February 24, 2020
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  • 4:15 pm معايدة صاحب الغبطةيوحنا العاشر بطريرك أنطاكية وسائر المشرقميلاد ٢٠١٩
Ariel Cohen Alloro – The Conversion to Judaism in the Light of The Exodus Story – Part 1

Good evening, shalom. We like to live with the time, according to the torah parashat of the week (Exodus 1:1–6:1) So last week we started the book of Shemot, “Exodus” they call it in English, but in Hebrew it’s Shemot, which means “names.” The most important thing that equals the same in gematria as “shemot” is ‘notzrut’: Christianity. They both equal 746 Alright, so we start the book of the exile of the people of Israel. They’re going to the exile, they’re going out of the exile, and it’s all called Shemot, which means names, the names of the sons, of the children of Israel but we talk about Christianity as well. Shemot equals “Notzrut” (Christianity). An interesting thing about the first verse in the parashat of Shemot, of this book It is written… etcetera These are the names of the children of Israel that go in, or “came.” Came in. To come in to Egypt a man and his house etc. So one of the most important words here, it’s probably this one habayim That coming in. Habayim, the a when a man go to a woman it’s called “Biya” which means it’s the act of please, so here about the act of pleasure of going to the exile. Alright? The paradox, I talk about this all the time It’s like the redemption is really to go into the exile. In the good sense in the good interpretation of going into exile. It’s why like we say many times, ‘galut Mitzrayim’, the exile of Egypt equals Yemot… ‘Yemot ha mashiach’, The Days of Messiah. Alright so, the good time when Messiah would be here It’s the exile of Egypt, but the exile of Egypt in a good… As a good interpretation of the exile of Egypt: What it means ‘The Exile of Egypt.’ Not the way it is now Now, what we suffering is the exile of Egypt the exile in Christianity, it’s like the bad interpretation of the concept. Alright so this is one of the basic things we talk about this all the time. Habayim, the coming in, it equals “chen.” Yimach the main word we talk about all the time, that it’s all the secret of Moshiach, and how do I know that this word is really important here? We have here the acronym of habayim. (points to all the letters forming the acronym) Alright so we have five words here that have the acronym of habayim, the coming in that equals “chen”
(grace/symmetry) One of the blessings in our prayers, the second the second blessing is Baruch atah HaShem Mehayei ha-Metim Bless You G-d that you give life to the dead. It has the acronym of habayim as well. Alright so to go to Egypt is one of the something that’s supposed to lead to the going out of Egypt and the going out of Egypt is the secret of the resurrection of the dead. If we have here the same acronym habayim in this blessing Baruch atah ‘HaShem’ Mehayei ha-Metim Five words, with a five letter acronym it is the same like we are going to Egypt which means really to go to Egypt, you lead This is supposed to lead us to the resurrection of the dead. Resurrection of the dead, it’s like… It’s like something that grows from the ground. but before there can be anything that will grow from the ground we have to plant the seed into the ground. To plant the seed into the ground it’s the people of Israel going into Egypt. Going to Egypt, it’s like the seed going into Egypt. It’s why we say that Biya it’s the act of… connection of a man to a woman, it’s the act of redemption, it’s the act of pleasure Alright, it’s the seed of the man that goes inside the womb of the woman, so this is the secret of habayim and from this connection the nation of Israel will be born. Will go out of Egypt, it’s like resurrection of the dead, it’s like it’s like a new birth and this really is the beginning, the birth of the nation of Israel. Like it appears like Egypt is like a pregnancy period? Exactly, yes. Egypt is called always… it’s connected to the concept of the mother. The seeds came from the father. The period of development that the ego is growing…? The ego growing? What you? What? Who is talking about ego? No. Not everything is ego (laughs). There’s nothing wrong about that, anyway. “We’ll go to Egypt” in a good sense it means we understand for good, and really what’s hiding in the spirituality of the world. Which is a concept… Spirituality is a concept of the mother. Mystical, spiritual, miracles. Christianity this is what it’s all about it’s what you call the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the mother. Egypt is the mother, is the Holy Spirit, not of holiness but if it is holiness or not holiness this is a question of interpretation of the word of the Torah in this world, Egypt is not pure. Like Christianity is not pure, but, in the word of the Torah when the Torah told me about the concept of Egypt, in the word of Torah there is nothing not pure impure or bad. It’s all the word of G-d. This is the process of development…
So what will come of this How this going to Egypt will turn will become, it depends on our interpretation of the Torah So the Torah is eternal, to go into Egypt has happened all the time to the people of Israel. It’s happened already in the past it didn’t turn out very well, but finally, We have to do this process… again in a way that it will turn out very well, and this is our redemption. It means really, nothing changes, just the interpretation of what it is written in the Torah, this is what changes and this is what will change the reality and the way that things will happen. So that is like a model, a template, that has to happen again in a corrected way? Exactly, it’s always It’s always the same play, it’s always the same Torah It’s always the same word we just have to learn what it means. Alright, so we have here a hint the habayim, biya, it’s something very good. It’s pleasure, it’s chen (grace/symmetry) the secret of Moshiach (all Ariel’s work is based on this) The secret of the resurrection of the dead This is what, this is the goal of all these things. Ok, so this was ‘by the way.’ Now one of the subjects I I want to talk about that has to do with this book It’s the concept of converting. There are many Christians that ask questions about Giur (conversion) Of course no body must convert. Judaism never pushes anybody to convert, It’s not, it was never a Jewish thing (to encourage conversion) even if it is the goal of all creation. Even if it is the goal,
it is not something that will come by pushing people from the nations to do it. This is something, like an awakening that has to happen from their side. It’s like a natural process. It has to come from the other side, somebody feels that he was enough in Egypt and he wants to become part of the people of Israel and to go out of Egypt with the people of Israel. When the nation of Israel went out of Egypt it is written that they receive a lot of money from the Egyptians, which is the secret of the holy sparks, and it is written that millions of people that were not originally Israel came with them, we call them We call them ‘Erev Rav.’ Erev Rav=Da’at, knowledge The tree of the knowledge of good and evil. So there were a lot of people who weren’t Jewish that saw all the miracles that Moses did and they decide that they want to be attached to this G-d to this nation, and Moses converted them a little bit too quick, there was not enough… enough… Yesodi (foundation) There was not… He did it… methodical? There was not enough (foundation) Yesod is fundamental (actually it is foundation) These converts didn’t have enough foundation, it was too quick, alright so, the nation of Israel has problems until this day from these people that are, that were not completely Jews that came with them, and it is written in Kabbalah that the soul of Moses has to come back every generation to reincarnate to fix the Erev Rav of course the Erev Rav are very important and if Moses started to do something Moses has to do… He’s connected to the concept of Netzach, of eternity so if he starts something, he has to finish it. Alright so this, by the way, there are many holy sparks in the nations, and it is a situation that people that are not Jewish, they want to come back a Jew. Alright, so they do converting they do the covenant of circumcision and then when they go out of Egypt they are going to be asked to do with all the nation of Israel. To do a special sacrifice. What is the sacrifice? The sacrifice of Passover. That really represents the god of Egypt. It was asked in the yud of Nissan, the tenth of Nissan they were ordered to take the lamb and to tie it to tie it to the bed for four days until it happened this was a shabbat, we call it shabbat ha gadol,
the big shabbat. Shabbat ha gadol equals ten times bitachon. Self confidence Confidence Usually shabbat is not a concept of confidence it’s a concept of bittul, of “I am nothing.” annulment but bitachon, it’s a concept of, it’s something a little bit usually it can be something active, it can be something of… I am doing something, and I am not afraid of anybody. Alright so they have a good reason to be afraid to take the god of Egypt and to sacrifice it and not only to sacrifice immediately to take it, and to wait with this, to keep it for four days, until the fourteenth, when they sacrifice it alright so it’s like they are not afraid They are not afraid that their act of complete separation from the Egyptian that for them this is a god. They are not afraid completely of what the Egyptians will say about this and they do it for four days, it means, it’s not something that they do it very quick so that nobody sees. Alright so… So shabbat ha gadol equals ten times bitachon 750, self confidence, it’s bitachon and it will be for you to be kept until the day of the sacrifice. Like, Christianity it means “to keep.” We take Jesus and we have to keep it, we cannot eat it immediately and really what do we do with it? We sacrifice Jesus. Alright, so somebody that is not a Jew and he wants to become a Jew the first thing he has to do one of the things that he has to do is to sacrifice what is what for him is is god. Perception of god For him, the way he sees it for him, Jesus is G-d. It’s not that – it is idolatry actually. To say one is… one to one… The way he sees it, is idolatry, yeah. But we sacrifice it to G-d, which means it’s something holy. If we use this sacrifice for the G-d of Israel this means it is a holy thing. We understand this. It’s a paradox. Alright, so it’s like, the sacrifice is the wrong perception? You can understand what Jesus is in a bad way and the way you understand, and this… and this bad perception has to be sacrificed. Completely, it’s why it’s why What is the biggest problem of people that want to convert? They will be asked “What do you think about Jesus?” and of course it is a big something completely… How do you say? assur, forbidden to say, to deny your faith in Jesus. Because he said. Because he said that if you do it, I will deny you in front of my Father. Still… If you want to be a Jew this is what you have to do, you have to sacrifice Jesus. How do you do that? By saying it… What really now you believe now, as a new Jew, you don’t believe anymore in this, in Jesus. It’s like you give up about Jesus. Do you understand this? If not, right now, you cannot become a Jew. You cannot cheat the rabbi. To tell them, “No I don’t believe in Jesus”and to cheat. You have really to sacrifice Jesus. You know that it is er, you know this legend We’ve talked about this in the past but we talk about this subject again… Isn’t like it’s sacrificing the wrong perception actually? In this case? No, it’s a real sacrifice. You sacrifice your, all Jesus, and in Judaism, hopefully you will find it again in a good way in a correct way, with vessels of Torah, it’s what we call the fig tree. But the way you have it right now the image you have in your mind about Jesus That is what you have to sacrifice, your wrong perception? This is what I said, this is what I said. You have to sacrifice, your have to sacrifice your Your perception, any image you have about G-d about Jesus as G-d you have to sacrifice it, forget about this. You are all god, alright, so Jesus is god as well… (Psalm 82:6) but the way you see it is wrong, anyhow. Okay, so this has to be sacrificed It does not come from any holy place It was given to Egypt, which represents the 50 gates of impure understanding It’s a place of impurity, alright? All… All the world is in a state of impurity. All the lands outside of the land of Israel are in a state of impurity. Why is it impure? Because it belongs to the crown. The crown is like subconsciousness. Above the Torah you mean? Above the Torah, Torah is what I understand. Which means it has to do with consciousness. Above the Torah In one way, wow it’s better, it’s above the Torah but in another way, what is above the Torah it means it is not yet in a vessel of rectification. It’s like your son that isn’t born yet. From where will come your seed? It came from the subconsciousness and why are you giving birth? To fix it. Now… he came from the crown as a baby and now you are going to teach him. To teach him how to talk, how to walk… How to dress… Alright so everything that came from the crown it’s like a state of… It’s not yet completely 100% rectified.

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  1. Bill Michaels Posted on January 9, 2018 at 10:20 pm

    A christian often misunderstands scripture, from having the wrong assumptions, and from not understanding Hebrew, assuming the translation is 100% correct and it can't be.

    Am I Jewish, that i will not answer.

  2. Keter Malkut Posted on January 13, 2018 at 2:28 pm

    The history of the Jews and the so called "christian" has to be considered. If not a very vital Truth is lost. Jesus (Yehshua) was NEVER a christian.

    The roman empire created roman catholicism which was very pagan. A good study are the youtube documentaries on 'The Deception of Constantine" and "The cult of mithras." The depiction of the papal system in Chapter 7 of Daniel as the "man" who changes times and seasons, where the Shabbath was changed as was the Pesach celebration with added or substituted pagan feasts happened gradually and was official around 325 CE/AD. Paul and Peter had been killed around 50AD. John was the last of the apostles who was alive until about 70AD. At the time the followers of Jesus (Yehshua) as the Moshiach were FEARED BY BOTH THE JEWISH LEADERSHIP AND THE ROMANS. They were spreading like WILD FIRE and could not be contained. You hear in the Book of Acts how when Peter preached 3000 believed in Yehshua as the Moshiach.

    THE BELIEF IS NO SMALL THING – IT IS A COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION. You walk as He walked, you see yourself as Him being part of His Body and you do His Works as ONE in the Father with Him. The Jews missed it by following their leadership – In Isaiah 9:16, The LORD tells us that people who follow their errant leaders will fall with them. Jesus called them the blind leading the blind. It is Jewish history that the Jewish leadership a the time was corrupt and hand in glove with the romans who had taken control of the power to choose the high priest for the Jews. There were Jews who bribed the romans for the position. They even took on greek names to please the romans.

    When the romans knew they could not defeat the followers of Jesus (Yehshua) they "committed" to join them and make their "religion" the religion of the empire. Many of the so called "church fathers" joined them. The books were rewritten and people were killed or tormented. The deception was introduced to block the believers in Moshiach.

    If you have accepted Jesus (Yehshua) as the Moshiach, study the Promises of the Moshiach in Judaism and live them. They align perfectly with the identity of the believer given by Paul when he taught that "we are perfect in Him who is the Head of all principality and power" and that "we are as He is." Read Colossians, Ephesians, 1John 4:17. We are the Son referred to in Hebrews, Chapter 1. As part of His Body how can we be different? The Father alone is your Teacher – see the Words of Jesus(Yehshua) in Matthew 23:8-10. Paul (Hebrew Shaul) was an Orthodox Jew and was very well learned in the scriptures. He had the scoop on the perfect teachings on the Moshiach. HE TAUGHT THAT CIRCUMCISION MEANS NOTHING AND THAT FOOD LAWS WERE DONE AWAY WITH, JUST AS JESUS (Yehshua) TAUGHT – see Mark 7. These are in the REALITY OF THE MOSHIACH TAUGHT BY JUDAISM.

    We have TO FIGHT THE TRANSLATORS who were of the roman catholic root (read the history of the church of england and the roman catholic church) – for example the King James Bible which is sound in many ways has to be watched diligently for the death words of "persecution", "suffering" etc. put in by the translators, where many "christians" who in the roman catholic tradition teach that suffering and living an underdog life is "holy." In Romans 8:14, Paul tells us that those WHO ARE THE SONS OF GOD ARE LED BY HIS SPIRIT. Be led of The LORD and seek Him to teach you. THINK OF YOURSELF AS ONE WITH THE RISEN KING JESUS (YEHSHUA) AND ONE WITH GOD THE FATHER – will you consider "subjection to suffering" as GOD does or will you translate it a "challenge, a decision point" to walk in the Truth of who the LORD is and not choose the lie.

    YOU ALSO LEARN THE MYSTICAL CONCEPT THAT THE FATHER AND THE SON ARE ONE – THE SON IS THE SEED IN THE FATHER AND THE FATHER IS THE SEED IN THE SON. That is why the Jews who did not believe wanted to stone Jesus (Yehshua) and accused Him of blasphemy when He said His Father was GOD. The said that He was making Himself EQUAL to GOD. See John chapter 10, around verse 35. Even today it is the Orthodox Jews who believe in the Moshiach – not the reformed Jews. The Conservative Jews have no consistent belief.

    The ONLY way you walk in subjection to the destruction of the enemy is because YOU ARE DECEIVED INTO BELIEVING THE LIE. As you are JUST as the Father IS you create your reality with your words and your beliefs. In Proverbs 18:20-21 we are told that death and life are in the tongue. In 1Peter 1:13 we are told to gird up the loins of our minds.

  3. Rosivaldo Lins Posted on January 19, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    Legend please

  4. Venkatesh Penubothula Posted on May 28, 2019 at 5:10 am

    Can give us English subtitles like this one for other videos
    Thank You