September 20, 2019
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Blissville isn’t a cult after all!

hey everybody my name is Danny we’re
Slav also known as moody hawk welcome to my youtube channel and
welcome to bliss ville too much like alright so I just wanted to check in and
say hello I’ve been missing the shit out of my YouTube community my family here I
love you guys I hope all is well I’ve been doing a lot of stuff here at bliss
ville and working on a lot of things personally
learning a whole lot about different things that I can utilize within my life
for my own personal productivity I don’t know if I’m jumping into things too fast
here but if you’re a returning subscriber thanks for being here it’s
been so freakin long and if you’re new to this channel make sure you find that
subscribe button give it the old watch and if you were new also make sure you
go watch all my other videos catch up with my live catch up with the flow and
where do I begin so I’m living at a community house called blissful in
Southern California kind of near Vista Oceanside San Diego area I’ve been
getting a lot of questions about it already so might as well answer some
right here so I’ve been asked where’s blissful can we come blissful is
a community living situation but it’s not yet kind of like open to the public
to have people show up as much as they want so we do have events here and we
are planning out things to integrate other community living situations and
gather all of the communities together and we can all have events or do things
together teach each other you know how to stuart the land and how to harvest
things how to grow things how to live communally we can share our experiences
together so that’s kind of like one of the goals I feel like here at Bliss
Ville is to just integrate with all the local like-minded humans and collaborate
and see what we can do to create magic together so for me I was gonna do a
little check-in an introduction with all my
mates and kind of like show you who they are but I figured with me I could do it
right away right because I’ve been here for like a month
so my bed is really messy right now I just realized that but so for me I
really enjoy living here I love not feeling alone
I love having like-minded friends and housemates to bounce ideas off of or
give a hug to in the morning and I can’t be more grateful to be surrounded by
such beautiful cool ass people right so I’m really happy to be out here it’s
kind of far away from civilization in a sense and far away from the areas that
I’m very familiar with but I am familiarizing myself with these spots so
more and more I feel you know aware of my surroundings and it feels more like
home in a sense to me when I feel more aware of my surroundings so I’m feeling
more at home and I don’t know how long we’re all gonna live here but hopefully
we can make this work and it can be this beautiful thing that we do together for
a long time and well what have I been doing since I’ve
been here that’s one of the questions a lot I’ve been working on music I’ve been
working on learning some online things I’ve been working on the property kind
of fixing up areas walking around picking up little tiny pieces of micro
trash and making sure the land is clean and has you know making sure the land is
clean is important to me because I want to clear the vessel for all of the shit
we do here you know and I think that that will help us focus on the new you
know sometimes gonna pull the dead leaves to let the new ones grow right so
I’ve been working on music I’ve got a pretty fuse unibrow going on because I
lost my tweezers but I’ve been working on songs I’m having a lot of feelings
like mixed feelings about which direction I should go with the music or
I don’t know when I say that I mean I have all these like heartfelt medicine
songs I guess that’s how I could describe them and I kind of want to
write more of those but I also have this like pop R&B hip hop old school rap side
that I really want to like bring out and I’m collaborating with a few people one
being Lily fangs and I think amazing things are to come so I definitely want
you guys to tune in in the future and check out the music and vlogs and all
the different things I have in store for this channel but what else do I got
going on in my life oh I’m still kind of planning for
envision I’m seeing if that’s in my future it seems like it is and I’m
really excited to go there and see everybody there the lineup this year is
ridiculous so if I do end up going all like booked my flights on here and stuff
and we can all be excited together and I’ll document all the stuff that happens
there etc make a vlog how are you guys doing I hope you’re doing well I have
been playing around on discord a little bit so I’m gonna leave a link in the
description below to a discord chat if you don’t know what I’m talking about
download the app discord and you can join the chat and it runs 24 hours so
you can always check in and say hi and what else
oh I started a collaborative Spotify playlist so you can go to the link in my
description and you can add any songs you want to the Spotify playlist
try not to be redundant because I would love to like find new artists instead of
like a whole album so if you do add to it please just anything goes feel free
to add any kind of music there’s no specific genre or anything I’d love to
check out what music you love so definitely yeah so definitely add to the
collaborative playlist it’s really easy all you have to do is follow the
playlist and then when you find a song you like just click Add to playlist and
then that playlist should show up oh shit we have an event today shit oh my
gosh so many events today we have a sound healing at our house and my
housemate nate is gonna spin a sound healing DJ journey set we got a new
year’s event going on and then January 12th we are retreat and
I think that there’s some exciting things in store for this retreat because
I’m setting up the garden area and I’m gonna go clean it up actually like right
now I’m gonna go clean all the stuff up and prepare this area for abundance so
we can grow stuff and have little outdoor acoustic sets right next to the
garden and then after the sets we can plant together have a little planting
party so if you’re interested in coming to one of these retreats or something
just hit me up and I’ll give you information and we’ll see if it’s
something for you alright that’s it for this vlog if you enjoy what you see
please feel free to like or comment my video you can subscribe to my youtube
channel and all the links to my other social media platforms can be found in
the description below until next time

Otis Rodgers



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