many and then you can figure out how much you need but you're going to need more than three yards and you can do exactly what I'm doing using Dollar Tree two and a half inch ribbon that they have out for Memorial Day fourth of July Veterans Day it's the red white and blue and Dollar Tree does have their zones you can use the cheaper ribbon from Dollar Tree all right and you can do exactly what I'm doing even do any red white and blue mesh card it up put it around a grapevine and add your ribbon on it don't even do exactly what I'm doing using Dollar Tree ribbon alright and you can use your standard mesh red white and blue and you can get the 10 inch by 10 yards 10 inches is easier because of the to seal up sides and you can make when I'm making with different color ribbon and using Dollar Tree ribbon Dollar Tree ribbon and Dollar Tree mesh you can actually take their lash and cut it up and put it on a grapevine alright you don't have to use everything I'm using you can use your standard red white and blue standard mesh 10 by 10 inch squares Dollar Tree ribbon Walmart grapevine can you make sense similar to this using the cheaper products I just like I'm addicted to eyelash mesh so I'm not gonna lie and everybody that sees it once you get used to working with it some people don't like it some people do you have to get used to working with this different texture because you can't just jerk it around and yes everything phrase everything good once you get used to the texture and how to use it and then you'll you'll be a pro at it some people like it some people don't I love it I've been using it as of this month one year straight in a whole year we've been using nothing but eyelash mesh and I haven't had a problem with it I've taught you how to take the heating tool how do you hate your eggs you learn how to cut it for me you know like I said I'm showing you everything I do you have a problem with it then you know that's not me because I do everything in front of you and I show you exactly what I'm doing and I don't have issues so you can't jerk your mesh when you're cutting it either gotta be gentle and my zip snip and skill makes a big difference when you're cutting it with a power cutter versus a rotary cutter that does make a big difference I noticed the rotary cutter tends to jerk on it and make it frame our eye so you're gonna take your heating tool and you can heat the ends of this and you can melt it and I still use my protective on it too so you just have to get used to using it there's red right super after this it'll be after three more and then I'll have to cut a couple pieces all I need some more red that's what it looks like yeah all right so like I said the third is Christmas my husband's doctor's appointment third we will find out about what they're doing next my husband honestly did not think he was gonna be said well he didn't think that he was they were gonna say surgery because they said we knew it was 65% in the normal range but on the low spectrum event like two more points it would be like you hadn't need to get it out now but the way they sounded was it's only functioning at 65 percent they don't want to take a chance like I don't want to offending him out in it going so his doc said today you know the surgeon wants to see you face to face and you know even though it's in the normal range it's functioning at 65% and same thing I said well I take the risk of him being out there in the middle of war and his gallbladder though that would just be silly so we will find out on the third and next week I find out my results pathology and I get my MRI and I find those out too and there I think it's either Monday or Tuesday and then two days later it's am I paying all let everybody know I'll let you all know Friday because after just my reef schedule that we're doing according to the doctor's appointments next week next week is the doctors and my MRI is that a reschedule everything so I'll find out everything there about that and then I'll know about the biopsy she was talking about and then I have another MRI if they for my brain too so I'll let everybody know what I have to get back got a lot goin on like me as well and I got it what's the good news is I finally got a new intro chronologiste that works with Cushing's disease but they can't see me it's closer to me but and it's a female so I was happy about that I can't see me until gym so which I have to which is fine because they'll have all of my I have my neurology results from the for the brain tumor for her and I'll have all the blood work for my other doctors so it's fine I'll have all my cookies in a row so she can see everything that's going on with me from there and the 29th is when I get my shots the 28th or 29th for the migraines so that's why I haven't been feeling well I have a brain tumor and it's every 91 days I have to get shots to put a pushing around in my skull so the tumors not pressing up against all those nerves in my head this is so beautiful you don't even have to put this is so pretty I'm going to tell you you don't even have to put a sign in the middle it's so beautiful this is beautiful I'm loving it very thick and beautiful and festive it's gorgeous here let me put it up see to see it real quick we're gonna have a little bit love to do and I will put our sign on do you see how fold it then this is gorgeous this is six pieces of mesh per Bunch and then we have the two different ribbons and we have the blue with the Stars and the white with the stars this is gorgeous it's nice and full to the sides nice and full and beautiful this actually is really beautiful so I'm gonna finish it up down here at the bottom and then we'll put our sign on I'll let you I was gonna do a ribbon but we may not eat it ribbon these are our flowers and I'll show that more to you or we're done well I have two different ones they'll let you pick the flowers I actually have several different the daisies I'll show you the flowers and I have spray so we'll go over that too but that is beautiful yes this is nice and full so this is a grapevine and what we're doing with this good night I love you in what we're doing and you could watch replay and forward it to our next part honey and starts taking so long the sign is going to make this pop and like I said we may we may not have to do a bow I'll let you know this is so pretty it's nice and full and gorgeous so we may just use with all this ribbon going on and then I have the sign and we have some floral decor we may not need a bow cuz this is back this is a thick thick reef okay this isn't a skinny one this is a big one very thick we have a excellent so this is extra material then we normally use this is our sixth mass great binary we've been doing and this is like extra material on it we normally just do three per bunch and then we put one here and then one right next to it and we alternate on the ribbons all right we'll alternate and put one with ribbon one without then we'll crisscross it well we're putting ribbon in each bunch going completely around it and it's really really pretty I'm loving it gorgeous make sure that your trim is alternate your blue and your white ribbon hey Maria Oh take your star ribbon fold it in half pinch it at the bottom okay pinch it I'm taking this smaller zip ties to put it on at the bottom this is so beautiful instead I'm loving it if you're having a problem with this braking take the outer part move it up towards the part you already have and move it up even more and I think I found a piece I just remembered that you can use the big branch next to it just that's about it I'm finding it so this vine is put together with some there we go the vine is put together with floral wire there's full it's like an age for a lot wire going all the way around the vine to keep it so close and put together all right so it would be careful I should feel it but it's so tight I love it just a nice tightly weaved grapevine I'm loving it all right my last red she lights I think I have more red no over trying to figure out how much more I would need so I can cut it out I'll have five more read in just a second read right lights which is good because I remember all that white a cut that's leftover white I added white to it and I really didn't need it so I have a lot more white leftover but it's good he's very using all we're doing a lot of country out of threes this year I said this is like a 6-1 so far I have Tiny's planned against it you know I've been showing the signs all the fourth of July my I live in a military town and my husband active-duty we haven't shown all of personally signs that have been got to me since February tell you I'm making this first telling everybody to buy it because I was getting ready to make all these patriotic Rives we have I have three more to show and I do have another one I'm going to make Seussville I have another sign those hopefully we'll be getting this but we have they have four more signs in there that I showed that we're using I'm excited Oh hold it in half pinch all the time excited cuz it went through HUD suck and like some of these are hard yeah they're like surgery just slide your zip tie through the vine yeah yeah yeah ut fall awesome three four five okay that's easy just a side make sure I have enough should be fine I'm going to cut a couple blue and a cup of red to be on the safe side I don't need any white you're good I'm white and I'm not gonna ask first if it's going underneath the bar right now everyone I'll use my Brock's I have this white before there I'll have to take it apart and I really don't want to fuss with it today I'm going to take this we're just gonna cut a whole bunch this easy easy easy Hey yeah it's temperamental mental party yes it's bad but make sure crap I keep doing this am i off line everybody go look you sure it's read help my offline I'm not off I can't see it home it's already check it out boys dad it's red Chris go look I don't think I'm offline for this read we please go look at yours and come back come back on mine says I'm online my husband said it it said offline I can still see it right around the thing so I told him to go check my blue you talking about my screen went smaller you see me yeah I'm not offline you can see me or not offline using are you sure my knee goes red my neighbor's red I don't think I'm offline and I just already said me to see me so I'm not offline what is he talking about I know I hit my screen and it moved it funky but I don't think I'm offline see you can do this quick where it's not perfect it's gonna be rolled up so don't worry about it and I see that we have accused and you're all nervous and I'm not offline what was that I click this and it went wacky on the screen but it was still bad yeah I accidentally hit this and it made a little square I'm almost done I don't think I'm gonna do a bow you scared me Christopher I'm good at everybody it must have been when I hit the screen when I was moving over to cut that it moved funky that made you think I was offline but I'm not offline ever right here and we only have a little bit to do because I honestly think that once I get the sign on and the disorder that I want to use you're not it's gonna be too it's so fat I don't think we're going to be doing a boat today so let's see fine here yeah I'm fine – so when I hit my little screen here if you hit the screen so y'all go small if I hit my little thing I can go in it can go out and it can confuse people but I'm still online that's what he came to check off me at least my husband lost me it came to check on him I ran a light blue yeah I told them I said I don't think this will be long I lied this is longer than I thought it would be but we chatted the first hour so and we're doing a lot more detail on us and I normally would you know using sips it's a big difference we're doing a very full full grapevine so again if we're going a quarter of an inch on the sides of the grapevine we're sticking our zip tie to get through not a porter Nance at the end make sure it's a nice good piece because like I said you just screwed over so you can actually use your ribbon and just put it all in one punch but you have more control over your ribbon of the ribbons on there by itself and I like the way it looks I like it much better because we get the full effect of we get the full effects of this beautiful mesh here and then you have the ribbon in front of it so you can texture it really pretty so it looks like I didn't even need all that mess you just cut which is perfectly fine all right so we're alternating our ribbon our star ribbon or doing wine and white with the white on top and then one with the blue on top and we're alternating it and between so one day one that has the white on top and them on them with the blue alternating light going around every other one alright besides a very lot of rhythm but it's very beautiful it's really not a lot of ribbon because you would use more ribbon if you were to do a ribbon wreath on a wire frame than you do on and grapevine oh my little baby he's been there coughing I love my little baby so let me tell you about angel baby I do come my son is I'm so happy of a bit son who loves his mama so much he's been so worried about me only he came home from work yesterday and he waited until I was offline he said mama how are you doing how was your video tonight and I'm like what do you want what's wrong he's like I've been really worried about you you have been really sick and I'm just worried I'm really worried about you mama I said I'm fine honey Mama's fine he goes photo you let me know I don't want you pushing yourself too much like the baby my son is a wonderful son I'm very lucky and very lucky to have a good son but anyways you know he doesn't have a mother in his life and I'm just playing with the baby and I just say things like you know you're my little baby and I love you so much you're just so sweet he loves it he just baby will sit there and how about me and kiss me and start laughing you just love said but I'm not meaning he's my baby he's my grandbaby but you know so I'd ask my son I was like am i overstepping he's like mama you're not the baby doesn't know his mom and he looks at you as a mother figure even though you're his grandma he goes I love the relationship between the teeth because I'm the only mother figure and that baby's life but of his grandma I'm not his mommy I'm his grandma but you know I have a good son I really do I have this wonderful bond with that little baby I really do it's amazing he makes me smile he makes me laugh he just makes me so happy anyway he's been out of school we been stuck nasty virus going around everybody starts in your sinuses that's another nasty virus that's going around he's been to the hospital three times from any other regular pediatrician appointment they did say that if his fever goes any where over a hundred and one because we're constantly taking the baby's fever to bring him straight to the ER and they also told us that this is the type of virus and the type of infection that he has to pay attention to his ears because this is sinus TripIt it's not only just going into his chest but the drainage is going into these children's ears so pay attention because this is when they get ear infection so ladies if you've got grandkids or if you have any children there is a nasty virus going around my grandson got it and the doctor said if it gets over a hundred of one in temperature to bring him to the hospital yeah let's just said be careful because they get ear infections from this virus and so we have eight the month we're taking the baby's tenth of every couple hours he's on breathing treatments he's not a pop medicine breathing treatment he does have a it's like a upper respiratory but it is a virus that is making these the drainage go into their little chest and it also gives some ear infections some people just be aware and lots of children as they're getting said I guess emergency room has been packed with sick children really sick and it's not just affecting the children adults are beating this virus – but it's do you think it's allergies you think it's allergies it's not it's a viral infection so it's a nasty nasty virus so he's missed a whole week of school and yeah I'm gonna read put this on let me cut this off I don't like the way it's hanging other teachers have been : checking on my grandson but they told they also told my son it's you know there's only two kids in the classroom they're all sick like this is hitting everybody so I told them I hope that they just closed a school down and sanitized it because everybody's getting sick you would think they would I'm hoping you know how you put you you move everyone in a nursing home and you scrub it down and sanitize it when a virus goes around real bad well the school to do it to so I'm hoping is everyone you know she's only got two kids in her class everybody's sick they're out sick and that's not normal there's a lot of kids that go there and there's only two kids that aren't sick better they're they need to just close it and sanitize it but again you've I unders grandbabies and your children ear infections come from this virus that was the main thing they get tummy aches my son has acute he's been throwing up if you can't hold the food down because the sinus drip edge is dripping into your tummy still gives you an upset tummy so just be very very careful they have been really sick I have felt so bad for them we're almost done don't worry and we are almost there and this is full I'm loving this wreath look how bad it is well you'll see it you see a little thing there this is full very full I'm going to tell you how big it is – it was very big this is the 18 inch grapevine the new style that you get from craft outlet I like it they have two different ones this is their home Hampton mountain something I read it at the beginning okay this is one by Hampton and then there's another brand now the other brand they have it has a lot of leaves in it and they're not perfectly round so you got to be very careful however when you use the ones that are a little more open like that it's easier with the zip ties but then again you're gonna have something that turns out lopsided because you don't have the roundness of the wreath now everybody knows that I have taken I do a lot of grapevines there are probably 75 tutorials on here all in grape vines and we have done it where I'm where I've said look at this ugly reef and watch how we turn it into something beautiful I have a Japanese Magnolia great hind leg that I did and then actually she got my husband to pick it up because it's right in front of my little craft room and it was a ugly vine and it did not take a lot to make it and it is beautiful and I use I use Walmart's the magnolias came from Walmart and the ribbon came from Dollar Tree and lemon and it is so so pretty so you know that magnolias there's a Japanese Magnolia not just Magnolia the Japanese magnolias have pink in them and they're gorgeous and I should actually have him come back in here and get them early getting me to more like a cut just enough let me have him come in here I do want to show you this Magnolia it is so pretty help me take this you're going to do blue and then light have enough please just two more so I'll need four more red to ever know yeah there you go this oh listen how will you hand me that Magnolia right down there right down there at the Magnolia is your back hurting is your daddy this is and I have this a tutorial on this this is called the Japanese Magnolia alright I have a tutorial on this I don't know why not a lot of people watched it because it's a easy easy easy tutorial I did this a year ago these are Japanese magnolias I did a mixture of flowers this is Dollar Tree ribbon right here this is a grape vine right these are Japanese magnolias in here and actually these little flowers came onto magnolias with it but these are Japanese mint family is this is a grape vine it's beautiful this is Dollar Tree ribbon this is their Rose ribbon right here it's the tuna half inch wire you can get it in the garden department alright this is like almost 2 years old that we need and then this is your burlap with the lace in it this I have a tutorial on this everyone this is an easy easy we can make like I said I have an actual tutorial on this exact great one and that's their Japanese Magnolias easy and all this right here Walmart for the grapevine this is third their great point that's non is around just the one moment reason right now this is dollar trees ribbon and this is Walmart's Japanese magnolias right but these are their magnolias it is beautiful and I have a tutorial on this and it's not hard to make this is very easy this is an easy great fun that I did so all you have to do is go and you type in Carmen's Japanese Magnolia great binary and I'll pull this up it's simple and easy to make I love it and I keep this on my front wall that's why my husband was able I kept it for myself this is one of my decorations in my craft room alright so that's an easy one for everybody to make it's not hard yep they're Japanese magnolias but I have card I think I think it's under Carmen's here I'll give it to you right now I cut up this red so you can get it but it's under comments and I'm going I'll share it see right now that's a easy easy tutorial Carmen's but that's a Japanese Magnolia by the way okay here it is automate karremans japanese magnolia great winery yes it is Thunder what I just said it was it is a Japanese Magnolia alright I even know what it was until somebody told me what it was and I had to look it up but I'm gonna put the tutorial down here for you that's a simple great point everybody you can get the magnolias from Walmart because I saw them there today that's easy to make not a lot of work not a lot of work at all and it's not expensive either very intensive so that's under Carmen's Japanese that really a great winery and I just shared the tutorial with you right now that was it sad that year old down there but it's actually almost years old so and I kept that one for myself it's beautiful and it's easy to make not a lot of work easy I'm cutting this table no not using the little thing behind that because I need at least I like rocks at least not first three pieces just in case three more bunches so anyways that's Japanese magnolia I think that Dom tree had the pink mantle no Leo's too but I didn't see an end there when I was at Walmart today I saw that magnolias I used last year alright so like I said this is easy ladies if you like grape vines and you're just trying to make something quick and easy to sell this is really easy and it is a Japanese no leas and they have the pink in them and they're actually called Japanese magnolias and so I made it Carmen's Japanese magnolia great binary and it's gorgeous this is two years old and I'm keeping it on my wall in my craft room I love it alright easy to make that was not hard and I think that's all my pre-taped so it's not even that long for you guys to watch there we go hey that's it white thank goodness this one took a lot longer but it's so thick what I planned on actually doing a bow but I'm trying to right now this is too fat per bow red white this way teeth out there though but it's perfect for my sign and my decor it's actually perfect and I'll go over the flowers because I I have an idea what flower I want to read white I'm taking tomorrow off because I've been on yeah I've been on everyday straight so tomorrow I'm taking off so I can get some rest because I have been sick and I really need to get some rest I really do all right did I miss yes I did I'm like wait a minute it looks like I'm short here let me put this on and then I'll put my red enough look wait a minute there's a rhythm this in here yeah we got red white blue all the way beautiful just beautiful and beautiful bunches so I'm loving these bunches that I cut enough to do more but all I need to do it's just that much silly me yeah we got white and blue this is leyla might fold it in a half and we'll be able to count the bunches by the ribbon right normally it's 28 inches but if it's 28 remember that we have double double the material in it we use a lot of material on this one and take that this needs a ribbon have a nice big piece of crepe slide dare turn this around cities the smaller zip tie but it's fine push that little piece in the back yeah I like to use the smaller zip ties for the ribbon I also have either use your pony from here I would say red white blue just fill it up I cut it and I actually want to use it when you get this other ribbon in first bet the white know it derivatives uneven and I'm just gonna go ahead far as the color placement then I go ahead and I'm not going to bother with it because it's full it's completely full so it's depends on how you want to do it but if my rhythms done even in color stand I won't bother with it and that's probably what I'm going to do I'm not going to bother with it because it's gonna be uneven okay this is white and then blue unless I add you can add ribbon you can add ribbon without adding the bunches so let me see let's see but I think this is good even though I brought that yeah that their watch as I put this time see how this fits here yeah that's what I thought that's what I thought it's completely full and if I add one more and it's going to be a it's going to be uncoordinated with the colors okay so it's yeah I'll show ya I'm coordinated and you like that we just got to figure out how you want your ribbons but have to move them around now and I usually do that after we finish up with design good it's all I needed was one more bunch I have a couple pieces of ribbon left over so if I decide I want to add any more have enough for just a couple not a lot like almost exactly that amount I needed and I put our sign on now but so far this should be like crossing but not until we but that said we need to not don't max it that too much until we get our sign up because I'm just gonna move it up straight until the signs up first all right let's get outside on here Oh this is what we have so far yeah pick it is all the way around nice and thick very thick this wreath is so if you're going to get a box it's going to be 30 because it is right on yeah 30 if you go right here it's 30 all right so it's 30 inches round and let's see how bad it is I'm gonna I'm just up trim up any loose ends we always heat it to so it's 30 inches around and then sit down it's grubby about this is what that is 24 so you're looking at another oh yeah I'll measure it in just a second for you this is Ben this is a beautiful door piece a parade t-shirt or peace shop piece no it's bigger than I thought that is 32 ah yes 32 interest completely around 32 by 32 I thought it was I thought it was 30 but it's 32 everybody to get it completely in a box where it's not smushed it's 32 inches around we're going to take this what are you doing little girl Christopher there's all extra pieces we have we are going to fill this in so we could put the red for this dinner I don't know what they're doing they open the door on needs to be being affected duggie here's your football or whatever they're playing out there hold on Chris where you get that I'm almost done I know but they need to go gonna take red white blue you take this one you live that's one stupid thing I cut that extra amount right one two three one two three that's four five inches of red white and blue in the center can you please shut the door I can hear the TV in here so I'm just gonna do five at this dinner you have to have something in the center to hold it on so we're gonna go with the red white and blue in the center – you don't want to put your sign is it these centers so some grape vines have small centers so you can just put your sign in this grape vine does not it's nice fat and round and it's big in the center so you have to fill this up with something you have to so you're not gonna be able to put your sign on it without it falling through all right so that's the key I want to take this go I'm going to go where it's where you can stick it through I'm probably gonna need this thicker one so here we go there we go you take it you're just gonna need a couple bundles it's just enough to fill it you have to have it to put the sign on alright it's not gonna fill it all the way but it's gonna fill it up some this is gonna be how your sign is gonna stay on otherwise the sign does not stay on just take it and you fill it up do not worry about zip ties everybody as you see can't see any zip ties on this with all this ribbon around here and everything there's you don't seem out once again red white blue take your red white blue my husband's going to bed like that I'm just trying to call the baby's out to get those trees red tomorrow I will not be on I want to spend some time with my husband all right and I need some time to myself because I've been way over doing it sugars nut it just keeps bottoming out on us like I said we know it's the brain tumor and stuff cuz I'm dude for my shot but I just have been very tired so he asked me you know are you gonna at least take one day off this week of yes I'll just take Thursday off Saturdays are drugs so it's not a big deal so tomorrow I will not be on but I will be back on Friday to do our awesome pecan that's gonna be fun everybody's looking forward to it too and it'd be lots of fun the Peacocks are mine designed I came up with them before anyone else there's five to toriel's right here on YouTube three and blue and one two and whites tomorrow we're doing another one hope they make it six that's red lights so are you doing is you just putting something in here so you can put that on and this is where our flowers come into play too I always try to do flowers in this they give it a little thing just to give it a little we still want to see the grapevine inside the leaf so and I do have some more if I want to add some more I just want to do some red white and blue and then I need to add some more like such a big center then I will add a half a lot of white mush left over so we may add a couple bundles of white in here just so I have a nice thick Center to put that sign in these are sometimes hard to feel No moving all the ways that in a way lots and lots of it right Oh either one piece that kinda suits his shorts I put that other line right there just to give it a little more with so I will use all five just to give it a little bit more in here and that'll help hold our side it's not like having wires even put your sign in so it's really important that you fill it with your match your hold your sign unless you have a really big sign now this is the medium truck sign if I would have gotten a real big one which is her large it would have been perfect so for instance I there though actually I have one that we could use this one says god bless america all right I have another great volume plans though if I were to use this one which doesn't go with the decor that would have been perfect and then set out with no mesh right because I'm using the medium fine not a large one you need to have something in here to hold on to the sign so it doesn't sink through the frame because this is like a frame you're using the grapevine as your frame for your mesh right so you have to have a basis to hold the sign in unless you get that extra large side so that's the one thing that's important if you have a big Center in here measure out your sign I have a medium sign so I'm going to need to fill in the center to put the sign in so if you see I saw someone try to make one if the sign is too big it's not going to stay in the center unless you fill the center up with math all right that's fine and if you haven't ever made a great time with mesh you wouldn't know it you would think that any sign fits that's actually untrue so signage this is her radio sign right here her truck were using today this is her large sign and personally yours the large life that's perfect and inside the great line and if you've ever made grape vines with mesh you would know of that certain signs don't fit it unless you add mesh inside the grapevine this one is your medium one to hold the sign in the center of your grapevine which I've showed this is our sixth one that I've shared on YouTube you put your mesh inside and then you tie your sign on and it fits in the center this is the medium size from personal windows so we're gonna go ahead and tie this song yes honey what is that for I know it's done I love you in front of bed love you alright you're gonna take this into the corner and you're gonna poke your holes the very bottom one Oh three we go yeah I need about ten inches of your wire not a lot because you're tying it on top torture great right you're not going to underneath the grapevine you're going on the good side so before I tie it on I take it you're gonna put it through the holes side onto your side first and then tie it on to the great fun you've all four first makes it a lot easier all right and then because if you tie one side and then do all the other ones well it's on the reef you're gonna your mesh will fray so does that make sense everybody the sign does not fit in any great thing unless it's a certain size you have to add mesh inside the grapevine for designs to stay on top or they fall through anyone if they ever make great bones they would end up making them for years so anyways the bigger signs for that or far as the center of the grapevine so you see that big sign I have it will be my grave wrong and I have different colors because it's a this is one we're doing in such God bless america this one is it's different we're gonna be using different colors with this this one is an old rustic truck it looks like it was parked in the backyard it has little daisies and stuff in it we will be doing this all right that that one fit if you buy the large sign perfectly and inside a grapevine without I'm going to put mesh to hold the sign up one two to me well probably didn't be doing that one they told you we have a whole bunch I got a festival I have to do so I haven't been posting all my fortune my patriotic briefs on the pages because I'm running out and I have a big festival for the fourth of July I'm doing and those some of the reason I putting even post on the SD everybody because I have to have 50 wreaths and they've been there going they are going my locals are buying them but the more that I spell or get rid of the less I have for my festival so I really use that I'm going to be focusing on our patriotic briefs because that's huge I gotta get you got have 4 or 5 more patriotic reefs for doing and then I got to find some more signs so and I have some in mind I saw some I want from personally yours I do have more so we'll be doing 80 knots so like I said I can't post every single one of them online for sale because I have a huge craft show to do all right now put this in the center uh-huh our grapevine on top of the mesh because the mash is the only way the spine will stay up on a grapevine the only way you have to put mesh in the center right unless you have a huge sign so if you have a dinky sign it's gonna end up going at the bottom of the Reed because you can't fix and then the phone down here on the grapevine because it can't fit inside of the great point this is too small yeah which everyone knows because we did our rooster and I explained it on the rooster I explained it on the beach shri explained it on a bike free every one of them we add mesh to the center for the sign to go on or this tine I'll fall out the only way the sign can stay on it was with mesh underneath it so an all five of them I show you how to do that and I explained it this is our six one mesh and grapevines that I've been teaching on YouTube and the reason why is I had a member asked and she donated money for me to get grapevines and to teach it and I promised I would and that's exactly what I did I used it to buy grapevines and I've been teaching deco mesh and grapevines I've been doing them like I said for 10 years so but they would you see every festival I have and I have pictures of every festival with my defo mesh and grapevines I have been doing for years remember it's not the way you want it what do I say take where the wire is and twist it and that'll tighten it in I do like to cut these off for our stove these are on the very top layer of the grapevine so you can take it and you can twist it in and tighten it to the frame alright you make it as close as you want this is where my flowers come in because the zip ties are a little big and I don't want home to the show you also can take your spray in here and tight and put your spray on you can put little stars on here I'll show you I'm gonna take this I'm going to lift up nice and tight just twist it on the side not too tight you don't want to ruin it or it to pop either all right thank you tight just twist it on who's twisting that's nice and tight to the frame the grapevine so I have a spray and I actually think I might put this under the stars poet and then show y'all pictures tomorrow we're going to take some of these flowers and go ahead and put them on I was thinking about these but they actually look like they would make the wreath with awful this is more for something they're like tie-dyed ones I don't like the way it looked and the blue isn't the right color I was gonna scratch that one but I do like these I do I do I do these are all woman I'm gonna take this we have red thank you thank you we also have daisies so I'll show you that too there's four corners you want to figure out how you're going to go four corners want it to look different you don't want it to all be the same I actually have a metal star and put on there too but I think that would take away so I don't take the red white blue or take the Dollar Tree ones yeah I think I like this better I don't think that like the Dollar Tree days is better absolutely these are Dollar Tree daisies I'm gonna believe them in I actually like them better not using the Walmart when they don't go with the race I like these better very but I don't like something I'm honest right now every day these are so cute you want two places before you glue them it's what happens is when you go to glue them if they're not placed right you're gonna ruin your race with the glue so you want to know where you're putting them on and how you're putting on a head design it's sad either ruin it you don't want to rain your race there's a Dollar Tree red white and blue daisies and we're putting through here I actually like them I think they're really adorable I think they're beautiful just take their red white and blue they're a buck for a bundle at Dollar Tree and I really really like them I think they're cute and adorable they go with the ribbon it's adorable it's beautiful I like it I like how full this is really really like it I like it a lot you Kelly I'm gonna call you tomorrow you can text me when it's a good time to call sweetheart I'd love to talk to you and yes we do need to keep this to get your fray down with you it just it helps a lot don't you go put some more what I'm seeing is there is a this one's red white blue this is blue white and stars I'm gonna take this one important eight the flowers some very picky trust me I'm so picky my husband don't I am I will take it down and fit that's as much it does not go has to go a certain way or I don't like it actually thanks put some more cute I'm getting it a little pop tells you I'm so picky right there right away here gonna light the light right away I'm like something's not right here this here i coordinate the flowers yes it's a habit everything's got a coordinate or I'll take it right apart that's my habit I can't just throw something together all right so light blue this one okay I got it just put those up here yeah it's finance man all right so you have them or they're sticking out and you can glue them sweet me in it's totally up yeah alright so you can have them like this I do need to glue them and I'll going them off camera cuz I'm done tired this girl is tired very tired seriously just give me second you know so 71 take this one apart and just a little bit more in it I don't want to take away from the home sweet home this one needs to go like right there all right there you go honestly I don't think it needs a bow I think this is totally enough I think that if we put stars on it with my bow we're doing way too much I think that this is beautiful without a bow this will probably be one that goes fast – all right this one's probably gonna go very fast if I put it up it'll be gone just like the lemonade was gone 30 minutes lemonade sold gone thank you Dad there you go this one will probably go as fast so it's going for in my own Minecraft show but as you see so you see how big the center is you never put a sign on without putting a match in the center that's what's gonna happen is you're gonna end up putting the sign at the bottom of the reef or the side because there's nothing to hold the sign in unless you put mesh there the only way you do the sectors with a sign is big signs this big huge sign right here which we will be doing next week and I have a you see this is different this is not something that you do just red white and blue this is different it's a country god bless america like a rustic truck with a flag draped over it this is perfect her personally yours the large sign is perfect for grapevines the medium you've always put mesh behind it to hold it in all right so that's where you know never done a great visor mesh that's the biggest mistake people make they say oh I wanna try that or do that but they don't realize that this venture of the reach isn't gonna hold their sign up so they end up putting at the bottom or the sign sides grapevines are made for big huge signs unless you put mesh in the center to hold your sign in that was the biggest thing I love teaching beautiful this is perfect everybody you do not need a boat this is too much it's got so much ribbon on it so tomorrow what I'll do is I'll go through this and I will go through the ribbon I will straight no River no I will take my heating tool I will go around the edges to seal it okay I thank God she doesn't want her lemonade wreath until I got a couple days to go through it and seal that because I need to spray it outside and stuff that's what I'll be doing tomorrow is going through my raves spraying them putting them to protect and on putting the heat on it to shrink down this is what mounts your eyelashes downs they don't fray and then you take your adhesive and your modge podge and seal your ends absolutely gorgeous hey I can breathe yay let me first my glasses here they're all right I have a mess to clean up in this room so I have a big mess Thank You Wilma hi sweetheart how are you my hat's all backwards are falling off Oh Thank You Janet night-night Renee god bless you too I will I'm gonna go sleep I love you Kelly I'm Irene yes it did it took a long time to finish her but at least it's not 12 o'clock at night I thought it'd be a quick one but it ended up being longer since thank you for taking your time out to be with me I'm like I said you do you want to go through this trim up any of your loose and take your sheet apply your heat to the ends of this alright those of you that never know what this is I'm going to show you real quick this is called the heating tool its intended use is for scrapbooking it was not made for mushrooms would you take it and just like the same thing that people use like their wood burner to melt their mash the difference is that this heating tool doesn't your mash is not going to smoke it's not burning the mash it's just melting down gently this is a lighter heat than the lowest lowest thing on your blow dryers so your blow dryer is too hot all right and if you use a blow dryer you want to make sure you're way far away this is different this is the heating tool used for scrap booking stamp stamp scrapbooking stuff like that you do want to still trim this but you're gonna melt it all down you're gonna trim your ends and you take it outside and spray so definitely go through it and yes it does melt it down slightly it's not a lot slightly I still have to glue my flowers aren't tomorrow to just gonna go through it nice and gentle nothing's 100% anyway but you know what this sure does help it sure does yellow it melted all the prey it just melts it right though just going through it melt it down trim your ends take it outside street with your he sick spray and your Mancha pipes all you do yeah this was supposed to be quick most of my grapevines are super quick but this was not quick definitely wasn't quick so I won't beyond tomorrow but I'll be back on Friday to do our peacock be prepared the peacock skin is good the while to make we're using a smaller frame though and I will answer questions you know that we're using a smaller frame so hopefully it won't take two days if it does take two days I'll be back on on Saturday to finish it I'll let you know we'll come on Saturday I'll do the drawing and then we can finish up our peacock if it takes two days hopefully we can get the peacock done and all one day on Friday but take this as you see it's melting down that pray miracle miracle miracle this is a miracle this is amazing absolutely amazing I love it all right you still want to get through this trim it up spring outside ah right the bull is that yeah alright let's bow our heads and pray and I have to go and super tired and I have any antennae yet either so way late for meeting my husband came in and put cookies in front of me because he's worried that was sugar was gonna drop before he went to bag he brought cookies in so that's why he came in he gets worried about me so let's pray and then we'll go I will finish I will blue these in tomorrow I'll finish putting this ribbon you know shaking it up I'll trim it up and then I'll take pictures and put it up for everybody on the groups alright alright turn this around father God I just want to thank you for working through my hands to make another beautiful piece I ask you father God I lift up all my brothers and sisters and I put them up to You Father God father god bless each and every one of my brothers and sisters touch their bodies as they sleep tonight anoint them heal them give them beautiful dreams give them a pain-free sleep father God is they wake up tomorrow to start their day fill them with love and laughter happiness guide them through each step of their day I have said she put around them angels I ask that you put safe travels for each and every one of my brothers and sisters as they travel back and forth to work or they're taking their kids to soccer practice whatever they're doing father God surround them with protection so that they have safe travels father God I ask that as each and every one go through their day I am praying as those look for a job that you open up the door for them to get a job as my brothers and sisters are looking for places to live open up their new home father God if they're looking for a car bless them I ask that you open up the heavens father God and you touch all of my brothers and sisters heal them of all their pain anoint their bodies and guide them through each and every minute and second of their day tomorrow we thank you Father God for allowing us to live today and for allowing us to live tomorrow we give you the praise we give you the glory we give you the honor hallelujah praise the Lord glory to you God you always get the glory you are our Father our maker our Creator our Lord you are God father God thank you Father bye for everything that you are about to do thank you Father God for having mercy on us thank you Father God for blessing us thank you Father God for all that you are already doing that we don't know about we praise you Father God we love you we believe in you you are our Father you are God thank you God thank you we love you Father God thank you Jesus for your sacrifice thank you Jesus Christ for being our Savior thank you Jesus for loving us thank you we love you Jesus thank you thank you for Jesus precious name Amen okay I will see you all tomorrow have a blessed night not tomorrow I'll see who Friday Friday everybody I will see you Friday peacock remember peacock cut your mesh if you're gonna be cutting your mush ahead of time I cut my mesh and ten by ten inch squares just like we would any other things so ten by ten inch squares I do not know how many pieces I do not know all right so let's see you Friday be ready do your peacock I love you love you love you if you have prayer requests and you're on the craft groups or anything you can post up prayers at any time of the day god bless each and every one of you I love you so much have a wonderful night see you on Friday bye-bye

Otis Rodgers



  1. Marsha Forsberg Posted on July 18, 2019 at 8:31 am

    Thank you! It’s beautiful!👏🏼💕🥰🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. Marsha Forsberg Posted on July 18, 2019 at 8:31 am

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  3. Marsha Forsberg Posted on July 18, 2019 at 8:31 am

    Where did you get your nice grapevine wreath? The ones I’ve gotten lately are so thin & weirdly put together! You’re so amazing, anyone who trolls you is just jealous! Darling, easy wreath! 👏🏼💕🥰❣️

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    Carmen, first I want to say I watch all your videos and comment on a lot of them. On replay. I don't get to watch much of your 'lives' but with the chronic pain I have I can't stay on for long so I mostly watch replay. I am so happy so many are having praise reports!! I keep praying you and your family get your health better. Please know I support your faith! I too am a christian and you show so much of the Holy Spirit that comes into your videos. Love you and your family! I also love your wreaths! All are adorable!!

  6. cindy brown Posted on July 18, 2019 at 8:31 am

    Beautiful what size is the mesh you said ribbon is 14 inches right is it 10×10 where did you get that mesh cutter I love your video