November 14, 2019
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All Religions Come From Babylon

now we're gonna talk about Back to the Future a man now I done a little work there if you haven't been a part of this ministry long but you don't haven't heard this ministry you need to go or I got some stuff on YouTube but you also need to get our back catalogue of stuff that we've already ministered because it will catch you up with with some of the teachings we have a man I try to teach in a way where everybody can understand a man and I believe in taking people on a journey in the word amen so that people will understand the Bible the whole point is to understand the word are there a man so we're going to talk about back to the future and I taught a little bit on this but I want to go a little bit in depth because you know man forgive my wine on the first in their all their heart and I should be thirsty about them but I want to teach about back to the future now this this picture here look in my bag and see if I see if my pointers in there my laptop bag Dana but this picture here is um it's supposedly I'm not sure if this is the exact what the tower Bible actually looked like but it is an unfinished picture of a of a tower being built in the old what we consider Persian style because how many y'all know that ancient Babylon was in modern-day Iraq amen and so thank you son amen there we go I've been doing the point a man give my professor on on y'all now this is a it was considered modern-day Iraq a man so we're gonna talk so so we're so we've gone then this is the first civilization after the flood of no way man so we so we come from this and the end of the book is going back to this are y'all hearing what I'm saying and so you're gonna understand this better because I'm gonna do some damage today now let me let me give you some little preface here Satan wraps his lies in what is hidden or secrecy Amen his reason is to trick people by making them believe they have exclusive knowledge are you hearing what I'm saying eventually the person's prior will convinced them there is no other truth but what they have found in other words Satan is wise enough not to put the truth out there blatant he puts he makes you kind of seek a little bit and then you find something don't nobody else know you think I got it that's what the occult is hid knowledge say man so so so he knows if it was too easy people wouldn't really receive it so he makes it deep and get scholars and put books together so people think they found something like when he told Eve that there was some knowledge over here in this tree girl you just don't have it all say man he was deceiving her to believe that there was something secret that she could find out which was very intriguing to her intellect y'all there now now I got a lot of pages to go here now symbolism symbolism now the language of the false god worship and the occult is symbolism y'all there now why is that important because after Tower of Babel God came down and confused the languages so if all the languages was confused then there would be no way for a worldwide message to be to be uh to be understood except we talked through symbolism because how many all know the some languages have ceased to to even be and the language is most mixed-up thing in the world there's so many different dialects but how many y'all know Satan I don't have to actually have the language to talk to people I can use the symbols and the symbols were speaking each country that's why the symbols of false god worship are the same in every culture the other now the symbols are used to transcend the language barrier and all cultures have the same or similar pagan symbols because the same Babylonian false god system of worship went through the whole world when mankind was scattered at the Tower of Babel or the plain of Shinar and modern-day rock which was the Sumerian culture y'all there now this is why if you go down in South America they have pyramids y'all they're everywhere on the on the earth where people scatter – they built pyramids y'all there why because they all got it from the tower Babel when they was dispersed y'all hearing what I'm saying so if they got that if they understood the pyramid part which was just building the high places to worship the demons say man if they understood that then they also understood they also understood the worship or what they were worshipping because the same false god system is what they have worshipped throughout the centuries in every inner view just about in every nation or other now we keep going I got to talk about the book Enoch real quick because he knock does something a lot of other manuscripts Doug don't do and I'm gonna defend it right here up why was this book not in the Bible well the Council of the scene the Catholic Bishops voted to remove it from canon law now the Catholic the whole point you got to realize the Catholic Bishops the Catholic Church itself is a continuation of Babylonian paganism me and my wife was just watching a documentary on that well it was um in South America who those people the the Incas the Incas the Incas have a festival now that they know they carried you know they carry those us of those Saints on their shoulders IVA saw that a lot of cultures do it they carry the Saints on their shoulders and the paints now but the incus tent will tell you that these are the we're worshipping the Saints in place of the Kings or the Kings that we that were God back in the day when they were building when were they built the city of gold and stuff like that are out there so the soda soda capsule now South America's Catholic say man but the people are worshipping their their ancient deities only saying they're worshipping these are these Catholic or Saint so y'all they're so so so Babylonian ISM is Catholicism now you got to understand that are you going to be mixed up or other their paganism at the foundation of the Catholic Church Idol and symbol worship Enoch exposed the origin of the Babylonian false gods worship system that the Catholic Church has continued and the book was a threat to other control of the two to their control of the world through false Christianity then why is it important to understand the Catholic Church what they are the ones that said what books went in the Bible they are the ones that that a lot of them ones of know some of the monks was the one that translated the Hebrew in the Greek language a y'all see what I'm saying so it's very important to understand if they are the ones that handled it what was their agenda come on now we know this through history their agenda was to control the world that's what it was killing everybody in the name of Christ say man to force them to convert to Christianity when we know that wasn't Christian are y'all there because it wasn't they wasn't Christian they was paganism with Christian on with the Christian on top of it I out there let's go now now what does the what does this book say are y'all there now study this book I've studied a lot of books with this one I really studied intensively and I want to show you why they didn't want to put this in the Bible this is Enoch chapter 6 and it says and it came to pass when the children of men and multiplied in those days in those days were born unto them beautiful and comely daughters and the angels and the angels the children of heaven saw and lusted after them and said one to one another come let us choose wives from among the children of men and beget us children and some jostle who was the leader said under them I love you I fear ye will not indeed agree to do this thing to do this deed and alone she'll have to pay the and I alone she have to pay depending that this one agent said look I don't want to do this he must have been over him so he said look I don't want get involved because I know I'm had to pay the penalty for what y'all doing the other now what did the Angels want to do know who dangerous they discerns God in Genesis 6 enoch talking about the same thing in Genesis 6 but it seemed like Genesis 6 there's something missing it just says that the sons of God had sex with the daughters of with with the daughters of men and a race of Nephilim a Giants were produced come on so so this is why this book wasn't in the Bible because it starts to explain exactly who did what then you understand what's coming in the future what's coming in the future the same fallen angels are out there okay this says and they all answered him and said let us all swear an oath in buying and all buying ourselves about mutual imprecations not to abandon this plan but to do this thing then swear they all together and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it and they were all and they were in our two hundred descended in the days of Jared on the Mount on the summit of Mount Hermon and they called it Mount Hermon because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it and these are the names of the leaders and it's telling you who these angels were that did it amen now angels were not created like us they were created to serve God only they were spirit beings they could manifest themselves as natural beings but they were not created like men amen men were y'all learn and so when when angels the Angels job was to watch at this time was to watch over God's creation of men but they lusted after the women I am there and they came down and start having it so you have these spirit beings having sex with with with humans now you say well how's that how's that possible well uh that's how our Mary got pregnant the Bible says the Holy Spirit came upon her so it could be it could happen amen so they came down and had sex with with with the daughters of men and they produced a a mutated offspring now the Bible calls them Giants but the word Giants really translates Nephilim y'all there and the Bible says in Genesis 6 that these Nephilim was before the flood then you remember that when God looked down there this is what's going on in the book eating out Genesis 6 it's talking about the same thing but eating ox give you more detail to show you this is what these angels was trying to do are y'all there now let me give you a little bit of Genesis 6 y'all know where I met Genesis 6 in-1 says and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God who's the sons of God it's the Fallen Angels it was the angels were the sons of God at that time because you remember me and had fallen through the sin of Adam y'all there that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that were fair and they took them wives of which of all of which they chose and the Lord said my spirit will not strive with man for that he is also he also is flesh yet his days shall be 120 years so God shortened man's in life at this point why they mixed DNA together they was doing what we're trying to do now with this gene code and splicing genes and trying to mutate stuff for y'all that there were giants in the earth that were right there Giants is the word Nephilim which is the offspring of these fallen angels and women yeah I got that in those days and listen now it's talking about this is the before the flood they were giant in those days and after so before the flood there were giants and after say man so that telling you right there that that's the same demon DNA survived the flood or is telling you that they came down again because we're going to see now this is the mystery of the pyramid I'll get there I'll show y'all when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and they bare children to them the same became mighty men or which were of old men of renown these other these mighty men were what the myths are about all the Greek myths and stuff like that it was not just men Steeler Giants Hercules and Zeus and all that DS is who they're talking about are you out there the men of renown and then they never starting to find our Gallants go evidence I showed y'all before they find the bones of these giants so they know they lived let's see now and eliminate even one more point to show you you remember the life was once a part was a Nephilim the one who David killed you remember Goliath had four brothers they were all giants that's why Jack David had five rocks we heard preachers preaching at all time he had five Roscoe's one for the five now he had five rocks cuz if his other brothers ran out he was going to hit them with a rock that's why you picked up that's like six bullets one for everybody that's why he hadn't rocks y'all right now and God saw that the wickedness of man was great and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was evil continuing and listen why because the Giants had corrupted man or the other fallen angels had corrupted man with this demon DNA the other and it repented the Lord that he had made man on earth and it grieved him in his heart and the Lord said I will destroy man whom I created from the face of the earth both man and beast and creeping thing and faster he said I missed all this stuff because it was all messed up it was all the DNA it wasn't they in other words Satan changed God's original creation to a perverted or mutated creation this is the dinosaurs these creeping beats to stuff the world is not millions of years old the world as we know it is 6,000 years old you say why I'm gonna give you another teaching on carbon dating they the way they try to figure how old some means is they used carbon dating carbon dating has already been disproven they said the oldest thus far they can go back with carbon dating it's ten thousand years because before that they can't find nothing that the carbon dating is unreliable so when they say millions of years they using it because it fits into their theory of evolution so basically they just a lie and say yes this bones millions years old i'ma tell you i'ma show you another study that I did whatever was there was a scientist who took a bone and sent it to a college I think it was UCLA and they had this carbon dating uh you know this um after anthropological Dept and he wanted to get this bone karma dated and he said he found the bone it was an old bone so immediately they went and saying where the bones millions years old well he said now the bone is only four thousand years old we know where we found that so carbon dating has been disproven so the world is nothing listen happen and why is it important because evolution won't fit but evolution was a lie anyway because I got I got papers from Darwin himself on his deathbed he had gotten say what he was trying to understand who Christ was because he said his this is a quote of Darwin Darwin said my thoughts have my thoughts men have created a mint and a religion out of my thoughts he said it wasn't true it was just what I was thinking say man and then you got people like Karl Marx who wrote Mein Kampf and all that stuff I mean Karl Marx who wrote the communist manifesto and begin to push this evolution theory and then of course if they own all the schools and stuff well who's gonna refute it y'all there but it's been destroyed and disproving the earth is about 6,000 years old just like the Bible says they can't prove anything else other than lies are you out there now you started what I'm saying don't believe what I'm saying do your homework alright now back now I'm back to the Book of Enoch in chapter 7 now y'all there and it says it all and all the others together with them took themselves wise and these angels did they took their selves wives and each chose for himself one and they began to go in unto the event were right there you know what that means they had sex with them and to defile themselves with them and they taught them listen it's important they taught them charms enchantments the cutting of roots and made them acquainted with plants and they became pregnant and bare great giants whose height was 3000 ELLs who consume all the acquisition of men and when me and could no longer sustain them feed them the Giants turned against me and devour mankind they became countable remember in the book of Exodus when Moses said 'they are the spies into the land of canaan and told and they came back said it was giants in the land that devoured the inhabitants he's dealing with the same netherlands ient DNA they meant that there was giants there they killed inhabitants of the land are y'all there come on y'all there come on turn teach you something now and then listen and they began to sin against version say but listen they begin to sin against birds and beasts what are they doing mixing DNA messing with creation that's why you got pterodactyls and all this type of reptiles God didn't make that God made a kind where he called clean animals they made all these beasts and he's beast or eating them and turn that's why you got the dinosaur age y'all are not there now and the fish and and then to devour one another's flesh and to drink blood that's what his vampirism come from Grimble we going we going back to the future we're going work work what were we were with this valley is all Babylonian worship to the future that's what's coming in the end there so Twilight stuff ain't nothing new this is old Babylonian worship but bloodletting and blood drinking and all that stuff then the earth laid accusation against the lawless one the earth had to speak of God's creation had to speak up because the earth grieves that's why you see the tornadoes in the tsunami sub now that's as men become unrighteousness to earth starts to convulse because the earth loves God it loves righteousness it knows who his creator is y'all done let me go on now this is chapter 8 of the Book of Enoch it says up now this was a note I had to make to myself I'm supposed to be knowledge was given to Nimrod I remember what did if Island Angels do had sex with women what was the reason they let me see what was the reason they did it because of the sea listen because you remember in Genesis when God judged Eve and said that you're seeding your he told Satan the serpent your seed and her seed is going to fight and her seed is going to crush your head what was they trying to do stop the righteous seed from coming by defiling mankind through the filing women the filing the vehicle the wound that the man would be birthed through that would crush Satan's head so that's what that's why he meant some and kind of the other it's too much okay come on got to go now listen now this is Enoch chapter 8 and Isis they'll talk me into make swords and knives here we go and he's teaching them knowledge God chicks what did what was the problem in the Garden of Eden Satan showed up and said there's some knowledge that y'all don't have God so Adam said knowledge of the tree of good and evil say man they're not over tree tree a good and evil is good the good of the tree is bad and the eve of the tree is bad because happened let me show y'all the good are the trees to make a weapon to defend yourself before if you didn't eat the tree you wouldn't be fighting come on so the good see to these angels taught them what you would consider ain't that good things knives and bracelets and and metals are the earth and how to work them and that's how they built the pyramids and done all this stuff and people try to figure out how do they do it they was worshipping these fallen angels and they still can't figure out how they made the pyramid we were just watching it today they're still amazed why they trying to make like white people did it then we are tripping because we know black people did it but we got our chest stuck out not realize they did it disobey a god so all that's bad too come on you can't take no pride in that we was worth the same way to Indians you know why the Indians got killed and conquered over here cuz they was worshipping the same fallen angels over here so they got killed and conquered any people that got that did that got killed in conflict we're coming up to the 250 years or the sons of Japheth the sons of Japheth picniced I'm gonna help y'all y'all read them and every blessed show y'all ready then they called it Freemasonry in the called Illuminati and all that type stuff that is just those the white man found out what this how did how the ancient civilizations what power they were using through what through the occult the coaches hidden knowledge what they find out when they went over in the caves and them tuned to start uncovering stuff the knowledge of what the Fallen Angels so they start worshipping them in secret and they have now the power that's why they rule in the world but they gonna follow – just like the rest of the code they fall in now why because they worship any same guys that's why you see all the wickedness everything that they're over Nels wicked just too much okay now let me go for y'all judge me now you ain't got judge me studying you ain't got judge this is always saying like this is no secret no more all right you know that small internet there pornography get delivered from pornography you get some knowledge smoking weed there bonaga you get some knowledge all right now look at this now so so now now these these angels start teaching them how to bracelets and and you severe not to me say man they started that's why we knew that Egyptians had done surgery and brain surgery a lot of the skulls they find have holes in them where they've done surgery these people are not they wasn't mongrels a crate wasn't like didn't have no na they had all the knowledge we have today the knowledge hasn't changed they had all of what we have the day and today trying to say they built all this stuff without no wheels they didn't need a wheel really if they didn't have a listen you know they had a wheel let me tell you why they had a wheel this is just so silly what would they worship in the Sun God all of their symbols is a circle on the wall they do think they couldn't have Oh a wheel a week or disenroll they knew the earth was round they knew there was ten planets the Sumerians on the wall they knew it was ten planets one of them they just now saying our strata that said we destroyed his new planet may that even where planet was iron man I planted been iron that's the planets going over the earth and its orbit Earth every 3,600 years I go a little bit further I don't go too far with that but that's what they callin a new Beruna B rule say man but it's just it's a city I'll talk about it later on you're going to it now but y'all there which is where when it enters I listen i'ma show y'all so when the enters our solar system what what it does is it crosses it makes a cross in our solar system and when that cross right there is what Constantine said he saw it's what these Babylonian people saw it's what that's the mark of tamers set I mean Horus look D I'm I ain't gonna go to D the other that's why people try to say the Egyptian story is kind of like the Bible no it ain't the Egyptians the Bible is the Satan always will try to mimic what God's doing y'all there okay let's go on now the color intentions and those are roles those their roles much godlessness now after they don't learn that stuff what happened godlessness now I thought if these these angels were good gods then why is God listen it's coming why did God flood the world because of the stuff that these angels taught me in and what did the men do with the knowledge come on what we do with knowledge now kill each other the minute we figured out how to make a bomb we used it the other and committed fornication now watch for you I can I help y'all let me help y'all watch for none day is the worst fornication such a such a terrible thing with God all cause people him Mary and that's just the preacher saying that no the reason why God said fornication was was important because you got to know who you mixing your seed with the issue of fornication was not mixing yo seed with the wrong person I had no babies Val Eddie what Paul said Paul says if you have sex with a harlot or woman you become one Widow so part of us in you part of you in ha scientists has figured that a man seeming goes into women's bones so he really is under your skin so I was hard to get him out because he's so tired and that needs to be spiritually broken by the blood of Christ let me go on Luther's let's go they were led astray and became corruption jobs at all enchantments and root cuttings oh this is where we get this what we call the occult magic witchcraft all that type of stuff psychic astrology divination psychic reading palm reading tarot cards root working all of its came from right here the Egyptians were the Egyptians were powerful in this stuff and they had civilization for thousands of years y'all they're taught astrology you know the horoscopes and the zodiacs they already the gypsies already knew about that now you say wasn't that good now they got the knowledge this is the knowledge that this is the knowledge of the tree of good and evil this is this is the knowledge that God said I don't want y'all to have it let me talk to you out of my walking to the God in the cool of the day I won't have relationship let me tell you how the world is but Adam got his knowledge here say man and these are the these other angels equal the knowledge of the clouds and and so we know through the through archaeology that the Egyptians had all of this exactly they had all of that knowledge already can I go on alright Genesis 10 6 and I'm this is I'm going back to the Bible to show you something and the sons of ham were cush say man now remember after the flood happened y'all there um after the flood happened who survived no one his sons y'all there now after the flood they came out and the civilizations started with cush with cush well it's not upper with ham Shem and Japheth nor three sons are y'all there now we know that the humidity races are the darker skinned people or mainly the Africans because we know cush is Ethiopia and misery M is what scholars have left out because they didn't want people to really know that this is really Egypt now if you know the helm son was a black man then you know his curse his son was miserable I mean I mean and his other son was black then you know misery M or Egypt was black and so was foot and so was came in the lands of the Bible there was black men come on now why don't they want these why don't they want Egypt to be black they've done everything to make Egypt not black because they are marveling at the how they did what they did then they know if they say black people did it they would be ashamed that they have treated us so bad say man but I don't want them to acknowledge me because I know how we got the knowledge see win right just because we were persecuted we were we were persecuted cuz we was unrighteous and they come in their time is coming now Edom was ruling at the end of the world they going they gonna get there – it's coming that's why they scared to death when you scare stock market crash we saw we Ike we never had no stock no way we gonna be I you know we were all raised been we know how to hustle and get we need so you know they'd wanna jumping out windows way we I their system is crashing what they built through the knowledge these fallen angels they built that system hey y'all there now now but but if you but if you understand their systems crashing ours crash first we had the knowledge first that's why he can't get caught up in this ancient they took away you know Allah say they took away our religion and I name what we look at what was doing was killing people we were sacrificing our pay our children to these gods that's why every culture has altars what a sacrifice knew they sacrifice children now who's the god of child sacrifice mow leg bail bail P or let me go now Genesis 10 a seven it says and the sons of cush was sabaha below us after rama Shabak well you know these are some that's really not important to what I want to say verse 8 it could be got missing cuz we got Nimrod he was a mighty one in the earth the black man right here was the one that received its knowledge how to be a Bible the Tower of Babel was built by the son of Nimrod I mean the son of cush and we know that that whole message but I told you our last week the whole area was Mesopotamia the Fertile Crescent and all that was black folk yeah I got that ain't on my black thing today say man I just want to show y'all how this guy then let me give you a little bit more these angels are the source of false God worship they are called the Anunnaki their offspring is cut what's called Nephilim these are the Giants of Justice 6 say man let me let me give you something I got it I got to make some connections Amen now Catholicism means universalism all religions inclusive that is the continuation of the ancient Babylon Sun worship what was what was listen y'all let me show y'all because Babylon was before Egypt because we do know that that Nimrod see Genesis 6 is so fast that's a lot of years it happened right there there was a lot of years that happen so we do know that mr. Ram which is Egypt we know that Nimrod was before him what did he establish what did Nimrod establish what he was built a tower available come on now what what what kind of work well let me give it to you he establish Sun worship y'all there Nimrod made his wife the high priest priestess her name was Samara miss they had a child this is why they always took these stories and every culture is the same because they worshipping the same deities why because they all came from the Tower of Babel so listen the other so Nimrod Nimrod created a a this Babylonian priests system and they worship the Sun and they worship a lot of other things but the Sun was the major thing they worship and his wife was a high priestess or the prophetess hey man and then they had a son a man what was a son named tamers y'all there what was the son's name Taymor's that was what that was what was called the Trinity say man every culture every religion has a Trinity now the Egyptians adopted the Babylonian worship and took it to the ninth degrees or the speed because Osiris was now Nimrod in Egyptology the other who Semiramis Nimrods wife come on who some aramis not who is she in Egyptology isis whose stomach tamers whose type come on say it again y'all you're right Horus are y'all there the other so that and then listen this is very important you get this that Babylonian system when all over the world all over the world that's why all of that's why they all have the same flood story every civilization has a story when there was a flood that that destroyed all life on earth where they get it from passing down the oral history from the tower of viable y'all there can we keep going to too much let me give you a something here we go now now from the ancient ruins of Earth there was in Mesopotamia Sumeria the mail guy shamash is seen as the blaze within and they had different names but the same God Nimrod was called a lot of different things just like Osiris was called a lot of different names other but we talk about the same deity so y'all there it says in the mail God said my succeeding as a blaze as a solar blaze within the crescent moon the the moon goddess named was not enough come on the Greek star took on I mean the Roman still calling her Diana come on but the moon god discretion and the star this Islam ain't no new were original religion its Babylonian worship no boy I have his brothers come here with bow ties now I ain't scared thanks Carrie none y'all oh I got no the troops see I had to see I had to go beyond what they were saying and what these other cats and even the white cats do was catch I had to study for myself go all the way back and seeing this lion that all of this is false God worship say man well how we know how we know Jesus is right that's the prophecies you got to understand the prophecies alright y'all there ain't got time I'll tell you how you interpret the Bible after why I will tell you now in that time then listen the Lord said on Abram get out of your country a and from your Kidron and this is what this was Abraham's people member Tara daddy it's what he was doing he was worshipping this false god worship this she Martin and the moon goddess that's what he was doing which Nimrod and his wife set up he told him get away from them cuz it's wicked now this is the God of the Bible tells Abraham get away from him now if this was good why Abraham stayed our worship with him because they was pagans and he said I'm a shut-in from your father's house and unto a land I was and I'm gonna show you the land when you get there y'all ready because ma'am I said what what is Satan's language symbolism come on say symbolism this is a pagan carving of the solar dog a Edomite who's either might I heard it right there and go the descendants of Esau Jacob's brother what color was he saw what color did Bobby say he saw was they got her he was red a yaller and and Bale had that depicted as a disk in a crescent the other this is the god of the Edomites saying God now this is Syrian style carving of King ball Raqqa 8th century BC worshipping the Sun God depicted as a crescent moon cradling a solar disk see all oh then memmer Syria let me show you something if Mesopotamia was right here Assyria was like over here but they still worshipping the same thing y'all they're in a crescent moon is the crescent moon is also in Egypt other then the ornament of King Tut's tomb notice to this cradle within a crescent moon also knows the image of the young king himself right here upon the disc this is the same Babylonian worship other this is an engraving of an Egyptian temple of hathor the eye of Osiris see the Crescent all roman-catholic monstrousness have a crescent to hold a way for to wait for god of babylon within it thereby depicted an exact duplication of babylonian worship of the sun god Bell this is the cathode here come on y'all tryin to show y'all this I'm trying to show y'all remember what I say about the Catholicism its continuation from paganism the monsters of the Roman Catholic Church is you to display the disk shaped communion wafer within a crescent moon crater this is this this is this is a relic in the Catholic Church this is a Sun God and these right here symbolize phallic symbols and these are women part symbols this is it this is the face right here the face of Apollo the Greek Sun God in the Straits is straight the straight phallic symbols and the wavy onic symbols of pagan dualism I one whose dualism the rest of modern day free what they worship a free mates are now Baphomet of a man and a woman mixed now you know where we got homosexual coming from trying to show y'all we still we going back to gold right to it we went from it going back to it similar of dualism all around they found on the temple of apollo in Pergamum the museum now is in east berlin it's where pro gamma was this is where it relates to three what Satan's throne was what it was worshipping this big Temple of Apollo the Roman Catholic Church in Scandinavia proudly displays the face of Babylonian Sun God upon their pulpit this is the face of bail you can see the Sun God at the very top of the serpentine pillars at st. Peter's Basilica the Vatican the heart of Catholicism its pagan worship notice the face of the Roman Sun God all around at our horns at Ray's emanating from it depicting the Sun in the sky this relief is from the excavated Roman Baths in England here is the face of a child within the fertility symbol the sun's rays on Roman Catholic altar notice the pagan male male straight and female wavy dualism of the Sun God there's too much the Trident of Babylon was placed in the hands of all listen to try it in your honor y'all seen that in like the Poseidon that trident they carried the Trident of Babylon was placed in the hands of all pagan gods at Daniel Neptune Poseidon and other guys depicted carrying the Trident so that was a Babylonian symbol right now the trident called the devil's pitchfork it was symbol it symbolized symbolized major gods in various pagan cultures in India it is linked to the Hindu Trident bear reciever spouse of the skull bearing goddess Kali more recently this three-pronged spear has been used by Hindu militants in India to intimidate Christians see the article I ain't got time to go there okay now beside it on Neptune carry the Trident as a ruler of the sea or underworld this same trident is also depicted in many artifacts and carvings of the Horned hoof son god of babylon the devil it's also depicted with this very same try to pitch for the other now here we see a trident coming out of the hand of Jesus Christ to try it in sea it's not Christian they are worshipping pagans they're worshipping false gods with Christianity on top of it that's the Catholic Church who write who wrote who trying to write the books it also depicts the pagan symbol of dualism within it not only does it portray the Trident the three finger salute as well as the golden skin of bel it also has baby Jesus holding the pagan globe come on got a gig come on here we see Pope Pius Hitler's Pope Hitler's Pope Hitler's Pope with his three finger salute that's the Trident salute what is he doing it's the same Babylonian tried in remember what is Satan work with symbols then see I may not speak his language but because if I understand these symbols I know exactly what he's talking about notice to try to end depicts to depicts the wavy lines of the female and straight line of the male thereby creating the pagan symbol of male-female unity dualism symbolizes Baphomet now this is Baphomet it's the goat God they call it the God of the Freemasons but basically it's just Satan in another way but this is what I want to show you see he has breasts but it's a man so that's why the huge ik industry and the entertainment industries ran by this spirit that's why everybody now finally we see a pre-christian votive hand taken directly from a pagan temple this is taken from a pagan temple look at the notice the three fingers I'm glad to try it in here we see a Hindu deity displaying this isn't Hindu now this is an India displaying to try to assign now how do they get there saying worship all over the world are y'all there this this is a satanic hand gesture y'all there notice the same pagan salute of the votive hand on us on a salute of the Paolo in the London Museum all over the world's the same stuff Hindu deity holding prayer beads Hindus today use prayer beads but when they operating this is what Jesus said but when you pray do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do she keep saying the same thing over and over would deceive you it inoculates you against the truth that's why I said no when you talk to me conversating say man so so prayer beads prayer beads prayer beads are designed to keep saying the same thing over and over Hail Mary Mother great lordy blessed Hail Mary Mother grace either you indoctrinated you keep saying it over and over again to show you these prayer beads wasn't godly / bees will commonly buried with Pharaohs of Egypt saying worship most Egyptian called steel use prayer beads repetition is a form of brainwashing and indoctrinate you into the occult and produces spiritual blindness it is witchcraft y'all know in Buddhism then remember the movie Tina Turner she sat down I'm a rain gauge they say the same thing over over again well that's how she got a doctrine a tit God is a God of he lied talk to me to this day Muslims still use prayer be the change with ninety nine beans Allah has 99 names now we know what these beads came from and people get mad at me because I'm telling ok try to enlighten you now if I could trace your God's origin is he God notice the prayer beans in the pagan priests hand found in ancient ruins of Mesopotamia Babylon now y'all see this these are prayer beads in the hands of the priests this is the Babylonian worship they established false god worship where did they get it from the Fallen Angels Catholic rosary saying the rosary is witchcraft it produces spiritual blindness that's why Catholic people you'll be talking to them and they they won't hurt you no you're over in the same way so hey I'll repeat these same stuff and they can't listen to truth and even you if you keep repeating the same lie you'll believe it that's why I said at first what did the devil do he puts a little bit of knowledge in the mystery and you find out and you stay there I want to say ain't nothin that's it and you don't know his whole lot of stuff going on say man I'm glad Christ teaches us to use our head and thank her as the key here is the Catholic child supposed to be Jesus depicted holding the pagan globe with the prayer beads holding the pagan globe Dagon is the Philistine gardening y'all know who he is we studied were also known as a Nimrod this is the Dagon was supposed to be Nimrod come back to life that's what summer miss his wife saying so she could stay there keep worshiping this dead garden and high in the world then why was it important for her to say that it's his never I come back to life cuz when Nimrod got killed who killed Nimrods if y'all know his brother its brother son killed Nimrod but I thought but see Nimrod said he was God so how could God die so when his brother killed him well his wife have to do he's reincarnated now he's the fish guy come on y'all he's half man half fish now you can see in the first enemy what happened when they put this this image of God in the same temple in the same temple with the Ark of the Covenant where the presence of the real God was God broke him in head half broke his head off show me what God y'all there sees know I learned this the truth is like the matrix it'll pop you if you ain't careful see a lot of people pop because they don't understand the truth because they've been taught something that they I told you saying in season to believe that all they know is all there is say man and so when I talk to Muslims all I do is start talking about nah know who's nah know I asked a man who's not a man who's not we don't talk about that well that's telling you who you worshipping word Inanna come from the junk can I even help y'all more because because y'all know Catholicism is Babylon is really Babylonian is right the Catholic Church released a nun to go down to the Middle East and found the dude named Mohammed she married that dude and start teaching him what we call Islam the Catholic Church did it to stop the spread of true Christianity and now Islam got out of their control that's what happened they always use Islam to fight the Christians and they use Christians to fight Islam see right now they're supposed to be Christian West is doing what fighting Islam for the Catholic Church but at first the Muslims was fighting Christians for the Catholic Church why cuz the Catholic Church wants to stay the supreme power over the world like they was when they first came into conception they want to keep being the Emperor of the world y'all right now Neptune Poseidon was considered ruler in the world he was yet another representation of the Sun God of Babylon notice the same fish God headdress the other these are old Babylonian symbols highly symbols look how that side I showing up in the in highness oh yeah this is the fish head the fish hair hat the Pope is wearing symbolizing Babylon art itching of Dagon with a clear view of the pipe of the papal mitre this hat you know the Pope has a hat with opens like open mouth it symbolized the fish hat just come up with y'all every Pope wears a fish mitre of the debt God Dagon notice the serpent crosier that came from the Egyptian pharaohs another view of the fish hat fish head Mitel babylon notice the sun-god emblem of the mitre it's what this is they can't explain this what it had come from what we know where it came from to much yet is I'm getting your now I'm very close I'm almost out of screens Freemasons and Cigna the evil eye the Sun God this is what the Freemasons crest this right here is called a rubriz it's a snake if you can see it eating its tail and then why is that important what is will be again will be again be again where they started the Babylonian worship will be again what it symbolized that's why we're going back to that the Sun God insides what the New World Order is all about back to the tower Bible where we was all worn one language what the Internet has done created us causes be one now the Sun God inside a triangle the serpent circle cross over the globe this is what the free mates all this all this Babylonian symbolism the Masons were a secret Catholic cult in Europe Egyptian Shriners are high level Masons Islam repackages Christianity that's what the Shriners are if you ever seen this round assemble what is it it's the sward the Crescent star come on y'all ain't none that stuff knew the large evil eye is engraved on the Roman sarcophagus at the National Museum in Rome whose eyes is right Osiris rah Sun God the eye of Osiris is used as a pendant against magic the very same eye on the United States one dollar bill it proves this country was founded on free masonry it's the same eye this right here this right here is what we call now let me show you this part of the pyramid is the loominatee they're building this one world system so this here the light bringer Lucifer can set on the whole government that's what America was formed for very same Malvo Cyrus is found on Roman Catholic pulpits in Paris same triangle or the pagan eye of Osiris is found on the pendant that is used by Roman Catholic youth group in Philippines the Eva i watching worshippers perched high above the apex of the dome in the cathedral of santiago this way worshipping his eyes looking down on why they worshipping period the Roman Catholic Church is placed in the pagan globe in the hand of Jesus Christ and we already already told y'all that they change the color of Christ into Caesar borgir Greek goddess of wisdom and war Athena is depicted here holding the serpent crosier in the right hand a symbol of power so I'll see that this is very important that's that symbol right there notice to pay your halo behind one of the Japanese gods of happiness this is outlook I'm sure so y'all here we see Krishna India God with the golden halo don't y'all run Cal Trey I'll get these halos out of here what's that symbol all that symbols that they're saying are symbols the Sun God the Son God the Hindu deity in the muck Museum in Paris has a large halo disc behind the head this is all Babylonian worship it's all over the world now notice the exact same large halo disc of the Hindu religion it's also found behind a head Macallan statue in Westminster well I thought these our religion was different they are the same you literally see thousands of statues paintings carvings photos of Roman Catholic popes bitches priests the Saints with halos in every Roman Catholic Church all over the world and that's the symbolizes the Sun God quasi quasi quasi koto the Lord of life and death displayed the Sacred Heart of Babylon I mean come on where was this said where's quasi koto from come on was he from Mexico South America stuff then the Sacred Heart is important y'all see this this is the demon God quasi Kudo right the Roman Catholic Sacred Heart to say with wit with the Trident sign say paganism your earth the pagan image holding the key to opens heaven and hell was a SS peace as well as peace of war pagan symbol see these keys now who had the keys that who had the keys for real Christ had the keys now look at this the Pope of that daiba claim the Roman Catholic Church had the keys of heaven held these are the literal keys they had and said these are the keys the Mesopotamian old Mesopotamia who's that Babylonian God or demigod with the crooked dividing staff that represents both the servant Crozier as well as a lightning bolt y'all see that y'all see y'all know y'all I want to I know it's kind of fuzzy see this right here it's the crooked staff see that okay notice the bank the patent the new notes of staff the same crooked staff notice the pinecone upon the post staff what the pinecones symbolize if y'all know oh I didn't have a screen i'ma tell you what it is well you know you know they worship the evergreen tree because it didn't die in the winter where we get the Christmas tree from so the pine cones are yawning messing up our creating I'm just telling you see we are so devoid of truth y'all and then the truth we do guys we got it for people who's bitter and angry and mad and they can't you see you can't you got to had a love of Christ and Holy Spirit to teach truth or you will skew it you will make you say what you wanted to say so God had realized why God put me through so much it's hard to teach his stuff now it's people who's you know used to do still lies here we see the Perricone being held by Mexican god symbolizing seize hold back on thus the rebirth and the Sun actually the Panico also symbolized Horus say man or let's see oh no no no another name for Horus was i star i star because he was born and i think it was in the winter so the PI symbol was his symbol where we get the word Easter upon every bishop as well as every Pope you will find the fishhead mitre of Babylon notice the eye of Satan looking down on the guise of the Roman Catholic bishop this is the aisle prayer see these ribs all right here all the bishops it's in there look at this iron looking down on these cats that ain't God now what we trace our back easier where they get it from Babylon the Roman Catholic serving Crozier of the bishops as well as the High Church v this is what they're the staff they're carrying this serpent staff the Roman Catholic serpent crosier of the bishops as well as the hatch is same staff serpent crosier I want y'all it's very important you understand that these closures you need to see that now I'm gonna go back to the closure but this right here is the statue of Jupiter in a pagan temple it's now this was in the pagan Tilghman as in the Vatican they renamed this statue of Jupiter Peter st. Peter notice the pagan symbol depicted in the hand gesture of Babylon how you got in it notice the wind serpent spirit' that signifies the soul of the deceased the come on the witness is Egypt this is etiology the winged serpent this that symbolized the soul of the deceased Egyptian it's the crosier the serpent staff winged serpent guardians protecting King Tut's tomb we in serpent depicted on a few oxy their departed soul carrying the departed soul to heaven it's the sir preparing the soul to heaven winged serpent door handle on Saint Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco California why is this church's why we now you know the serpent is our enemy we dragging on a large paper crashing the Vatican note then they know vadas of means diviner can mean serpent so Vatican means the diving or divining serpent that's what the Vatican I don't know if I could do any more or if y'all can't get that than we just lost the Syrian winged turbans force a tri-level tiara in the British Museum one two three this is the Syrian wing two bullet cherubim this is what you will consider the one of the Fallen right here now even Christian is depicted with a trial try level one two three tiara Christian is India God this is a Jewish Kabbalistic solar deity in the form of a human headed dragon can you see this tri-level tiara on his head symbolizing rulership right here it's dragging head one two three you got that there's a close-up of it I'll all throughout the history of Roman Catholic Church the Pope's have worn a tri-level tiara of the ancient solar code of Babylon they do so as open declaration of their desire to be the god of earth heaven and hell come on too much the tri-level tiara triple crown that is kept in the Vatican Treasury in Rome notice the tridents jutting out at the top of this cross on the altar of st. Paul's Cathedral in London also notice the waving of the outer spikes of the fork symbolizing pagan dualism most of the symbols that we see today are coming from the same Babylonian worship this Hindu God not only has a trident and also places the Firdous list of fertility symbol throughout the East upon it King Tut holds the crooked the crooked Crozier in his hand so asked to identify himself in depth with Osiris the Sun God God of the Dead so what's to poke them doing with this stuff because it's the same thing they worship in the same system notice the solar wheel over the interests of the Buddhist temple it's too much of y'all tire you notice the solar wheel over the interests of the Buddhist temple solar wheel sun god the bronze ornament carries both the Alvo cyrus as well as the solar wheel at the base sun god here we see a solar wheel of the Sun on the Syria Babylonian altar that they had as years ago they have no wheels then where that comes from that was only webs on the wall the solar wheel the Roman Catholic solar wheel on the notre-dame Cathedral in Paris the solar wheel depicted in the floor tiles of the monastery of Satan Natas the solar wheel in the ceiling of another monastery of st. Ignatius Loyola Spain here we see the Catholic Madonna holding a soda will the largest solar wheel on earth the court of st. Peter at the Vatican in Rome notice the wheel within a wheel with H folks this is common symbol of cause for cosmic energy in the religion of paganism that's actually a Fowler symbol – I don't got time to get into that a decorative wheel found on the altar of the Roman Catholic Church here we see hercules who is also considered a representative of the solar deity and a small bronze statue holding the globe seen any they holding glow then I'm trying to show y'all it's the same symbolism the now now we'll look at that now we didn't no no we look at that solid state this wholeness incised at you but somebody who understands the paganism will look at that and say oh okay I know what you're representing y'all there so even though I won't speak the language I can understand what they're representing the Statue of Isis the Roman Egyptian goddess noticed though being held in the hand the Persian son God might throw is depicted here as well holding the globe the globe is actually a Babylonian symbol of rulership of the universe another example of this global being held this time by this black Virgin of Montserrat which is what the real statues in the Catholic Church looked like before Pope Alexander changed them all it was all black a pagan god holding a Coptic shell this bronze statue is the Atlas of with the unit with is the app is Atlas with the universe on his shoulders the other these are just more symbols of that Coptic shell here we see the scene of the birth fertility of Venus in the – shell here the bare breasted Venus is depicted here holding the Coptic shell the angel statue in the Catholic Church is holding the shell this is Poseidon the Horned God notice the shell is part of his head the Vatican is Saint Peter's Basilica we see the Coptic cell for the universe on the papal crest copper shell Zeus the Greek god holds a symbol of thunder lightning boat in his hand as chief God this symbol originated in Mesopotamia he is called Marduk in Babylon Balin Canaan I died in Assyria Jupiter in Rome NL the hoof horn God of demons in Sumeria this is where we got the hoof figure of the devil y'all got that notice married the true God of Roman Catholicism see Jesus a true God of Catholicism it's some elements in the form of Mary Isis in the form of Mary they don't worship Christ they worship Mary a God of Roman Catholicism holding the lightning boat of chief God in the exact same manner as Zeus and all his counterparts of Babylon see that worshiping that worshiping this stuff right in front of people and people ain't catching it are y'all there all right let me end it Jesus is coming for a pure bride from jealous over you with the godly jealousy for I've espoused you betrothed you to one husband Jesus Christ that I may present you a pure chaser Brian stand on your feet I'm done you learn something today hallelujah hallelujah whoo the Bible says it's the truth set you free so my goal as a pastor is to give you truth and then you take it in and you decide whether you receive it or not but I want you to know the truth I see people this message actually came from me seeing people with a lot of these Babylonian symbols on their body through tattoos and stuff and you know it looks cool and stuff but I want you to understand the origin now what is the listen y'all it's just very simple what is the reason for a symbol what do symbols represent okay let me show you if you go to the bathroom and you see a man symbol on the wall with pants then you know what so who goes in here if you see the symbol the woman symbol you know so symbols symbols illustrate symbols give you to understanding of entrance so when you listen now are y'all ready come on y'all ready um how can I put this and I put this put a hold on a one upon your beat beat for me um if you have a symbol of um I'm trying to figure this school bus y'all ready say school bus what's the similar school bus yellow bus say man with a school bus pulls up it's telling you who's supposed to get on the bus right why because it's a symbol of the school bus the other the intranet occult symbols symbolize what demon can inhabit in area of your life based on what symbol you have they belong to them the Bible says listen be not ignorant of Satan's devices or symbols so when I put same symbol on me or in my house on my car or somewhere else the devil says that's my symbol I have a right to come in your life so that's the reason why G God told his people don't make no mark in your flesh cuz the same will trick you to put a symbol on you and with that symbol here say I own you I because he's not dealing in language he's dealing in symbols say man so this is the reason why you watch it summer I was telling my wife did you know that there are certain things we do we don't know but yet we are allowing the devil to come in our life I was telling my wife I said baby when I was in the restaurant store I was getting a case of chicken and on the own label I said these chickens have been slaughtered by the Islamic rules and traditions so what's that mean this is what it means to have deep food sacrificed to idols so that's why Paul said pray over your foods I immediately said the devil is a lie every curse y'all want talk don't nobody want to talk and understand every time you go into Chinese shop you are eating food sacrificed to the idols that's why Paul said pray and you have no idea what you eating there so you better pray over everything the other back in the Middle Ages people couldn't read so the pawn shop had a symbol that they put outside the barber shop had a symbol was the straight bow they couldn't reach but they knew if they saw that symbol get a haircut here so come on y'all trying to show y'all something so when we just adopt stuffing wine things come on you might not know the language but the spirit world knows that language and you're cursing yourself save me don't get mad at pasty trying to help us y'all there Amen so we're gonna pray today we're gonna pray that we there's a lot of information I gave you it's the Sparky to study that's all the reason I gave it to you but I want to make sure that you know that you know within your own heart if there's some things that I had to work with you and Jesus Christ you know you know I don't have time to argue over the name you know I you know we go into all this stuff about what God name is say man I know what his name is it's the name I called on when I got saved it's the name that made me once not kill people it's the name they made me love focus the name that made me the love shed in my heart is the name that made me not won't Drake a smoke okay I didn't want sell dope no more from that name so so I ain't got time to get all into that I know the name that works Bible said at the name of Jesus yes your if y'all want to be technical you're sure every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord say you man I was talking to a brother and he was telling me about the name and you know there's a lot of stuff going on now about what name is the name right name of God and all that stuff and God spoke to me real clear he said that's what God told me he said Steve I said yeah God he said did you answer when I called Steve I say yeah he said you know in the world you had a nickname your nickname was staples in the world remember that I said yeah he said now if you was in the store right now and I was going Steve what you're looking say yeah if I call staples was you're looking I said yeah he said well over those four your name you know you so when you call Jesus he knows who you know who you talking to got time to get off internet the name that works say man do I gotta win it but I know the name that works hallelujah so we're gonna pray hallelujah

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