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Astrology, Psychics, Kundalini, Spiritual Energy; Truth or Confusion ?!?!

hello it's good to be here with you all Sunday evening just a couple of quick announcements you know one just a really big thank you to everyone offering donations especially thank you to ivy Taylor bush Tatyana Lee Jones a sim I hope I'm saying your name right Mary Ann and and Kathryn yes thank you so much for supporting the song gun the second thing on the list is we have a big retreat coming up here and Durango Colorado and by big I mean it's going to be powerfully energetic and let the retreat itself is going to be quite small my retreats are small and intimate and there's definitely room for you and if you need a scholarship just please email me and we'd love to have you it's in Durango Colorado the 18th through the 21st of July and on the 21st I will not be doing a live stream so that's I think and I guess that's in two or three weeks whatever that is today's the 7th yeah yeah and so I do I truly hope to see you there see you there you know one of the things that I dislike to start off with is just you know what Alcala just some basic practical wisdom you know I've been getting out a little bit more the summer and been out on the roads and I've just been absolutely shocked about how many people are texting and driving you know and it's been many times just this last week where I've seen cars you know swerving you know over into in you know oncoming traffic and I think it's happening just about every time I get in a car I see this and it's you know a lot of people die this way and one of the things that's beautiful about about spirituality is that the root of spirituality is this practical wisdom it's grounded wisdom you know having a basic sense of awareness of Who am I where am i if we're driving a car I'm going to encourage you to acknowledge your human and your human form and that this human form is impermanent and so you know to hang up those phones to just put them down and drive if you feel like there's something you need to get to pull over please please pull over and be safe out there you know something I recently started speaking to he was actually on the phone and he looked down to hang it up and next thing you know he had a head-on collision with a tree and that's that normally doesn't feel good for your body and when we make a mistake like that when we have an encounter like this you know that's something that we have to to deal with often for the rest of our lives and so please you know be awake be aware be mindful not only of the fast spacious emptiness and freedom that's everywhere but who you are and what you're doing in this moment in every moment it's easy to get gobbled up by this world and just get lost you know and all the busyness and thinking we need to be you know doing eight different things at once but you know if you ever spend a lot of time in meditation you begin to discover that your nervous system really likes to be one thing to do one thing and as soon as you divide yourself you know into ten different places it starts to feel like hell inside it really does you know we had this silly thing where my wife and I and my daughter we were driving to the next the next town over I was like way out in the country and they were gonna have a little parade and there was this woman in front of me in for about five minutes you know she was like reaching for her purse and just swerving all over the place and you know people were getting out of the way and it was just crazy and then eventually when we got to the parade you know this funny thing happened is that we ended up standing next to her and I just felt into her energy and she had all this agitation in her body in her nervous system and that's what happens when we're trying to do too many things at once it creates great sense of agitation and so it's good just to do one thing one thing at a time and so that's the that's the practical the practical wisdom for this week the practical wisdom do one thing at a time one thing at a time and notice how your nervous system feels when you're not spread out when you're not in weirdly divided okay so have a lot of questions this week and of course if anyone here has a question feel free to type it in the chat or ask for the microphone you know the first one that I've gotten just a lot of questions about over the years has been on these topics of astrology and meeting with psychics and healers and you know Kundalini energy and energy that can you know wake up in our heart or belly or throat or our mind and you know what is all this stuff about like what's the truth of any of this and you know the problem with when we start to you know to these worlds of what have been traditionally called metaphysics is well there's a lot of cooks you know a lot of I'll use this word wingnuts you know in the realm of astrology and healing and you know psychics a lot of charlatans out there and things can get really weird and really strange very quickly you know this this month actually this moment right now I believe that we are just going into what's called mercury in retrograde and so you know if you're not a fan of astrology if you don't believe in astrology you can take everything I say and just remove the word astrology and because it's still the true teaching here when mercury goes into retrograde confusion is off confusion tends to be off so this is times when our cell phones aren't working we write a text but it doesn't it's not fully sent and we don't realize it for a couple hours later car breaks down it's a good time for the car to break down Cantara mercury that's your grade because mechanical components of a car you know don't always work you know you might have trouble printing and you know I'm getting the printer and the computer to communicate even if it had nothing to do with the Stars or the planets we all know this experience of when communication is off it's difficult things are difficult and even this day actually this week you know I had one car break down my little dog doodles he got really sick and hit a tooth that started falling out and but it didn't fall out fully so become obsessed and he wouldn't let me get my hands in there to help him out so I did take him to the vet and got a really big vet bill I don't that counts from Mercury retrograde but um you know a couple hours ago I was on the computer just trying to get these two things to talk you know a program I was working with and normally it works you know within a couple clicks and you know I think I was pulling my hair out thirty five minutes later saying what I want these to communicate and you know even earlier today we went out to this lake and it's like a big public park but you have to pay money to get in there and we bought a ticket to get in and the ticket didn't work and the guy couldn't print and it couldn't work and you know it took us like 30 minutes just to get through it and then it was supposed to be a season pass what we got for the place when I got home I realized he gave me an envelope but with no pass in it and so like this is the kind of silliness that happens during mercury in retrograde but again he even if you don't believe in astrology this is life you're on planet Earth silly things happen confusing things happen and so you know I hold astrology very lightly you know when I know Mercury's in retrograde that's like the one thing that I really pay attention to because it's when stuff is really off you know so for example I'm having this retreat and I've had a lot of people sign up and then tell me well I'm not sure if I can come and you know they change their mind at the last minute it's happening in my scheduling book with the people I see during the week they're scheduling and then cancelling and then trying to reschedule again and it just gets real messy sometimes and again this happens in life in life whether you believe in the movements of the stars or not and so the way I look at astrology is again I hold it lightly I say okay you know if I read something that seems true I light up and it's just a form of acknowledgment that okay like maybe communication will be off I'm not overly expecting it I'm not you know freaking out you know it hiding under a rock or anything silly but just knowing you know just knowing okay I can be a little cautious here I certainly don't you know and read astrology you know in the daily newspaper and say oh today you're going to inherit a great fortune or whatever you know like that's kind of like fortune cookie astrology and so I don't pay much attention to that you know over the years I have met with a number of astrologers who are quite gifted quite talented and I found it very helpful you know often times my mom you know she's a big fan of this she's a good friend who does it and so occasionally my mom will say hey you know I'll give you a session and I say okay sure sure I'll have someone read read my star chart do you know and it's important that you have your birth date and your location and you work with someone who's credible and who's good and I even studied astrology many years ago I found it incredibly useful just like it's ink it can be incredibly useful to study the Enneagram which is but you know it's which is kind of like a personality type it's a little bit more it's actually a lot more exact than say astrology and so I found these systems very helpful now in regards to psychics and intuitive's well to me that's like playing you know roulette it's like Jase I don't know is it right it's about right you're gonna meet someone and fall in love and who knows if that's true or not who knows if they have a gift and I wouldn't spend a lot of time and money chasing psychics or listening to psychics you know my I had a good friend and he was down in Miami and he'd visit a psychic and you know she'd say oh I see this dark energy around you and for $50 more you can buy a candle and I'll light it for you and that'll somehow clear the energy or whatever it is you kept buying candles and it just you know and she told me go home but you know three dollars and twenty-nine cents and change under his bed and that would help him get a job or something and it's you know all this can get it can get really hokey real quick and the thing that we as spiritually awakened beings have to be careful is with is when we go to a psychic if we go to an energy healer someone is gonna remove blocks or you know things from our chakras or whatever it is or cast a spell whatever silly thing so am i doing again this may be very credible and it may be very powerful I've met many people who do have gifts and I've met a lot of people you know saying it like psychic fairs who don't have much gift at all you know maybe 5% of what they're saying it's true but at that point it's like why give them any money only 5% is true and one of the things the big mistake that we make on this path when we're working and saying with these medical metaphysical realities or mediums is oftentimes we walk into their office we walk into their you know the presence whatever it is and we give our power away to them we give our power away to that and we just look you know blindly believe that they know something that we don't the beautiful thing that I like about astrology you know especially like when I've met with with my astrologer I've used in the past and keep in mind when I say I've used an astrologer I've probably had four readings over you know to ten or fifteen years so it's not like I'm going there once a week one of the things that I found is all the knives they've confirmed spiritual qualities within myself you know like many times they said you know you're going to be a teacher or you are a teacher or you're a priest or a holy man then so be like before I was teaching it when I would hear that I would light up inside because I knew it was the truth I knew what was coming and they'd also point point out to some of the shadows within my egoic structure so when my struggle so when my shortcomings my confusion and I found that very helpful you know for someone who I didn't know for them to look at my chart and say hey you know you might have some real issues you know in your relationship you know you know during this period of time and when when they said that it was just confirming you know that yeah that this was part of the plan it was part of the play it was part of my ego in confusion and then I could see that and I could own that and I could witness it and so I used it as a form of acknowledgement and witnessing and it could bring forth things you know that perhaps I hadn't seen that we're hiding out in the shadows you know and so I can remember like the last reading I had I you know the lady told me she said Oh Craig you're just coming out of you know 14 years of being in this like intense poverty cycle and and I smiled and that you know I actually smiled and kind of cried a little bit too because you know when I was like when I was young I was I've always worked so hard that I had money in the bank and then in my adult life as soon as I had kids I was just like just so broke and living in utter poverty and debt you know for a good part of 14 years and I did the law of attraction I did manifestation I did all these things and you know I had you know multiple degrees and you know people life to my work but I just couldn't get off the ground and make any money and when the astrologer said that to me I realized oh that was actually really helpful for me to hear you know so I wasn't blaming myself or you know feeling like I had done something terribly wrong or that I was cursed or something it just showed that you're gonna go through a dry period and so that was helpful and that was helpful now there was times when I met intuitive you know during that 14 years and they told me all kinds of crazy things that wasn't so helpful I wasn't so helpful wasn't so supportive and again I could just take that with a grain of salt and you know during that 14 years if I read you know some astrology out of like the newspaper that's at oh you know soon you will come into great fortune that probably wasn't gonna be true for me and you know that I wasn't gonna put my total faith and give my power away to something I just read in the newspaper and so you know it's just like anything there's masters in any kind of tradition whether it's astrology whether it's you know what intuitive whether it's a healer or an energy worker there's masters who live in these realms and there's many people who are not masters and you want to make sure that eternally you you keep your power within yourself you can be open you can listen you can receive just like you are right now but if there's something I say which doesn't feel true to you I encourage you to put it on the back burner or just let it go let it go don't worry take what's good and let go of the rest like all the rest and if you feel in your gut like when you're meeting with one of these individuals that it doesn't feel true walk away leave like I'll give them all your money and don't give them your power because you're blind you'll find that this is a great mistake great mistake and so anyways I just got this email like right before the call another person was telling me that they met someone who is deeply psychic and and they started to feel like energetically attacked you know like psychically attacked by the individual and at first it felt beautiful and loving and then it felt overwhelming and again if you if you feel that like something weird crazy energetically what I'll go energetically inappropriate put up some boundaries and run walk in the opposite direction you know you don't need any crazies in your life like you know someone playing with energy the good news is they can't actually do any real harm to your essence you know like if I say something really mean to you right now and I think you are a no-good rotten scoundrel and if I actually really believe that you know you might feel some heaviness to come into you you might feel my agitation coming into your energy Fiat but if you take a deep breath and look at your essence you'll notice that your essence it's just as beautiful as the day you are born it's completely untouched by my anger my energetic attack or whatever it is the deepest part of you is untouched the surface level part of you like the hypersensitive part of you yeah you'll feel it you know we've all had this experience where and we sit in a car with our partner or a friend and when they're they're really angry you can feel a heaviness in the air like I was with what am i really good friends yesterday and actually was at the store and I ran into his wife and I just asked like a house how's John doing and she said oh it's this bike got stolen so he's feeling really bombed and you know I said well we'll send him my love and she said why'd he come over and tell him yourself and I said okay then I went over and at first I felt like this real heaviness in the air and he wasn't you know aside dickard intuitive he wasn't broadcasting his energy at me but we all feel intuitively feel each other this is like true because of the law of oneness when our heart is open you will feel everything around you and sometimes you'll feel your friends pain and so I sat with him for a while you know I shared some love I gave him a little present because it was his birthday recently and he started to smile and feel better and so I had an effect on his surface level consciousness not his surface level now on his essence you know his essence like I said it's indestructible we all have bad things that happen to us difficulty pain you know confusion but in the level of essence we remain unchanged unharmed by you know any kind of black magic or white magic or just someone throwing psychic daggers at us and you know it's it could be fun just to dismiss at all or not to worry about any of it and it can be tragic to overly worry about these things and there's a lot of people in the spiritual world I get emails often and I've you know I've spoken to most people for long periods of time you know who have felt energetically attacked and you know it's good to remind ourselves that who and what we are is divine who and what we are is a goddess is you know spiritually divine it's a holy man a holy woman this is what you are at the depth of your being you know the Stars will come and go he'll they'll move things will happen in life you know you have good fortune and bad but there's something here which is unharmed unharmed by it all and so my great question you know on the path was what's within me that's unmovable unharmed what's within me that's fearless that's fast as spacious that's you know ever-present beyond the movement of the stars beyond my Enneagram number you know my personality type my conditioning what's here even beyond say you know if I'm having a big energetic awakening there's lots of energy moving and fire brewing inside what's here beyond it all beyond it all beyond this moment so II the ego will take one thought and let that ruin your day and it'll make this big story my life is ruined because whatever we believe in this one silly thought and it may be true that there's facing some great pain or having a dark night of the soul or you've had some you know great misfortune you know like my little dog this week it's a great misfortune he had they have two teeth yanked out of his mouth and they want him back in a couple days to pull out some ward there what's this about they said well little dogs have this with their teeth you know that's some eyes if you're a little dog and it could be a great misfortune that you have to get your teeth pulled out and that's gonna hurt it's gonna be painful for a week or so you know some of us you know come face-to-face with cancer or you know utter despair but again do you know that there are something here that's greater that at all that's eternal that's beyond even this one lifetime can you get in touch with this timeless timeless reality timeless reality and then you'll see that you know whatever the psychic said to you isn't such a big deal the psychic dagger someone threw it to you isn't a big deal it's just energy it's just silliness you know your ex-husband or ex-wife or you know the person who wants to sue you or whatever it is it's not the end of the world it's a it's a difficulty in this moment absolutely but it's not the end of the world in fact our world our true world never ends literally what you are is is deathless and if you don't believe me I'll see you in heaven see you know you can come up and slap me in the face and say Craig you were right you were right and so we don't have to worry too much about past life stuff and you know this thing and that thing unless there's something that's coming forward to be healed in this moment you know sometimes we can carry forward the karma from our previous incarnations of trauma the pain if that's the case we meet it with mindfulness and a big open loving compassionate heart but if someone told you you were King time or Cleopatra you don't have to puff up your ego and think you're something special you know you can just let that go let that go and not worry about it you know huh I've had many psychics tell me that you know previous incarnations I was a holy man and I just light up and said yeah it's true I know that you know because I've seen you know I've had just visions and glimpses many are incarnations you know as a Buddhist monk or yogic monk you know a Christian monk your Franciscan monk and so many are incarnations as a monk you know I had so many incarnations as a monk I came in to this lifetime with real intense vows poverty I had to do a lot of work to let go of those and I think I spoke about that last time and so you know so if it becomes relevant like if there's something that's holding you back like there's a lot of people I've worked with who have had a lot of trauma from previous lifetimes where they felt like burnt out a stake you know or torture worked with a lot of people who who lived and then died in the concentration camps you know the death camps and so you know sometimes we carry that and not only can we carry it in a previous incarnation we can also carry it through epigenetics you know when when it's literally you know held in our genes you know I've worked with a lot of folks you know Jewish descent who've just had that in their genes just this imprint of utter terror and rightly so and so if that if anything like that arises we meet it with love while gently reminding it it's 2019 it's okay to let go we are safe are saved in this moment then I laugh because you know I've seen myself doing this you know I also had many incarnations where I died at war and where I was also just a farmer pretty basic life and so but the ones where I died at war I can feel you know gonna still find some of that trauma in the nervous system you know one so I meet it with love and let it go but if a psychic told me you know Craig you were whatever the Apostle John you know I would probably just laugh and move on you know I'm not gonna worry too much what they say about my previous incarnations I'm just gonna feel into what's true for me I don't go searching for it if it presents itself I see it and I just hold it lightly I don't dig into it but the ones where I was monks you know that just was so utterly clear but I was a young kid and grew up in like suburban suburban Ohio and in the country of Kentucky and the sad thing like there was no you know no one had ever even said the word yoga where I lived and as funny as I hate button saw the Grateful Dead when I was 14 and I also met the hard Christians there and when they gave me a copy of the Guido which is something you normally do let me give up books I just open it up for the first time it's just like I knew the whole story I felt this whole you know like this whole lineage of wisdom wake up in my consciousness I said oh yeah I remember this I remember this it was beautiful it's like something woke up in me it was beautiful and so it's always good to use your own heart and your own experience as your truth meter when you give your power away to someone else and just blindly trust you can get yourself in a lot of trouble and also lose a lot of money that way too but um you know my teacher he always told me you know Craig just listened with an open heart take what's good I can if it's something good your heart will grow you feel more alive more loving more compassionate more peaceful more free if it's not the truth you'll feel more constricted and you'll feel hellish inside and it'll feel like you know someone's trying to sell you snake oil so anyways I think that's probably everything I have to say about that topic and this in this moment uh-huh and so let's see if there's some questions that have popped up before I getting these emails okay okay so the first question is from Lisa actually got a couple couple Lise has emailed me this week and so hello Lisa she writes one big shift and understanding has been to awaken to the truth that meditation is not a habit or an exercise that can be used to obtain something you know for example like spiritual materialism but is a way to merge to the truth beyond nothingness and the divine yeah this is true so meditation in a sense is what we're doing is we are stepping into being Ness so you're stepping into your presence that's what meditation is and so you're taking this step into what you are this quiet divine space of awareness this radiant luminosity within the heart and the fullness of the energetic body this is what meditation is yeah so this is beautiful so she goes on to write is just to be in the presence of who we are vast spacious emptiness there is no goal no target or reward my egoic longings are evaporating little by little however I still have difficulties with certain emotions that get sticky and heavy like feeling unseen or misunderstood thank you you know it's from Lisa and so Lisa this is the spiritual path this is why I call my teaching the fully human fully divided and it's this intersection of these two worlds which is really just one world and the end so normally in the beginning we think of divinity is just going inward feeling the quiet luminosity the vast spacious emptiness but we have to remember that this spiritual path is a path of love and when spiritual people think of love you know I should I say this love just in a spiritual context like meditation they will think of love as radiance and that is the nature of love it's its radiant that's true but if we look at what love is in addition to radiance it embraces pain it embraces sadness it embraces heartache he could embrace this fear it's this movement of compassion so if our spiritual path is more about becoming vast spacious and empty and less about love then we will have kind of an unconscious bias against our human self and we'll look at our emotions as a problem and Lisa I encourage you to see that these emotions that are coming forward that feels sticky and heavy just to see them like a child you know like they are a little girl and those emotions are begging you for your attention so this feeling of being unseen or misunderstood and so I want you to imagine this set what's going to say the Buddha but let's do Quan Yin here so Quan Yin is like a female Buddha and so I want you to imagine Quan Yin is sitting silently this radiating love experiencing herself as vast spacious emptiness and a little child walks into her room the child is crying the child feels unseen misunderstood child feels heavy inside as a heavy heart so should Quan Yin just ignore the child and just focus on breathing into her belly focusing on her navel whatever that Zen saying is you can focus on your navel should she just focus on bath spacious emptiness it's like absolutely not Quan Yin whose heart is love will open her eyes and embrace the child embrace her with love this is what it means to be awake this is what it means to be divine this is what it means to be holy this is what it is to be compassionate this is the movement of Christ the movement of love and so if there's pain within us which is most everyone on planet Earth this was Buddha's first teach Indian a life is dukkha life the suffering life is difficult there's something within you that struggling you'd love it he loved it but what happens with a lot of people is when they have a sticky or heavy emotion they get lost in it because they don't have they haven't built up like a deep sense of spiritual strength and by built up I mean they haven't actually realized who they are who they are and so again this is part of the experience of meditation say if we spend an hour a day just being quiet feeling your spiritual nature feeling this quiet presence of emptiness and freedom that feels non personal and empty and just absolutely absolutely free so you know okay who and what I am is free and if you feel a little bit deeper notice who and what I am is radiant love beautiful and then we start you know taking some deeper steps in meditation who and what I am is this mountain of emptiness when we realize all these three together even if it's just for 20 seconds or 20 minutes or five minutes or an hour and a half you know if we have the full realization it doesn't matter the more you step into this presence they're more powerful you become it's like you start to plant some roots and so when you see a heavy emotion come forward you open your eyes and you smile you breathe you embrace by open your eyes I mean you let go like trying to get into having that goal-oriented kind of spirituality and you look at what's in front of you you say oh there's a crying child what does she need she needs love she needs a love you know we went out and we were on this lake today and so we are we had a paddleboard and ducky those you don't know – duckie as it says inflatable kayak and so you know I was on the paddleboard with my little girl my five-year-old my wife was in the ducky and my wife jumped out of her little boat and she got in the lake and we asked honey oh you want to jump in and a nice five she can't swim and she jumped in and started screaming you know him it was like she's just like a monkey just like held on to her mom you know just like wrapped her legs wrapped her arms around mom's like screaming and something I jumped into and I grabbed her and I said come on sweetie let me get you out of the water let me get you back up on the paddleboard you know I could have said you know I could have been ego ugly selfish in that moment said my wife you know you take care of the kid I'm gonna go have some silence you know and just paddle on my own I want to get away from this nonsense and unfortunately a lot of spiritual people are like that you know they're like deeply irritated with children they're deeply irritated with life they're deeply irritated with themselves and that's the opposite of compassion compassion walks in the direction of pain and so we want to make sure that that we just acknowledge us that that our spirituality if it's not inclusive of our humanity it's always going to be a device of spirituality it's always going to be you know a non-inclusive spirituality and so you know we want to make sure that our spirituality includes our heart includes our hard okay so I have another question here on email but it looks like a good friend Richard would like to ask a question so Richard what's on your mind I would just like to ask about you know I was I went to Chipotle before I came to satsang and I was sitting eating and I just noticed like I'm feeling very well right now and it's not because I'm financially secure because I just know I'm in being right now this feels really good and and I was also looking out at the street where a bunch of cars were going by and I'm looking at my community yeah yeah that's uh that's a great question a great topic so it's always being Buddha and so what that means is we are always being Buddha like we're resting in our Buddha nature and your Buddha nature it's timeless it's eternal it's deathless it's absolute and so there can be the realization of this if there's not the realization this we want to place our attention on this and so you know this I really woke up to to my beingness just one day one you know of speaking with with one of my teachers I just Shanti and he just said you know basically Craig what's here all the time and I noticed oh there's a silence there's a spaciousness there's this freedom and I just said that out loud and he said good place your attention there and so I did I just paid that my life to place my attention there and when you place your attention there that's always being muda you're resting and beingness you know like you're saying you're at the taco shop then you're just sitting here just resting in your innate goodness so this realization of our Buddha nature doesn't belong to Craig it doesn't belong to IG Shanti every single one of us are divided every single one of us I think this morning you know as I was laying and bad often when I look in the morning they'll just lay there and just hold my heart for a period of time you know 20 minutes before I wake up in the morning whatever it is I just feel the love of my heart the goodness of my heart and it's it's incredible what we are it truly is incredible you know one of my good friends she's actually tuning in right now she got in touch with her goddess nature this week she just woke up to attend to this vision of herself seeing and a throne and when we realize what we are that's what it feels like you feel really big really profound really powerful not many go up you know special way but you know I decide cheating on the way by that I mean you know if we're in touch with our Buddha nature you should feel vast spacious emptiness this radiant luminosity of the heart and bliss that's the Ananda so you have the peace you're the Bliss and this quiet intelligence has the chit you know it's quiet intelligence gentle-like witness aid wisdom oneness with all of life and so yes you know this is the real realization that's here all the time for all of us if we wake up to it and then you know of course there's always becoming Buddha that's the second part of this this great Zen saying is always being Buddha always becoming Buddha the always becoming Buddha is the acknowledgment that we live in an evolutionary world we live in an evolutionary body and we have an evolutionary soul and so we have an absolute nature that is perfect that's indestructible that's deaf list that's free that is eternally good and vast and brilliant and blissful but you know I would be quite a liar if I said I've never disturbed here on planet Earth because many times I'm disturbed [Laughter] there's many times that things come forward from my past old pain hold hard a cold karma to be cleared a lot of times I feel like I'm clearing the Karma of those around me and I don't mean it some saintly way I just mean we are all through the law of oneness collected you know connected to the collective unconsciousness and so there's pain there there's places where well I would say those places where it's unawakened us so there's how there's so much hell within us if you look if you sit in meditation and look deep enough I can find anger sadness rage and whether it's mine or belongs to the collective unconsciousness to me is irrelevant I meet it the same I meet it with love you know I'm not a teacher who teaches that you know when one becomes enlightened that every aspect of their Karma they're free from to me that's that's pure ignorance you know because it goes against this basic truth that we live in an evolutionary world and as evolutionary beings we are eternally a work in progress in fact even you Richard have you know called me out you know time or two and said hey Craig what you know he was asking me what I meant when I was saying the word sweetie you know because the lines I say that you know when I'm addressing people who are in pain and and so we can all grow we can all grow in so many ways you know in our head whether it's in political correctness or just our sensitivity we can grow in the way we communicate with others how we respond you know our ability to embrace and meet others with love and meet aspects of ourselves with love and all of us you know if we're truly honest we'll see that we have different whether it's racial biases or socio economical biases or you know ethnic bias is or you know whatever it is we can find these things within our consciousness when we look deeply enough and when we're truly honest you know we embrace this teaching of always becoming Buddha we see that always becoming Buddha doesn't mean there's something wrong with us for being human and we realized no God made us human God gave us an evolutionary body God gave us an ego and God is evolving us out of our egoic nature into a divine nature you know where one day our nervous system will not be based on fight or flight one day nervous system will be a movement of love a movement of greater intelligence of the movement of healing and light intuition our Bindo spoke at length about this he wrote at length about this about our evolutionary nature and he said yes the realization of a spacious emptiness and freedom our Buddha nature he said yes you know I've realized this but then I noticed that with this realization it didn't change in my community it doesn't necessarily change how I respond how I act how I speak to others you know sometimes it does but he looked out at his country of India and he saw you know my country men and women are struggling the poverty I want a spirituality that's deep that's profound that includes our evolutionary nature and it's looking to help create a mass awakening on the planet the mass awakening on the species and so he started to free himself now free himself from the chains of ego and then start to work you know what the collective unconsciousness and huge ways in huge ways and you know often times you know I find myself just plagued with violence with anger with sadness with grief with war with hell I'll even say this word genocide I have just felt overwhelmed by the pain of that and I don't sit in an aloof and act like it doesn't exist I sit within it and I know the genocide that you know war assault violence it's in my blood – it's in my DNA – it's in my answer Street as well and so I work with liberating it and bet you know I don't want that to sound too saintly basically it means I sit in hell and I breathe and I meet it with love and it's very uncomfortable and if we really look at what Buddha nature is with Christ's nature is it's like Christ he walked in the direction of hell and to be you know this always becoming Buddha when we take this on you actually begin to experience a greater level of freedom the freedom to truly to fully incarnate to be here to be human to take on this body and to do the transformational work to the best of our abilities and there's been times when I felt deeply swallowed up in this hell but I knew you know because of because of this absolute realization that this hell could not kill me but I've definitely felt as if I've been drowning in it that's absolutely true and I see it as you know this is my work you know after we wake up we're not like if our realization was just to wake up and sit in our own cloud of bliss I would seem really arrogant and you go look to me for me it's like as soon as you wake up within your own self then your job is to kind of clean up to grow up inwardly you know we do our psychological work we do our healing work we you know do everything we can to go a better human being and allow this humaneness to be a manifestation of this divinity and then after you got that pretty cleaned up and grown up then you just start working on the collective and so the work is endless the work is inless and you know if anyone thinks that being awake is you know it's like a walk in the park from an absolute perspective it is but from a human evolutionary perspective there's a lot of time when they can feel like you're digging in a coal mine are you working with old karma old pain you know I'm just freeing things I mean a lot of times I feel like I'm freeing the pain that my father lived through you know when trying to heal some of that ancestral pain and karma and so anyway so I could probably go on but thank you so much Richard that's a that's a great question it truly is one last when I said I was going to get to this so just give me a minute or two I don't mean to hold you all over this second one's from Lisa a different Lisa she says hi Craig the concept of unconditional love baffles me I'm realizing that it is my true nature and also realizing that in order to silence the inner critic I have to be unconditional in my acceptance of myself I've built so many veils with negative thinking and thoughts and going to these well-worn grooves so quickly I see improvement but I see it seems at one point in mind that's equina – I can say that word it will take lifetimes can you offer words of encouragement yeah so when you have an inner critic you don't work with with equanimity I mean well yeah equanimity is always helpful but if you have a strong inner critic you need to work with love it was love and so basically the first thing is we want to thank the inner critic for what she's doing and if you look at what it inner critics doing it's almost always trying to protect us so it's building up armor is trying to protect us in one way or another well yeah so let me give a quick example so if my internal critic was saying Craig you know I'll do one about let my job that I'm doing now Craig II shouldn't you shouldn't teach no one will listen to you no one will like you you don't have anything to say if I look at you know why that internal critic is saying that it's to protect me from experiencing rejection in the future and so oftentimes our internal critic will come forward and it will say negative self-talk to get us to be quiet or not to be seen or not to speak up so that we don't experience rejection so that we don't you know step into relationship again you know or whatever it is and so it's good to look at the internal critic and see oh she has a purpose her purpose is to protect you it's just it's just showing up in a neurotic way another purpose of the internal critic is it's like the same thing as discernment but it's discernment on steroids you know so it's like getting way care you know too carried away and so when you work with the internal critic with absolute love eventually she will dissolve and just be a silent voice of discernment which may say something like don't go on a date with that guy he's no good he's not good for you or don't trust the psychic you know cuz they're charlatans that can be the voice of discernment so if you meet the critic with a big thank you like hey thank you thanks for your input and then you take a deep breath and you relax and then you can ask a question like what's really true here what's really true what's really true sometimes the internal critic can be a manifestation of like an internalized voice of our mother or our Father for me one of the ways the internal critic showed up was like I had the voice of my father in my head for most of my life sorry most of my young life before it where it was an older adult their middle age cidade or whatever it is I am and that that showed up in the form of like I had a drill sergeant in my head just telling me meditate more meditate more more more and more and more you can you know sleep on your dad you can eat when your dad or whatever it's that crazy things I used to work myself like to death you know like literally I just to the point of exhaustion is a better way of putting it and I had to realize in my teacher would say hey Craig you know thanks for working so hard and giving so much but why do you go home take a nap go home and relax and so I realized I was listening to this harsh voice inside and I had to learn to love myself and so I just you know gently you know started to pull attention away from the critic I didn't try to silence him madhumatl of like thank you for helping me try to progress on the path but sometimes we can progress quicker if we have some rest so I met him with love with reason with kindness with softness then eventually well he'll now I never hear him anymore he just he just kind of just let go into the quiet innocence but with some gentle strength there too and so anyways Lisa I hope that's helpful for you the big thing is love is how we interrupt this shame cycle to put it in your words we use love and compassion and embracing sometimes it's even helpful just to imagine that critic sitting across from you you just having a good heart-to-heart conversation with her saying hey sweetie what do you really need what do you need my critic you not say hey big guy little guy what do you really need what do you need and when you talk it with sweetness and gentleness and a loving compassionate way you know like you're talking to a child to your critic a lot of times it'll calm down so anyways thank you all so much thanks for being with me sorry to hold you over a couple minutes thank you everyone for the donations you can do those at Craig holiday com and if you want to join us on retreat there's details there as well so good to be with y'all have a wonderful evening good night you

Otis Rodgers



  1. Katelyn Lindsey Posted on July 12, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    I thought I had lost my mind went from feeling so connected to everything to scared I was losing it. My outer life is so much better and my inner life is much better than it was.. but I hate the vision changes..

  2. Katelyn Lindsey Posted on July 12, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    My vision
    Changed after kundalini.. eye floaters.. auras.. I have visions before I go to sleep.. I see clear dots and lines.. I see after images.. I see waviness like over a hot road sometimes. Eye dr says all is well. Just curious did you or anyone else experience this? Colors are very bright I had bad light sensitivity for the first week or two.