April 10, 2020
  • 5:34 pm 6 Weekly Rituals That Have Completely Changed My Life
  • 4:34 pm A Money Manifesting Ritual (with Landria Onkka)
  • 4:34 pm A Simple Druid’s Rite – The Lego Core Order of Ritual (with voiceover)
  • 1:34 pm POWERFUL Hypnotic SLEEP (ASMR) • MONEY & ABUNDANCE Soothing Meditation
  • 1:34 pm Guided meditation for students
ALIGNED AND ALIVE | EP 001| Spiritual Awakening | The Butterfly Effect | Karma | Universal Energy

like a domino effect it's the butterfly effect that's exactly what the butterfly effect is about alright guys welcome back it's me Breanna mu it's me I win but ya know welcome back guys seriously it's been a long time coming very overdue to do so here I am back for every time the Heron that surpassed this is the now this is what matters today right now wherever you are whatever time it is this moment that you're watching this this is what matters right now the intro to my welcome back channel rebirth is aligned in our lives and it is just about my ability to encapsulate my whole journey of this human experience as a spiritual being because that's essentially what we are are we aren't always who knows I hope everyone watching this is a human being so yeah me being able to put that into words as I'm on this journey to finding my life's purpose living in my life's purpose and walking in alignment with what I'm passionate about what I love to do which is a lot of things but one of them being talking and connecting with people this is me opening up embracing my vulnerabilities to open myself up to the limitless abundance that the universe has to offer me you everybody everyone has access to this abundance but it starts with you this is also about me finding my truth and sharing that truth and me being transparent about the challenges I face and how they've actually only been opportunities for me to grow and change directions which is essentially what everything is that you look at as a problem or a negative outcome all it is is an opportunity for you to grow and be great and that's how you should look at it whether it's somebody walking out of your life or anything whatever it is anything you view as negative just view it as this is me growing this is a growing pain something that is gonna catapult me and take me further and introduce me to new experiences and new people all of that when we talk about me and spiritual beings this channel is also about connecting with the universe connecting with all of life on an energetic level because that's essentially what we are are we are all made up of atoms at the very simplest level in water atoms atoms are energy they move with energy so we're going to get into frequencies and meditation and stillness and all of that good stuff because that's what I love that's what brought me to this point for me to be able to talk to you Bob and for me to just be in such a good space in my life it's about being aligned in a life literally being of service to the highest good of all of life all of life animals people plants everything and by doing that it starts with you being the highest good of yourself and for yourself being your highest good is what's going to help other people because what you do matters what you say to people matters the energy you give off to people it matters whether you realize it on a conscious level or not whether the next person who is being affected realizes it or not it matters so yeah so the whole goal of this whole shebang this whole segment is to motivate and inspire people to live their highest good however that manifests itself to live their highest good to do good things to to love and let love love you back and you know embracing all of the goodness that is in life and by doing that does not mean that you'll never face a hardship you'll never have a problem but it's all about perspective so with that me and said I'm hoping that from me sharing my experience that you will be motivated and inspired or maybe learn something about yourself and maybe you can help me learn something and we can have an open conversation and you'll have good energy and I'm giving good energy and you're giving good energy to the next person and then it just keeps going it's like a domino effect it's the butterfly effect that's exactly what the butterfly effect is about that's exactly what the butterfly effect is about and we can talk about my whole experience getting to the butterfly set and what that means to me you actually check out my blog Brianna you calm the blog the name of the blog is the butterfly effect that's exactly what that means is you doing what you say matters so do good things karma exists so you reap what you sow sow good seeds and you'll reap good seeds so bad season you'll reap bad seeds and it may not be instantaneous but Karma that energy that you put out into the world it will definitely catch back up to you so I hope yeah it's all good treating people good being your best self so that the people around you can be their best selves because to vibrate higher is to vibrate on a frequency of love and to put out love is to receive love and you just keep that energy going keep that energy flowing okay it's hard to really say specifically what is in store for this channel all good things for sure all good things all positive things for sure and I plan on being consistent I will be consistent are you sure about that I am starting my last year of undergrad this upcoming fall and I'm gonna be showing up for you on so I need job to show up for me I need you to be here with me and vibrate higher let's travel the world together let's experience life the way it's meant to be experienced let's experience it abundantly life was meant to be abundant life was meant to be prosperous you were meant to live out your life's dreams your heart's greatest desires were meant to be fulfilled literally that's they come from a higher realm of consciousness those dreams that you have it will just come out of thin air they come from a greater source a powerful source people call that force different things and by different names doesn't matter what you call it or how you view it so yeah I'm really excited to be on this journey with you ah because this ascension process which is essentially what I'm on this ascension process this awakening process it means so much to me and I know it means so much to the people who are watching so and it comes with a lot awakening going through an awakening process becoming present in your life is becoming consciously aware of who you are your truest essence the essence of your being that comes with a lot of responsibility that knowing comes with a lot of pressure because it just comes with it comes with a lot of pressure to to elevate entrance in this thing I don't even know what it is but there's like a deep yearning for more but not more in a sense in a sense of what you have is not enough more in a sense of like learning learning more experiencing more and being grateful for the experiences that you have and the experiences that you connect with on an everyday basis like I'm so excited I'm so excited to be doing this y'all I have literally have so much in store outside of just this segment but this segment is like my heart score and I'm so excited to just talk about it with you guys and help you guys and y'all health needs and we're going on these trips together I'm just excited for the unknown because I don't know what's gonna come of this yeah I don't give my attention to negative so the fact that I'm putting out so much in love I'm gonna receive everyone who sends me love so that is that was our first day meeting so we're having any meetings now we're having a meetings now that was that was the first day meeting and we we got through it and it was fun so I'll see you all back for the next one I'll see you all back for the next a a meeting that's aligned and alive and that's exactly how I feel I feel so aligned and clear clear and alive just wholesaling through me happiness love bracelet thankfulness just pulsating through me like it lovely Haiti let's talk about it bye guys even though right now I currently feel you know a little insecure I'm not even gonna get close because my acne ain't a cure right but that's why you embracing those vulnerabilities who cares yeah like methyl ACK I recorded a tutorial for you on play my camera deleted everything so maybe next summer cuz I believe every summer maybe I can do like a ballon video but these I didn't mean very much really outside very much why my island okay very much big natural homegrown okay

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