October 14, 2019
  • 10:14 am Talk on Sex with an Orthodox Priest. Part One: Love
  • 10:14 am Father Gabriel Goes to Church – Orthodox Christian Animated Cartoon
  • 10:14 am Beyoncé – Hold Up (Video)
  • 10:14 am Pokemon Combo Battle : Guardian Deities Team (Pokemon Tapu Theme) (Best Soak & Discharge Combo EVER)
  • 10:14 am Thriving Humans or Happy Pagans?: The Limits of Psychology – James Houston and Bruce Hindmarsh
Develop Effective English by Sumitha Roy at IMPACT 2013

all of you a very good after noon. Gampa Nageshwar Rao Garo has given me the job of telling you about the english language are you eagar to hear about english yes (crowded voice) very good. for the last three years We are having the impact program. And it has impacted many people. I’m sure […]

President Trump and The First Lady Host a Dinner Celebrating Evangelical Leadership

The President: What a nice group. Thank you very much. Please. Melania and I are thrilled to welcome you. And these are very special friends of mine, Evangelical pastors and leaders from all across the nation. We welcome you to the White House. It’s a special place. It’s a place we love. We’re having a […]

Sanders, Warren fight back at debate against moderate rivals

Good evening I’m Mandy Noell. The road to the White House stopped in Detroit tonight. Our coverage begins with night one of the SECOND Democratic presidential debate. Valley Congressman Tim Ryan – on stage along with 9 other candidates… including Senator’s Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren… A lot of local people watched to cheer on […]

10 Differences Between Brits and Americans

In some ways Americans and British people would seem very similar at first glance. We look very similar, wear similar clothes, share the same language, and have some shared historical connections (including one that America is celebrating today). However, beyond just the fact that we use a lot of different words to mean the same […]

Scottish Guy Debunks AMERICAN Stereotypes

Guys I think we’ve been talking a lot about the cultural connection between Scotland and the United States of America recently and in today’s episode I want to clear the air on a few things So that’s why I’m going to be talking about American stereotypes that we have in Europe. that’s coming right up […]

Michael Murray: Science and Religion (1/7)

Hi, my name is Michael Murray. I’m a senior visiting scholar in Philosophy at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the U.S. And I’m here today to talk to you about science and religion, the relationship between the two, and looking at some contemporary challenges that have been raised to religion, from the […]

Bishop Barron on Pope Francis and “The Religious Sense”

Many have commented on Pope Francis’s choice of name and these rather remarkably Franciscan moves. He’s been making in the early weeks think of when he paid his own bill at the At the clergy no residents in rome or when he washed the feet of those young prisoners in Rome or when he spoke […]

The Book of Job

There are three books in the Bible known as the wisdom literature Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job The first proverbs showed us that God is wise and just Yeah we learned that God has ordered the world so that it’s fair the righteous are rewarded the wicked are punished in other words you get what you […]

MIDSOMMAR | Official Trailer HD | A24

– I told you that I wanted to go to that festival in Sweden. – No, you said it would be cool to go. – Yeah and then I got the opportunity and I decided to do it. – Look I don’t mind you going. I just wished you would’ve told me, that’s all. Dude, […]

The Secret Behind Numbers 3, 6, 9 Tesla Code Is Finally REVEALED!

The mind-blowing secret behind the numbers three six and nine finally revealed Nikola Tesla did countless mysterious experiments, but he was a whole other mystery on his own Almost all genius Minds have a certain obsession Nikola Tesla had a pretty big one Tesla had some interesting habits that he would do for example He […]