August 18, 2019
  • 7:15 am Miles Kwok: how China crackdowns on religion ! CCP是如何迫害宗教信仰! 《战友同行》
  • 7:15 am Religious Persecution in China – Ep. 2: The Destruction of Mosques
  • 7:15 am The Check In: Trump and Trucking
  • 7:15 am The Most Uncomfortable 90 Day Fiancé Moments Ever
  • 7:14 pm “The Promise Only Jesus Could Make” with Katie Edwards
Geydar Dzhemal: Is Islam a religion of war?

Discourse The Eternal Rome of the Western Civilization Opinion of Geydar Dzhemal Generally speaking, it’s interesting how it is constantly being brought up that Islam is a religion of war, that it was spread by sword, what is more, this topic is not being raised by Indians or the Chinese well, shall we say, Indians […]

How You Know You’re in a Long-Term Relationship (feat. Rich Vos) – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

– Brendan, what were you like in high school? – Uh– – Cam McNeely. Okay, sorry. – Yeah, yeah, that was– – I was– I would dye my hair, and I would, like, also wear big… I wash– huge into Eminem, so I’d wear these big XXXL sweatshirts. Don’t fuckin’ make a fat joke, I […]

ADF International Vision Preview

there can be nothing more fundamental than our freedom to live out our faith and today we’ve never seen greater challenges to this freedom [music] ADF international sees these challenges and seeks to stand up for people who are under pressure as they seek to live out their faith in public life and we stand […]

5 Differences Between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church

probably the biggest and [most] obvious difference between the orthodox church and the Roman Catholic church is that the orthodox church doesn’t have a pope figure, so for Roman Catholics the Pope is [not] only Supreme that is to say he has immediate jurisdiction in every church in the whole world [but] he is also […]

The Atheist Delusion Movie (2016) HD

♪♪♪ That religion is just absolutely uncalled for. We are just mere things floating on a rock in space. (Neil deGrasse Tyson) We are not only figuratively, but literally stardust. You don’t have to go to church on Christmas, and it is about being good, and that’s what all religions are about anyway. (Ray Comfort) […]

Don’t Put People in Boxes

It’s so easy to place people in boxes. Drawing lines. Creating sides. There’s us. And there’s them. Those we feel comfortable around, And those we don’t. There are those of us with many chapters. And those just starting their own story. There’s the well to do. And those doing what they can. There are those […]

À quoi “sert” la morale (pour un biologiste) ? – morale #4

Pourquoi la sélection naturelle aurait favorisé l’émergence d’un organe mental qui produit des jugements moraux ? Quelle fonction la morale pourrait-elle remplir, du point de vue de la théorie de l’évolution ? Se comporter de façon morale procure-t-il des avantages en termes de survie et de reproduction ? Si ces questions vous intéressent, vous êtes […]

Optimistic Nihilism

Human existence is scary and confusing. A few hundred thousand years ago, we became conscious and found ourselves in a strange place. It was filled with other beings. We could eat some; some could eat us. There was liquid stuff we could drink; things we could use to make more things. The daytime sky had […]

Bad Religion – Victory (español)

Los accesorios de terciopelo y de roble calmaron al niño solitario. Los padres vieron cómo un escolta se lo llevaba mientras estaban afuera. El sacerdote fue amable y gentil mientras posicionaba su cabeza. El dolor fue como azufre, pero el niño apenas sangró. Victoria, el instinto sobre el intelecto. Victoria, estalla desde lo más profundo. […]

Hungry for meaning: Why there is no conflict between science and spirituality | Rob Bell

Ah, yes. That word: “spiritual”. I think the reason why many people run away from it is because lots of what has been done in the name of spiritual or spirituality has been completely crazy. So the problem with that word is it’s easy for a lot of really bizarre unfounded—sometimes even destructive and toxic—ideas […]