January 26, 2020
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Am I in a Cult? | Red Flags, Advice, How to Get Out

Hi everybody and welcome back to my channel, so I’ll go ahead and state right off the bat No, I didn’t dye my hair. Yes I did obviously I did but when people ask me if oh so did you did you dye your hair? I’m like no. I like to make him think that either They’re crazy, or I’m crazy, so no I didn’t die but yeah, I bleached my hair And I’m in the process of going blonde because my gray is becoming an issue in my life And I can’t keep dyeing my hair black eventually I’m gonna go kind of whitish gray that way things can start growing in and I won’t feel so self-conscious about it But for now I am Leeloo from The Fifth Element for like a second I don’t want to heat process my hair at all, so I’ve been letting its natural texture come out Which means it looks a little bit a little bit messy just to? Excuse my messy hair, but today. I have a very interesting video for you guys I don’t know if you have seen some of the news reports of these kind of New Age Spiritualist cults that are that are going on, but I’ve seen a lot of people fall into the trap of believing that a New Age guru is a You know it’s gonna lead them to the promised land or to know no light happiness I have no idea what these people think but I do know that a lot of great people are falling into the trap of becoming Part of a cult without knowing they’re becoming part of a cult So I wanted to talk about cult appeal and the problem with some of the New Age and even some of the Well, I guess this can apply to anything, but like fundamentalist gurus with that being said let’s get started So right off the bat, we’ll go ahead and say Colts have been around since spirituality has existed you can consider even a lot of the early aspects of some religions to be cult-like What exactly takes it from being a religion or a spiritual practice to a cult and that’s what we’re going to talk about today? So the big thing is a lot of people think that only stupid or naive people get involved in cults and that is 100% inaccurate race class religion None of that actually matters when it comes to being indoctrinated into a cult It is a very long process and all it takes is a small state of vulnerability and the person who is to be indoctrinated to Work if you have lost your job if you’ve lost the support of your family if you’ve lost a loved one. These are all Circumstances that could lead one into becoming part of a cult unknowingly. There is a system to Indoctrinating people it is not by chance. It is a design, and it is meant to indoctrinate as many people as possible So the isolation and the programming may take months years it may take a decade But it does happen And it happens under the guise of leading someone spiritually leading someone to become at peace with themselves To reach heaven and the cult definitely makes that individual feel like they’re completely helpless Outside of the organization, which is the big thing these people aren’t going into it thinking? Yeah? I’m gonna give you all my money And you’re gonna ruin my life because why would anyone want to be involved in something if it was that clear it Takes a long time For these people these gurus these cult leaders to show their true colors Take Jonestown for instance everybody has probably heard about the Jonestown Massacre Everyone at least knows the phrase drinking the kool-aid which is kind of a powerful phrase it does have a very specific titoo Historical event in which I want to say six hundred and something people apparently took their own life by drinking kool-aid that was laced with cyanide in the beginning Jonestown was an Incredible movement Jim Jones started as an average preacher But with a socially conscious slant so he was really involved in the civil rights Movement and making sure that people had Housing making sure that people had medical care making sure that people were clothed and fed and this is what drove his members to him by the Hundreds is that people really saw someone who is willing to make a difference and who is willing to put his ass on the line To make people’s lives better and he wanted his church to be the center of a Socially conscious movement it started off as something that anyone would want to be involved in and it started off How many churches do start which is to try to help the less fortunate? He even arranged a beautiful state-of-the-art senior citizens home with donations from the public so he did Amazing things at the beginning of his leadership, but you see what happens when you get involved Is there are very small? Things that start to build up first you become dependent on the feeling that you get when you’re in the group you don’t necessarily Know how to behave when you’re outside with the others because all of these people are now your best friends and your family and you Can’t live without them, so you’re doing good works You have a new family that understands you and understands your spirituality And it’s very involved in your same Spirituality you have a mission you have things that you’re doing for the world And it’s very inviting so when the leader starts making these kind of paranoid statements of like someone’s going to get me or someone’s trying to destroy our community you believe him because He’s not lied to you so far that you can tell and you’re doing all of these good works He stands for something amazing and you want to be a part of it So maybe he tells you that because he feels his life is in danger because he feels the life of the group is in danger You guys need to move to a different country and build a compound there where you will be left alone where you’ll be able to Do your good works and where the church can prosper and yes you had to give up a lot to go along with them? but you know nothing good ever came easy, so you go, and you know the work is hard and It’s punishing and it’s very long hours But it takes all hands on deck and you’re gonna build a community that is going to flourish and that you’re all going to be Able to thrive in and that you’re all going to feel good about at the end of the day So there’s no complaints from you And it may even feel like that’s the turning point that everything is amazing at that point you had a little bit of strife in That other country that you were from but now that you’re in this new space and you have this new community You are living your best life, but now that you are separated from everything that you’ve ever known And you are really reliant on the community for everything that you need the leader starts to show his true colors So he starts to behave very paranoid He starts to make strange comments about outsiders about haters about government about instigators And he starts to ask people to police each other so that we all know who the haters are because there’s someone on the inside They’re telling people and you get the very strong impression that you need to start Telling on other people, or someone’s gonna start telling on you And you don’t want to run afoul of the leader at all and you start giving up your community members for the slightest inconsistencies and values the very smallest questioning from them and That kind of builds up to a fever pitch so everyone falls in line because they don’t want to be the next that’s up on The pulpit getting bullied by the leader now at this point you might realize that you’ve made a terrible mistake But you feel incredibly powerless to get out of it because you’ve been here for years You could have been here for months or years You could have been here for decades, and you don’t know anything else You don’t feel like you can actually take care of yourself in the world because the leader has done Everything in his or her power to tell you that you will not survive in the world that you need the community and that you all support and take care of each other And you don’t know how to live without that So you feel like you can’t take care of yourself without the leaders input, and that makes you powerless to do anything But stay and smile and try to ingratiate yourself To him so when the leader calls for another will you die for me show of support? Of course you line up you get your kool-aid, and you serve the first drink as is custom to your child and you don’t realize that this is the real one until you notice that your child is turning blue and Coughing up foam this sounds horrible It sounds awful, but there is absolutely no proof that the people who drank the kool-aid did it willingly There is all sorts of proof that the compound became militarized and that people felt that they didn’t have a choice Once it started going down in fact people with automatic rifles Were searching out other community members and rounding them up And the only people who survived were those who are already out of the compound or people who hid when you listen to the audio Of these people you hear the mothers start to realize what they’ve done And you hear them cry and weep and you know at that point They are just lining up to get their dose of the kool-aid because everything’s lost for them. It’s horrible to hear It’s horrible for me to say it makes me it hits me so hard because it really could be Anyone if you have an inkling to search for spirituality Then you could put yourself at risk under the right circumstances And you wouldn’t know it until you felt it was too late for you to do anything else So these are your average people these are not people who are stupid these are not people who would be duped under any other Circumstances they are people like you and me and you have to give them that credit that they would never do this Intentionally if they knew what was going to happen they would never say yes to it This is a long con And it could work on anybody and that’s what I really want to drive home to you So if you have family or friends, or you know people that you’ve known that have become involved in cults don’t dam them Don’t say oh my god I can’t believe you’re so stupid to fall for that just say I need to try to help them or I need to be there To support them if they decide that they don’t want to do this anymore I want to make it clear that while I’m talking about gurus And that’s a phrase that I’m going to use often in this video. I don’t mean anything about Buddhism or Hinduism I have nothing to say about that I am NOT well versed in those two religions when I say that I am mainly referring to New Age gurus And that is something that you see a lot in New Age spirituality is the term guru or leader? So I will be using those two words Primarily so another thing that I want to say I am NOT trying to come down hard on gurus or leaders of spiritual movements I am saying these are things to pay attention to and if your guru your Spiritual leader your pastor starts to go down this road Then you know what to look for so now I’d like to talk about some red flags the first red flag is separation and this Can be mental separation or physical separation? with mental separation the gurus will often create a Frenzied following people who think their way is the way and thus they need to push aside any naysayers Anyone who is in their family or their friends circle who? Doesn’t understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it and they may do this in a loving manner like I just don’t feel like you’re Supporting me in my journey and that is like That’s a common thing for people to think you’re not supporting me So I can’t allow you to be a part of my life until you decide to support me That’s a completely normal thing and any other Circumstance if the person is doing something healthy and the other person just doesn’t understand it They would say yeah, you need to support me in this because this is my decision You’re kind of getting into dangerous territory if your guru if your leader is saying if they don’t Understand our movement if they don’t want to be a part of it then why are you with them because that’s separating you from anyone that you’ve ever known who isn’t involved in your Spiritual path they can also say it in very subtle ways like they’re just not at your level right now Or they’re just not at the same frequency as you they just don’t understand your spiritual path And those are all ways of separating you from the people that you love so it’s one thing to say okay your parents Don’t get your religion your parents Don’t get this path Talk to them about it be honest let them know that you’re you know doing this because you feel it’s the healthiest way for you To be and make sure you extend that support to them through what they want to be like that’s a very healthy way to approach religious and spiritual ideals But if someone’s saying like you can’t be here unless you’re willing to cut ties with your friends and family because they don’t understand our process then That’s a really dangerous place to be in and I feel like any healthy person anyone who had your best interest in mind would never say you should cut ties to your friends and family because that’s Bonkers to be honest with you, so sorry That lighting has changed a little bit I have a camera that likes to overheat after like 18 minutes So eventually I need to get a big girl camera that does not like to overheat every 18 minutes But we make do with what we have an ex red flag is greed I have no issue with people receiving compensation for services that they are providing even if that service is Spiritually based everybody needs to eat everybody needs to pay rent I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it and until our capitalist society shuts down and people can just start doing what they want and Knowing in the end that they will be fed and housed There’s nothing we can do about it However if see that your guru is leading a lavish lifestyle or even a lifestyle with very little concern because either everyone is taking care of them or because they have all of their needs met and then some monetarily and you’re Working your ass off to give them You know 40 percent of your income or to? scrimp and save for every workshop for every meditation for every retreat for every book signing Then you need to really a consider what you’re getting out of it because if it’s not even to what you’re paying Then that’s an issue or if you feel like you have to pay and pay and pay To keep rising up the ranks, then that is also an issue It’s one thing to support a guru and giving the public the spiritual guidance that they think they need however it’s another thing if You feel like you can never make ends meet because you’re always paying out and you’re never really getting as much back That’s a big problem the third red flag is love bombing and love bombing is Exactly what it sounds like it’s a person showering you with love With accolades with like oh my gosh. I just feel like you were meant to be here. You’re just such a pure energetic spirit I can’t wait to see what you do with this We really need people like you here, and that’s right off the bat, and that is Intoxicating if you’ve ever had someone say one compliment to you And you get that kind of rush like I guess I am a good person. I guess I am pretty cool Then imagine someone saying stuff like that all the time every time you come around it’s oh my gosh I’m so happy you came today. I was really hoping I’d see you again You’re just such a wonderful presence in our group here And I hope you come back tomorrow that really draws you in and there’s nothing wrong with being complimented But when it’s all the time and when everyone is just so effusive with compliments, and they seem to come out of nowhere And you’re like well. I just got here the actual fuck if you guys don’t know me at all How do you have so many nice things to say about me like I always question when people are that? effusive right off the bat And they have absolutely no idea who I am that to me is The marker of someone who’s trying to get something from me, and maybe that’s a little critical of me say However it it’s true like if if someone is to up my ass like right off the bat I do wonder about their intentions, and it’s it’s worth it to take a moment to take a breath and say is this really What it seems like it is? Because I don’t know what I’m getting myself into like is this a good thing or these people being genuine Or is it trying to lure me into something because that is exactly how it works They love bomb you and that love bombing is just the the push that you need to go to the next Meditation the next workshop the next you know retreat whatever it is They’re selling. They’re gonna keep love bombing you as long as you keep giving that money the next red flag is paranoia So it’s really important to watch. How your guru or your leader responds to critique of their methods to questions about what they’re saying to request to explain further what they mean about things a Lot of times you’ll see their feathers ruffled and then they start to Kind of get on the defensive to whoever is asking the question to whoever is making the comments So you really want to watch how they react to outsiders to? People who are not in on the spiritual journey that you guys are partaking in if they are not loving and kind and compassionate if they don’t take criticism in a Respectful and mature way if they make people feel shitty about asking questions That is a person that you don’t need to be accepting any sort of spiritual guidance from because that is absurd that is like 101 good personing Also pay attention if they use the word Outsiders haters critics others Antagonists these are all ways of other people that are not in your group is a giant red flag because they’re trying to Make the group seem better than everybody else and that’s another method of separation also the reaction to people who have questions being so defensive Is a very subtle sign to anyone who’s paying attention that? Dissent will not be tolerated and you will be ostracized and that is how they keep people under their thumb there’s also a tendency of gurus who have kind of jumped over the ledge to talk about the chances of them being a Nated of them being targeted by the governments of them being victimized in some way for what they’re teaching and that is Probably the best way to rile up the community is to get them to think we are under attack And we really have to work to to keep our leader protected and we have to work to keep ourselves protected and so they will start policing themselves to look for the people who are Antagonists who are haters who have questions, and they will look at those people as though They are the cause of all the woes in the world and they will toss them out, so everybody’s policing everyone else They are now not able to think critically about anything they’re certainly not welcome to voice their critique and That just keeps the population in check that keeps the group and checks kind of like a magic trick really. It’s like the Manipulation of gurus and leaders is like on another level like if you could get a gold star for manipulation. They would 100% receive it probably five gold stars The next red flag is the lack of evidence or the lack of proof so there are a lot of gurus who? Claim that they can they can either do little miracles or they can heal people that’s another big one That they can see inside people that they can read minds that they can figure out. What’s wrong with you Just by looking at you. These are giant claims, and they are pretty much all refutable when you look at Jim Jones He was a famous healer and there are people who came out and said You know I was told I had cancer or I was told that I couldn’t walk and he was going to heal me and this Was like the guy’s secretary she has said you know pretend. You can’t walk We’re gonna push you up in a wheelchair And then when he heals you I want you to start walking that did give his Congregation proof at the same time. It was easily dismissed like if anyone had done a little bit of research into it They would be like yeah, that’s your secretary and I saw her walk yesterday So you have to really watch how the Guru? Responds when you ask for proof of something did they get defensive do they say you know I’m not here to entertain you That’s a big one. Just because you want proof I’m not going to do it like I could do But I just don’t feel like it right now because if you’re making all these grandiose claim. It is to gain followers It is to make people want to follow someone nobody wants to follow just an ordinary person But they will follow a deity. They will follow someone who’s from another planet and who’s sent here to help humanity Reach a higher level. I don’t know what did what did these people say? So that’s that’s the big thing if they are not offering you proof of what they’re saying if they’re making claims that seem So far-fetched that they couldn’t possibly be true. They probably aren’t another one is fame-seeking A lot of gurus a lot of leaders say things like I just always knew that I was destined to be famous and this is Really like this is them saying they wanted to be an entertainer But they maybe weren’t a good enough actress or an actor This is them saying you know they wanted to be a rock star but they’ll settle for being a spiritual leader like they really just wanted people to idolize them so I Question any spiritual leader who says I always knew I was going to be famous because that to me Shows an ego and shows a kind of Fame seeking that just doesn’t work with spiritual Leading like if you become famous then cool you became famous But if that’s kind of why you’re getting into this And if you kind of pushed for that for no other reason than to just be famous and not to like spread a message Then I question your motives. I really do the next red flag is vague readings This is funny, and this is the same thing that Psychics do like fake psychics that you get on the phone if they’re saying very vague things that could really Be about anyone like I’m just reading here that you’re a very creative person you just you’re creative But like the logical side of your brain is trying to take over But you feel like you have a higher purpose am I right It’s gonna be like 90% of people Asian if you’re into spirituality if you’re into New Age spirituality In particular you probably are creative like that’s not a big lead so if they’re saying things that are Really vague and they’re kind of pushing that off as being psychic like I’m psychic I can read people I know exactly what you’re thinking You sometimes feel lost in the world like you don’t know what you’re doing You don’t know if you’re on the right path, but I’m telling you you were meant to be here today You are a beautiful person, and I’m so happy that you came here. Do you feel it? Do you feel that you belong here? I mean if someone’s in the right vulnerable state. They’re probably gonna say yeah, they’re gonna feel like really good about that They’re gonna feel like someone really sees them, and that’s ultimately at the end of the day what everyone wants in life They want somebody to see them for who they are and to appreciate them So if you have this person with all this power that everyone’s looking up to Look at you and say I see who you are, and I love you, and I think you’re supposed to be here And I’m so happy that you’re here because I felt in my heart that someone was coming to join our group to join our revolution hook line and sinker like Anyone’s going to buy into that so I would say look at vague readings look at how that ties in to you Giving more of your money. How it kind of love bombs you they’re telling you things that you want to hear and oftentimes They’ll also do the thing we’re like they’ll say something That’s very direct and very pointed that you can say either yes or no to and if you say no to it They’re gonna say you just don’t feel it You just don’t remember it, but I want you to look inside, and I think you’ll know that it’s true They’ll turn it around on you, and you’ll be like wait is it true I don’t know Maybe I should look Because you trust this person like you came here for a reason you want to believe what they have to say because you are looking for answers so really pay attention to vague readings and Especially pay attention to if that is trying to convert you into being a follower Rather than just saying something about you and giving you a good piece of advice It’s all about salesmanship at the end of the day. You know the next red flag is illogical stories I find this most often in backstories There’s one guru in particular who says that she was and if this is true obviously this would be the worst Story known to man and anyone would be right in their heart to hear this story and think oh my god you poor woman I can’t believe how much you’ve been through, but she says that she was Abused by a satanic cult and sewn as an eight-year-old into the corpse of a man for 12 hours like a grown an eight-year-old girl will not fit and like the torso of a even six foot four man alone like the average size, dude, so Already you’re like really Really, though But in addition to that like the satanic panic of the 90s of the 80s and 90s Was like such a big deal in our childhood And I’m about this woman’s age and I remember being horrified by these stories and like reading the books and reading the magazines and being Like oh my god people do this. This is horrible No like there-there is no evidence that people did this kind of stuff. It was a moral outrage of Changing times of people engaging in different kinds of lifestyles And that was all attributed to this satanic Lifestyle that was taking over the US and it was like a big deal and there were a lot of Therapists who are now not able to practice Therapy because they implanted false memories into people’s minds if they’re saying things that seem outrageously Illogical outrageously like over-the-top even one of these things would be a crazy thing to have happen to somebody especially In the US but all of these things Are you kidding me so if the person doesn’t have any absolute proof of it? And they’re making Crazy claims like obviously you don’t want to burden a victim of abuse with giving you proof of it But when it’s that insane I feel like a little proof is Required especially if that experience is used to convert people into followers and it is it’s a Giant part of her sales pitch is that she got herself through it using her spiritual practice So I think it’s really important that if you’re going to make claims like that that they actually be proven I don’t think it’s too much to ask When people are spending lots and lots of their money when people are giving over their lives to someone like this There’s another guru who says that he was always a genius that you know he would he always knew that he was from another planet? That that his mother even knew that he was from another Planet and his mother is like in on it with him like I feel like she has 100% drank the kool-aid and now she’s saying oh Yeah, absolutely I always knew that anyone else that grew up with him is like no this guy. This kid was a dick special he was just I think it’s it’s important to hear stories like that and take it with a grain of salt and be like that seems a little outlandish that seems like A little crazy like obviously you know there are tons of people who have lived horribly abusive Lives or horribly abused lives there are tons of people who have been through incredible things who have had incredible experiences That no one would believe unless they went through it, but those people can also validate their stories I think if you are not willing to or cannot validate your story And your story is what you’re using to hook people into your spiritual practice into pain for you to be their guru Then I don’t think that I feel like you’re probably lying now This is the biggest one the next one is called exhaustive practices This is what gurus use to separate your thinking minds your critical mind from your obedient mind if you are Asked to chance four hours a day if you’re asked to do hard physical labor for like 1216 hours if you’re asked to do physical practice of any sort for long Periods of time to the point where you don’t feel like you can continue moving if you’re asked to Meditate for multiple hours a day, this is a huge problem This is the Guru or the leader trying to separate your critical mind from your obedient mind And this is really easy to do all you have to do is meditate for eight hours And then you can pretty much be convinced of anything You start to tell your thoughts to go away and that includes all critical thoughts, too So when your brain gets used to not thinking it gets used to receiving information from an outside source You stop paying Attention to any thought that you have and this is a big problem that people have when they go back to the outside world is That they don’t know how to think they have no idea they’ve spent years upon years Being told what to do what to think what to say how to act? So this really affects people when they go back to the outside world they have no idea how to think for themselves What to do how to schedule themselves like what they’re supposed to do with their free time it becomes a real problem So those exhaustive practices are what they use to really hook you in and to make you Theirs and that’s something to really watch out for it is one thing to do something because you just feel really really good doing it It’s another thing for it to be a prescriptive practice from your guru Or your leader that seems excessive if you’re gonna be a monk in Tibet Yeah, maybe you want to meditate for eight hours a day And maybe that’s what they do however if some dude living in an ashram in the middle of the woods is Telling you that you need to do yoga for eight hours a day to receive Enlightenment I would really question that especially if he’s trying to teach you other things other ways of thinking And he’s trying to tell you that your previous ways of thinking are completely wrong and really it’s about thinking How healthy is this for you? Are you really gonna be a stronger person by not learning to trust your inner self by not learning to Really dictate your own life That should be the ultimate goal for every human is I know how to take care of myself I know how to be compassionate to other people and I can do that without someone telling me how that should be the idea But what these gurus and leaders try to do is to get you to rely on them implicitly? And if they’re already doing that right off the bat Telling you that you’re wrong telling you that you don’t know what you’re doing telling you that you know you can’t survive without them That’s a problem so now that I’ve listed off the red flags here are some things to remember one you have all The information you are seeking at your fingertips and one person Cannot give you the information you’re looking for they can give you a piece of the puzzle but You have to be the seeker for the spiritual information that you want and really what I’m saying is that when you rely on? Just one person for all that information you become codependent with them And that’s a very dangerous place to go when you’re seeking spiritual enlightenment So you have all the information you need at your fingertips just look for it And if someone is saying to you that They have every piece of information that you need and you need to just stick with them Then they most likely do not have your best interest at heart a self-described spiritual master or Guru has already failed you in that they clearly do not have their ego in check And will not be able to call themselves out on mistakes if someone is claiming to be the ultimate master of all things spiritual Related that is a giant problem That human being does not exist so there can be guides there can be teachers I’m sure in Hinduism and Buddhism there can be gurus But they should have a healthy sense of ego in that they don’t feel like they have all the answers They don’t feel like anyone can have all the answers That’s the big thing just knowing your place in the universe is small and you can’t possibly have all the information that is the most healthy and the most productive a Spiritual teacher can be because in that case they will seek out that information that you want They will actually have the humility to seek out the information you need and to Provide it to you in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise They would just kind of rattle off some piece of information and expect it to work for you because they know everything A real teacher will actually connect with other people and will try to find the information That you need and will be able to say I don’t know let me think about that. Let me search on that This is a big one if a guru or a spiritual teacher a spiritual leader Tries to make you feel guilty for your own abuse for your own illness for your own chronic depression For any number of things that happen in a person’s life Then that person that grew or that spiritual teacher is not being honest with you They’re trying to make you feel guilt and they’re trying to make you feel like you’re not good enough on your own you are not responsible for your chronic illness you’re not responsible for previous victimizations you’re not responsible for your personal traumas that that’s an absolutely absurd and Dangerous thing for someone to say you should not allow yourself to be revitalized By a guru who’s going to say things like that because honestly Blaming a person for their like their own cancer or their own experiences with child abuse from the time that they were little that is the most evil thing that I can possibly think of And if your guru is trying to blame you for the things that you’ve suffered no, no, baby Don’t let them degrade. You don’t let them make you feel like you’re worth less than you are that is absolutely unacceptable another one is any family or Community that makes you afraid to disagree is not a family or a community worth keeping you should be able to have Healthy critical thinking in any community that you’re a part of that’s important. That’s what keeps people honest That’s what keeps people moving in a good direction you have to be able to critique the things that you’re involved in and you have to be able to see where you can do better and Anyone that says that you’re not allowed to critique a guru or a spiritual leader that person is suspect and they are a part of an unhealthy group dynamic another thing to remember is that you don’t have to live in a commune or Out in the middle of the woods out in the desert to be in a cult a lot of people think of cults as you Know everyone has the same haircut and wears like a potato sack And that’s all they can only eat fruit that has already fallen from a tree And that’s just not the case a lot of cult members. They have their own families. They have their own houses They have an education they have a job outside the cult and that’s a really important thing to remember because a lot of people fail to notice when they’re in a cult because they’re Not trapped somewhere. They still have their own home. They have their own life They have their own friends, but it’s important to remember that you don’t have to live in a commune You don’t have to live in the middle of the desert to be in a cult be wary of your situation If you feel like the rest of it makes sense But you’re not living in like a separate community with all of these people and another thing to remember is that trance-like states are Easily induced through repetitive Mantra repetitive movements and gentle soft tones, so if you have someone who’s always talking like this And they’re talking like this for a long period of time maybe you have to really lean in and listen for an hour two hours three hours Maybe they’re rocking a little bit side to side That can get you really quickly and that’s not something that you have to be on Drugs to to get sucked into the human brain is amazing and it Amazing things and unfortunately sometimes the amazing things that the human brain does can backfire on you And now I just wanted to talk about a couple of points of removing yourself Safely from cult influence the first one is that you should seek counseling group therapy One-on-one therapy whatever you can get access to you will need all the help you can get to bring your brain back on So you have to think if you’ve been in a cult for a long time or even for a small period of time you’ve probably Learned to turn off your critical thinking brain And you’ve learned to accept what someone else tells you to do Implicitly so you have to learn how to get back into yourself you have to learn how to be your own director And that’s a very difficult process to turn back on you might have some PTSD you might have some anxiety disorders And you will need help with that so don’t be afraid to go seek help It’s incredibly important for your recovery as much as you may want to Unless you are 100% on track and healed from your experience Do not go back and get a friend a spouse Your family members you have to be 100% healthy in yourself before you can go and rescue anybody else or you might just get pulled back in and that won’t help anybody if you can recruit someone to Try to get to your spouse your family member your friend whoever is left in the cults then I would suggest doing that But at the end of the day you have to heal yourself before you can heal anybody else and that may seem selfish to you But I promise you you’re not doing anyone any good if you get broken back down the next thing that I wanted to talk about is if you have been taken to A foreign country, so chances are the foreign country already knows about the existence of a cult So it might actually be who’ve you to talk to their government officials to talk to the police to say I was taken here You’re being taken to that country could be considered Trafficking and that is something to pursue because they could help you get back home if you have been taken somewhere else so I would Reach out to embassies. I would reach out to the police I would tell them everything that you know because chances are they’ve already been Looking into this group, and they’re already keeping track of it But they don’t have any eyewitnesses to tell them what’s going on so they need your help I also wanted to say if you have friends and family on the outside still I would say reach out to them It’s gonna be a lot harder for you to do this on your own and yes, they might be hurt They might be angry at you They might feel slighted, but if you tell them I think I was part of a cult I feel lost and alone and I need your help. They’re probably gonna be supportive I mean cult is a scary scary word And if you’re readily admitting that you think you were part of a cult Then that’s a big deal so reach out you know the worst they can tell you is no, but you need help And you shouldn’t be afraid to get it you deserve help if you don’t have any friends or family to fall back on It is worth it to seek government assistance You might be able to get into a women’s or men’s shelter you might be able to get into Some sort of program to help get you back on track and I know government programs are dwindling here in the US But it is worth it and you deserve the opportunity to be able to get your life back in order so I would say any Opportunity that you can take to make that happen even if it’s going to result in a no Remember that you deserve the help and you have to ask for it Or you never know if you could get it and the most important thing that I can tell you is that you have to remember That it is 100% your right to leave you are not a bad person you are not stupid You’re not weak willed you’re not a hater. You are not an other You’re just a person who wants to do something different with their life And doesn’t feel like this represents their best interest anymore And they will probably try to bring you back in by making you feel small and making you feel weak remember That’s not you You’ve already decided that it is time for you to move on now you have to trust yourself and that’s probably gonna be really difficult for you to trust yourself because you’ve learned to follow someone else’s word like it is law but Remember that at the end of the day you were in control of your life And you have to make that first step and remember that you are worth your second chance all right guys That’s it for me for now. I hope you like this video, and if nothing else I hope it made you think a little bit about maybe some of your choices and communities You know it’s possible that There have been choices that you’ve made in communities and spiritual practices in church That have been kind of on the nose for some of those traits, but not all of them And it’s just about being aware so just knowing that whoever is giving you your Information at the end of the day is still human and still prone to error I think the more we can tell ourselves that our leaders are just people too the more. We can protect ourselves from Deifying them and from allowing them to take over our lives because at the end of the day it is 100 percent your life You’re the person who has to live with it if you liked this video give it a thumbs up And if you really liked it hit the subscribe button don’t forget to hit the little belt so that you get Notification of all of my new videos you can find me elsewhere at Oh Joely xox and that’s Facebook Instagram Twitter all that good business All right you guys. That’s it for me mwah and in the comments below Let me know if you’ve had any indirect or direct experience with cult-like behavior. Even if it wasn’t exactly a cult

Otis Rodgers



  1. Cult View Posted on September 16, 2018 at 4:34 am

    Hi, I just wanted to write that I grew up in a cult and have been thinking about the effect it has on people when they leave. I was just curious if anyone would like to answer a few questions. I started a blog to help those who are trying to get out and those who have gotten out to be able to have a discussion together to help encourage and learn from each other. If anyone would be interested in participating, or reading other's experiences, please message me or comment below. I will add a link to my blog here: https://cultview56745077.wordpress.com/

  2. Kalman Radvanyi Posted on October 14, 2018 at 9:51 am

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Angie B Posted on December 13, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    I am still feeling the effect's of growing up in a cult…Big Time. I was in it from a kid but then left n forced to come back and stayed 10 years with no retrieve. The guilt in my mind is constant after 10 years out …brainwashing at it's finest.

  4. NetiNeti_Inquire Posted on March 7, 2019 at 11:01 pm

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    Yep, Mooji is a cult leader. Thanks I saw all this in Sahaja

  6. Renata Kozlovska Posted on March 19, 2019 at 9:01 am

    Absolutely brilliant knowledge and perception on the cult topic!! Well done!
    It looks that there so many false spiritual gurus, narcissists and mentally unstable individuals who became famous all over the globe. And it is really worrying how many people are willing to follow them without any critical thinking. It is shocking to see how far Teal Swan and Mooji are able to go with their activities ( I call it spiritual business … ehm.. wonder if the world 'spiritual' is right in their case… ). Their carriers, and yes they are behaving like celebrities, are based on deception. That is a big problem.

  7. no bot Posted on April 10, 2019 at 2:15 am

    Great video 👍

  8. Ibrahim Chaudhry Posted on April 11, 2019 at 10:36 am

    Only individuals can be spiritual.

    Not companies or schools… nor organizations. As they all get corrupted.

    They are actually quite ignorant.

    And lost.

    I learnt this very very painfully.

    They impress you with deep & gorgeous knowledge…. their confidence… but they are devoid of Human Greatness…. or even genuine human goodness.

    Spend enough time with such & you will see this.

    There goes their hollow, chatter box & exploitive gurudom.

    Out the window.

    The base cornerstones of spiritually are unconcerned contentment, surrender, desirelessness, forgiveness & Immense Light.

    Human Greatness.

    If ever someone lectures, talks or jabbers on & on about spirituality, respectfully & warmly ask them….

    " That's truly exquisite….. but are you a Great Human Being?

    Because that's comes first. "

    You are your own august Guru.

    The Grand Soul.

    Your are looking for.

    Stop searching.

    There are no gurus.

    You are The One.

    We are The One.

    Nothingness Sublime.

    Spend hours, days or weeks in Silence in nature….

    … & you will gain more wisdom, solace & insight than any guru on YouTube or the web.

    And be a truly Self Realized… & fully Awakened being of Radiant Infinity.

    You are your own magnificent Sage & Guru.

    I forgive & embrace all….

    Fantastical Love
    & Harmony…

    …. to All,


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    It seems very dangerous wtf my family is in a cult called Brahma Kumaris
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    well done…. MANY cults are a bit more subtle. FYI there are CHRISTIAN CULTS as well. Same Stuff ! thanks for the vid. i am trying to leave one now…. looking for tips. i won't be able to make a clean break for 5 months.should i cut off stone cold or loosen the ropes gradually.

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