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Ancient Hindu Goddess of LAZINESS? The Curious Case of Jyestha Devi

Hey guys, today I want to show you a very
strange Hindu Goddess carved in the ancient Kailsanathar Temple. As you can see there are three goddesses here,
the one in the center is standing majestically on top of a Lion. Her name is Durga and let’s not focus on that
Flying Saucer or UFO like craft on top of her. I am here to focus on this Goddess, on the
left. This is a very strange and interesting carving. It looks like the complete opposite of Hindu
deities we have seen. I have shown you thousands of ancient Indian
carvings, and the carvings of goddesses are almost always very lean and fit. But here is somebody who is overweight, who
does not look very healthy. Look very carefully, her eyes are closed,
she looks like she is sleeping. Who is this Goddess? And why is she portrayed like this and what
is the story behind this? This is a deity called Jyestha, she is the
Goddess of Laziness, she is the Goddess of misfortune, poverty , sickness and sorrow. This is unique right? Hinduism has thousands of deities, but they
are mostly associated with good things, but this one represents all the bad things. What does Jyestha mean? The word Jyestha actually means elder or older
in Sanskrit. Older to who? She is the elder sister of this deity called
Lakshmi, who is shown directly on the opposite side of the wall. Lakshmi is the goddess prosperity, good fortune
and beauty. And it is carved intentionally with a sharp
contrast. Remember, we are looking at carvings that
are at least 1300 years old. And the carvings have gone through significant
erosion, corrosion and even human destruction, but we can still see the amazing contrast
between them and understand them. Look at how Lakshmi is carved. She is incredibly fit, sits with a straight
back with only leg on the ground, and the other leg folded up. Now look at Jyestha. Look at how she is shown over weight and Look
at the comfortable posture, sitting in sort of a very cushy, lazy way with both her feet
on the ground. There is a Buffalo headed man, standing next
to her. The buffalo is a very slow, lazy animal and
in South India this figure is called Maanthan, sometimes thought of as a son of Jyestha. On the other side a girl, known as Maanthini
has a mischievous smile, probably out of guilt from wrong doing. If you look at Lakshmi, she has a cow, a symbol
of fertility and abundance on one side, and lion, a symbol of Bravery on to her other
side. Two more weird features of Jyestha, she is
shown with a broom stick, which symbolizes that she is not very clean. You wouldn’t normally sit next to a broom
stick or a trash can. And then she is also shown with a crow, crow
is the ultimate scavenger bird which eats anything, dead or alive. It is fantastic to observe all these details
of this very strange goddess. It is easy to understand the symbolism, if
you are lazy and dirty, you will end up being poor and unhealthy. Remember what I told you, This temple, the
Kailasanathar temple is full of amazing symbolism, a few videos back, I showed you how these
animals are telling us to go and find these secret chambers. This temple is full of such information. In ancient Hindu tradition, all goddesses
are supposed to fall under 2 categories. One is called Sowmya which means charming
or pleasing, and the other is called Ugra which means fierce or scary. I have mostly shown you Sowmya type carvings,
but sometimes I show you UGRA type also, these are really scary and fearsome. But Jyestha is an exception to this rule. Because it is neither charming, nor scary. It is merely unimpressive, 99% of the visitors
will easily overlook this carving, unless you are like me, examining each and every
carving in the temple. But history is a very strange subject. Not only are we looking at a piece of history
here, even this deity has her own history, she was not always carved fat. This temple is 1300 years old, but even older
statues of Jyestha exist in South India, and surprisingly, she was shown as a thin, lean
girl. Known more commonly as Tavvai or Moodevi in
this region, she is carved with beautiful features. In villages, even today, looking at this deity
is considered a sin. In some places, the statue’s eyes are sealed
with turmeric, so she cannot lay eyes on you. Another very interesting routine, it is said
that if you have looked at her statue, you should show it to at least 3 friends. If you fail to do it, you may get sick or
face trouble. Wait, you have seen her in this vide, so you
have to share this video to at least 3 friends, otherwise you may get problems. I hope you like this video, I am Praveen Mohan,
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    Jyestha devi or Moodevi(in tamil) is elder sister of Lakshmi devi and wife of God Saturn and Maandhi and Mandhata are their children. In older and big temples Jyeshtha devi's sannathi always placed at Northwest corner of the temple without any direct look at the face of the statue always. In olden days, Jyeshta devi's temple was built at the western boundary of the village like Ellai Pidaari's temples and Jyeshta devi was prayed even in Budhdhism and Jainism with different names. Even today one of the girl deities of Chinese and south east asean countries is Jyeshtha devi. As per belief goes, Jyeshta devi is prayed for avoiding misfortunes and bad times during Yamaganda time or ragukala time either on saturday or Tuesday. Indian civilization is complete in all respects whether good or bad. Another old ferocious Lady god shown in the video @05.22 is one form of Kali as prayed by Tamils and one such deity is also mentioned in Silapathikaaram and tamils pray this god as Peichi Amman in Maariamman temples, one of the oldest gods of all tamils . Kailasanatha Temple, Kancheepuram even though built by Telugu-Tamil Pallavas, gave utmost importance to chola style architecture and from this temple only Chalugyas and Rashtrakootas built Ellora hindu temples. As told in your video, this temple is not 1300 year old but whole 2000 year old temple because pallava dynasty and Kancheepuram is as old as before 500 BC and the kailasanatha temple and vaikundanatha temple are temple art universities and part of Mahabalipuram art i.e. ancient Tamil art. This temple located in West of Kancheepuram as opposed to middle of the town for shiva temple and in contrast Vaikunda natha vishnu temple in east direct to this temple and it is usual for Shiva temple in east and Vishnu in West. Both the temples have got many agama vaastu contradictions and both the temples are olden day tantric sites as well as tantric gods like Jyeshta devi etc were being worshipped in these temples. These temples may be as old as Indus valley and subsequently repaired by Pallavas and may be older stone age stones were replaced by later day sand stones. Proof of this is Statue of Nandi in Kailasa temple located outside the temple complex at far away distance and Nandi's stone is emitting cosmic rays like appearance.

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    “And so, the woman of that city, who was a sinner, having learned that He was lying in the house of the Pharisee, brought an Alavastra vessel with peace and, standing behind His feet and weeping, began to pour tears on His feet and wipe her hair with her hair, and kissed her feet Him, and anointed the world. Seeing this, the Pharisee, who invited Him, said to himself: if He were a prophet, he would know who and what woman touches Him, for she is a sinner. Turning to him, Jesus said: Simon! I have something to tell you. He says: tell me, Master. Jesus said: one lender had two debtors: one had five hundred denarii, and the other fifty, but how they had nothing to pay, he forgave both of them. Tell me, which of them will love him more? Simon answered: I think the one to whom he forgave more. He told him: you judged correctly. And turning to the woman, he said to Simon: Do you see this woman? I came to your house, and you did not give water to My feet, but she poured tears over Me with her tears and wiped it off with her hair; you did not give me a kiss, and she, since I came, does not stop kissing my feet; you didn’t anoint my head with oil, but she anointed my feet with peace. And therefore I tell you: her sins are forgiven many for the fact that she loved a lot, and to whom little is forgiven, he loves little. And she said to her, Your sins are forgiven ”(Gospel of John. 12: 1-8)


    “Then We sent Our messengers in their wake, and sent Isa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary), and gave him Injil (the Gospel). In the hearts of those who followed him, We instilled compassion and mercy ”(Iron, Surah 57: 26-27).

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