December 7, 2019
  • 3:18 pm Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night // Kickstarter Pitch 1080p
  • 3:18 pm The Grouse’s Unique Mating Ritual | America the Beautiful
  • 3:18 pm More to See – Hillsong Worship
  • 3:18 pm I Believe – Hillsong Worship
  • 3:18 pm The Experience — The OSHO International Meditation Resort
Nirinjan Kaur teaches the Adi Shakti Meditation
Guided meditation for sleep: A Journey to deep relaxation, mind and body talkdown

This meditation is for anyone wanting to find peace in this moment, to participate in an experience of freedom to relax, observe, and possibly escape for a while. in a moment the music will change, whereby you will be sent on your travels to enjoy the delights of wandering free into a wide open landscape. […]

Daniel: Faith in the Face of Challenges Compilation

Hey friends, this week we’re going to take a look at the life of Daniel who we learn about in the Book of Daniel. Daniel in general, is a great example of how to stay true to your convictions under some very difficult circumstances. We’ll see that as we go throughout the week, that his […]

The Endings Of Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Explained

In true Castlevania fashion, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night offers multiple endings based on the actions you take: two bad and one true ending. Reaching the first bad ending will occur as a natural progression of the main storyline. Achieving the other two requires a more in-depth exploration of the castle. For the completists out […]

Romance in Early Japan (BEST Dating Ritual?) | History of Japan 40

Hey did you know that the Japanese in the Heian Period had a whole dating ritual with cakes and poems and secret creepy night visits? If you think dating today is complicated, get a load of what they did back then. The whole process started off with a matchmaker. By the way, we’re talking about […]

Worship in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Modern Church

The word that’s used for worship in the Old Testament more than any other word is the word Chaka. Used I think approximately 170 times. Which whenever you see that word in Hebrew or are translated into whatever language it has the meaning of bowing, of stooping, of bending, of kneeling, of prostrating yourself before […]

WELOVE – 기쁨의 날 주시네 (originally by MARKERS WORSHIP/Eng Sub)

Lord, You know every sorrow in my heart and You remember and take all my tears away Just like the new leafs of grass in the morning My God, You renew all my heart I see Your glory throughout the time and it shines all my life You were here before the earth has created […]

The View From Above | Stoic Exercises For Inner Peace

It’s funny to look at ourselves and see how we quarrel about the smallest things. Like the behavior of an annoying coworker during a meeting or the person who cuts us off in traffic. From my own experience, it’s very easy to get dragged along by a minor event, in a way that a dog […]

Do you Speak Pentatonic? The Multilinguality of Music | De Kai | TEDxWanChai

Translator: Joyce (Wan-Hsuan) Wu Reviewer: Nadine Hennig How can music be a universal language? What does it mean when people said that? What is universal anyhow among the rich diversity of our many cultures? Language and music define humanity. We don’t do anything else better than all other species. We don’t run faster. We don’t […]

Law of Attraction Meditation – Speed Up Your Manifestations – Powerful! (New)