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Best Prasie & Worship Songs Of All Time - Most Christian Gospel 2019 - Praise Musics

there's the Lord oh my soul oh my soul I worship his soul baby the south comes up it's a new date from it's time to sing his song what anime and whatever lies before me let me be singing Tildy my son Hey say and give was great and your heart Oh I will kid thousands for my heart Oh my school I worship say what worship when my strength is don't when was the and my time has come my soul will sing your praise Oh 10,000 years and and forever say I worship nice my soul Oh oh I worship you leave see the King of glory coming on the clouds with fire Oh shame shakes love and mercy washing all people people Oh Oh rising up to take as we pray we're on me Oh show me everything each [Applause] Jose hold it hi-yah house Oh Oh Oh cry you Lord I'd come I find my rest how do I follow you're the one that guides my heart Lodi I need my just fine your grace is full but craisins no I am holiness he's quite dear when temptations come smiling when I cannot stand I follow eases your my hope and stare Oh God how I you you blessed assurance Jesus is mine oh what a foretaste authority worry Harold sorry jeiza blah crazy my perfect I'm Michel Oh raishin zarf right now bust on my side [Applause] this is all bosses you our God worship worship our God you shall worse the Lord your God and him only shall you you shall you you God is all the time God is good god is good god is all the all the time to the darkest my god is good god is good all the time there are shadows he will guide you he has promised never leave all the time all the time slide to the side go Oh I see policeman all the time it why Oh do the ISO place I can clearly see all the time Oh all the time but I felt its war within us and works for power its evil knows no my life is nothing without I need grace I need mercy I need forgiveness for you to make me holy I must surrender I need Jesus I know I know your love it was in draws me it writes me to the cross we're deaf fella my life is nothing without you I need grace I need mercy I need forgiveness for you to make me homie I must surrender I need Jesus my life is nothing without you my life is nothing without you my life is nothing without you girl oh my life is nothing without it I need I need see forgiveness for you me sir Jesus [Applause] they need see forgiveness for you to make them salvation gah you give you get forgiveness for you Oh No I'm on sir I need Jesus sir jeez I need Jesus you this song I want Jesus is a song of desire it's a song of wanting Jesus more than anything else you know so many times in life we get distracted by different things but bringing it back to it's all about Jesus is an important thing in the life of our church and that's why we we're seeing a song in our church because we want to keep bringing it back to Jesus this is a song of surrender it starts off by saying Here I am Lord vulnerable ready for you to come and move and that's a great way to come to God and just saying God I here I am my heart is open I want you to come and move in my life God I want you more than anything else it's a love song it's a song of desire it's the greatest type of worship when you just pour out your heart upon God and say God I want you I love you I want you more than anything else and so this song is a simple song but it's a song that I believe pleases God it's giving God the worship that He desires and every time that we do this in our church people have amazing encounters with God Here I am ready for you to come this is where my heart with your presence come and concern you ah Thunder feeling you're here I am overworld let go I see with your Reza's come and concern your vengeance I want you ever wear your where's our glue because that your spirits achoo and presents German my heart she's jeez I live in your implants I want you you you wanna me for the malady you surround me I'll still we were so my end from my mind you have chosen me well Skol I'm only your breath flows to see [Applause] by the father around we I've gone to see you [Applause] everyone needs compassion love that's never fear follow me everyone is forgiveness kindness of a city pianer the mountains my god my teachers say he's to say author of salvage heroes in Jesus come care there [Applause] [Applause] to see me as time all my fears and fear yeah I can't matter to find I'm now say heeey to say to say [Applause] savage heroes Jesus come here [Applause] buddy there heroes in Concord she's as shudder louder see Jesus shine around see Michigan started [Applause] he gave her the man my god is mighty to save he is mighty to save Arthur of salvation he rose and conquered the grave Jesus conquered see to say see you say for salvation [Applause] Shannon see for the glory Jesus shine a light see miss again [Applause] shine your light and let the whole world see were singing for the glory of the risen king Jesus shatter light see shiner love see finishing it for the glory Jesus Shannon [Applause] for the nori [Applause] you oh you call me out of darkness it's time and say Feli you know we'll define I belong to you I belong to you when you call me out of the dark he's time say Feli in the world I will define have long to you I belong here you know the you choose your you know you take you see you and baile I taken on your name to be written mine love you jeez me you take he sees you you know we can you take he sees you Oh greener then who's in the world the Gila spoke a strong three me then he to I stronger destroy the cat [Applause] you know the enemy can't take what I had and change who I am I belong here you know the enemy kids you see what he sees you see sloppy [Applause] see no one can say I just need we love see thank you for watching our cover of belong to you by iron bail music we did this song at my church just a few weekends ago on Easter actually we did it as kind of a feature song in the middle of a message it really reinforced something that our pastor was talking about on that Sunday and I love the song so much that I just wanted to share it with you if you're on youtube I'm going to add some links below where you can listen to the original version of this song by iron bill music also link to one of their live performances of it where they did it in a worship setting on YouTube it's a really cool video you should check out I'm also gonna add this song to our list our Spotify playlist of songs that we really like right now it's just a collection of worship songs that we really love at my church we didn't do this as a corporate worship song but I think it would work really well especially if the style of it fits sort of the culture of your church again thank you so much for watching if you haven't subscribed to us on YouTube please feel free to hit the link below to do that we upload stuff like this all the time see you in the next video let's say me you know very messy back in Fred you day let's black lastly the nice and easy the big name I should be every blessing you pour out I'll turn back to praise you you the Splinter just then all the earth rejoice all the earth rejoice and darkness tries to hide trembles that is Oh is beginning and beginning handy the god happy the lion and the lamb the lion they're with me Oh [Applause] is they ah is a girl sing with me how great is our God and all will see [Laughter] is a girl [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] strength alas as we wait upon the Lord we will wait upon the Lord behold wait upon the strength alas as we wait upon wait upon the Lord our God you reign for I'm strong Lester thank you you're the deep we virgos you left us up Iger strange arises be way upon the Lord Bhima wait wait Oh God you reign for I'm strong you are the you do not fit you go you're the you comfort you lift us up you go you are the everlasting thank you you defend you come close in jazz up the [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] get us [Applause] here stand before you now and some stations I know how Brogan baths and things going back spirit help my soul she rides I try my best with still laughing and even when you're with me you remind me I'm a child of God regardless of the things I've done all my hope is found in perfect love see the showers over jab man learner York please to the heart of Yoga is allow will they say that it's impossible to ever say the sitter so my guys still the Friday go my beloved son you're well you're see over okay leads us to to the heart guy your heart Oh God is on all to Jesus I and all to him I freely give it is present Oh [Applause] penis really you're see triumphs over judgment strong a little sit Laurie your car leaves us to repair to the heart of God your heart oh god is you would you step down into tears let me see this heart we Here I am to worship Here I am to bow down here I to say that you are mine I'll sue Rule two see he also hi weeks old [Applause] Here I am Here I am or two Ferno how she goes shiho's Here I am Here I am to say that you're my you're all too lovely hole too you know all together Falls here [Applause] so here I am to worship Here I am to bow down Here I am to say that you're mine all together left you're all super 114 [Applause] the splendor of the king Oh let all the earth rejoice all the earth rejoice here are two satellites and darkest chest and to those that is voice trembles at is for have a read is our God sing with me is our God don't see a great have a red it is a car it led to a to stand and time beginning and the beginning [Applause] the Godhead 3m the spear son line is our God sing with me he's our guy see I'm ready is I got you're the name it's worthy oh praise my receipt happy ah God where Oh pray in my we'll see average is a guy [Applause] great is our God sing with me how great is our God and all will see how great habari it is I got is hard is ah thank God his heart [Applause] his heart is a cow [Applause] you you in Christ alone my oldest fear he is my light my restrain my song this cornerstone this solid ground firm through the fiercest drought in storm what heights of what types of bees it fears a steel and striving cease my comforter my love Christ I still in Christ alone who took on flesh fullness of riding the Spade this gift of love and righteousness scorned by the ones he came to see till on that cross as Jesus died the wrath of satisfied for every sin on in was they you hear death of Christ fear in the ground is body light of the world bite in bursting for envious day from the grave here again and as he stands in victory since cursor in its grip on me and he but with the precious pearl as crew no fear endure this is the power of cry to me from life's first cry Jesus commands no no scheme till he returns or calls me home here in the power I'll still till he returns or calls me home here in the power of I got No when see why me to say yeah man is with my soul it is well it is nice and here it is well with my soul [Applause] it yeah and more he started when Pisa spero as a strong it is well with my soul it is in it is where yes my soul the water you turned into wine open the eyes of the blind there's no one like here none like here into the darkness you shine out of the ashes we rise there's no no cute you God is greater our God is stronger got you a higher other our God is healer awesome power [Applause] the darkness you shine out of the ashes we rise there's no one like our God is greater I got stronger got you a high I gotta see uncertain I got stronger got you a higher I got sealer awesome in power [Applause] and if God is for us ever stop us and if our God is with us then what could stand against an it God is for us then could ever stop us and if our God is with us what could stand again [Applause] the work is [Applause] I got stronger got you a high I gotta see yeah and if God is for us a man could ever stop us what could stand you could ever stop us identify God's with us then work it stand to get we work instead God is greater I got a stronger God you are higher than our God is healer awesome power Oh God Oh have a raisin hallelujah in the presence of my enemies hallelujah louder than my unbelief I raised a Hallie now Anthony's a melody eraser hallelu heaven comes to fight for me I'm gonna see in the middle of a star louder you don't hear that the raises draw up from the ashes all right did you feed him the keys have a raisin hallelujah with everything inside of me harissa hallelu I wash the tartness please a raisin hallelujah in the middle history I reason Holly yeah do you last your hold on me in the middle of the store you know from the ashes for will arise the genders the kids are a little louder see a little louder sing a little louder see a little louder see little louder in the present I Miami sting a little louder I'm the lead singer little sing a little louder in heaven cause the type of me I'm gonna sing in the middle of all right to death isn't be the key I'm gonna see in the middle a star but Fermi ashes ten days and feed the keys a reason hallelujah he'll raise hallelujah I'll raise hallelujah Eirene only Hubley Oh she's [Applause] [Applause] with all creation I sing praise to you Ashley's to you the only wise my Oh create Oh I will filled with Wonder awestruck wander at the mention of your name you should name it living water such a marvelous mystery with all creation I sing to the king [Applause] you

Otis Rodgers



  1. Nabil Blili Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    If you find a treasure, you will be happy for a while. If you find Islam, you will be happy for all the time.
    • Belief in God Almighty. I have not partner, not equal and there is nothing like Him. I have power over all things. He is the true reality and everything else is just His creation. Just as I have created everything, in one instant I can take everything out of existence. There is nothing before Him and nothing after Him. He is eternal. He is not a "he" but we have limited vocabulary. He is perfect. He is complete. He is everything and we only exist by His permission.
    • Belief in the Angels. Intelligent and pure creatures made of light. They are inherently good and have no free will to choose to be evil. Humans are also inherently good, this is called the "fitra", whereby humans are born with a natural / instinctual inclination to be kind, generous, faithful and compassionate, this can be clearly observed in all children of every race and creed. However, demonic influences from some of the jinnkind (creatures which were brought into existence before humans, who have an anatomy made of fire and who share our world of space and time, but are unobservable to our eyes much like ualtra violet or infra red) . These demonic influences compete with angelic influences in our lives. With the freewill given to us we must choose, daily, which influence to follow.
    • Belief in Divine Books. Belief in the Bible, the Torah, the Psalms, tahe Gospel and all divine books which did (or did) call you to remember the One and Almighty God in your actions and words, and to obey Him, for your own sake. Finally, the last divine revelation; the Qur'an, which confirms what we already know about the previous scriptures being altered and manipulated, and which rectifies those errors and gives us a firm grounding in authentic guidance and knowledge from our Creator. As promised in the Qur'an itself, the last revelation will never be changed and so no more messengers or books will be sent to humankind. There is no more guidance to eat. Gods favor upon us has been completed.
    • Belief in the Prophets. Belief that every nation had prophets sent to it, to remind the people about our covenant with God. That before We put our souls in these bodies, we agreed to this challenge, and we agreed to be tested on earth. Over 124,000 Prophets have been sent to all the people of the world. Of these Prophets, around 300 were Messengers. They were sent with a divine revelation. As Muslims we do not differentiate between the Messengers. They are all equal and we trust and believe in them all. Adam, Enoch, Noah, Lot, Jonah, Abraham, Is'maeel, Is'aac, Is'raeel, Joseph, Jesus, Muhammad – All were among those most beloved to God. However; Muhammad, being the very last messenger was not just to one nation, but he was like an example for the entire world. While we Muslims must believe all the messengers are equal, we understand that being the last messenger has very honorable implications. We believe it is the final messenger who will intercede and ask God to begin Judgment day, when not one else will and may peace be upon him and on all the prophets and messengers.
    • Belief in the Day of Judgment. Belief in the scales which will weigh our deeds, the only commodity on that day when gold and silver will be meaningless. After this world you have ended and there are no more people, all will be resurrected / recreated. We believe mankind and jinnkind will then be waiting for 50,000 years for judgment to begin. Finally, the last Prophet will prostrate to the Almighty and humbly ask Him to begin. This will be a tormenting time and people who think they are going to hell, will still want to judge, to just leave this place. Good and bad deeds will be weighed. The ultimate fate and your final destination will be decided. Heaven or hell will be rewarded to those who earn what they earn. Do not feel hopeless though. If you sincerely regret your sins, and ask God to forgive you in this life, those very sins will be transformed from bad deeds into good deeds. Every good intention you make is worth one good deed, while every evil intent is not counted, unless you act on it and commit the sin. If you act on a good intention it can be worth 100's of a good deeds. Righteousness and belief in God is all you need to attain the ultimate victory. To remain eternally in His pleasure, residing in His gardens of bliss where all hardship, evil, disease and suffering are removed, replaced by all the delights you can and can not imagine.
    • Belief in God's predestination. Believing that God knows everything that has been, and will be. Believing that there is no power or ability to do anything except by His permission and power from Him. Believing that we are but a timeline of intentions, and that is the one who decides whether or not to give us the ability to fulfil those intentions. Believing that He is the Moste, and that although we can not understand His wisdom, we submit to Him and trust that everything that happens is ultimately for our own good. He is benevolent, merciful and loving and it is His pleasure to see you being benevolent, merciful and loving.
    • A Muslim must testify that God is One, has no equals, no partners and there is nothing like Him, and we must testify that indeed Muhammad is very clearly the last messenger sent by God. We must pray, give charity, fast, and perform pilgrimage, thus earning Gods forgiveness and many good deeds / investments for the real eternal life when this is temporary abode is dumped. We must be honest, truthful, trustworthy and righteous. Be pleasant, hygienic, have good character and be generous. Be grateful, patient, merciful and courageous. Basically love for your brother / sister what would you love for yourself. A Muslim is concerned with pleasing the Creator and not the creation. The very purpose of our existence is to worship [remember, serve, thank, praise, obey, glorify, etc.] God. If you do this, you will finally feel fulfilled and content in life no matter what situation you're in. To fulfil your higher purpose, means to become a being that is in communion with Almighty God. There can be nothing greater than this.?

  2. Adeyeye Mopelola Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me praise His holy name. Praise God Halleleluyah

  3. harry potter Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    Praise the dear lord and all his names.

  4. harry potter Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    الحمد لله وكفى قولا, شكرا يا مولاي الكريم

  5. Yvonne Morrow Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    The BEST according to MAN or GOD? By GOD or the god of this WORLD?

  6. Balica Pohchen Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    Lord i need you in every hour..Lord Jesus be with me..amen

  7. Ingrid Prudence Méda Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    I want this CD for buy with lyrics. I am French speaking… how much is it. Ingrid Prudence MEDA, [email protected]yahoo.fr

  8. jess2471 jess2471 Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    thats right God is good all the time

  9. Marie Bradshaw Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    "And it is one of King David's descendants, Jesus, who is God's promised Savior of Israel!"

    Acts 13:23

  10. youngin song Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    Hope 1. name of the song, 2. who is singing, 3. lyrics at the bottom would be enormously helpful ~

  11. Travel The World Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    The songs are good but with like 18 advertisements embedded into this video spoiled the entire atmosphere. Thanks but I wouldn't subscribe to your channel.

  12. Steve Parks Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    Bless the Lord o my soul
    O my soul
    Worship his holy name

  13. Falchetto Avera Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    Gloire à Jésus Christ Amen. 🙏💖❤🙏merci pour ce magnifique partage ça fait du bien au coeur. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖

  14. Praise Musics Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:28 pm

    Best Prasie & Worship Songs Of All Time – Most Christian Gospel 2019 – Praise Musics