December 7, 2019
  • 3:18 pm Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night // Kickstarter Pitch 1080p
  • 3:18 pm The Grouse’s Unique Mating Ritual | America the Beautiful
  • 3:18 pm More to See – Hillsong Worship
  • 3:18 pm I Believe – Hillsong Worship
  • 3:18 pm The Experience — The OSHO International Meditation Resort
for KING & COUNTRY - O God Forgive Us (feat. KB) [Official Music Video]

Válasz nélkül könyörögtünk imánkban A szavak elszálltak az éjszakába A legélesebb késsel se tudtuk elvágni kételyeink áradatát Ó, ó bocsáss meg Istenünk A csönd nem kényelmes Békét és reményt szeretnénk életünkbe Csekély hitünk megtört minket Ó, ó bocsáss meg Istenünk Ó, ó bocsáss meg Istenünk A bizonytalanság gúzsba köt Segíts meg hitetlenségünkben Ó, ó bocsáss […]

Religious Freedom

good morning it's gonna wait for people to load up I got a hot story I've got to talk about today I'm gonna try this way yeah yeah I got a hot story I gotta talk about today man this story it really speaks volumes as to where we are as a country and the […]

Is Islam the true Religion of the Black Man ?

hello friends welcome back to colliding worldviews it's great to have you with me here today and my next guest and she is El Rita Dodds you can find her website Elle Rita Dodds dot-com that'll be in the bottom of your screen but she has written a number of books Elle Rita welcome to […]

CK2 Game of Thrones: Ruins of Valyria #19 - Rebuild the Faith and Scamming Dragon Eggs (Series A)

welcome back to a game of Thrones today we restore a religion that that's kind of my goal right I want to get that done before the end today because I feel like otherwise we're gonna be sort of trapped in this this cycle of building a colony moving on to the next one building […]


hi dear Aries this is your July spiritual guidance if you resonate with Aries energy it is for you because you could be picking up from a prior lifetime or a future lifetime so this is for July this is a clip season and Aries you have got it going on this month this is […]

Insight to Wellbeing: 3 Principles Program

[Applause] majority of people in prison act off impulse or they're trying to press another man I used to just act off impulse I never really thought about anything would anger I was just like but every single day is a struggle every single day is a battle for me this guy did something you […]

total eye health - Subliminal Affirmations

아 으 으 으 으 으 [박수] [박수] [박수] 아아아 으 아 으 [박수] woo [박수] [박수] [박수] [박수] 으 으 으 으 [박수] [박수] [박수] [박수] [박수] 아 으 아 으 [박수] [박수] 222 [박수] [박수] [박수] [박수] [박수] 4 [박수] 으 으 으 으 으 으 으 [박수] 5 으 [박수] 3 [박수] […]

Why is singing of great importance in spirituality? || Acharya Prashant, on Guru Kabir (2018)

sing with a kabir or think of it with yourself that's the best thing the best thing is to sing the best thing is to sing but we have become you know very very unmusical our instruments have lost their tuning we have forgotten to sing we have lost all virus so the fallout of […]

☀Summer Solstice Guided Meditation☀

hi friends welcome back to this little online conscious breathing meditative space thank you for riving returning my name is Caroline I'll be guiding you through a summer solstice inspired meditation here guiding you through most of the way there will be moments of silence in which there's space for you in your own presence […]

NIM Worship - Suchan Tamang - June 15, 2019

monday Lipa reverse of a generalized Remus see me echoed Australia penny jaimé jaimé Michigan I have knowledge homozygous Idol is super Gera and totally cool I've got a town cool as her is the editor by Trinity Arkady outlets on 170 key I saw academia a diversity know where my party on July 11 […]