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Aquarius July2019 Love & Spirituality reading - EMBARKING ON A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY! ♒

hello my dear Aquarius this is your love and spirituality reading for the month of july 2019 with me queen of cups turtle we're soon entering into cancer season so say happy birthday to all cancers out there and this is a general reading for sun moon and rising sign and i read for the signs in order of most like videos the reading can go both ways the drama is the same but it can be different castings to the different roles by the universe for this reading I will use the 7800 mythical it's a 7800 global art collaboration limited edition it was voted winner in the semi-final against three other 7800 odd X and it also won the final against the Celtic dragon Tarot I had so many beautiful decks to choose from this time around and I couldn't make up my mop mind which one to use at my channel and I'm truly grateful for all the help with choosing this magical day if this is not your personal favorite I expect you to be honourable and acknowledge that the vote is over and that this take one so blessing bless your heart everyone and thank you for all the love in all shapes and forms so now start shuffling your cards I'm sorry if the rain is very loud but it's a rain and thunder day in Sweden today so when I open your deck here I see nine of Pentacles together with the high priestess so I think someone wants to get in and someone don't don't want to let them come in the situation where someone wants to manifest something and the other person is kind of saying no because they don't want the same thing or out of self-respect I'm not sure this is stores and this is crazy energy doesn't have to be a person so I call the divine with lawn light and here we have a pager once with a high priestess so yes if we ask nicely if we don't force ourselves we might become invited here the page of Wands is it's a messenger and it's someone that has enthusiasm like a positive attitude wants something but maybe not in the same what we saw with the knight of Pentacles it's not forceful so we'll see what she says is high high priestess so I called for our angels in the four corners of the world and here we have a 10 of cups with a high priest priestess so it seems like him this mutual love here but one person might want to have things their way and and they can't have it their way it needs to be some kind of equalness some balance between these people we can see in different cultures if a person is beneath you you can you don't have to do the same like honor them in the same way that you have to do with someone above you but here the high priestess wants to be honored as an equal okay so this person needs to approach them as an equal and then there can be love so I call the six elements and here we have the knight of Pentacles again with the channel curves so the knight of Pentacles it's a person that they want a certain thing and they want it badly but they kind of don't want to admit to want it badly like out in the open so they might use some games or place to get to where they want to go and and this won't work in this case here we need to show the other qualities of the night Pentacles which is trustful like being trustworthy being reliable being kind of set on one goal working diligently towards that goal and so we can show that we mean business and okay so six elements yes Kurt wind fire water spirits and you thirst you join us here today and to give us a clear view reading oh my dear Aquarius viewers patient wants so my dear Aquarius love in their lives night of source and to find themselves neither once in loving relationships I also want you strength to have creative success and to be able to walk on your highest part six of Pentacles and towards your heist destiny okay so this is about kind of partnership instead of trying to outsmart the people around you or trying to win over them it's about it's about partnership it's about showing who you are and what you want and being kind of honorable we saw the Knights jumping latest was the knight of Wands this together with the other cards that jumped it's kind of showing that again that it need to be equal Ness we need to work towards the same goal I'm seeing that one of my lights here is not shining as bright as the other so one of them is definitely keeping a little bit of a secret see here I can fix this so they had to spell telling the truth okay so I'm going to tune in for a few seconds here you Aquarius and an energy of July so my dear craze this is your future there and this is your now there and this is your post so now a tow source is in the past it's in a Gemini how we can drive ourselves crazy thinking that I should have done this but I couldn't because then I needed to have done that and that was not possible because of this so they're making ourselves crazy with what we're thinking in our mind and it's also a way where we are trying to we're trying to kind of be everything for everyone to fulfill everyone's needs that's not possible we need to be the person that we truly are and show who you are and and stand up for that person and people can either love us or they won't okay so this is a little bit we want to fit in but do we really fit and we need to be ourselves so we can find our place instead of finding a place and trying to make it fit and here we have the dragon tamer that's an additional card to this a 2-1 card deck and it's about being kind of a Rainbow Warrior so we can see this person has been through a lot with their dragon and have tales of the battle here in their garment but them themself are unharmed and refreshed because they are healed and they are ready for some new adventure so a tow source it was your earlier level kind of trying to fit in and here with a dragon tamer you don't try to fit in anymore you know that you need to be your soul self and your dragon has kind of enlighted your fire there and so you feel more assured that the way you are the way you think who you are it's alright you are allowed to be yourself and that's it's a good thing might be that you need to be a little bit heroic in this situation and maybe and up against stiff competition of some sort and you are very guided this is the star card so it's Aquarius it's kind of a nice fit we also have death here and the Empress and the Shariat so a lot of a lot of Major Arcana cards coming here this is your next level of existence in the future the star card it shows that you are guided but you're going to have to go to a great metamorphosis probably show yourself with your more humble qualities this is a story of a woman that found five dragon eggs and she she nursed them to become these full-grown dragons here and she couldn't fulfill her her duty towards the emperor in her country because when he called her she was of old age and her dragons didn't let her go because they knew this would be the end of her so it kind of rims a good or rhymes good with this eight of swords trying to be obedient for failure you're maybe your responsibility if some source someone else is asking you to do this but you also have responsibilities to the divine so here the Dragons is of course her divine connections and it shows that her divine connections kind of prevented her from going from fulfilling her duties towards her country because she was needed here where they have put her so sometimes we need to stand up to stiff competition and this in itself is our journey we can see she's working here on the path of Magpies and this is the shariat card so it's a journey and this one is going through the to hell kind of journey going to hell so um we still need to trust our guys if this is the journey we are supposed to make it's the journey we are supposed to make so trust seems to be a big thing here trusting your guides trusting yourself not getting like all shake in your knees when you have to stand up to Authority when you don't agree with what they say so here we have a past the past and here you were a very good trooper hard-working almost like a robot if this woman didn't have to think about her survival or her duties she could just you know sit in the Sun and talk to the birds or whatnot but now she's working very hard walking up those stairs so it shows a person taking great care and responsibility and and not following maybe their bodies impulses and sometimes this is totally necessary and sometimes it goes a little bit overboard like when we become a workaholic or Duty in front of everything and we make life simple like black and white either we do our duty or we are useless or we work or we are useless so we don't have any gray scales that makes life simple it makes it easy you don't have to think but it doesn't just say that it's right just because of that just more simple and here we have a king once it came in the same position as it did for Capricorn that I just did before this so it might have some you might have some common connection with Capricorn or you might have Capricorn at some significant place in your chart or something moving to Capricorn that's significant for you so the king of Wands shows usually Leo Aries or Sagittarius and we have the 10 of Wands here as well so this is someone that has a lot of responsibilities a lot of duties and need to do what's expected of them or the whole world will fall apart and there's a lot of these people on the graveyards they were totally um you couldn't live without them the companies couldn't make it without them the families couldn't make it without them but then death came and just took them and the world had to do without them so realize that the world will be able to continue without you I do these things or not we always should do our best but sometimes our best is not to to become slaves okay slaves to some kind of rules or some kind of responsibility some kind of it's like you have something is asked of you and you are fulfilling it and like every part of it you can do like this yes I have done that I did that I did that so here we have the fool so this is a part of the journey where things are not in control okay everything is new we don't have the experience we are on a new route or a new road and there was thunder and this one they can feel very they can feel very sure because they know what they are doing everything is black and white they have their lists they have their responsibilities this is what's asked of them but here they are going into some realm where things are new I don't know what to do before I were in control now I don't have control and it might be that this is a person that has a lot of need for control and then one day the divine is just calling them to you know she'll take a ski trip watch the yetis and the person might go a little bit crazy so what am I supposed to do what am I supposed to do with I have my duties I can't fulfill them if I'm on a ski trip hmm so we'll see where it goes with this interesting this is kind of very opposite things great responsibility a person that just yeah this will be fun we take jump here we take the skis there oh Allah Lavigne Lavigne it's Swedish for big snow masses I don't know if this is the same name in English and here we have the 8 of cups so ADA cups is a situation where we kind of got tired of it all so I guess here was necessary vacation for from the responsibilities it might also be that someone has taken a vacation from the king of Wands maybe a child for example and the parent might have called for them to fulfill of their duties and do go to school do this earn money get a job and and the person and they wanted to do their own thing so they just went on this trip and didn't care for all these duties and we have the eight of cups here and here we have the eight of swords so it's some kind of karmic situation going on I did between two of your different you know sides maybe you have been forcing your body to do something and one day your body just say no I have done enough now I'm burned out so what shall you do I'm on vacation so I'm not going to lift my legs today sorry you won't even make it to the coffee pot this morning I I won't move okay so this can happen when you have seen the world in black and white and you force then you forced and you force one day your body your mind it just takes a vacation it's not working as it was able to do here and it might be your body taking vacation from you I shall taking vacation from you you taking vacation from someone that has very high demands on you and here we have the five of cups so comes a little bit sadness here here it felt like grace but in the end we want to be able to be have understanding your body wants you to understand it your children wants you to understand them that they are their own people and please can you love me for the person that I am you want to be understood by the people having very high demands on you can't you just please love me for the person I am they are still on the ski trip though even though this the cloud it's probably clouds here but it looks like high mountains so even here the responsibility is getting to them I should be there I should be doing this but I can't I just can't so something in my body's making rebellion and I don't want to make rebellion I want to be the person that you can love but it seems like I can't fulfill your I can't fulfill your needs here the person you need me to be I'm not that person so does that mean you can't love me this person asks so we'll see where it goes with this but it seems to be two different sides to thing one that wants to take life more as it comes and one that wants to have plans and and schemes and organization because some in other case something bad can happen and this person thinks well if something bad happens that would be kind of exciting we would have something like passionate we will things would get a little bit out of hand and we can you know be a little bit crazy so very very different personalities there so that was in the past and here we have this new new level and in this light the dragon tamer this dragon the red dragon almost have a little bit revolutionary touch to it and here we have a little queen of cups coming underneath the 1001 so I'm thinking we are talking about the body again it has certain needs it has been talking to you for a long time or you have been telling someone something for a long time however they were not able to listen they said these emotions wish you do see things you shouldn't listen to them you need to do you know you need to fulfill your duties and the queen of cups she is a being of the water is like a gel of jellyfish kind of creature and you can't force this jellyfish to walk in this space it will die of hydration and it's not particularly good with walking either it's more this emotional kind of creature this realm is more suitable for this queen of cups maybe not I see mountains here but the energy of the fool going with whatever we have inside of us right now so it seems like the feminine side is suffering a little bit in this equation your emotions your body your heart things you you you know you need to do them but your heart your body your emotion says something else there's something there's another priority here the list of priority is different to the list of priority with this person here so again it might be two different sides to you or it might be two different people king of Wands queen of cups queen of cups is usually cancer can be Scorpio or Pisces as well but it's probably different parts of you or different parts of another person and here we have the devil so the devil is codependency addictions we love something that's not good for us or we have needs that hasn't been tend to so I'm thinking this queen of cups she's kind of in the basement it's sitting side to you maybe that hasn't been you haven't been able to express so it has become like a shadow so that might be why that's two very different personalities here one that's forcing your body to do things and follow the list and be organized and get a lot of things done and the other that just you know put obstacles in your way and you can't fulfill your duties because your hand doesn't want to work it doesn't want to write the things it was supposed to write or your legs doesn't want to move okay so the shadow has taken over because probably it was some kind of danger to your whole system here either the system in the relationship or the system in your body or the system at this company or whatever family whatever situation is yours and now the shadow has kind of taken over so it might mean we are turning ill for example just before a big big performance or we were supposed to have a lecture we turn ill because we are stressed so much put so much pressure on the body so it just says no sorry it's vacancy sign here no one will organize this home today the unorganized entities in this building has taken over so this is usually what happens when we try to live life in black and white and we suppress one side to us and one day it makes revolution and it it usually doesn't make it just to you know make problems for you it does it when when it's a danger to your system for example when you are about to work so much so you will kill yourself then it's very convenient to kind of spray an ankle or or get a really nasty cold instead of dying of a heart attack and when you are doing this lecture yes justice the fool so it obviously needs to be balanced between this well organized workaholic kind of side and the vacation side because in other case there's a it I think it's a unhealthy imbalance either in a relationship between two people one person is pushing the other and the other is maybe a more fragile more more artistic kind of person and they are being pushed in the same way as a workaholic so and bad things can happen a person can turn become depressed or suicidal or yeah so it's it's a trust to a system it's not healthy it's not balanced next card is the ada wants comes under need a tow cup so again I think the divine is ordering you to take a vacation to take it you know slow sit on the beach watch the sunset travel to a foreign country experience something else then duties and and this to-do list you were asked to spread your wings and go to the sunset and find out other things with you there's other other things to you than just performance this other things to you that's needed here than just being this workhorse or this slave and here we have a seven a wants and it comes on into phyllo cups so one person here is first sad and then they start to you know become a little bit more revolutionary as we saw with this a dragon tamer so no matter how the person yells and screams that this is our rules this is how you need to follow our rules you need to be this person now you're a beast you're a beast for taking the ski trip or not doing your homework or not applying for this job or whatever it is and this person needs to say now I'm protecting my body from now on I'm not going to engage in this what you have told me is the truth what I need to do the rules they can't apply to me anymore I'm saying no so this is a person putting boundaries okay might be seen as the devil but they they still need to it's some kind of paradigm shift from being the slave to you know kind of doing your own thing like a true millennial person okay so this is your future and here we have the world card so the world card comes underneath the China wants and queen of cups and so it seems it's a situation where we are well kind of fulfilled something so this was a cycle is complete we were the workhorse we thought everything was just about fulfilling our duties and being like better than everyone else on everything and excelling succeeding and then the queen of cups came so our heart told us that there's more to this and it seems like you kind of get it you get it and it's some kind of completion happening here so even if people are miles apart it seems like they can fully understand each other it's some kind of closure here we put an end to an old chapter and with we turn to leave it's a new side to this book and so it might be that the relationship has been working on a certain level before but symptoms came to the surface which made it impossible to continue in this way and a person needed to do revolution or the body had to do revolution because the situation wasn't well balanced it wasn't healthy and it seems like the other side the one that held the party before this partaken shift kind of gets it okay they get it so even if you feel like they don't get it and and they don't support you and they don't love you they probably get it but it might be that they have problems with telling you so with the tenor wants there and here we have a four of Pentacles so the person is going to try to keep their control or trying to keep things as they were even though they know you are right because they don't know what will come instead if they if they agree with you if they tell you that yeah okay you're right what will come then will you date will you make even more revolution when you make even more more of a mess will you ask even more from them that they need to change and they need to adapt to the new world and they need to understand that there's a new rules there's new a new way of living there's new groups of people that have power now that didn't have power before so they don't want to lose the little they have left kind of so this is a person there was a reason for them having this organization and having these rules and keeping control it's because they would didn't want to be faced with their shadow and now they are so they start to feel like they are missing out or losing things they had everything and now it's kind of crumbling underneath their feet so they won't probably admit to you being right but they still think you are entitled okay next card is the six of Wands so the fool the little rabbit here that no one bad on no one thought that this little person would be able to change at all like the teenager changed the whole paradigm of the family or the new employee just said no this this is crazy how you do things here this is not normal you need to change this and or in the relationship with the person that was always trying to do the right thing and listen to the one that was kind of in control suddenly said okay so when you need to do this in another way and they are victorious so this person kind of holds the new the new paddock for the future and it will be different we are going to listen to this small voices inside of us that has something very important to say so this is going to bring balanced success and change most likely it's like we're going to some kind of doorway ending an old karma beginning like turning leaf new chapter next card is the Sun card so here we have the Sun this is the sun's rays and this is the sunset and it's very very yellow so I'm thinking your future is bright my dear Aquarius and listen the Sun here is truth it's some kind of truth that came out of pushing ourselves too far pushing pushing pushing pushing pushing and then it just said no I want to do it in a more happy way I want to be happy I want to spend my time not only working but being able to just enjoy my body is sitting in my body and meditate or listen to the birds in the morning or sit down having my coffee sit down eating my meals things like this not stressing my system running around like crazy eating do you see any other other animal doing this no so it's like you're invited to become not this scared little human being that's trying to survive but becoming a soul with eternal life not in this body but your energies into eternal so not being afraid for the change but actually embrace the change with a fool card that we have here I did a meditation on this once and he had a coat on him I went after him like this and he had a coat and he just dropped it and I said you can't just drop the coat here you're going to need it for later and he just shrugged his shoulders and you know didn't take notice of me and then he just jumped over this cliff landed in some water like here and he dived and he was devoured but something big I couldn't see what it was but like a whale or something and he just went into another dimension and he just keep on skippity scooped through this dimension he didn't care about the physical body that he had at this time he was an eternal soul so that's a little bit what I see for you with all this eight eight eight lionsgate so it's something still with this with this what have happened to you when you were the south note and you were the south note and Leo was the North node and we went to the Eclipse season it was some years ago in August but something happened to you and now this programming have had some success this is Leo this is Leo in Jupiter and so this here wants to hold on to the old and our super freaked and scared but this new thing it's coming it's just coming like a wave here it's nothing to do than to go with the sun's rays the Sun it's just it's just not going to stop okay a lost card here is a knight of Pentacles and comes together with the star card so glorious and this is tourists again and the Sun in the sky but this time it looks a little bit more dreading so I will take an oracle card from oracle of vision to understand this knight of Pentacles here oops yeah okay so it's an energy here that won't budge and I'm thinking it's this new innocent energy but it's underneath all the play and fun it has a certain seriousness it knows where it's going and it's not going to stop it's like human evolution you can't prevent it from happening you can go with it or you can be left behind that's the only options so the termination here it's it's almost I'm being scared but they are not going to care about that they are changing this it's changing right beneath our feet so it looks very it looks like freedom it looks like freedom and a new way of being that's giving you the right to be yourself and you don't have to you know do things you didn't want you don't want to do no one else will do it for you so if you don't do the dishes the dishes will be there for another day mmm but it's not going to you know end your life or give you a terrible disease so from the bacteria from the dishes so you won't be able to you know survive the week so small things like this practice on you know letting it go a little bit and moving with the streams and just you know what what do I want to do today what do my soul want to do today ask it so if this is a love situation I think this is someone rapidly changing before someone else's eyes they don't like it the relationship might break apart we have justice in here so it might be some kind of ultimatum so if this person doesn't want to change and go with this they will be surely left behind and I can't see how that will end I can just see that this will continue no matter what it's not going to compromise itself so and here we have the chakra inside Oracle so I'm going to take an oracle card to clarify not to please once an oracle card for my meal so that was the revenge I guess so this is what has hold you back from not being yourself you wanted to be a part of the community to try you wanted to be loved but then something else is calling you okay thank you yeah you know I told you you're going to have to have faith in this situation even if it seems ridiculous even if it seems in logic even if it seems like it's the culture of one turn if it feels good it's right okay so 48 see beyond your current circumstance to the full realization of your highest visions trust and believe faith is your open doorway to receive from the depths of inner struggle an individual poses to look up meeting eyes with the source of all light above in an instant despair and self-doubt are transformed into hope and gratitude as he releases realizes that he is not alone this light has been there all along reaching down to guide his way this light here when you got sick and tired it was the divine kind of getting sick and tired of your on your behalf as he opened to receive this great stream of support he becomes a living torch of infinitive possibilities through the power of fate when we order food in a restaurant we know that it will come sometimes right away sometime with a little weight but it will come and when it does we almost always get what we asked for life delivers us experience in a similar way based on our feeling based intentions and fate failed actions the Shannons is that we seldom take time to clear clarify our order based on what we truly desire choosing to focus on menu items that we don't really want instead and we might get really upset on what's on the menu and we focus a lot on that I don't want that and I don't want this and how could this ever be on the menu instead of focusing on what it is that we want to order and when we do get clear we often undermine our clarity true self-doubt and fear expectation I'm probably not worth those meatballs probably I'm only worth to have broccoli so now it's time to bolster your fate fate is your ability to believe in that which is not yet visible to accept an acknowledged support from seen and unseen places with faith we can see beyond our current circumstance to the full realization of our highest visions we see our needs clearly and we know that those needs will be wonderfully met we didn't do not judge or react to unexpected developments but choose instead to see the gift within each turn of the river with fate our prayers and intentions are not with angst but with calm gratitude for the miracles unfolding around us and for all that are in the process of we are in process of receiving the meaning of certain events is not always clear while we are in them but with faith we can trust in the great unfolding plan as the saying goes everything happens for a reason so something wonderful is happening in this row here and you just need to have faith in yourself instead of being so sad because the others doesn't support your divine supports you so I will also take a card from Oracle of the Dragon faith can I please have yeah thank you clarification card or grace like some finish up advice 3/4 lady off the new boats looks very warm also 25 yes see how my garden has grown about me see how my children the Darling Buds claim her for my attention they cry night at night and can be so touchy during the day I must shelter them from harshness and keep them in a safe place till they are strong enough to branch out even then my watchful eye will look out for their care you see so many people see the beauty and do not understand where it sprang from the rich lonely soil the sweet water poured from the water dragon Fay into this earth the minerals of the natural realms the light of the Sun and the shining sweetness of the crystal moon have all anointed my garden with their blessings and then there's me so many see my garden and wonder at it but they do not see the work and the care that has been perceived my domain its beauty is a result of love care natural growth and attention to each and every one of its inhabitants when you grow when you grow to peers around you from the seed you are planted take time to tend to this garden enlist the assistance of like-minded Souls and just as you would not feed this tender boy bhutesu poison and pollutants do not feed your ideas the opinions and energies of those who are not in integrity stay true to the vision of your creation and truly take a little time each day to tend to this garden be it of love ideas little ones or creative and diverse until they are robust and begin to grow into their own energy for now it is the tender time the time when the buds are most at risk from the frost of rejection the poison of judgment and the shock of cruelty be vigilant and YouTube will have a garden for all to enjoy and love many will feel you are fortunate indeed to have created such a beautiful Eden but they will not see that care you have taken to grow this but I have seen I have seen it all so it seems like you're about to birth for something totally new and unexpected something that the world is not maybe fully ready for and you need to just know in your heart that you're going in the right direction and that you are being guided from a lot of different places we also have the star card there and it's going to be sacrifices along the way like with Justice tears I'm kind of maybe ultimatum and also death but what's need to be done it's going to be done it's just it's just you're following the river it's nothing more to do here and you might be scared of this new creation and you think that maybe it's not the right thing maybe it's wrong all together but it's not so trust in yourself and follow your own intuition and create this wonder upon the world okay so and you might probably want a little bit more guidance to what this can be so you can go to my channel and scroll down a little bit this on the front page there's a pic card for psychic readings and you can choose the one that catches your eye and also choose the cards from which I will read for you and you will have more enlightenment on this you will understand more what and what this is all about and what you are supposed to do I will also spray out a little bit more pick a card readings and eventually I will come back with the general reading for August in the middle of July so until then take really good care and bye bye

Otis Rodgers



  1. EtrinitE Posted on June 19, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    You carry such an ancient wisdom and and i cant stop listening to your guidance and depth of understanding the dynamics of human conditions🏆Every reading energetically pulls strings from my dimensional bodys and makes me resonate on a deeper level.
    Thank you thank you thank you 💕

  2. higher consciousness Posted on June 19, 2019 at 6:29 pm

    You said in the very beginning a person beneath you or a person above you ???!!! REALLY ???? Who like God ??? How can a person be beneath you or above you when we are all human beings ?!!!