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5 Things You MUST Know About The PROFOUND 12-12 FULL MOON Energy Shift on December 12th!

Hey earth angels, Melanie Beckler here. And in this video we’re going to dive
into the five key things you need to know about this profound full moon
happening on December 12th, 12/12 at 12:12 AM Eastern standard time. So this full moon may be on the 11th or
12th depending on where in the world you are, but wherever you are there is this
profound energy of culmination and transformation. So we’re going to dive into the five key
things you need to know about this full moon. But first I do just want to share that
this is the last full moon of 2019 it’s the final full moon before we enter
into an eclipse cycle of change and transformation. And of course it’s the last full moon
before entering into the busy-ness of the holiday season. And so this is a really
profound opportunity to
reconnect with the truth of you and use this full moon energy to release
and call in more of what you want. I have a powerful full moon ritual
guide that you can check out. I will put a link to that
in the description below, but now let’s dive into the five key
things and then at the end I will draw a card for us for additional guidance from
the angels that we most need to know. So the first key thing is, as I mentioned, this is the 1212 full moon
carrying the 1212 awakening code. I have an entire video about the meaning
of 1212 but essentially this is a calling card for accelerated spiritual
development and aligning with more of the truth of you. The 1212 signifies that we’re on
the precipice of a great change, a great transformation, and through this angel number through
the synchronicity around the full moon, the angels, your higher self, your guides want to remind you
that this is why you’re here. You are here on earth because of this
potential for for rapid spiritual growth and development. You came here as a soul incarnating as
a physical being in this present epoch, this present point in time in order
to be a part of the great awakening of humanity where the earth is awakening. The collective consciousness is awakening
to reunite with the higher realms of spirit and bringing the
blessings of peace, light, spirit into physical life and so
this 1212 full moon is a reminder. It carries Ascension codes. It’s an awakening trigger reminding you
to refocus in on what’s most important to you now to refocus in
on your spiritual growth, your life purpose, your mission. There’s an opportunity to get clarity
around who you really are and why you’re really here and to then act in alignment
with this starting now so that when we hit 2020 when we hit the new year, you’re already in sync with this
higher trajectory for living, awake and living in alignment
with your most vibrant life. The second key thing about this full moon
is that it’s a profound opportunity to reconnect with your soul truth, to embody more of your higher spirit, to live in think and in integrity with
your higher self and the truth of your highest light. Bringing that into physical form and
anchoring your higher divine presence through receiving those inspirations and
clarity as to how you want to show up into the world and
anchoring that higher light, anchoring that inspiration through
taking steps through honoring your inspiration, honoring your
dreams, what you truly desire now, what truly brings you
joy. Now honoring that, paying attention to that and then
beginning to act accordingly to anchor the higher ahas, the revelations, the insights into your life,
into your physical routine, to more fully support you in
embodying who you really are. This is about empowering your habits, empowering your spiritual practices, and also just being mindful and
aware in the present moment, observing your thoughts
and impulses to thoughts, observing your feelings, observing your actions and
impulses to action and noticing. Are you thinking, feeling and acting in alignment
with the highest truth of view? Or are there these older patterns
and habitual responses and fear based constructs that are running the show? And awareness is the key. It’s the shift point. Once you become aware of something, the
change has already started to unfold. So practice awareness to support
yourself in embodying more of the highest divine truth of you. The third key thing about this Gemini
full moon is that as I mentioned, it is the last full moon of the year
and so there’s this culmination energy that’s initiating a period of release. So this is also the full moon proceeding
entering into the eclipse cycle beginning on December 26th in
this period of preparation, there was an opportunity to get ahead
of the curve to practice releasing. So when you’re being aware and noticing, I’m having these thoughts
or these feelings that are
coming up that are out of sync with who I truly am, ask yourself, could I let this go? Would I let this go and when and release
over to the angels and into the light so that you can then empower positive
thoughts and feelings and actions that are more in alignment with the truth of who
you are and with the trajectory you want to align with. Don’t wait until 2020 don’t wait until
new year’s Eve to set resolutions around releasing things from your life. The time to do that is now and so you’ve
probably already had some inspiration of something you need to let go of of
something you could change and resolve. For me, this is about no
more phone in the evening. I’m putting my cell phone aside
and taking the time to meditate, to listen to music, to sit by the fire, to read a real book and not get pulled
in the evening into that busy-ness of social media and the realm of
the digital through my phone. What is it for you? You’ve
had insight and inspiration. Maybe your ego has even come
up and said, you know what? Let’s stop drinking after the holiday
season or let’s let’s get serious about diet on around the new
year. But now, right now, this is your reminder that right now this
full moon marks the entrance into this profound release period. So it’s time to release and let go
and you’re supported in doing this, you have angels and guides
to support and assist you. Being honest with your self is the key. And then also having the willpower
to create change, to let go, to alter your habits in a way that
will serve your joy and embodying your highest truth in the here and now. But then knowing that doing this homework
now will help to make moving through the eclipse cycle more
transformative for you. I am going to have more videos
coming up about the eclipses, so be sure to subscribe here on YouTube
if you haven’t already to get alerted when those come up. So now is the time to do the work so
that you can enter into the new year in with the new level of your
joy health well being, embodying your highest
light. So in this release, there’s also an opportunity to improve
your health largely through letting go of the things that are weighing you
down, the emotional blockages, the patterns and habits. Clearing
those out. In many cases, you’re more than halfway there to allowing
the new healing light and positive change that is available and so with
this energy of release and culmination, don’t be surprised if some areas of your
life that are a bit out of alignment are illuminated if they
come to the surface, come to a head in order to be resolved, cleared or released. Love yourself through what arises and
be willing to let it go and make the change now to usher in
a vibrant period ahead. Okay. The fourth key thing about this 1212
full moon is that there is an alignment. There is a gateway opening in this, okay? The fourth key thing about this 1212
full moon is that there is a divine alignment. There is a 1212 gateway opening that’s
going to be carrying us towards the solstice on 1221 and as a part of this, there’s an opportunity to
receive clarity and inspiration. On one hand, the clarity and inspiration comes
through your willingness to release, clear out and let go of
what no longer serves. And then on the other hand, there’s simply this
illumination of your truth, of the truth of your
soul mission and purpose, and why you are really here to
help yourself align with this. Ask yourself what is it
that now brings you joy? Give yourself permission to listen to
your dreams, to trust that inner gut, knowing as to what’s right for you and
how you can be of service and fully show up in the world to shine your light and
make a difference in the world in a way you love and enjoy. That’s also in the highest interest of
all this alignment will bring so much magic and blessing into your life in the
new year and it’s time to receive the clarity, to let that highest divine
pathway be illuminated for you. Now, this may take consciously
withdrawing from the external, noticing when there’s prickly tense
energy of past restrictions or blockages, being illuminated and releasing and
letting go and diving in to you. Reunite and embrace the divine truth. Have you accessed within your open
heart that connects you with the clear guidance of spirit from way up in
Highness in order to realign you with the highest divine path and trajectory
for your embodiment in this life. Now, and that brings us to the fifth key
thing about this full moon before we draw card. And that fifth thing is that
this is a powerful time, an important time to stop up
your self love and self care. Before we go into the holiday season,
before we go into eclipse season, build your foundation
of self love and care. Now this is also because there’s
going to be those lower patterns and insecurities and fear based constructs
of the mind being illuminated. And so when things you
don’t love about yourself, when things that have been buried
in the shadow are revealed to you, the ego, his tendency is to judge that which arises
and your soul opportunity is to love yourself through whatever arises to love
whatever appears and to remember that that awareness, that limiting belief, that negative pattern, that habitual response that’s out of
alignment with what you really want, your awareness around, that you’re over halfway there in the
transformation that can unfold and so love the fact that you are becoming
aware of your blockages. Love what arises in that love will
guide you through the transformation available to let more of your light and
peace and blessings and soul gifts shine through in this 1212 alignment
around the full moon. There’s this opportunity for more of
your gifts, your psychic abilities, your soul truth, and knowing to come to the surface when
you choose to prioritize that spiritual connection, which may be about putting the phone
down and getting off YouTube and having that downtime to do nothing, no thing to tune into
yourself beyond identity, the realm of no one, nowhere tuning into the void where
infinite possibility resides and where infinite inspiration can connect with
you to bring you the light codes and the divine downloads and love and guidance
to help you steer through whatever you’re going through now to align your
trajectory with the higher octave, the higher level of living in the
light, living in the new earth, living your most vibrant
truth in the here and now. So this also relates to relationships. There’s an opportunity for new clarity
in relationships when you choose to respond with love, rather than
letting those old paradigms play out, those old habitual responses play out. And if you catch yourself
triggered by someone, love that, you’ve become aware of that. And remember that love will guide you
through in order to transform that habitual reaction into something new, a new way of connecting and co-creating
with others that serves you both in your path of embodiment and in shining more
of your light and perhaps in co-creating blessings together in
some way in the world. So let’s draw our bonus card, our card. What else do we need to know about this
full moon energy asking the angels. This is the queen of the moon or a goal. And we have the hot moon of extremes. So this is a time of extremes. Meaning there is an extremely high light, peaceful vibration codes of awakening, divine consciousness and love
streaming in that you can tune into. But concurrently there’s
this lower octave of fear, of insecurity, of sweaty, prickly, sticky energy that you can get pulled
down into the angels want to remind you to keep your cool, to stay
centered, to stay grounded, to remember the teachings
of the middle path. So an easy way to think of the middle
path is that when you’re drinking tea, you don’t want your tea too hot
so that you’ll burn your time, but you also don’t want your teeth to
cold so that you’re not getting the benefit of a hot mug of tea. You want
that perfectly warm in the middle. And so while we live in
this time of extremes, you have the ability to
walk the middle path, to be fully present and grounded and
physical experience taking care of your physical form, honoring the earth,
honoring other human beings, nurturing your physical body, grounded and present in physicality
while also opening up this profound connection with spirit, bringing the highest blessings
of light into your life, receiving inspiration and the divine
codes of awakening and peace and love and through being centered, embracing both but not getting
pulled off balance towards either, not becoming solely focused
on the material and ignoring
your spiritual path and not fully focusing on spirit and getting
totally ungrounded by forgetting to nurture and honor yourself
as a physical being. Walking the middle path empowers
you to awaken to a new level. Now to bring the highest blessings of
light and spirit into your physical life and through us all doing this.
This is Ascension in action. This is the transformation
of planet earth empowered. This is calling forth the new
paradigm of living in joy, love and peace. Tuning in to the full blessings of spirit
within the physical in the here and now. And this is a big part of the choice
we have on and around this full moon, the choice of extremes and to remember
that you can choose the middle path centered, balanced, present. You choose it through awareness, through staying grounded and through
continuing to return to love. So I hope that this full moon reading
an update has been helpful for you. Again, if you liked it,
if you like my videos, be sure to subscribe here on YouTube
because I will be putting out more information soon about the
upcoming eclipse cycle. That starts on December 26th so
we have this Christmas eclipsed. New moon eclipses hide the truth. They shadow the light in certain ways
so that on the other side an even richer embodiment of truth can be revealed. And so right now is this time of
preparation for that eclipse cycle. And of course for the solstice coming
up on the 21st so more about that, soon for now, have a joyful full moon, a 1212 full moon happening at
12:12 AM Eastern standard time. This is also the feast of our lady
of Guadalupe Bay or mother Mary. So if you have an
affinity for mother Mary, a good day to tune into her
presence, honor her energy, and embrace her codes of
awakening and inspired love. So as always, I love honor and appreciate
you. Thank you so much for watching. Leave a little heart. If you watched all the way to the end of
the video and then I’ll see you in the next video. Bye for now.

Otis Rodgers



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