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Acts 15 Undeserved Grace vs Religious Laws

I read something today that I probably have talked about before but I could talk about it over and over again because it's that important a lot of people think that we as Christians still have to follow all the Old Testament laws and you know there's certain things that I've often said like there's two laws that Jesus gave us instead of the Ten Commandments he said love your neighbor as yourself love the Lord your God with all your heart soul strength and mind those are the two Commandments for Christians you know all the other Commandments hinge on those two Commandments I also look at myself personally I go is it the lust of the eyes the pride of life the lust of the flesh is it fulfill one of those three things if it does I need to avoid it but in the early church Jews were the first ones to get Christianity because Jesus was a Jew so when they were converting people people were like oh we're converting them to Judaism no you're not you're converting people to Christianity you're converting them to learning about Jesus to believe in Jesus to have faith in Jesus it's not based on the law and some people world we draw a line I mean there are moral laws that everybody follows including the Greeks which at that time were that the pagans the heathens the people that weren't in the church so do they just not follow any laws I mean it just was so foreign of a concept for the early converts they thought they had to you know to get circumcised which is not in this chapter but is definitely in the Bible talking about you know no does not need to be done and they need to follow all the laws of the Old Testament no it's by grace and so let's start off with that verse and chapter 15 of Acts first eleven and I'm trying to both show it and read it it's kind of hard to do with a phone in Fernie um we believe that we are all saved the same way by the undeserved grace of the Lord Jesus we don't deserve it if we had to work for our salvation why would we need Jesus I mean you need to think about this because a lot of people still think that we are saved by the works we do know we do need to repent we need to repent of evil turn away from it because that's showing that you really are turning to God because it is hard to lay it down and give it all to God it really is there's a lot of things we want to hold on to it we need to let go of it because it's killing us sin kills you so then they're like okay so right before saved by grace then that means we just let them run unruly well I mean there's obviously Greek laws and if you like kill somebody you're going to you know face the death penalty so there's certain laws of the land that you're gonna have to follow it so they're like what Jewish laws though you still need the okay look well you're gonna have now into three basic laws it seems like three to me she can feel free to separate one of them so it starts off in 19 through 21 talking about this more and then it sums it up at number 29 so 19 through 21 let's read this and so by judgment is that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles those are the non-jewish people that are coming to Christ who are turning to God instead we should write and tell them to abstain from eating food offered to idols now nowadays you might think that's like kind of the opposite of eating at chick-fil-a I guess I mean we don't have a common modern concept for this and if there is one let me know because in my mind I'm going what does that mean I don't eat certain foods that give money to Planned Parenthood is that what that means and that's the only I can understand it from a modern perspective because remember we're living 2,000 years later we don't have people out here worshipping idols in the same way maybe in some countries but I really have a hard time struggling with that one from a modern perspective this one I don't because this one's death lien something that we see on TV in movies and everything so the next one is from sexual immorality not you know certain types of sex all sexual immorality so you out there living with your boyfriend girlfriend you know you are you need to abstain from that which means stay away from it don't do it you know it's not good for you it's a sin and the world knows it in the world sees it you're not living a good witness when you're doing that so please don't do that and there's other things people to you like well we know God knows we have urges yeah and he knows that we need to abstain from that all right from eating the meat of strangled animals and from consuming blood I kind of go hand in hand on those two so I can look it as three different things because it strangled animals if you don't strangle them and they'll have blood in them so that's where I think this goes together but you can correct me if I'm wrong a stain from eating blood and you might think well when do we ever do that when you don't cook your steak I guess I don't know I know that blood is like and we know now that we should be eating it although some people still like their steak the bloody but it's a health thing I mean it's more of a health thing and I I know that from my background I used to I don't grace anybody out but you know the blood when you cook you're me and the blood gets on the side and starts like almost like curdling it's really hard to explain it does that much certain taste to it um I'm not gonna go any further that some people are disgusted by that concept some people not exactly I'm talking about all right um for these laws of Moses laws of Moses not laws of the land not laws of these these were meant for the Jews to separate them because at the time they were you know they God they had to separate themselves from the way of the airbases I heard a song one time that was by Christian punk band it says why should I be a Christian it I'm just like you it's talking from the perspective of you know we don't to be so so different than we're dressed up in three-piece suits and carry big old Bibles or wiggle and had really short hair no but we do need to separate ourselves in certain aspects that really do differentiate ourselves we don't need these squares to be Christians what we do need to have certain rules and the world needs to see that we don't need to go out and show off and I don't get to comp right down that trail I just let show you these three laws or maybe for that the early church thought that was important you may read later on that you note about circumcision and other things that they were debating over anyway so for these laws of Moses have been preached in the Jewish synagogues and in every city on the set on every Sabbath for many generations okay so basically they sent out the letter and down at 29 for Arizona you must abstain from eating food offered to idols from age 1 we consume in the blood or meat of strangled animals and for sexual immorality if you do this you'll do well very well does that mean that those people who do that are not going to be saved does that mean you'll lose your salvation no but there's certain laws that you know the early church they had to to teach the the people of the Gentiles who we're not taught this I mean they weren't you know and our culture we're almost like the same kind of culture that we live in a culture that's why can't we have you know homosexuality for instance you know it's just two adults loving each other because of the sin I mean this sexual sexual immorality they don't understand that they they won't understand that but when you become a Christian and you start obeying Jesus Christ you start seeing what he sees you start seeing for yourself and there's just no way you're going to bake somebody that is not a Christian to believe that so I would say avoid that I mean I'm saying to Voight like oh okay it's okay to be that way no no no no I'm saying avoid it put it on the side burner because look you need to reach to the heart Jesus comes and he will change your heart and he will give you these news these these new desires and he will set you free from sin but you still need to know what's inner you won't be set free there's a you know and it's hard to explain but you will know I mean as soon as you become a Christian you start realizing that what you're doing is wrong when you start doing these things and you may still be tempted I mean it's not like sometimes the temptation just goes away but at least you have a fighting chance and I'm not the homosexual volume-time about all of the things like pornography smoking the addictions that men have that that destroy them you know people from a secular viewpoint they don't they don't get it they don't in until they change and then accept Jesus and really follow Jesus and understand that his ways are better than our ways there's other things I read today too but I'll make a separate video because there's just so much good in the Bible that I read today and I want to stick to one surgeon at a time but hey I want you to understand that when people go out there and go well you know if you're if you're eating shellfish you're sinning just as much as we are um no honey um eating shellfish is a Jewish law I'm not as you I'm a Christian I follow Jesus and that's not the rules that God put upon me so don't try to put more rules on me and what God put on me if you're gonna be you know about any rules these are the four rules that the early church thought about but I'll look it like this love your neighbor as yourself love the Lord your God with all your heart soul strength in mind those are the two Commandments thank you for watching have a great day comment below if you like it if you want to argue I don't I I don't need to argue with anybody because that that's not my job have a nice day

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