December 6, 2019
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Attaining Freedom

So this is the week of what they call
fourth of July and Independence Day, but for some countries and cultures that
it’s not relevant, cuz people watch us online from all around the world. What is
relevant is everybody has to find independence. Everybody has to find a
state of independence, a sense of freedom, and so we’re gonna talk about that a
little bit today. I also want to mention in advance, people
write in questions and so forth, so I just wanted to get one personal thing
out of the way that’s still relevant. I’ll show you how it all kind of ties in.
But freedom can take all kinds of forms. Your freedom could be freedom to come
out and be more artistic. For another person it could be to end an unhealthy
relationship, but the freedom is synonymous with healing, an ending of an
old and a welcoming and a welcoming in of an new. Emptying a cup and refilling a cup. All
forms of goodness have those general two sides. One thing I have shared recently
is I was trimming back touring, and I love touring. it would be like you saying,
“I’m gonna end a relationship that’s wonderful.”
That takes another level, a different level of strange form of courage, let’s
say, because to end something that you like is really strange. Why would you end
it? Typically, I wouldn’t advise ending something that’s wonderful.
However I noticed, I’m going to cancel touring. I’m still going to go to Dallas.
That’s the only place I’ll still go, but once or twice a year, because it’s
closer by and it’s easy. The wonderful people and so on, but if their Center
there went the direction other centers have gone, a lot of spiritual centers are
going backwards they’re going back into old school they call it New Age new
thought but they’re actually old New Age they’re going backwards they’re going
into really controlling behaviors or boards that hate their minister the
minister that hates the board’s this is controlling that they all kinds of
politics it’s insane but it does make sense when goodness prevails then the
and his tries harder to kind of keep it under control so it’s not a big shocking
thing but it was a rude awakening since that was my main life for 40 years so
yeah so there were just I was staying a few weeks ago I announced the beginning
of this then that I was going to keep a few things on the plate but I cancelled
those then I realized when somebody asked me oh why you know we want you to
come here I said and it all came to me I said you know why because sometimes when
a father sees their children having unhealthy relationships the father can
try to tell those children they’re there there should not little ones but I mean
their daughters and sons that are married and all that when they see them
in unhealthy partnerships and marriages and abuses you can say stop that and
stuff and you can try but there’s a point where it’s okay and the best thing
for the dad the mom to do is this is what you’re choosing which I said and
I’m saying to all the churches in the world that you did the ones that you
will no longer see me I’m saying just like the parents should have said you
will not see me again I’m not coming back because of the abusive things
you’re allowing your partner your husband your wife your step
such-and-such so I realized it’s a healthy statement and it was a righteous
thing and it was a healthy thing not an easy thing to do for all kinds of
reasons even the practical financial that was my primary form of income and
so it’s like okay that’s that well thank you honey
oh just like the speech of Martin Luther King tell him Martin tomes
thank you sweetheart yeah well thank you um hint so it was odd and scary but do
you get the vibe of what I’m saying to be and that that person asking me why
helped it lock into an answer for her and for myself and I went okay then
there was no more conflict at all this is the right thing to do as it dad as a
father seeing the kids choosing to marry some unhealthy individuals all the drama
and yucky stuff and then saying you know what honey this is the relationship you
have and it wouldn’t be good for me to constantly be in it and and feel yucky
nor is it helpful for me to tell you to change your life I can only advise it
and I’m leaving and so that was a right thing to do so I I pray that makes sense
and another person asked one more question another person asked and this
gets asked a lot how did you get spiritual how’d you get into
spirituality so I’m gonna make this very very simple growing up when I grew up
which is a long time ago I have to say it wasn’t as prevalent it isn’t as
available as it is today you say I mean I’m 60 now and it’s like it wasn’t there
it’s not like you just found today when some people say to me oh I wish I would
have gotten spiritual sooner give thanks for where you are because there’s a lot
more available today there were there were not there was no internet to find
things there were very few books all you could read was Nostradamus and that was
depressing you know there were some books out on Nostradamus but that was
about it thank God dear friends of mine had books out it
would be one offs Richard Bach had a couple but Dan Millman way of the
Peaceful Warrior that’s a staple Alan Cohen you know he dragon doesn’t live
here anymore those few people those were about there wasn’t that much out there
so what I’m saying is I had to get it everywhere I could and I think that’s
still true grab your spirituality anywhere you
can’t find it feed your soul you know so I was like man I would just along for
spirituality in every form I’d be like you know every kernel you
know it’d be like Oh a UFO special very very rare it was like on the show in
search of with Leonard Nimoy but anytime anytime even if Disney had a show if it
was about a ghost a good guy ghost I was gonna watch it because it was
alternative it was still something spiritual it was still a good guy kind
of kind of scenario people individuals might bless it godmother who I only got
to see about once a year but she would show up in plants that Michael it’s all
gonna make sense hang in there hang in there she would say to me I know who
your family’s screwed up this is her friends my parents gee I know they’re
totally twisted and morbid but hang in there
I’m sending you love man I’m like breathe breathe it in yet hope just song
lyrics song lyrics I’d sit there with my headphones on always locked in my room
and it was a drag but I would pray I would turn it into something a lot of
what I can do today comes from the prayers I did when life sucked as bad as
it did it’s not always the great things that happen to us what you do with it so
I turned my constant being locked away if within two prayers and yeah of course
they were a kid god why you know what’s with these funky people couldn’t you
have given me to my godmother let her be my mom you know so they were hurt and
desperate prayers man but still the prayers I could hear the prayers became
songs like Earth Wind and Fire they inspired me they were there they were
getting what I was feeling you’re a shiny star no matter who you
were I was getting it and that was light to me anywhere I could find it movies I
even you know teachers and teachings hard to find then but I’d anything I
could find and you know even movies I became in my around the age of eighteen
twenty somewhere in there I was assistant teacher at a elementary school
and they would give put me in charge when it became time for things like a
movie time let you know let the kids watch a little movie during break – I
a movie but I would pick movies and they had to be spiritual not overtly but yeah
and and it was just the kids that beat all into that you know the way they
would sit and watch – in a movie then it would always disrupt him because every
so often they call me mr. Mike I would pause the movie back it up play it again
pause it back it up maybe like mr. Mike what are you doing cuz I would be there
with a clipboard making notes from movies that
did you guys hear that jeez Louise that’s amazing pack it up you’re like oh
why do you have to be in the room with us when we watch movies that was a major
drag in a good way people I met those celebrities and tidbits I mean I I would
write quotes out of movies like I said just anything qualities and so I’m
saying no matter where you live because there’s people that say I wish I had a
center like unity of Sedona where no matter where you live feed your soul
even if it’s morsels feed your soul and more comes and so when people ask how
did you would I didn’t have like some holy birth and my family stood around
and said you know oh did you all notice he glows you know it was you know we
wish we didn’t have another child what a drag what an inconvenience you
know and yeah so you could be unwanted you could be adopted whatever it doesn’t
matter God’s your only real parent anyway
everybody else you just rent you know but anyway so I did you know all through
the struggles and stripes it’s like we’re looking for God’s presence so we
learned to soak in God’s presence in any form that it comes and it could be just
you overheard something at a moment or a song on the radio there’s a affirmation
in A Course in Miracles God’s voice speaks to me all through the
day and that’s important to remember all to not half the day not only on Sundays
all through every day but people just have forgotten how to listen for that
voice so I just do my best I anything anything that felt like love
were liked and for me sometimes that meant even color colors so I would bring
in pieces of color because it represented freedom and goodness and
love and you know things that didn’t make sense to other people but whatever
feels right to you I mean this shirt I mean how could I go wrong green I love
green this is I bought this in around 1990 because I still have the same
shirts for 30 years and 40 years and I don’t I don’t I’m not not like I got to
get a new wardrobe no it’s pretty and one day someone said what’s with the
shirt and I’m like isn’t it cool so I only have one silk chirping this is
unlike it’s silken it’s so soft and it’s isn’t it pretty and the guy’s like no no
actually now that’s not how I typically look it and I’m like I forgot you know
these are guys or people or humans you know humans aren’t into pretty green
colors so I’m like well anyway yes yeah yeah it’s kind of a nice shirt yeah yeah
reminds me of a tree I cut down once and they’re like no that’s not what I’m
referring to do you realize it buttons on the other side I’m like what’s wrong
with you they go it’s a chick’s blouse I did not know
that girl’s tops button from the other side I just saw it in the store and I
was like I gotta have that it’s green it’s green and it’s shiny and no don’t
buy me anything green and shiny please don’t but it was green and shiny
I couldn’t resist um and it’s a funny story it’s an awkward story because I
had to have this guy who I don’t know telling me I’m buttoning shirts on the
wrong side in them I’m a girl so it’s true and I’ve had it forever and I you
know I just wear it there like anything else and but to me underneath it is
actually Michael this is Michael this Michael
the colors beauty words comments like it’s all the light of God so where do
you find the light of God and if you know how to find the light of God why
wouldn’t you choose it more often so that’s part of what made me spiritual it
wasn’t what I was brought up in it’s what I chose find the light it’s not
just the sci-fi someone dies go to the light it’s always go to the light it’s
true there are there are foods you that are biogenic they’re life-giving the
smells of certain foods I mean I really do admire those of you who choose to eat
so beautifully and healthy because there’s such there is a frequency
there’s a vibe to foods that are biogenic as opposed to by acidic which
are life destroying there are foods just and you don’t have to get all judgmental
about it just follow the light that’s all and certain music you can just feel
a lightness people I’ve met young and old celebrity and common folks wealthy
and common folks it’s the light that has always impressed me and for me it takes
the forms of things that would appeal to me like a color or whatever and so
what is it for you and do you even know that it exists a lot of people don’t I
mean to me that they’re this is senseless to them this kind of
conversation no none of that matters you just deal with life you just work and
you know make a living and then die or whatever there’s such littleness what is
your form of soul food what feeds your soul and whatever it is do you eat from
that every day do you listen to comments that are good from people do you listen
to healthy fake smiles you know you should
be attracted to light when you’re not it says something you’re a vampire you know
or something like that you know it’s it’s some other some other thing but
light and musicians when I’ve met people well you know well celebrities not I’ve
always been like hey hey hey what that song Wow and you know and sometimes
they’re like you got that yes how could anybody not get it you know I shared the
story uh when I was a kid I went several times and hung out at a show called
American Bandstand and you know I would know dance or whatever I was there oh
wait they get started and then boom Michaels gone you know as a teenager kid
but twelve something like at 13 I would take off head for the green room where
the celebrities are who do you believe what do you believe what are you into
oh really cool what do you think about that would start talking spirituality
and one time I turn on the TV and a movie cuz again anything anywhere I
could find like a movie of the Lady of fátima it’s a black and white about
visitations of mother Mary to these children and I’m I just turn off I’m in
the green room turning on you know Dick Clark’s TV so I could watch Lady of
fátima you know and in the room you know you have like there’s Smokey Robinson
and then there’s the OJ’s or the spinners actually it was the spinners
and smokey Ryan and Donna you know summer and you have these different
people you know different times and they’re all sitting with me and we’re
all engaged I forget that more people are coming
because I’m totally into this more and more people are him finally
Dick Clark comes walking down the hall he’s looking for
people are supposed to be out playing he’s like what are you guys doing
they’re like hold on and we’re watching we’re watching this old black and white
Lady of fátima and in it and then there’s a part of me I’m going oh you
know I’m a human kid going I think I just got in trouble or got them in
trouble but he comes in and he’s watching for a bit of time too because
what are they gonna film without him you know
yeah America medicine without Dick Clark that doesn’t work so he got engaged too
and they just all had to wait you know until the right seems over it’s like
whoa and you know you could feel people there going what if this is true because
that’s not necessary Lady of fátima what if they’re not
Catholic and mother Mary oriented you can still feel something your heart your
soul has been fed something new added to the menu and you’re going wow
something’s happening and it’s a vibration and I loved that vibration
anytime I saw it anytime I heard about it when someone
told me about a miracle that happened in their life it’s all relevant to this
concept a state of independence free at last free at last thank God Almighty
free at last from I’m not the abuse that was done to me as a child any of us I’m
not the divorcee I’m not the child Barren womb childless woman none of
these things matter because true independence as was proven by many souls
danijon or or mandala and imprisoned but they’re like you can’t imprison my mind
and they don’t mean their intellectual thinking my they mean their soul you
can’t shackle the soul it’s impossible but do most people identify with that
part of them that cannot be imprisoned so we you know freedom true freedom is a
spiritual state of mind it’s a spiritual sense of Independence but how can you
possibly find that freedom and independence if you don’t know who you
are because as soon as you know who you are I am free Wow
that’s why so many people passing over start to feel a shift they start to see
lights and things everybody else in the room is all
don’t leave there like I’m gone dude I’m I’m out of here this is like wow look at
that sparklies you know like it meet like me in the green shirt they’re like
look shiny stuff so people that are starting to pass over start to often
feel something light they’re not as caught up in the stuff of as people on
the earth or in the room and that light is happening the reason they’re feeling
so ok not not all cases but many ok about that passing is cause their soul
is being fed they see something that makes them feel better so they’re easily
moving towards that and I’m saying that all of us can do that but what they’re
seeing is called light now they’re seeing a phenomenon of light so if
there’s there’s a light show and it’s like whoa
it’s easy in a sense easier because they’re shifting dimensional frequencies
for their eyes when you’re stuck on this earth it will seem harder because I
don’t get to see the tunnel in the white light and deceased level saying hey come
on is everything’s ok instead you have living relatives they’re not as nice so
no so you have the stuff of this world and it feels heavy because the third
dimension is a dense heavy dimensionality if we can get a feeling
of light even in a place this dense it’s not only miraculous but you’re changing
this dimension to become more light like and that work is harder than any other
even angels cannot do what you and I do even angels they can send us prayers
they can send us light to help but when you’re in the trenches it’s a completely
different thing completely because you’re here changing your consciousness
it’s one thing to be an angel in the light wishing light upon those who don’t
get it to be in it and get it and anchor light in the trenches it’s a completely
different level of light work but you can’t do it if you don’t know who you
are and when loved ones are passing over people are passing over and they see
light what I’m saying is that light is our true identity so
people that are passing over are starting to identify Oh light that’s
right that’s what I am so they’re feeling more at ease and I’m saying you
and I have to do that even while here in the density choosing to identify who am
i is it easy no as I shared as a kid I’m stuck in my
room again it doesn’t feel good at all but when we remember that morsel how it
tasted to our soul when we get that and feel the nourishment and see how it
carries us another day and helps us see you know I feel I feel good despite
certain situations it almost makes you feel crazy because everybody also tell
you given your circumstances you’d be miserable oh you must be in denial if
you don’t identify with being the in poverty as a child or abused as a child
it’s not at all in denial but it’ll look that way to people who are crazy people
that are are that are choosing to to drink the punch of this world and buy
into the insanity got it’s a whole other level of courage and conviction when
this country in this particular case the United States when this country was
founded this was not easy stuff you know we can easily go oh you know
Thanksgiving Day or Independence Day or these things were not happy holidays
independence was related to fighting for stepping up and when they did
forefathers of the United States when they did they were actually wanted
people meaning they’re convicts in a sense you’re saying hey guys what do you
think yeah we it’s the right thing to do independence okay and independence was
going to eventually lead even to independence in terms of slavery if
they’re connected even though you don’t know Revolutionary Wars connected the
Civil War they’re connected because a lot of the forefathers were saying this
slavery thing is wrong some of them still had slaves they treated them
differently because it was such a commonly accepted thing but they still
said this is not right and some of them started changing the
rules then you know and just to think wow you
know there was a really interesting thing on some programming a biography or
something recently it was kind of beautiful because there’s this one
church that celebrates every year this thing that happened at their church and
it was in the north-northeast probably the Boston area but during that
time that you know that that message that the forefathers planted like the
slavery is not a good thing it fed down to even later years there’s a church
during the Civil War time and there was a young girl a black girl in involved in
their church and somehow she was going to be sold into slavery I think and sent
south and this was just a little girl so the preacher had the audacity because
even if you lived in the north it was a little politically incorrect to speak
against slavery because it was such a conflicted topic this Minister went up
front man and on the pulpit and he fired away this is absolutely wrong nobody
should be enslaved and he’s just and people are nervously listening dude be
careful careful cuz some of us still believe and we’re not sure and there’s
all this conflict around this and he just I’m not hearing any of it this is
wrong so here’s what he says what we’re gonna do and he starts simulating which
nobody knows he starts simulating a human auction he told the girl and she
agreed he brings her up so let’s take a look how much can I get for this this
girl how about five dollars do I hear five dollars look her teeth are good
five dollars let me see your arm your strong foot fifteen twenty and
everybody’s nervous what’s he doing he was humiliating the practice and it was
you know yucky but he they started catching on and they filled this basket
with money and they paid the owner for her freedom so they still have you know in this
church you know the records of this auction for this girl’s life or whatever
and she got to live out her life in freedom but this is something we have to
stay really in our conviction about just liked it did you know is it really could
you really argue that one human slavery or human trafficking or whatever else it
is where do you draw the line just draw the line somewhere and be able to say
hey you know you don’t have to hate anybody but just to be able to say this
doesn’t resonate with light and I I like light so I’m not only going to say no
that doesn’t resonate with light but I’m also because you don’t want to be only
know two things but also added and here’s what light
looks like because if you can bring light people are irresistible attracted
to it don’t just tell them about darkness in your fight against darkness
because then you look like a complainer where’s your option so the forefathers
of this country they were wanted individuals if caught there’s not a
question they’re going to be killed okay and yet they did it anyway and Martin
Luther King pushed through the threats against his life Abraham Lincoln man you
would just think everybody should love that guy Wow look what he did
he lived in constant conflict his own Congress’s own Senate his own board his
staff cabinet were constantly on his case you’re pushing it too far you’re
doing this and that the dude was plugged in you know could use him today he was
plugged in to do what’s right and yet he was assassinated no matter how much good
you are and good you do someone’s not gonna like it and as a human being it’s
hard to deal with her live with people not liking you if they don’t like you
cuz you’re kind of a jerk I’m not gonna argue with that one but when you’re
doing what you know to be right and they don’t like you I doubt yourself when you
know what you’re speaking for has to do with light and bringing light why doubt
yourself and so the forefathers that you know they just said you know what even
if tomorrow there’s a rope around our necks this is
the right thing to do and I’m saying so in building a country it took courage
right it took courage and it to build a household and a family it takes courage
it’s kind of a bummer to be the one in the house that says guys we’re gonna
live certain boundaries and certain standards one parent might be Oh
anything goes let’s spoil the kids in terms of unhealthy behaviors but the one
that says hey you know what boundaries that was not going to be liked as much
but you know what they will be loved because love is often more invisible
liking is more shallow so they might like that parent because they get more
from that parent it’s called divide and conquer in a negative form the kids they
look you know they’re like let’s go for that one today they can sense blood man
they know who’s weak boundary setting is actually an advanced spiritual concept
so when we know who we are people then also start to sense they know what we’re
about okay when you know who you are people will start to be able to sense
what you’re about and then they will know what they can and cannot get from
you because you’re so clear and it’s such a cool thing you’re just your core
you’re plugged in I just think of it as this rod of light the staff of God they
call it this rod of light running through your Center sometimes associated
with your your spinal cord you know your Kundalini and so on but it’s a rod of
light that runs through the body and that that staff that light and it
supports me when I walk like a staff at walking King it’s this is an inner
support I know who I am I know what I’m about and somebody wants to pull you
over there and it’s not an option it’s one thing to live in unhealthiness then
to start to fight unhealthiness you’re still not home yet and then it’s not an
option and that’s when you’re closer to home then you’ll ever be on this planet
getting caught up in this stuff people do that that’s just the human condition
they’re all messed up then you start shifting like addiction I think I’m
gonna go into sobriety you’re still fighting addiction you’re not home free
you’re fighting addiction you’re not clean and sober yet you’re working at it
and when you’re trying to not lie when you’re trying to not steal or cheat or
whatever it is there’s there’s that you know I’m working at it and then there’s
a point where all of a sudden it’s not an option and the world is all
inevitably going to go in that direction we’re not gonna vote at all if you can’t
give us a decent candidate instead of well I got to go against your candidate
because I don’t like you so I don’t like them and all this staged agendas people
have just saying no I’m not gonna vote and they’re gonna take notice when they
find out 90% of the people that voted last year didn’t vote this year next
term or whatever it is they’re gonna they’re gonna take note because there’s
money to be made by people voting and advertising that goes in to get people
getting people to vote if people said no to voting it would be amazing I know
that some of you wouldn’t believe that’s possible learning to say no to things
that don’t resonate with light the light of God I’m not seeing it be great if
somebody would be at you know interviewed on TV we’re interviewing
people at the polls are you gonna vote this year sir no not really and why is
that because I haven’t seen an aura that I quite resonate with it’s you know the
auras like look at that one that was about kind of a muddy Dora that
one has no war at all and that was really dark aura
you know if when people’s eyes are open they’ll start to see more clearly and
they won’t feed into this the lies of this world so there are lots of
different ways that people think they’re independent you think you’re independent
cuz you live in a certain country it’s not so even even just using the internet
you know one of the frustrating things is I would love to just put up all kinds
of things like do not tell me about this and they throw ads that they want you to
read you know they’re you’re you’re gonna live under there so they’re
they’re guidelines they want you we want you to listen to certain ads or why it
doesn’t matter you say no every time open YouTube I go and say close all
these ads of things they want me to watch dude do I think they’re sitting
somewhere going oh we must hurt his feelings
no they don’t care but I could just close them anyway
close close they’ll say ask me why and I’ll check every box because I don’t
like this I don’t want this and then I’m not interested hey they’re not paying it
they don’t care they still fill up my page every day with more boxes of stuff
they want me to watch some of the ones that I already said no don’t show me
this again and they’ll still do it you’re not as independent as you might
think and a lot of conspiracy you know people they’ll tell you that oh man
you’re nowhere near as free as you think you are and your job is not to make the
world look free your job is to own your own sense of freedom and that’s the
challenge I am as God created me and I have no interest in anything else it’s
kind of amazing when you just go you know it’s not it and the please go for
that it’s not there now if I’m fighting something of the past okay I own I’m
still struggling with that and it’s a healthy thing to own but it’s so
beautiful when you go guess what I woke up today and it’s not an option I have
spoken to people in recovery and I’ve said to them can you tell me do you
still get tempted and I loved the ones that have said yeah I’m still struggling
because they’re honest about it but I also loved the ones that said it’s it’s
not even on the radar it’s not an option and they’re not you can tell they’re not
fighting it they’re saying it’s not even an option nowhere to be found
just as foreign as some really strange things that if you were asked to do some
things and I think that’s fantastic and that’s called independence not still
fighting my fears I’m there I’m free when Martin Luther King’s life was
threatened if he continued to speak the way he was speaking he’s in the recovery
he’s still scared he’s still worried but he reached a point where it’s like it
doesn’t matter there’s no other option I’m not even remotely thinking maybe I
should back off on this civil rights thing and that’s spiritual freedom so
people can jump around they can think if all you know man have a drink and now I
feel more relaxed that’s freedom it’s a false
of freedom every form of addiction is a false sense of freedom because that’s
what people are looking for is a false they’re looking for a freedom they don’t
know how to find the real one because that involves responsibility getting to
know yourself and nurturing your soul people forget how so they go for the
quick things the quick outs the quick whatever it’s gonna be winning an
argument some people even think your independence is in death whether it’s
that they die or they can’t wait to pass over because they’re in pain from an
illness and they they can’t wait to reach the other side or they take their
own life even death is a false form of Independence because on the other side
you’re only past the physical stuff anything that was along with the for the
riot emotionally doubts fears whatever it happens to be if you died hating God
blaming God for your illness that stuff still goes with you and you’re gonna
come back as you know something related to dealing with that religion that you
know or religion something that symbolizes God you’re gonna still have
to deal with your stuff so every everything in its time we have to just
decide if the time can be now I think I’m ready for you know feeling a sense
of Independence now when when Americans what we called Americans later when
people came from Europe you know what they were seeking in one one form of
what they were seeking was independence supposedly religious away from religious
persecution so what better thing to do than to get here and enslave everybody
like we’re here for religious freedom hey you you know shackles they wiped out
Africa they wiped out the North American indigenous people Central American South
American you know this wasn’t a large populace of people meaning Europe that
came over here all it takes is a few to mess up many and it’s it’s kind of a
drag if you think about it there were some elders in America that got together
one said I had a vision and it said our end is coming all these nations are
going to be destroyed I mean and they were decimated man but this one elder
said and in my vision it goes like this if we could get all
the nations the native nations to unite we could end this and they wouldn’t the
other tribal leaders well who do you think you are
who you’re not going to tell us what to do and the vision went the other
direction he was given a vision of either direction and it failed because
people would not unite which is still the egos way of keeping things from
shifting so if you have a household and they will not unite you’re not failing
you just do the best you can at work you’re trying to get things to change
the frequency the vibration at work or at your church places that I’ve used to
tour there’s people that are still the minority trying to change this this vibe
because so many people are drunk you know they drink the punch and have
become part of abusive styles and when I’ve said well you got us do something
speak up they either completely chicken out or when they do speak up they’re
squashed and the voice of light and reason are gone
so my take would be find the light then for yourself where ever it’s going to be
you find your own bliss you find your own peace and you go if you have to to
the grave knowing that you’re doing your best to love to live for the light and
you know fight for what’s right not fight with hatred or better than
kind of attitudes but the way krishna says you’re fighting the good fight even
if you die if you go to your grave knowing that you’re your focus your
intention was light it’s the right thing me personally I I’m gonna fight for the
light but I’m not gonna do it hurting anybody I don’t need to out people or
gossip about people percent I don’t need to do bad to justify good it doesn’t
make sense to me so you know you just do the best to live your life in the best
way you can you become an example and if you’re at work I’ve had work places you
know that people were just standard humans with the standard conversations
and gossips and you know whatever kind of talk you know gutter kind of talk and
I as a kid I remember the way they would look at me lost like they’re all like
laughing and then one of them to realize Oh Michaels in the room and you just
that when they all turn their head and look
at me I’d it wasn’t like oh you know such filthy talk you’ve offended my ears
I would just smile you know probably look like I was stoned her scientists
you know you know they’d be like I remember one guy in particular just
shook his head like oh this guy’s hopeless it cuz all I would do is smile
but you know when any one of them was having a challenge at home is the
funniest thing hey uh yeah so anyway had nice weather huh listen my wife is you
know and they would they would zero in and as a human being you know it’s kind
of a drag to be gossiped about it should be you know stabbed at jabbed at when
people you’re being good and people kind of think you’re a goody good and it’s
kind of it’s kind of a drag you know the human part it’s heavy but it was always
made up for when it flipped and somebody really reached when they needed it and
what I changed that no I’m really grateful that I was ever there for a
person that needed it did it destroy me that people didn’t get in there like uh
that’s that kid who keeps reading spiritual books he keeps bringing
spiritual stuff to work you know um it I all I know is I was just used to I just
made it like it used to it get used to being the presence of light I never did
it to be better than anyone but I got used to not hiding it – so your
independence comes from who you are and we need not be ashamed of who we are
there’s no reason to because who we are is the presence of God but am i living
up to that presence and that’s my job how can I be the presence of love today
how can i this is to be alive what is being and living look like combine the
two words believe believe in who you are being live who you are if I don’t
believe I’m a holy child of God how can I be it and how can I live it so people
are fighting themselves more often than they realize it’s always government and
politician here and next-door neighbor’s playing their music
it’s always everyone else but when I really truly believe in Who I am there’s
an immunity that washes over there’s people that say even with disease even
viruses viruses will like I’ve always described it as velcro viruses will
treat your cells like a Velcro they’ll find a weak spot and stick if you’ve got
no weak cells so weak cell walls which are called unhealed wounds the virus
can’t stick it doesn’t mean guess what I’m gonna create a world where there’s
no such thing as a virus try go ahead it probably won’t happen in your lifetime
or in any lifetime because you’re trying to fix the world on the outside but when
you’re a healthy minded person the cell walls of every cell in your body are
vibrating with light and when a virus tries to stick to it it can’t find the
velcro to stick to it’s all and the ego thrives in doing that on a psychological
level it’s somebody’s gossip and it comes washing through you hear it in one
ear somebody’s gossiping but somebody
doesn’t like you or whatever it comes in and it should just find like Teflon it
should even pick up speed when it hits you know gone you know that’s how it
should be but when it doesn’t is it because well their words were extra bad
they said them extra loud but their things were extra wrong you’re creating
a spot on the cell walls and in the mind and then the beliefs in the heart and
soul a spot for the stuff to stick to it comes in and it actually sticks like
velcro and it’s like okay clear if I Know Who I am it polishes up that spot
and there’s no place for it to stick that’s that beautiful armor armor of the
Lord spoken of in the Bible is not made of steel it’s not made of any metal
precious metal dense metal it’s not made of anything like that the armor of the
Lord is simply this immunity an immunity comes from no place greater than love
when I am loving you despite your words when I love myself how because I know
who you really are and I know who I really am the real you would not be
doing this the real me would not absorb it or be interested in it
the wholly part of me is like I can’t hear you what oh I hate you hate you I’m
sorry I can’t hear you what it doesn’t translate it just doesn’t even
understand what they’re saying and therefore nothing sticks because I Know
Who I am as well thank God I am as God created me
isn’t that wonderful yes perfect holy and you’re gonna you’re gonna have
you’re gonna have doubts and you’re gonna have you know stuff I had this
dream recently and in the dream it’s interesting and then I’ll share this and
we’ll start coming to a close this dream very briefly was and as very short some
not synopsis of it is something to do with some rain started coming and a
bunch of snakes started coming out of the ground and almost every inch of
ground was covered its native every kind so the question is now what am I going
to do but there were two children that I needed to take care of and there’s all
these snakes but I need to get somewhere I have a destiny I need to get somewhere
because of necessity in the dream so I picked these kids up and I’m running
caution not to step on the snakes so I’m caring about the snakes protecting the
children and getting somewhere okay and as I’m running going oh wow
there’s even a Cobra you know – uh all kinds of snakes and then there’s even
one snake that’s just about to eat an animal as I’m running I still took a
fraction of a second to kick that snake now don’t be eating any other animals as
I’m still running taking care of everything simultaneously mastery you
know light work and kind of interesting and days later I’m in my backyard and
I’ve got dozens of of birds I mean they’re just everywhere
it’s just amazing but I saw a snake trying to make its way up to a nest of
babies I’m like no we can’t have that dude you know so I had to catch the
snake take it you know and brought it over to Rebecca’s yard and let dropped
it off I took it elsewhere and let it go fine and there’s you know now the next
day I hear the little chirping of the new baby birds and you know I’m like oh
it’s just so cool you know and a few days several days of that and the mom
every time the mom would come in go in there you’d hear the chirping cuz you
speeding very beautiful very beautiful beautiful and another day later the moms
screeching and screaming and it’s running or flying around I’m going I
know something’s up so I go out and a much bigger snake is up there and I’m
like oh man so I get that snake put it in a bag and took it and released it
somewhere else but no more chirping yeah and so there’s a part of me as a human
being that looks at this the independence I would like to be
independent of snakes that eat baby birds you see I would like to be and a
part of me thought was it wrong than to not kill the snakes
because I could have been protecting birds baby birds from and then
immediately self-correction that isn’t what brings independence that would not
have brought me the peace that I’m looking for in the moment I understand
my human nature to say wow let me protect those birds the human nature
also and I go wait so so let’s just check this out you’re gonna kill
something to protect something how far can you go in justifying that and that
helped me feel peace because it was after I took that second snake elsewhere
that I realized now I went back and there’s no more sounds so I thought you
know did I contribute to the problem did I did and you’re gonna have that no
matter who you are you’re likely gonna have doubts that you did the
thing bottom line did you try to cause harm no were your intentions good yes
then shut up and you have to tell yourself that sometimes then enough is
enough and put yourself in check put the ego in check I did the best I
could and also I’m glad that I didn’t succumb and say I’ll kill the snakes to
protect the birds now is there a time that you do draw the line yes you have
to decide because if it was a Python and it was after a child in my backyard I
might have to take a different action who’s to justify that don’t go for any
one rule for everybody it’s what’s right for you what do you feel ok with and in
this case I looked at it felt looked at meditated this that and without a whole
lot of time invested in it I’m ok that it happened the way it did because the
innocent baby birds represent a part of all of us
the snakes represent a part of all of us and the dream was done prior already
telling me no matter what you’re who you are and you’re gonna do your best to try
to help all of it you’re gonna try to tell the snake no don’t try to eat the
other animals which I did kicking that one as I was running by taking care of
these two and you see just are you doing your light work something you might slip
something you might somewhere you might doubt but are you doing your light work
when you know who you are fight for your spiritual independence
against your ego a lot of people don’t know the word jihad we hear from the
Middle East and interpret to be wars against white people wars against
Christians what the jihad was always a psychological war against yourself
it meant a war against your ego jihad is the same thing 12-steppers are working
on it’s the same thing mystics worked on it’s just been given a complete lie
interpretation definition it’s a battle against yourself and you must win it
it’s jihadist practice in buddhism it’s practiced everywhere because it’s a
battle against your own ego self did you fight the good fight today how
do you fight a good fight can you say no without hatred and do you also know how
to say yes and sometimes it’s ok to say yes and sometimes it’s ok to say no your
job and my job is to do our best to let the real us define when it’s right to do
either one if it’s compulsions and fears it’s not coming from the right place how
do I become more identified with my real self and let that make my decisions for
me then you can say I got it free at last free at last thank God Almighty
free at last I feel peace I’m out of prison and if
something happened tomorrow I would still step up and say no take the snake
down what would I do with it take it and let it out somewhere maybe and maybe not
I’ll wait and see how I feel in the moment and each of us has to be guided
in the moment but from the right voice the only one that’s really in the moment
the now moment God our true selves let’s take a few centering breaths please just setting aside all stuff of the
world all stuff even of what we’ve heard today all that matters about what we’ve
heard is allow calmly and passively allow anything that made sense anything
that didn’t or you didn’t agree with just let it pass away let it go let’s
find anything that didn’t make sense absorb it and it’s not something
wonderful Michael said it’s something wonderful you heard and all it’s really
happening is it’s coming from a part of yourself if it was right for you give
thanks just like you’re soaking it in it’s light you’re just feeding yourself
liked and with the theme on independence and
freedom today’s meditation simply focuses on anything in our lives that
has us shackled an unhealed relationship a co dependence and addiction anything
that seems to hold us in any way anything that keeps us stuck in an old
pattern I can’t I haven’t had a raise in ten years I can’t seem to break that
pattern I’ve been dealing with a health thing for years and I can’t get the
right help those are all forms of shackles someday I hope to own my own
house shackles that are keeping us from our greater good allow your imagination to create a
summary statement about this for you if you are being held back if you are being
inhibited if you are frozen if you are shamed away from good good good
just a summary sentence what’s the common denominator I don’t say who what
is the common denominator it could be nothing good happens for me it could be
I’m not worth it nothing good lasts forever think of one common sentence one
common sentence that would be underlying most of your patterns and let the Holy
Spirit the Divine Mother let her help bring it forward for you to see honestly
I don’t deserve nothing good lasts whatever it is and wherever you’ve heard that sentence
wherever you had that program entered and re-entered however
whoever brought that into your consciousness you allowed yourself to
believe it and so imagine any people from the past and any events from the
past related to this key belief that you are something other than a holy child of
God all of those people are here with us right now all of those events are here
with us all of our reactions are here with us and we’re saying from the core
of our soul I see all of you I remember all of this and even the people and
things I don’t remember if they’re related to this pattern this untrue
pattern I’m calling all of you here now to say to you my experience with you has
affected my life it’s brought forward beliefs that are not God’s beliefs
patterns that are not ones I would choose stuckness inhibition feeling
frozen paralyzed none of this is God’s will and sometimes I’m mad at you for
that sometimes I’m mad at myself for that but
today I’m choosing independence today I’m saying goodbye to all the people and
all the events that have had this effect in my life I would love for things to
have been different between us whether it’s an event or a person I would have
loved for a different experience I would but I accept that’s not what happened
so I’m saying goodbye to you I would have loved to have gotten on better I
would have loved for you to seen the light in me I would love for you to
appreciate me more I wish this event hadn’t happened it’s controlling me how
can it first of all it’s an outside thing second of all it’s in the past I
am here today in the moment and in this moment I’m choosing to be as God created
me to be so I have the courage to power the right to say goodbye with no hatred
goodbye and watch those people and events slowly fading away slowly fading
goodbye with them goes all vows debts karma agreements programs contracts
goodbye and they fade into nothingness do I want to remain nothing of course
not then in this empty chalice I’m asking
for the Holy Spirit to pour into me a reminder of my true self remind me of my
goodness my holiness my strength my power my creativity my joy fill me now
and filling up and filling up and filling up with each breath filling up
in this Center I need do nothing there’s nothing that compels me from addictions
or patterns or programs instead I’m fully inspired I’m shown what to do what
does not do and when I’m shown what to say not say into whom today I move the
critter that would harm another creditor the next day I may not I don’t know I
don’t care to even try to think about it I’ll be in the moment and ask what would
you have me do today and then a piece starts coming over us
if I could really live perfectly in the moment inspired then I would know
so clearly every move every thought less reactions less judgments winning lotto
tickets healed illness goodness that I would bring to other people the presence
of God glowing in and through me and that is the inevitable for all of us on
this planet I’m just choosing it more so starting now
there’s independence and the independence I’m choosing can only be
part of me if I’m willing to share it with others and so it is slowly stretch
out try not to move about too fast too soon too prematurely just give it a
second soak it in even if you had hesitation to let any of
those things go or pass away just see it for what it is the hesitation isn’t
because you’re doing something wrong letting go of something hurtful all it
is is I’m partly attached to it still think I’ll let go of that – okay all

Otis Rodgers



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