April 10, 2020
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A Current Affair with CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet Member LeAnn Who Lost 20kg

welcome back more than a decade ago this CSIRO's total well-being diet was released and quickly became one of Australia's biggest selling books today it's still helping Aussies lose weight and now it is easier to access I used to feel unhappy about my weight in eight months I lost 20 kilos 20 kilos in eight months it's the type of weight loss many of us could only dream of losing weight is incredibly difficult tonight the brand new CSIRO scientifically proven diet that's helping thousands of Aussies share the unwanted kilos and best of all you don't have to starve yourself the diet focuses on how to make it as easy as possible so we really focus on food groups like most women her age Leanne Thompson spent years trying to battle the Bulge I would say that most of my life I was a yo-yo dieter but I still would put on 5 kilos and then I take off five kilos as she got older Leanne says those stubborn kilos just became harder to shift a little bit too much eating out big volumes of food went out and had too many schnitzels in ocean it saw some chips but it was when her health started to deteriorate that she realized something needed to change I'm an asthmatic and my asthma was was getting worse and I was went on by pressure tablets right now 63 percent of Australians are overweight or obese and that figure is continuing to grow in the past 20 years alone we've collectively piled on more than 60 million kilos that's equivalent to 150 747 jumbo jets a lot of people are busy trying to do too many things and and healthy eating can sometimes be the first thing to fall away dr. Jane Bowen is from the CSIRO focused on high protein and low carbohydrate meals it's programs have been around for more than a decade in fact when the book was published back in 2005 it quickly became one of the fastest selling ozzie titles of all time now the total well-being diet is back this time in an online program that you can access at home every day shopping lists meal plans recipes and the online program brings all that together so we had to make this program as comprehensive as possible with all the support tools that you can get from a weight loss program since starting the diet Leanne has not only lost 20 kilos but she says the simple changes to her diet mean she never feels like she's missing out I would change I'd swap it out swap the wine out for her soda water and I still be in the same social situation the online program not only helps her plan her meals but also know exactly what to look for when she's doing the groceries I didn't shop regularly I didn't plan my shopping so on my way home from work I would go to Woolies and I'd pick up a frozen lasagna according to dr. Bowen it's simple mistakes like these that we make in the supermarket that can pack on the pounds so what should we be buying if you think about the shopping trolley as a giant dinner plate and we all know that we want to be eating a lot of vegetables in particular with our main meals in the evening that's something we struggle with so if you think about the trolley as a big dinner plate you want your shopping trolley to have a lot of vegetables in it and according to dr. Bowen the more colorful your meats the better what sort of things are you looking for that perhaps you weren't including before sweet potato it's a big one I always went purely just for potatoes so now I've incorporated sweet potato into my diet and the good news losing weight doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to bread it is perfectly fine to include some and if you're looking for whole grains and whole meal products they're going to fill you up in the butchery she says the leaner the better just sure your serving size is no bigger than the size of your palm look for words like extra lean or low-fat that you know if your budgets not going to stretch that far that's okay you can cook a fatty of sort of meat and drain off some of those oils once it's been cooked if you are looking to bulk up your veggie intake but I run a budget dr. Bowen says frozen or canned products can be a great option this is another area that is really great when you're trying to watch your weight and watch your budget and be organized so this sort of stuff you can have sitting in your cupboard so there's no excuse not to have some vegetables with your meals according to nutritionist dr. Joanna McMillan who also runs her own online healthy eating program high-protein plans can help diet at stay feeling fuller for longer we know that protein is very CCA ting it helps to make us feel satisfied with our meals so that overall you eat less and that's what's important but she wants there is no one diet that will suit everyone the online program starts from around 150 dollars for 12 weeks and includes recipes for your daily meals shopping guides and goal monitoring the last thing to say is of course that you can't stop at 12 weeks and just remember on top of the program you'll still need to buy your food I'm happy with my weight very happy with that you'll find more information on that story and our website still to come on a Current Affair

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