October 20, 2019
  • 3:14 am Faith Complex: Michael Eric Dyson on Hip-Hop Theology (PART ONE)
  • 3:14 am When we think about God | Analytic Theology in Practice
  • 2:14 am Faith in Humanity (dafuqmomentz)
  • 1:14 am Pagan Journaling Challenge #1-6
  • 12:14 am How can the music industry inform the system of K-12 education? | John Hardin
JD Pantoja – Recuerdo (Video Oficial)
6 Most Terrible Things Link Has Ever Done

Over the course of roughly two dozen games, the hero of Hyrule has fought the evil, pig-faced Ganon, rescued various princesses, and kept the mysterious Triforce out of enemy hands. That’s all well and good… it’s just a shame that Link causes so much trouble along the way. It’s really not okay to break every […]

A Prayer for Wanderers

(soft music) – God of the seekers and the dreamers, of the disaffected and the disillusioned, of the worn-out and the burnt out, of the rejected and the leavers. – We ask for blessings as we travel, as we doubt, as we meander. We ask for grace to leave when necessary, to come home when […]

How to use kiwiconnexion practical theology ePortfolio

Hi, I’m David Bell for Kiwiconnexion.nz. This is a how-to tutorial, and it illustrates a navigation change in Kiwi Connexion with our last software upgrade. So I’m going to login as Demo1 Participant. As always, I arrive at my dashboard. Whenever I login, I’m always coming to a dashboard. You can see on the right […]

6 Keys to Building Your Faith to See in the Spirit Realm

hey guys Jennifer LeClaire here senior elite at the awakening House of Prayer founder of the ignite network I want to talk about seeing in the spirit you know I hear many people say things like well I can’t see in the spirit and to that I say two words or maybe it’s one word […]

Marco Rubio TV Ad: Faith | Marco Rubio for President

Our goal is eternity, the ability to live alongside our Creator for all time. To accept the free gift of salvation offered to us by Jesus Christ. The struggle on a daily basis as a Christian is to remind ourselves of this. The purpose of our life is to cooperate with God’s plan. To those […]

Fr. Seraphim Bell – My journey to Orthodoxy from Protestantism

Fr.Seraphim i would like to ask the things that you are perceiving contrasting the Orthodox and Protestant spiritual experience , what is their intensity difference Question: father you have referred all the incidents that have led you to Orthodoxy tell us more about your spiritual problems – dead ends in your previous Protestant church I […]

Μονή Φιλοθέου, το μοναστήρι των νεοφανών Αγίων | Filotheou, the monastery of modern saints

The great missionary Kosmas Aitolos before he started his sermons all over enslaved Greece was a monk for 17 years at this monastery. Elder Efraim the Arizonite was a monk and abbot here before he went to the US were he build over 19 Orthodox monasteries. This is the guests cell at Filotheou monastery. I’m […]

Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition – EGX Trailer | PS4


The Trinity – Is the Trinity a biblical word? Theological Knowledge Part 2

The Trinity – Is the Trinity a biblical word? Part 2 The word Trinity does not exist in the bible, but in the bible there is the concept of Trinity, God in three persons, not a triad of god’s. Lilibeth: is the Trinity a biblical word? No, Lilibeth, Are you sleeping? How I have told, […]