February 27, 2020
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Christian Full Movie “Knocking at the Door” | How to Welcome the Return of the Lord (English Dubbed)

The Lord is knocking at the door, but how will He knock? How is the Lord going to knock on the door? Who is it? Hello, Sister! Hello! Sister. Who are you? We’re people of faith. We saw the couplet adorning your doorway, so we knew you also believe in the Lord. We knocked on your door, hoping to fellowship with you. Yes. I understand now. Please come in! Good. Thank God! Sister, Brother, we have a question that
we would like to discuss with you. Oh, what is the question? All of us who believe in the Lord
are waiting for Him to return. We’ve waited till today
and haven’t seen the Lord descend on a cloud. There are worse disasters these days, and nearly all of the prophecies concerning
the Lord’s return have come true. Many people feel that the Lord
should have already returned. Why, then, have we still not
welcomed the Lord back to us? Could it be that the Lord has already appeared
and is somehow working, without our knowledge? How do you feel about these things? The Lord appeared somewhere and is at work? But that’s impossible! The Lord in the last days will descend
in great glory upon a cloud for all to see. This is what Lord Jesus said. Yes. We haven’t seen the Lord arrive on a cloud just yet, so how can you say the Lord has returned? I think that by taking His time to descend on a cloud, the Lord is trying us and testing our confidence. If we cling to the name of the Lord
and hold fast to His way, regardless of what adversity we meet,
if we persist in spreading the gospel, when the Lord does come, He will take us up into the kingdom of heaven. That is what we think. Sister, now everyone expects the Lord
to descend upon a cloud. This agrees with the Lord’s words. But the Lord’s prophecy of His return
in the last days does not only refer to this aspect. The Lord also prophesied: Amen! If the Lord returns in the last days,
descending directly on a cloud, how do you explain those prophecies,
and how exactly do they come true? There are many prophecies about the Lord’s return. We can’t be certain about
the method of the Lord’s return based on one utterance of the Lord. Can you agree with that? Yes, that makes sense. In these passages of scripture, the Lord Jesus mentioned
“at midnight there was a cry made” and also “as a thief.” From those passages we can conclude, that during the darkest hour, when there is no sign, the Lord will come quietly. The Lord’s coming isn’t something
everyone will know about. Only a few people will know about His coming, and announce the good news of
the Lord’s arrival to others “at midnight.” This explanation of yours is so clear. I thank God! When the churches are universally desolate,
without the work of the Holy Spirit, when believers are most bogged down, someone may bear witness of the Lord’s return. Revelation also says: Amen! That means that everyone who welcomes the Lord
should focus on hearing the voice of the Lord, and seek out what the Holy Spirit
is saying to the churches. This is key. If a particular church has the voice
and words of the Holy Spirit, could this be the appearance of God, the work of God? If we see the utterances of the Holy Spirit, is this not hearing the voice of God,
is it not welcoming the Lord’s arrival? That’s the only way we can sit
with the Lord at the banquet! Do you think the things that I’ve told you are correct? Yes I do! This has been very enlightening, I think you’re right! (Great!) Yes. We’ve read the word of
the Lord many times before in fact, but never saw the light in it. Hearing this fellowship of yours today
has really opened my heart. Thank God! In regard to welcoming the Lord’s return, we really must seek out the words of
the Holy Spirit for the churches. We’ve come today to share with you the words
that the Holy Spirit has for the churches. I invite you to listen. If you’re able to hear the voice of God in these words, you ought to learn more about the true way. Words spoken by the Holy Spirit?
Please, go ahead. (Sure.) Okay. I’ll start by reading a couple of passages to you. Good. These words are profound. I feel they are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Yes. Thank God! I will read another passage to you, then. Great! The words explain so clearly
how to look for God when He appears. Yes, these words aren’t the words of an ordinary person. Surely they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thank God! I will read another passage. Good! God has reappeared in the flesh? That’s impossible! The pastor often tells us that anyone who preaches that the Lord
has returned in human flesh is just lying. The Lord Jesus said that
He would return the same way He left. He ascended to heaven on a cloud
as a resurrected spiritual body. The Lord will most certainly descend
on a cloud in the same form. Everyone will be able to see it,
so there’s no need for bearing witness. I see it now! You’re followers of Almighty God. You’re preaching Eastern Lightning! I’ve heard enough. Please leave! Sisters, this discussion was enlightening, but, as the pastor often reminds us anyone who testifies that God has
appeared in human form is lying. Welcoming the Lord is important. We must consider this further, if another chance comes, we’ll talk more. Sister Yang, Brother Zheng,
we must base our belief on what the Lord says. Why do you always believe
what the pastor tells you? Are you aware that the Pharisees
once condemned the Lord Jesus? Have you read the words that
the Lord Jesus said, cursing the Pharisees? The pastor may tell you that whoever preaches
that God has returned in the flesh is a liar. But that isn’t in the Bible. Did the Lord Jesus ever say that? That the Lord would return
as the Son of man in the last days, does have a biblical foundation. (Yes.) The Lord Jesus said, In the last days, the Lord Jesus’ spiritual
body will come on a cloud. To come in the flesh would be impossible! Please leave, we have nothing more to discuss! Sister, just let us read a few more passages to you. When you hear it, you’ll understand. We have no way to know if these words
are the Holy Spirit’s words for the churches. We’ve had enough of your preaching. Go away! Perhaps we’ll continue this discussion later. All right. We’ll drop by again some time. Hello. Hello, Aiguang. (I see you’re keeping busy.) Yes. Pastor Jia. Hey, it’s Sister Yang. Hi, Sister Yang. Brother Wu is here, too. You’re watering the vegetables.
(Yes, watering the vegetables.) Have a seat. Thank you. Here you go, have some water. Thank you so much. Pastor Jia, (Yes.) this morning some people came to
my house preaching Eastern Lightning. I sent them away. But afterward, I was a little bothered by it. Oh? For years, we’ve taken precautions
against Eastern Lightning, but we hadn’t had contact with their people until today. Their testimony of the Lord’s return
is compatible with the Bible prophecy. Much of what they said made sense. Pastor Jia, shouldn’t we also be trying to
listen for the voice of the Lord? I think, if the Holy Spirit is trying to speak to us, it is wrong of us not to listen. It is absolutely necessary to hear
the words of the Holy Spirit. If Eastern Lightning really is the work of the Lord, and we refuse to listen, won’t we miss the Lord’s return? Pastor Jia, tell me, am I wrong? Sister Yang, you have been a preacher for the Lord for many years, and you understand the Bible. How can you be deceived by a few phrases
spoken to you by these people? The Lord Jesus clearly stated: When the Lord comes, He will descend on a cloud, with a completely impressive display of power. Heaven will shake, people wail! If this spectacle ever took place,
many people would be certain to see it; there’d be immediate excitement. If the Lord really has already come, how is it that this sort of spectacle has not appeared? Why have we not been raptured? Precisely! Therefore, Eastern Lightning
claims the Lord has returned. But how is that even possible? I dare say that any Lord Jesus
who doesn’t descend on a cloud is a fake. Any witness that God has assumed
human form and is somehow at work is heresy and falsehood. Right. Sister Yang, our wait for the Lord is based on Bible prophecy and the words of the Lord. Even if Eastern Lightning’s preaching
seems profound or syncs up with the Bible, we cannot listen to it and cannot believe it. If you persist in listening and hear them out, you will be misled, and by then, there will be no way
to buy the potion of repentance. All we have to do is cling to the Lord’s name, uphold the way of the Lord, and persist a little longer, be a little more patient. Then, the Lord will descend on a cloud
and receive us into the kingdom of heaven! We must have confidence in that. As usual, Pastor Jia is right. Thank the Lord! Tell me, if you hadn’t come, would you have been able to understand this matter? The pastor is the pastor. You wouldn’t want to ignore him. The pastor is able to serve the Lord,
can we serve the Lord? We don’t even know how to wait for the Lord’s return. So you shouldn’t take his advice for granted. If you don’t commit the words of the pastor to memory, and then some day you’re deceived by Eastern Lightning, won’t you have wasted all the years
you spent trying to serve the Lord? Sister Yang, if the Eastern Lightning people come knocking again, whatever you do, don’t open the door for them. If you do, and you hear any more
of Almighty God’s words … As I see it, all sects and factions
have some pious people. Sister Yang and her husband are good natured, and truly believe in the Lord. They’re of good caliber, and they do understand God’s word somewhat. (Yes.) They’ve just been led astray by religious conceptions. Next time we go over there to visit, we’ll read Almighty God’s words
that address these false conceptions. If they are able to accept truth,
then these conceptions will be cleared up. (Right.) Hopefully, that will help them
accept God’s work in the last days. Yeah, I hope so. God’s sheep hear the voice of God. Yes. The hardest thing about people stuck in a religion is that they have too many preconceived notions. The saddest thing is that
they revere the pastors and elders, so they have no room in their hearts for God. In everything, the pastor has the last word. It’s a big problem, and it’s serious. How can they welcome the return
of the Lord going on this way? (Right.) All we can do for Sister Yang
and her husband is to commune and bear witness of the words of Almighty God. As long as they understand the truth, then their false notions will be corrected. (Yes.) Nowadays the Chinese government
assigns scouts in various towns and villages to keep an eye on believers. I know. That’s true. Sister Yang is a well-known believer, and the CCP is likely watching her home. Up ahead, when we get close to her place,
we have to keep an eye out and check for spies before we knock on the door. (Yes.) We should really be careful. Who’s there? Hello! Who are you? We are believers in the Lord. Is Sister Yang home? Oh, my mother and father went to work in the vineyard. Why not sit for a moment inside,
and I’ll go call them? Thank you, but … would you take us to the vineyard instead? Okay, let’s go. Thank you. Father, Mother, these sisters are here to see you. They came back. Yeah, they sure are confident, aren’t they? Sister Yang, Brother Zheng, how are you? Hello! You came back. Why have you come back? Though your preaching does
fit with the things in the Bible, I’m sorry, but our pastor teaches us that when the Lord comes, He’ll descend on a cloud, and can’t be incarnated in the flesh. This proves that the two of you are both wrong, since the pastor has clearly told us so. You had better leave. Sister Yang, why do you not believe the word
of the Lord in your faith? Why do you always believe what the pastor tells you? Does the pastor really know the Lord? Can the words of the pastor
represent the words of the Lord? No. Think of when the Lord Jesus began His work. How did the chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees
of the Jewish faith resist the Lord? Does this issue not warrant our deep thought and soul-searching? Yes. This … Aiguang, the sisters have come from far away. If there are questions, let’s go to the edge of the vineyard and chat. We should go. Why don’t we go beside the brook, where it’s cooler. Yes, good. Let’s go. Let’s sit here. Oh, yes. This is a pleasant spot. (Yes.) It’s fresh and cool beside the stream. (Yes.) When we’re working in the fields,
we often come here to rest. Have a seat. (Okay.) Sister Yang, earlier you mentioned that the pastor said that the Lord couldn’t become flesh again. In that case, would you say
the pastor’s words are based on the Bible? Do any of the Lord’s words prove this? There are very clear prophecies in the Bible about the Lord appearing in the flesh
and working in the last days. (Yes.) Both of these prophecies mention
“the coming of the Son of man.” Every mention of “the Son of man”
refers to God incarnate as the Son of man. If this is the resurrected spiritual body of the Lord Jesus, at times hidden, at times supernatural, can this be called “the Son of man”? Could “first must he suffer many things,
and be rejected of this generation” still be said of Him? Right, He wouldn’t suffer hardship and be rejected. That’s right. Of course He couldn’t! Therefore, the Lord in the last days
does come in a human form. Can you accept this kind of communion? This communion does match the words of the Lord. Thank God! Sister, the prophecy that God in the last days
would appear in the flesh has come true. If we don’t believe that
the Lord’s words have come true, wouldn’t that be dangerous? Consider how, when the Pharisees
saw that the Lord had come, they didn’t acknowledge Him, and even resisted and condemned Him. And what was the result in the end? Ultimately they met with the curses of the Lord. If we believe in God like the Pharisees did, not acknowledging God when He came,
and even condemning and resisting Him, what might the final result be? Isn’t our belief in the Lord because
we long for His arrival? Isn’t it for the sake of welcoming Him? Whether or not we get into the kingdom
of heaven in our belief in the Lord is determined by whether or not we can accept
the Lord’s work in the last days. Now, the Lord has returned and is doing the work of judgment
starting with God’s house. Yet we do not acknowledge this; instead we deny it and don’t accept it. Isn’t this missing the chance
to be raptured when the Lord comes? If the Lord comes, and we aren’t able to be raptured, what would the final outcome be? Wouldn’t it be abandonment and elimination? We must carefully think these things over. Is this question really serious? This communion of yours goes against
everything the pastor has taught us. Are you able to explain all these things thoroughly? Mhm. Yeah. Today, many religious people obey only the pastors. They believe Lord Jesus must
descend on a cloud, or he’s a fake, and that the return of the Lord can’t be in the flesh. And what is the question here? Can we say for sure how the Lord
in the last days appears to us and works? God said in the Bible: Amen. In God’s eyes we are nothing but dust. How could we be able to fathom God’s work? Correct. The pastor and elder have always believed
that the Lord’s coming will be upon a cloud and that He couldn’t be incarnated as the Son of man. Sister Yang, wouldn’t you agree that any pastor
speaking in that way is daring to define God? They believe God can’t do things this way
and can’t do things that way. Aren’t those simply their own notions and imagination? It’s similar to when the Bible predicted
that the Messiah would come. Instead, the Lord Jesus came. Is this something humans could have imagined? Didn’t the Pharisees put regulations on
God’s work based on their conceptions, ultimately crucifying the innocent Lord Jesus? Their failure is an important lesson! Yet you go on believing the words of the pastor. Isn’t this a problem? Yes. Sister, about welcoming the coming of the Lord, we mustn’t believe whatever the pastor says, relying on conceptions to define
God’s appearance and work. The Lord Jesus said, God’s sheep hear God’s voice. Would you like to hear the voice of God? Yes. Of course! If you don’t listen to the words of Almighty God, you’ll miss the chance to hear
God’s voice for yourselves. (Yes.) Sister, don’t you see this is the Lord
knocking on your door? If you don’t listen to the voice of God,
if you don’t open the door for Him, wouldn’t you blame yourselves? Wouldn’t you worry about
missing the chance to be raptured? Could it be that you really
don’t want to hear God’s voice? From the bottom of my heart, how could we not want to hear the voice of God? Awaiting the coming of the Lord,
we hope to hear the voice of the Bridegroom, and to sit with the Lord at the banquet. Thank God! Amen. Yes, thank the Lord. The past few years, we’ve been hoping for the Lord to come, it’s just that we don’t know how to hear His voice. With your visit today, this matter has been explained. And now we know, it is very
important to hear His voice. Right. (Thank God.) The pastor says that we are small spiritually, and that he is afraid for us
that we might be deceived. They don’t allow us to discover for ourselves. Brother, If we are God’s sheep,
then we can discern God’s voice. It is a real thing. Yes. There are many prophecies in Revelation: When the Holy Spirit speaks in words,
it is the voice of the Lord. If we don’t listen to the words
that the Holy Spirit speaks, how can we be sure that it is the voice of the Lord? If we always listen to the words of the pastors, will we be able to hear the voice of God? We won’t. They don’t allow us to read
the words of Almighty God. Could it be that the pastor and elder
can express the voice of God? You’ve listened to the preaching of pastors for years. Have you ever seen them express the words of God? No, we have not. Right. Have they actually heard the voice and words of God? Would you say then, that the pastors
and elders can hear the voice of God? If you are always restricted by the pastor and elders, what could be the consequences? If this is not taken care of, you will have a part in the sin
that they commit in resisting God. In this way it would be likely that
you would be abandoned by the Lord. Today we bring Almighty God’s voice
of the last days and words to your home, and if you still refuse, would such actions meet with the Lord’s approval? Wouldn’t this hurt the Lord? You really have convinced me. In the past we were truly ignorant. We desire nothing more than to hear the voice of God and to seek the true way. Please commune with us. Yes. Yes, please commune with us. Thank God! Great. Thank God! Hey, shouldn’t we go back home
and have some fellowship? Yes. Yes, let’s go back home and fellowship. Let’s go. Fellowshiping like this, you’ve finally gained clarity, and are willing to hear the voice of God. This is truly God’s love. (Amen!) Thank the Lord! Okay, let’s read the word of God. (Okay. Good.) Amen. Hey, that makes sense! Now I have an idea how to distinguish
the true way from a false way. Thank God! The words of Almighty God explain
so clearly the way to distinguish the true way from a false way. (Amen. Yes.) These words truly must have come from Almighty God. We have listened to so many years
of preaching by the pastor, but never knew how to distinguish
the true way from a false one. The words of Almighty God explain it well! You’re so right! I feel that the words of Almighty God
are the words of the Holy Spirit. Yes. Thank God! Yes. Hearing Almighty God’s words, do you know how to distinguish the true way
from a false way? (Yes, we do now.) Would a human being be able to express all of these words and truths
expressed by Almighty God? No. Could a pastor ever come up with them? No, I don’t think so. Without Almighty God revealing the truth about
distinguishing the true way from a false way, would anyone know the principles of distinguishing
the true way from a false way? (No.) For eons, has there been a single spiritual
person or a religious leader who was able to explain this question clearly? (No.) In the Age of Grace, did the Jewish
chief priests, scribes, and Pharisees know how to distinguish the true way? No, they didn’t. How did they verify the appearance of the Messiah? They didn’t base their ideas on whether
the words expressed by the Lord Jesus were the voice of God or the truth, rather, they based their ideas on
their own notions and imaginations. Just as long as the Lord Jesus
wasn’t called the Messiah, though the teachings of the Lord Jesus were the truth, no matter how much authority His words had, they still condemned the Lord Jesus as a deceiver. What was the outcome? They crucified the Messiah who had come,
while He was still alive. Yes! Are the pastors and elders
of religions in the last days able to distinguish the true way from a false way? No. Would they be capable of crucifying
the incarnate Christ all over again? The pastors and elders don’t care
how much truth Almighty God has expressed. And they don’t consider how the words and work
of Almighty God purify people and offer salvation. So, how do they identify the true way? If the Lord Jesus doesn’t descend
on a cloud, he’s a fake. Isn’t this notion of theirs both absurd and reckless? Yes! What is the difference between them and
the Pharisees who resisted the Lord Jesus? Almighty God of the last days has arrived and revealed the truth of how to tell
the true way from the false ones. So, we are finally able to fully understand. (Right.) The words of Almighty God are the truth
and are the voice of God. Amen! You can hear this, can’t you? You’re absolutely right! I am certain that the words
of Almighty God are the truth, and that they’re the voice of God. Thank God! In that case, let’s read more
of the words of Almighty God. Okay. Amen! Hey, Mom, I feel like these words are God’s words. A person couldn’t have said these words. (True.) These words have authority and power. (Right.) This does seem like the voice of God. (Right.) You are absolutely right. This is the voice of God. God’s sheep hear God’s voice. Haven’t you heard God’s voice today? Thank the Lord! It appears that seeking to hear
the voice of God is the right thing to do. Let us read another passage of
Almighty God’s words. (Good.) What? Is there not one person among those
who read the Bible in church that understands God’s work? Not a single one of them knows God? I can’t completely accept these words. So many pastors and elders, how could not a single one
understands the purpose of God’s work, not one of them knows God? Your generalizing like this is too much. Though some pastors and elders resist God, it isn’t possible that all of them do. The majority of church leaders
should be after His heart, because they are all put in place by God. It’s starting to get late now.
Let’s leave it there for now. I can accept some of what you have said, but some of it is still unclear. I still must ask questions of the pastor of our church, and see what he has to say about it. Oh, Sister Yang, you’ll soon understand, when you’ve heard more of Almighty God’s words. Right! Sisters, I’ve gained a lot from hearing you
speak about Almighty God’s words. It’s been a lot more enjoyable
than our church gatherings. Thank God! Having heard the words of Almighty God, I feel that it’s an expression of truth. How to distinguish the true way
from a false way was explained clearly. However, there are a few issues about
which we cannot change our minds all at once. We must continue to seek knowledge. Then let’s go ahead and call it a day. If we get another chance,
we’ll continue our fellowship. OK. Okay. So, we’ll do this again next time then. (OK.) Goodbye! We’ll be going, then. (Goodbye!) Dad, Mom, I feel like those sisters
explained everything very well. Their perspective was practical,
and more than that, it was enlightening. We’ve heard the pastor’s words. It’s all Bible trivia and empty platitudes. There is nothing inspiring about that! I’m starting to feel that we should hear
more of Almighty God’s words, so we can be sure if it is the true way. The discussion with Sister Li and her partner, it was inspiring and educational. However, when they said that
no pastor or elder knew or pleased the Lord. I felt that wasn’t very objective. Pastors and elders all serve the Lord. They understand the Bible better than we do, and they are able to see more deeply into some things. If we have some questions,
it would be best to seek answers from them and hear their ideas. Then we’ll understand better. We should be cautious about an issue
as serious as welcoming the Lord. It’s best we hear what the pastor has to say. It’s necessary. Why do you need to obey the pastor in everything? Could it be that the pastor
understands everything thoroughly? Not necessarily, in my opinion. We must seek for ourselves,
the truth about welcoming the Lord. Yes! As I see it, these words of Almighty God that are exposing them, the pastors and elders, are factual. Furthermore, the two sisters explained
things so well and so practically. Surely they were enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Though we don’t understand, we can fellowship with them. Then we’ll understand, right? (Right!) You, on the other hand, shooed those people from our home
because they thought differently. Was that appropriate? What if Almighty God is God appearing and working? Wouldn’t we be missing the chance to be raptured? Wouldn’t we be wasting all of our painstaking belief in the Lord over all these years? (Right!) Such an important issue, why are you determined to obey the pastor and elder? I think it’s important to hear more of God’s words. Mom, Dad has a good point. Almighty God exposed the inner story
and the truth behind religion so clearly. Among the pastors who we’ve
come to know over all these years, have you seen one in whom the Holy Spirit is working, one whose message inspires? Yeah. It’s true that there hasn’t been any
inspiration from our pastor in years. I wonder, are they really capable of
preparing us for the Lord’s return, and leading us into the kingdom of heaven? At gatherings they preach only
biblical knowledge and theories of theology. All they do is perform religious rites
and make people obey rules. (Yes.) What nourishment for life have we gained in listening to their preaching after all these years? Even now, we don’t understand the words of the Lord and don’t have any authentic confidence in the Lord. Is this not the actual situation? What you are saying is true. Listening to the preaching of the pastor
and the elder for so many years, we really haven’t gained any nourishment for life. They are occupied with sealing off the church,
with resisting Eastern Lightning. They don’t focus on explaining
the Bible or shepherding believers. Hearing Eastern Lightning people commune
the words of Almighty God these past two times, we have understood some truths, and now we know how to distinguish the true way. I feel like Eastern Lightning’s
preaching has some truth in it. We should look into it further;
can’t keep letting the pastor control us. Right! The pastors and elders always condemn,
judge, and slander Eastern Lightning. It’s a sign of danger. How is it that the path they’ve
taken resembles that of the Pharisees who resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus? So you see, we really must keep pondering this question. Mm, what you’re saying does feel right. Hey, I just don’t understand, we’re able to hear the truth
in the preaching of Eastern Lightning, but why do the pastor and elder
always condemn Eastern Lightning as heresy? Why don’t they bring the words
of Almighty God to the church, and read it aloud for everyone to hear? Yeah, why? Won’t this allow everyone to decide whether the words of Almighty God are truth, whether they are the voice of God? Right! Precisely! It looks like I’ll have to go to
Pastor Jia and talk about this. Pastor Jia, Eastern Lightning people read some passages
of Almighty God’s words to us again. In the words of Almighty God,
we hear truth, authority, and power. We have read the Bible for so many years, and we still don’t know how
to distinguish the true way. Now, the words of Almighty God have explained
clearly the truth about this aspect. Our hearts felt clear and bright hearing the words. Now we know how to distinguish
the true way from the false ways. Pastor Jia, I feel that Eastern Lightning’s preaching
has truth and really comes from God. We should listen to Almighty God’s words and investigate the preaching of Eastern Lightning. Pastor, you have served the Lord many years, and know the Bible better than us. If you read the words of Almighty God, you will surely discern whether
it is the truth and the voice of God. If Eastern Lightning is the work
of the returned Lord Jesus, would we not have welcomed the Lord? And if we haven’t, wouldn’t everyone grow in discernment? What do you think? Sister Yang, last time I told you more than once to have no more contact with
people from Eastern Lightning. You did not obey. What happened? You got misled again! You are also a person
who works and preaches for the Lord. You should know that all of God’s words
and all of God’s work are in the Bible. God’s words appear nowhere except in the Bible. As we wait for the coming of the Lord,
we must hold close to the Bible; there’s no need to listen for God’s voice. I have said these words so many times in sermons. How can you not remember them? You see, for centuries, has anyone not based his faith in the Bible? You can’t believe in the Lord without the Bible! Why do you believe what
the Eastern Lightning people tell you? Why do you keep looking for
the voice of God outside of the Bible? Sister Yang, do you dare to affirm that the words of
Almighty God are the voice of the Holy Spirit, that they are the words of the Lord Jesus? Was this confirmed by the pastors
or leaders of the religion? Did the Lord Jesus say anything about
listening to the words of Almighty God? No, He didn’t. Since He didn’t, you cannot listen to it. Sister Yang, all of God’s words are in the Bible. Eastern Lightning bears witness
that the Lord has returned and spoken. This is obviously not in the Bible. We cannot listen to it and cannot believe it. If you are misled by heresy, will you still be able to be raptured into
the kingdom of heaven when the Lord comes? Sister Yang, you can’t go wrong if you obey me. Do not listen to Eastern Lightning. Don’t forget that many good sheep from various sects
have been stolen away by Eastern Lightning. What they did was read the words of Almighty God. They all say they heard God’s voice
and became believers in Almighty God. They even say that they have been raptured up. Is that possible? You must therefore keep firmly in mind: God’s words and God’s work are all in the Bible. God’s words and God’s work
are only found in the Bible. If you can’t be sure of this fact, you’ll be easily led astray! There is truth in Eastern Lightning, but it seems that what Pastor Jia
and his wife say is also correct. Lord, what should I do? Judging from Yang Aiguang’s attitude, I think she’ll receive people
of Eastern Lightning again. If one day she becomes a follower of Eastern Lightning, maybe we won’t be able to hold on to
those churches for which she is responsible, and church members may follow her
in believing in Eastern Lightning. The believers in those churches are enthusiastic
and often make large donations. A large part of our income depends on those churches! If this happens, our financial losses will be huge! What can we do? Yang Aiguang thinks that
Eastern Lightning has the truth. If she is bent on seeking it out, we won’t be able to stop her! We must, I’ll go and talk to our Co-worker Wu, and have him send someone to watch Sister Yang, and let me know if anything happens. In that case, get to it. (Alright.) You should know that all of God’s words
and all of God’s work are in the Bible. God’s words appear nowhere except in the Bible. As we wait for the coming of the Lord,
we must hold close to the Bible; there’s no need to listen for God’s voice. For centuries, has anyone not based his faith in the Bible? You can’t believe in the Lord without the Bible. You can’t believe in the Lord without the Bible. Revelation also says: That means that everyone who welcomes the Lord
should focus on hearing the voice of the Lord, and seek out what the Holy Spirit
is saying to the churches. This is key. Lord, are the words of Almighty God
really the voice of the Holy Spirit? Lord, I pray that You enlighten me, and help me to discern, so that I can hear Your voice, and can see You appear. Lord, I pray that You not abandon me. Who’s there? Sister Yang, it’s us. Hello, Sister Yang. Sister Yang, hello! You’ve come back. (Yes.) Please come in! Okay. We’ve been looking forward to you
coming to commune with us again. That’s great! We have been looking forward
to our meeting and fellowship, too. Hearing the words of Almighty God,
you can feel that this is the voice of God. This is as the Lord Jesus said, Thank the Lord. All of this is His kindness to us! You have come at just the right time; we are having a co-workers’ meeting. Please fellowship with all of us today. (Certainly.) Let me introduce everyone. This is Sister Li and Sister Fang. Hello, brothers and sisters! (Hello, everybody!) Hello! Here, have some water. (Okay, thank you!) You’re welcome. Sister Li, Sister Fang, I find benefit and inspiration
by the words of Almighty God you shared. We’ve been looking forward to you coming
and fellowshiping with us about Almighty God’s words. Thank God! (Yes!) Almighty God? (Did you hear
what they were talking about?) They are believers in Eastern Lightning. I have heard Sister Yang say that
the words of Almighty God come from God. Then we should listen, too. There is still one thing about which we are not clear. After your fellowship last time, I went to the pastor to seek advice
and give an account. The pastor said that all of God’s
words and work are in the Bible, and that God’s words are nowhere but in the Bible. Our belief in the Lord is proved by reading the Bible, and gathering to fellowship about the Bible. Oh yes, that’s right. Only by observing the Bible can we be saved
and get into the kingdom of heaven. (Amen!) And yet you bear witness that the Lord
has come and has expressed many truths. I, too, see that Almighty God has expressed truths. This is factual. I just feel that there is some contradiction in this. Are the words spoken by the pastor correct or not? Of course they are correct! I’ve heard you read only the words of Almighty God, and your fellowship centers on His words, and that you seldom read the Bible. Is this deviating from the Bible,
and deviating from the Lord’s way? We are not able to see the bottom of this question, so we would like you to fellowship
with us about it. (Great!) Sister Yang, as I see it,
there is no need to discuss this. The pastor and the elder have said clearly: All God’s words are in the Bible, God’s words can be found nowhere but in the Bible, and deviating from the Bible is heresy. In our belief in the Lord, we must observe the Bible at all times. Amen! Consider all the factions of Christianity. Is there one that doesn’t read the Bible? Only Eastern Lightning people have testified
that God in the last days has come to speak. They ask you to read the words
and hear the voice of Almighty God. Isn’t this making people deviate from the Bible
and betray the Lord? (Right! That’s right.) Sister Yang, we cannot listen to
their preaching anymore. If we listen, we will be misled. Send them away. What he said is right! Eastern Lightning witnesses that
Almighty God has expressed many truths, doing the judgment work of the last days. But there’s no account of this in the Bible. Truly. Sister Yang, we can’t just sit here and listen to this. Yeah. Correct! Brother Wu, Sister Wang, though there is no account of the words
of Almighty God in the Bible, these words are truth obviously,
and could only come from God. Perhaps it is none other than
the Holy Spirit’s words to the churches that were prophesied in Revelation. Anyone who has ears should try to listen! (Right.) We should look into it further; not just blindly condemn it,
like the pastor and the elders. If we don’t listen to the voice of God, how can we welcome His return? (Yeah.) Sister, please sit. Best to let these two sisters fellowship with us
about the words of Almighty God. That way, we’ll be better able to decide whether the words
of Almighty God ultimately are truth; if they’re the voice of God. (Right.) Please have a seat and listen. Yes, we’ll listen. Let’s all sit and listen. (Yeah.) Thank God! Brothers and sisters, nowadays religious people observe the Bible, but don’t accept Almighty God’s last-days work. This is the main crux of the matter. They’ve neglected to listen
for the voice of the Bridegroom. They have neglected that they should seek out
the words of the Holy Spirit to the churches. Many people blindly worship the words of the elders, who say such things as, “It’s impossible to find God’s words
anywhere but the Bible.” Does this saying have a basis in the Bible? (No.) Did the Lord Jesus make this statement? (No.) Did the Holy Spirit ever say this? (No.) Not anything like it! This really is satanic nonsense to deceive people! Satan wants to blindfold the eyes
and muffle the ears of God’s chosen people, preventing them from hearing the voice of God, preventing them from hearing the words
of the Holy Spirit to the churches. Isn’t this a trick of Satan’s treachery and evil? There are many people who so revere the pastors that they believe any nonsense
the pastors say to be correct. Isn’t this foolish and ignorant? Right! The Lord Jesus said clearly: Amen! Revelation also prophesies, The Lord’s words are very clear. Because then when the Lord comes in the last days, He will speak and guide people to all truth. On the other hand, the pastors say that all of God’s work and words are in the Bible, and that the words of God is only found in the Bible. Isn’t this just blatantly opposing the Lord? Opposing the Lord? The very thing! Can you believe it? How could these prophecies of the Lord
come true and be achieved, according to their viewpoints? The Lord Jesus also said, And so how would these prophecies come to be true? How would the tares be separated from the wheat, the good servants from the evil,
or the wise virgins from the foolish? How would the overcomers be made before the calamity? How would judgment at the great white throne
in the last days be completed? How would the kingdom of
Christ of the last days arise? (Yeah, how?) How would God’s tabernacle
among people be established? If God were not incarnated, could all of this be accomplished by the people? No. If the work done by God in the past, in the Age of Law and in the Age
of Grace were all there was, how could these prophecies come true? She has spoken the truth! Therefore, the work of God in the last days is the final, most essential stage of work in God’s management plan. It must be done by God incarnate Himself. Only in this way can all of
these realities be accomplished. That’s great! Right now, Almighty God is in the process
of doing the judgment work of the last days, and has expressed many truths. Could any human express such truths? Are they truths that an angel could express? No. Could they be expressed by any great spiritual person? No. No one could express them;
only God Himself could express them. Right! Amen. Because the words expressed
by Almighty God are the truth, and are the voice of God, even though it’s not recorded in the Bible, would anyone dare say they aren’t the words of God? Would anyone dare to deny that it is the voice of God? In the future, God will say many, many words to lead and nourish the human race. This is something that no one can deny. Therefore, when the pastor and the elder say, “All of God’s work and words
can be found nowhere but in the Bible,” it is completely fallacious and absurd! This is an example of religion
defining God and resisting God. There’s truth in what she says. Yes! So tell me then, is everyone clear about this? (Yes.) Good. Thank God! So let us read a few more passages to gain clarity
and understanding about this question. Great! That’s a great idea. We’ll listen closely! (All right!) I think it is. These words are so apt! How could the words of the Lord in the last days be recorded in advance in the Bible? Yes. Thank God! Brothers and sisters, now let’s watch a video reading Almighty God’s words. What do you all say to that? (Great!) Yes. Let’s watch it. Watch attentively. Look. This is so great. It’s coming out. Let’s watch. These words are amazing! (Right!) The Pharisees crucified the Lord Jesus because they were adhering rigidly to the Bible. Absolutely true! Without Almighty God, we couldn’t have learned this. Having heard the words of Almighty God, I feel truly ashamed. God is the fountainhead of living water of life, the words of God flow forever, inexhaustible. How could God speak only those words
limited to the biblical record? (Yes, how?) Amen. In belief in God, we never really understood truth, and didn’t know God at all. We even believed what the pastor said, and limited the words and work of God to the Bible. Yes, we did. We believed that God only spoke those words
that were recorded in the Bible, and that God would never speak again. Wasn’t this defining God and belittling God? I was too arrogant and conceited,
too foolish and ignorant! Yeah. I was actually misled by the pastor for so many years, and I had no idea. I was poor, and pitiful, and also blind! It truly is that way. Revelation says many times: We read these words so many times. How did we ever overlook the meaning? How could we not have thought that God of the last days
would still speak to the churches? How foolish and ignorant we were! Yes! We were. The pastor is to blame for all this, emphasizing knowledge of the Bible
and theological theories, confusing us with a lot of religious concepts and ideas disorienting us, so we didn’t know how to
prepare for the coming of the Lord. We didn’t know how to seek the words
of the Holy Spirit to the churches. Right! Today, thankfully you shared with us
the words of Almighty God, so we were able to hear God’s voice. (Thank God!) If we hadn’t, we’d still be deceived
by the pastor and elder. We just escaped missing the chance
to welcome the Lord’s return. Thinking about it, it feels dangerous. (That’s right.) These pastors and elders are hypocritical Pharisees! Yes. Yeah. Yes, they are. Right. Amen. Thankfully, we understand now
about the church elders. (Yes.) They are really hypocritical Pharisees. (Yes!) We won’t listen to them anymore. (Right! That’s right!) Last time, I told you not to give an account
to the pastor and ask his advice, but I still couldn’t stop you. It seems you finally understand now! Don’t point out my shortcomings;
don’t air my dirty laundry! Everybody makes mistakes. Yes! Thank God! (Yes! Thank God!) Amen! The words of God say it so well! (Yes!) Now I clearly understand, God of the last days mainly works through words, and uses words to purify people. (Yes, thank God!) Who is it? Sister Yang, it’s us. Welcome back. Please come in. (Okay.) Sister Li, Sister Fang, we wanted to gather the brothers and sisters to consider and discuss the last-days
work of God together (Yes. Good.) so that everyone can read the words of Almighty God and hear the voice of God.
(Great! That sounds absolutely perfect.) Someone is knocking on the door, put things away! I’ll go have a look. Who is it? It is me and Pastor Jia. It is our church’s pastor. Why are they here? Hello. Pastor Jia, please sit. Sister Yang, what have you done? How are you still so confused? You are a leader of our church, yet you’re violating church rules, by receiving Eastern Lightning people. You even bring some others together
to listen to their preaching! You’re deviating from the Lord’s way! (That’s True!) Aren’t you afraid of betraying the Lord? Sister Yang, I’m not scolding you. But how could you listen to their preachings
without the pastor’s approval? Do you value the pastor’s opinion at all? Yeah, do you? The pastors and elders are stewards of the Lord; they are the Lord’s servants. If you don’t obey our pastors and elders,
are you submitting to the Lord? Not giving the pastor the final say
on issues of the Lord’s coming is really presumptuous. Pastor Jia, whatever we have to say,
let’s do it sitting down. Please sit. Have a seat. Pastor Jia, I knew your purpose
in coming was to say these things. What I don’t understand is, why don’t you let us hear Eastern Lightning? Why don’t you let us hear the Lord’s voice? (Yes, why?) What is your intent? You know that Almighty God expresses truth
and has begun the judgment of the last days. Why don’t you pursue and look into this,
why must you resist and condemn it? What’s the difference between you and the Pharisees who resisted the Lord Jesus? (Right!) In the past I had a high opinion of you, and believed that your words tally with the Bible. Because of that, in everything, I obeyed you. If I had a problem, I would ask. I believed that you would lead us
to welcome the coming of the Lord. But we have waited till now
and still haven’t welcomed the Lord. Correct! Now, God’s last-days judgment work is almost finished, still you won’t let us learn about Eastern Lightning. Will you rest only when you’ve
harassed us to death? (Right!) How can she speak this way? Right! Amen! You certainly know these words of the Lord. In welcoming Him, the key is to listen for His voice. The Lord Jesus never said that welcoming Him
must be approved by the pastor of a church. Yes. Now, we are investigating the true way,
hearing the Lord’s voice based on His words. This is after the Lord’s heart. Why must you continue obstructing us? In doing this, you’re going against the words of the Lord
and betraying the Lord! (That’s Right!) Sister Yang, how can you speak this way to our pastor? Isn’t he doing this to protect us, concerned that we might be misled? That’s right! Sister Yang, it is my responsibility to obstruct
your pursuit of Eastern Lightning. If you all start believing in Eastern Lightning, there’ll be no one left in the church. When the Lord comes, how will I be held accountable? Please consider, if Eastern Lightning were the true way, wouldn’t we pastors and elders accept it? Yes! Having accepted it, we would then have you accept it, wouldn’t we? At present none of us pastors have accepted it. So how could we let you seek it out for yourself? That’s right! We don’t allow you to investigate Eastern Lightning, because we fear you will be misled, and forfeit the chance to enter the kingdom of heaven. Exactly! How can you not understand
Pastor Jia’s good intentions? Pastor Jia, is what you’ve said the truth? We are seeking the true way
and listening to the Lord’s voice according to His word. Yet you do your utmost to obstruct us. Is this protecting us or being
responsible for our lives? (No.) All you’re doing is trapping us and ruining us! It is. Pastor Jia, you condemn Eastern Lightning continually, and don’t allow us to pursue it. May I ask you, have you read the words of Almighty God? Do you understand The Church of Almighty God? If you have not looked into it, and dare to groundlessly condemn Eastern Lightning, don’t you worry you’re resisting God? I can see clearly that this action of yours is not because
you fear we will actually be deceived; you fear that if everyone begins
to believe in Almighty God. Your status will be at risk. You condemn Eastern Lightning
and prevent us from seeking the true way. Do you think by acting this way,
you can prevent us hearing the voice of God? Will you take over God’s sheep for yourself?
(That’s right! Right!) You are very wrong. When God comes looking for all of His sheep, will you be able to stop Him? (No way!) Those Pharisees of early times believed that after they crucified the Lord Jesus, no one would believe in Him anymore, and their status and livelihood would be protected. What was the result? The people of Israel were subjugated, and scattered all over the world to foreign lands. The Jews and Pharisees who resisted God all met with God’s curses and punishment. It is. That’s a fact. God began spreading the gospel to Gentile nations, and didn’t more and more people
in all nations believe in the Lord? Because it’s true. Pastor Jia, you often explain the Bible to people. You ought to be able to see this fact, right? Yeah, pastor. I never would have thought
you could say what you have said today. Forbidding you from exploring Eastern Lightning is to protect you, for your own good,
do you understand that? This is the truth. The Lord Jesus clearly admonished us: Amen! The words of the Lord say very clearly, don’t believe anyone who says “Christ is here,” or “Christ is there,” don’t believe them. That way, you’ll avoid being deceived by false Christs. You cannot be unaware of this saying. And now Eastern Lightning says the Lord has returned, and that He is God incarnate. This is certainly false! It is. I am a pastor; I must look after the Lord’s sheep, and must be responsible for your lives. You absolutely must not keep
investigating Eastern Lightning. You can’t accept Almighty God. Otherwise, you will not be able
to get into the kingdom of heaven. Pastor Jia is right. Anyone who bears witness for
God becoming the flesh is a liar. That’s correct. Currently, false Christs have been emerging everywhere. Some people don’t know better, and have been misled. We have such a little understanding of the Bible, we’re spiritually small. How could we do without our pastor and elder, who watch out for us? (That’s right.) If you are not really careful, you could be misled by a false Christ; wouldn’t that be trouble? Would you still be raptured into
the kingdom of heaven when the Lord comes? You really must be careful. Pastor Jia, it is true that there are false Christs
and false prophets deceiving people. It is true, however, that
the Lord will come again. (Right!) Could it be that you dare deny the Lord’s return? That the Lord will become flesh
as the Son of man in the last days has a foundation in the Bible. You condemn God’s incarnation
of the last days as a false Christ. In doing this, aren’t you condemning
God’s appearance and God’s work, and blaspheming God? You’re the same as the Pharisees
who condemned the Lord Jesus! You deny Christ, condemn Christ, and resist Christ! The Bible says, All who do not acknowledge God incarnate, all who deny Christ, who resist
and condemn Christ are antichrists. Right! That’s what the antichrist is! (Right.) This time we can discern better. (Yes.) Why do religious leaders in the church always use false Christs and false prophets
of the last days as an excuse to condemn the appearance and work
of Almighty God, Christ of the last days. Yes, why? Almighty God has expressed the truth
to purify people and save people and performed the work of
judgment starting in God’s house, reveling the mysteries of God’s management plan. Many good sheep of all sects
and denominations in religion firmly believe that the words of Almighty God
are truth, and are the voice of God. They have all turned toward Almighty God.
(Thank God! Amen!) This fact has shaken all religious circles. It is not that you didn’t hear about it, or see it. So then why don’t you investigate it? Why must you resist and condemn it? Yes, why? May I ask: Could false Christs and false prophets
express such truth, and express God’s voice? No. Could false Christs unfold the mysteries
of God’s management plan? Could false Christs do God’s
judgment work in the last days? No. Could false Christs purify people and save people? No, they could not. Since they can’t, why do you hate Almighty God
who only expresses the truth? Why do you do everything you can
to keep people from hearing His words? Yes, why? Do you hate the truth,
or are you declaring God your enemy? Are you contending for His chosen people? Yes. Could it be that you don’t fear resisting
and crucifying God again? Don’t you worry that you’ll offend
God’s disposition and meet God’s judgment? The consequence of this would be grave!
The consequence is dreadful to contemplate! Pastor Jia, what Sister Li said today is all true, you know you can’t deny it! For years, you have quoted out of
context misinterpreting the Bible. Under the banner of fighting false Christs, you prevented us from seeking the true way. You really caused us harm. Exactly! That’s really true. Were it not for your deception and obstruction, would we not have already heard
the voice of God and welcomed God? Yes! Now, with great difficulty, we have heard God’s voice, and seen God’s appearance of the last days. Yet still you repeatedly try to obstruct us. Isn’t it enough for you to ensnare us? Right! Pastor Jia, what did the Lord Jesus
say in Chapter 24 of Matthew? Amen! Pastor Jia, look at what you’re doing, how is it different from the evil servant
Lord Jesus spoke about? It’s not different. If you go to hell to be punished for resisting God, why must you pull us along? Yes, why? Why? I urge you to lose no time in repenting. Do not resist the work of Almighty God. Resisting God will meet with punishment, and no one can endure such a consequence! Correct! This is something terrible! What are you saying? We’ll go to hell and be punished for resisting God, and take you with us? Tell me! Where did this come from? Yes! Exactly! Obstructing you from investigating Eastern Lightning, not allowing you to accept Almighty God, what’s wrong with that? Have I become a sinner? Having guided you faithfully for many years, I never thought you would ever disregard my words. You’ve only known these
Eastern Lightning people for a few days, yet you believed their words right away! You turn around and chide me. You really disappoint me! Time and again you claim
the words of Almighty God are truth, and are the voice of God. What is the basis for your certainty? Are you able to discern which are God’s words, and which ones are man’s words? Can you? Are you able to discern the voice of God? Yes, are you? So many pastors in religious circles
condemn Eastern Lightning, are you certain that the words
of Almighty God are the voice of God? Could it be you know more about the Bible
than pastors and elders do? That’s right! Sister Yang, you all have been deceived. I urge you to lose no time in turning around. Stop being stubborn and foolish! Pastor Jia, in our belief, we should
listen to the words of the Lord. We should seek out the voice
of the Lord using His prophecies. Right! Exactly. The Lord Jesus never said
that we must obey the pastor and elder. Are you telling me that pastors
can hear the voice of God? Do you dare to guarantee that what
the pastors and elders resist and condemn is definitely not the true way? When the Lord appeared to work long ago, did the chief priests, scribes,
and Pharisees of the Jewish faith recognize the Lord Jesus
was the coming of the Messiah? Did they accept that the speech of Lord Jesus
was actually the voice of God? Didn’t they condemn and blaspheme
the Lord Jesus for speaking a blasphemy? Exactly! Pastor Jia, Almighty God has expressed many truths. You are deaf to the voice of God, yet you want to guide us, you want to steer our course? Isn’t that the blind leading the blind,
all falling into the pit? Aren’t you the blind people leading the way?
(It really is the truth.) It certainly is! Fortunately, God sent witnesses
to fellowship truth with us, and persistently knock on our doors, so we heard the words of Almighty God,
and heard the voice of God. Thank God! Amen! We won’t tolerate your lies and barriers any longer. You were on the brink of ruining us! Keep out of our business! Our business has nothing to do with you! (Right!) You’re not worthy to lead and nurture us; you’re not worthy to be our pastor! Furthermore, we aren’t your sheep; we are the Lord’s sheep. We only listen to the voice of God,
and walk with Him! (Amen!) Thank God! Very well. If you must believe in their God, I won’t try to stop you. I must warn you, however. If you insist on following Eastern Lightning, then you will be expelled from the church
according to the rules. You’ll have nothing to do with the church,
and have no part of it. (Right!) When you are rejected by the Lord, unable to get into the heavenly kingdom, don’t blame us pastors and elders
for not protecting you. Right! Pastor Jia, there is nothing frightening
about leaving your church. What’s frightening is not hearing God’s voice,
or welcoming the Lord’s return, and losing forever the blessing of being raptured. Yes, indeed! Amen! What church is this church of yours? It’s only a Lukewarm church, or the church of Sardis. Your church has already been
eliminated by the Holy Spirit, and has become a wasteland. Is it even worthy to be called a church? Now, we have finally heard the voice of God, we’ve been before the throne of God. We are attending the feast of the Lamb. (Amen.) Amen! Thank God! Even if you didn’t expel me, I would never return to your religion! Exactly! We will not go back. You … you are beyond hope! You’ve really gone too far! Pastor Jia, I think Yang Aiguang has made up her mind,
and won’t change. (Yes.) She firmly believes that
Eastern Lightning is the true way, so she’s going to help
Eastern Lightning steal sheep, for sure. Then those churches she’s
responsible for will be defenseless! Exactly. We can’t just watch and do nothing. Pastor Jia, don’t you think we should
call the police on them? (Yeah?) Why even ask? Hurry up and call, round up those Eastern Lightning people
and throw them in jail! Then see them try to steal sheep! Exactly. I’m calling now. Sister Li, Sister Fang, this time we had a thorough
falling out with our pastor. When he gets back, he’ll certainly seal off the church, and have people forsake us. If our brothers and sisters believe his nonsense, it’ll be hard for us to bear witness
for God’s last-days work. So, I want to lose no time
in getting everyone together, and have them all hear God’s voice, and pursue and look into God’s work. Yes, you are right! In fact, the sooner the better. Right. Hey, you know how the pastor and elder hate us. Would they call the police on us? As I see it, Pastor Jia would do such a thing to protect his status and livelihood. Even if the pastors and elders
hate that we accept the true way, they wouldn’t call the police. I wish that were true. We must stay ahead of them if we are to spread
the gospel to the brothers and sisters. If we wait until they have sealed off the church, it will be hard to spread the gospel.
(You are right about that.) Sister Yang, you must invite those who truly believe in God, love the truth, to seek out the true way. God comes in secret to do the last-days work;
He comes to steal the “treasures,” only stealing the good sheep so that
He can perfect them as the overcomers. God does not select those who
eat their fill, and don’t love the truth. Okay, I see! We understand. What’s going on? People preaching Eastern Lightning. Preaching Eastern Lightning? Where? That house beside the road to the village. As soon as you make the turn toward the village. People are preaching Eastern Lightning. You have to hurry, they are in the middle of a meeting. You have to go right now to get them. Sister Li, Sister Fang, you’re all here? (Hi, Xiaojie.) Hey, Mom, just now I saw Pastor Jia, Wu Xin, and others at the entrance to the village talking with the police. That’s bad! (Yes!) Maybe Pastor Jia called the police. Let’s go! Sisters, we can’t go out through the front door now. Hurry, follow me out the back door!
(Yes. Okay. Let’s go.) Hurry! Leave quickly! What are you doing? This is a private residence!
(Yeah, right! Move aside!) Come on. Is this even legal? (Search the place! Come on.) Brother, many people have gathered today,
please be extra careful. (Yes.) If you notice anything unusual,
notify us immediately. (Yes.) Don’t worry. You go ahead. All right. We’ll go. Be careful, Brother Gao. Yeah, this little room is well hidden. We should be safe here. Yes, and we have brothers and sisters standing guard. We’ll be able to conduct our meeting safely this time and shouldn’t have to worry about the police. Sister Li, Sister Fang, since last time, I spoke with everyone to bear witness that the Lord Jesus has returned
as Almihty God, (Thank God. Yes.) who has expressed many truths,
and is now doing the judgment work. (Yes.) We all feel that the work of Almighty God
is true to Bible prophecies, and want to seek out the true way. Thank God! They raised many questions
that I wasn’t able to answer. Please fellowship with us,
and respond to our many questions! Okay! Allow me to raise a question first. We have been misled by the pastor for years, however. We’ve waited for the Lord to come on a cloud and take us into the heavenly kingdom, and not seeking to hear the voice of God. (Yes.) Though some have testified
to the words of Almighty God, we haven’t listened, so we’ve been waiting for the Lord for many years, but still have not welcomed Him! You said it well. (Yes.) Yes. Thank the Lord! Only on that day when I heard you bearing witness
of Almighty God’s work of the last days did I understand that the Lord
has used words to call to His sheep. The key in waiting for the coming of the Lord
is to seek the voice of the Lord. (Yes!) But now, our greatest difficulty is that we don’t know how we should listen for His voice. We’re also not able to distinguish between what’s God’s voice and what isn’t. Please tell us about how to be certain
once and for all of the Lord’s voice. Okay. Yes, that’s great. That’s a really great question. So true. Unable to discern the voice of God,
we have no way to welcome the Lord! Right. We have not been able to welcome the Lord these years because we lack this. We must listen very attentively today. Yes. Thanks be to God! How do we hear the voice of God? The loftiness of the qualities or the length
of our experience do not count in this. Believing in the Lord Jesus, what do we feel when we hear many of His words? Though we have no experience
or knowledge of the Lord’s words, the moment we hear them
we feel that they are the truth, that they have the power and authority. How does this feeling arise? Is it generated by virtue of our experience? (No.) Is this the effect of inspiration and intuition? This proves that people with heart and spirit can all feel the words of God have power and authority; this is actually hearing the voice of God. Yes. That’s really how it is. Furthermore, the greatest difference
between the voice of God and that of man is the voice of God is the truth
and has power and authority; we can feel it as soon as we hear it. Regardless of whether we can put it into words, the feeling is abundantly clear. (Right.) It is easier to discern the voice of man; no sooner do we hear it than we feel it is clear. We feel not the slightest power
or authority in man’s words, and even less we can confirm they are the truth. This is the greatest difference between
the words of God and the words of man. Yes, that’s right. Yes. For example, we see that the words of the Lord Jesus
have power and authority; when we hear them, we are sure they are the truth, they are really profound, very mysterious, and completely beyond the measure of man. Isn’t that right? Yes. Thanks be to God. Amen. Now, let’s look at the words
of the apostles in the Bible, while most are enlightened by the Holy Spirit, they have no authority or power. They are simply correct words,
only words that benefit people. Let’s also discuss whether any man could speak the words
that the Lord Jesus did. No. No, there is no one who ever could. (Yes.) That’s right. This affirms the words of the Lord Jesus
as the voice of God. Making comparisons, aren’t we able to distinguish between
the voice of God and the voice of man? (Yes.) Fellowshiping in this way, we are able to distinguish between the voice of God and the voice of man. It’s easy and simple. It’s really great! You’re right. Thank God! Hey, sisters, I would really like to hear how you can be certain that the words of Almighty God are the voice of God. Could you talk more about this please? (Okay.) Oh yes, I would like that. (Okay, I will.) Almighty God has said so many words in
doing judgment work of the last days. As for us, we also did not know that it was the voice of God until we heard that His words
were the truth, had authority and power. So let’s watch a video recitation
of Almighty God’s words. Let’s listen and see if the words of Almighty God
are really the voice of God. OK? (Okay.) We watched one last time. It was so good! You should watch, too. Let’s watch. Amen! These words have such authority!
(Yeah. It really feels like voice of God.) Yes! Amen! Thanks be to God! Brothers and sisters,
let’s read Almighty God’s words aloud. Great! Please turn to page 332. I would like to read. (Good.) Amen! Praise God. How does everyone feel,
having heard the word of Almighty God? It’s great! Wonderful! Can you tell that it’s really the voice of God? Yes! The words of Almighty God
have both authority and power! Yes, they do. It really is the voice of God! The words of Almighty God are so amazing! You’re right. No person could speak like that. It’s the voice of God! The voice of God? Why am I not able to hear this? It seems like a person speaking. You’re right. The pastor and elder know
the Bible better than us. Even they can’t see the difference.
How can we know the voice of God? The words of Almighty God are so thrilling. I was full of reverence
when I heard them! Right! Me too! Yes! The word of God is the word of God. Despite not knowing the truth
or knowing God, when we hear God’s word, we feel different. You’ve hit it on the head! I want everyone to hear the voice of God. Yes. We hear it for sure. Yes. Thank God! Reading Almighty God’s words,
we all have the same feeling; we all feel that this is God speaking to mankind. Other than God, who else could ever
speak to all of mankind? Who could possibly express to mankind
God’s intention to save mankind? Who could declare to mankind God’s plan for
His work of the last days, and their final outcome? Who could solemnly declare to
the universe God’s administrative decrees? Apart from God, no one ever could! Right! It really is true. Only God could.
(That’s absolutely correct.) Almighty God speaks to the whole of mankind and lets man feel the power
and authority of God’s words; the words of Almighty God
are the direct expression of God, they are the voice of God! Amen! All the words uttered by Almighty God are as if God stands upon the third heaven and speaks clearly to all humanity; here is where Almighty God is speaking
as the Creator to all of mankind, manifesting to mankind His unoffendable disposition
of righteousness and majesty. When the sheep of God hear
the words of Almighty God, though they do not understand
the truth in the beginning, and though they have no
experience with them, they feel that every word of Almighty God
has power and authority, and can affirm that they are the voice of God and the direct utterance of God’s Spirit. Amen. God’s chosen people only need hear
the words of God to affirm they are His voice. So how can all those pastors in religious circles
condemn Almighty God? As for those antichrists who don’t
recognize God’s incarnation, and don’t admit that God can utter the truth, although they’ve seen all the truths that God utters, and feel that His words have power and authority, they still don’t believe that God
can speak in this way and won’t admit that everything
that God utters is the truth. What is the problem here? Can you figure it out for yourselves? Almighty God incarnate in the last days
speaks to all mankind, but how many of us can hear God’s voice? Yes. There are many in religious circles
who see Almighty God speaking, yet they can’t discern
whether it’s the voice of God; they even treat God’s words
like the words of man, and use man’s conceptions to judge,
slander, and condemn Him. Do these people have a heart
that fears God? No, they don’t. Aren’t they the same as the Pharisees of the past? They all hate the truth and condemn God. (Yeah.) It’s true. God’s words have such great authority, such power, but they can’t hear that these words
are the voice of God. Can such people be God’s sheep? No. If they are unable to even hear God’s voice;
then they’re not God’s sheep. It’s true. Yes. Their hearts are completely blind. They may hear, but they don’t know; though they see, they can’t understand. How can such people be worthy of rapture? They really can’t be raptured! They’re just like the Pharisees. (Yes.) God incarnate in the last days has uttered the truth, and exposed the people in religious circles: the true believers and the false,
the lovers of truth and those who loathe it, the wise and the foolish virgins. All people are naturally divided, each into their kinds. Amen! As Almighty God says, Amen. And so, those who can hear the voice of God
have met the Lord’s second coming, and been raptured before God’s throne
attending the feast of the Lamb. These people are the wise virgins,
and the most fortunate of mankind. Thanks be to God! The work of God is so authentic, so practical. (Yes.) How wise God is! (Amen.) God becoming flesh and speaking marks the difference between
the wise and the foolish virgin. (Yeah.) The word of God decides who will be raptured, and who will be cast away. This shows God’s justice and righteousness! (Amen!) God would never play favorites! Yes. Thank God! That’s true. Brothers and sisters, we must listen to the voice of God
with our heart and spirit. Like two minds thinking alike. The words of God are the truth,
they have power and authority; those with heart and spirit can definitely feel it. Yes, that’s true. Many people, after reading the words of Almighty God, affirm they are in fact God’s voice and His words. Right, these words sound so practical. Having heard the words of Almighty God,
I have the same feeling. Every time God becomes flesh,
He comes to do a stage of work; unlike the prophets who, via God’s direction, just transmit a few words in a particular context. When God incarnates to do a stage of work,
He must speak many words; He must utter many truths, revealing mysteries and speaking prophecies. This may take years or even decades to complete. Yeah. For example, in doing the work of redemption, the Lord Jesus preached and taught man how to confess,
how to repent, forgive, endure, and how to suffer and bear one’s cross, and everything that constituted
the way of man in the Age of Grace. He displayed God’s disposition of love and mercy, and revealed the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, and the conditions under which we enter it; it was only in His crucifixion, His resurrection,
and His ascension to heaven that God’s work of redemption was completed. The words uttered by the Lord Jesus are all the truths that God has gifted mankind in His work of redemption. And now, Almighty God has come and uttered the truths that cleanse and save man. He has done the work of judgment
starting with the house of God, and revealed to mankind His disposition
with righteousness as its core. He unfolded the great mysteries of
His six-thousand-year management plan; He has opened up the Age of Kingdom
and brought to an end the Age of Grace. The words of Almighty God are the natural
outpourings of the essence of God’s life and the expression of His disposition; this is an entire stage of the work
that God is doing in the last days to thoroughly cleanse and save mankind. Amen! Brothers and sisters, let’s read some
more words of Almighty God, and hear for ourselves the words
are the truth, spoken in God’s voice, OK? OK. Amen! I’ll read this part! (OK.) Amen! Ah, God’s words sound so clear. God will use truth to do
His work of judgment, after all. (Right.) This isn’t at all what I imagined! Please turn to page 932. I’ll read a passage, too. Amen! Thank God, I could be here … Brothers and sisters, let’s watch
another video reading of God’s words! Great! Good! Amen! Thanks be to God! I’m so happy we got to watch that. The words of Almighty God explain the judgment work of
the last days so clearly there. (Yes. Yeah.) We can see the work of God is so practical! Thank God! If we hadn’t read the words of God almighty, we’d still be waiting for judgment at the
great white throne in the sky! (Right. That’s for sure.) That’s for sure. We used to imagine God’s judgment work in the last days as being very supernatural,
without any real application. (Yes.) It appears Almighty God’s words
have to be the voice of God. Otherwise, who could reveal the mysteries
of the last-days work of God! You are right. Today we’ve heard the voice of God, and received God’s judgment of the last days. This was incredibly lucky! Yes. Yeah, I never imagined in my wildest dreams. Brothers and sisters, after reading those words, isn’t it so much clearer how God’s
judgment in the last days will work? Yeah. Sure. Thanks be to God. If God did not reveal and state this openly, how could we have any insight? There’s no way. I have no insight without God’s help. In the last days, Almighty God speaks the truth
and does His work of judgment. His words reveal the essence
and true state of mankind’s corruption; they completely expose every manifestation of man’s resistance to God and satanic disposition, and they demonstrate God’s unoffendable
disposition of holiness and righteousness. People have therefore seen the
appearance and work of God, and have turned toward God one after another, and have accepted God’s salvation. (That’s wonderful.) Almighty God expresses truth to judge people, and first implements judgment and chastisement through His words upon believers in God, and exposes the essence of
these people in religious circles who profess belief but resist God. Let us see how the words of Almighty God explain it. Very good. I’ll continue reading. Brothers and sisters, we recognize from the judgment of Almighty God’s words: our own conceit, our self-importance, and our deceit, and in every respect, we betray our satanic disposition. Though we may endure great hardship
and pay the price for God, we do not have authentic submission toward God, and even less do we have authentic love for Him. When trials and tribulations come, we may even complain about God,
and suspect God, and deny God. This allows us to recognize that
we are deeply corrupted with a satanic nature. Yes, it does. If our satanic nature, and our disposition
cannot attain purification, there will be no way to achieve authentic
submission or authentic love for God. In the past, we thought that because
we believed in God for years, had made the right sacrifices, and worked hard for God that we had then become good, and were people who submitted to God. Only after experiencing the judgment
and chastisement are we aware, though in outward appearance
we may toil arduously for Him, we still lie and deceive God, do lip service to Him, remaining opinionated, drawing attention
to ourselves, and showing off. Ultimately we realized our efforts were in fact only to gain blessing and enter the kingdom of heaven, all of which is bargaining with God. How can this be authentic submission to God? It’s not even love for God! Even so, we shamelessly said we were
the most God-loving, the most submissive. This is truly senseless; we don’t know God at all. In the revelation and judgment of God’s words, we know that God sees into everything, and we fear and tremble in our hearts when we feel His immense holiness and righteousness and that His disposition is unoffendable. We feel that as terribly satanic as we are, we are ashamed to see God, unworthy to live before Him, then we fall down on the ground, wailing in repentance, cursing and hitting ourselves, and slapping our faces. Then we can see that we live in our satanic disposition, and haven’t lived like a human being at all, and don’t deserve to call ourselves human. Only once we’ve experienced many judgments, refinements, trials, prunings and dealings, do we gradually understand some truths, and see through to the truth of our corruption. At that time, we have some authentic knowledge of God, and at last begin to revere God
and to submit to God in our heart. This is entering the right track of faith. Only after going through
God’s judgment and chastisement. Thanks be to God! Their witness is so good. (Yes.) Were it not for the judgment of the words of God, we would never have seen the true picture
of our deep corruption by Satan, we would never have known the source of
our sinning against and resisting God, and even less would we know
how to free ourselves from sin to become truly obedient to God. Were it not for the strict judgment of the words of God, we could not know His righteous,
majestic, and unoffendable disposition; nor could we grow a heart that fears God, and nor could we become someone
who fears God and departs from evil. This is a fact. If God didn’t incarnate, who on earth could do the work of judgment
in those crucial last days of the world? No one could. Who could show to man God’s unoffendable,
holy, and righteous disposition? No one could. Only God can do this work. If God did not incarnate, whose words
would have such power, and authority to be able to judge us, cleanse us, to save us who have been deeply
and terribly corrupted from sin? Only the words of God have
such authority and power. (Yes.) Only God can judge people
and purify people. (Correct.) Almighty God’s words and work completely
show His status and identity as God, and they prove that He is the great Creator, and the appearance of the one true God! Amen! We have recognized the voice of God
in the speech of Almighty God, and seen God’s appearance. Why are there so many in recent years who abandon everything to bear witness for these words? Why have there been so many people who risk
being caught, persecuted, and killed by the CCP as they spare no effort bearing
witness for Almighty God’s work? Why have so many people preferred
to endure the abandonment, humiliation, and banishment of religious people so they can go one door after
spreading the gospel to them? It is because they have heard the voice of God, and have welcomed the appearance of Him. They have answered God’s demands, and relay the message, Amen! Do you all agree that this is the Lord
there knocking on the door? Yes, this is the Lord knocking on our door. Yes, it is. This really is the Lord knocking on our door! And will we open the door for the Lord? Yes! Of course we will! We’d be fools not to open the door! (Yes.) So, when the Lord sends people to knock on our doors, should we seek out the true way
and try to hear the voice of the Lord? Seeking out the true way is necessary; if we don’t investigate, how can we hear the voice of the Lord?
(Right, we can’t!) In the past, we were so foolish. When the Lord knocked on our door, we didn’t open it to welcome the Lord. (It’s true.) The more the Lord knocked,
the harder we closed the door, as if to keep false Christs
and prophets from deceiving us; how foolish and ignorant! Thank the Lord! Now I understand the meaning of
“the Lord knocks on the door.” In the past I did not know
what knocking at the door was. I used to ponder, perhaps one day while I slept,
God would suddenly knock! Who’s there? The Lord would say: It’s Me, Lord Jesus. So I’d go open the door, and the Lord would take me up. So, that’s what I thought knocking at the door was! Now that I think about it, I was naive and laughable. I used to think, when the Lord knocks,
how will He do it? How could the Lord knock while riding on a white cloud? No matter how I pondered it, I couldn’t figure it out. Today the clouds and mist have become a clear sky, and I understand that when the Lord
of the last days returns to knock on the door, He speaks to people in words, and knocks on the doors of human hearts with His words. Amen! Thank the Lord! I am really lucky to have heard Almighty God’s words. How is everyone’s state of mind now? Is everyone pretty excited? Yes! Today, we heard the voice of God, and were brought before the throne of God
to attend the wedding feast of the Lamb. How extremely fortunate! (Yes.) This good fortune came at such a cost! Thank God! These past years, so many brothers and sisters have borne witness
that the Lord had already come. The Lord kept knocking at our doors, but we were deceived and
terribly misled by our pastor. We believed that if the Lord Jesus
didn’t descend on a cloud, he was a fake. We locked out the Lord so many times,
even driving away brothers and sisters. How we wounded God’s heart! If God did not love us so much, if our brothers and sisters,
fearing no hardship, risking imprisonment, hadn’t kept preaching the work of Almighty God, we wouldn’t have heard the Lord’s voice, and wouldn’t be able to welcome the Lord. Yes. That’s right. How great God’s love is! Amen! Thank God! Only now am I able to see that
God continues sending people to knock on the doors
of those who thirst for His return (Amen!) to bear witness for the words of Almighty God. (Yes.) Finally, my heart is open. Thus the words of God gradually resolved
so many errors in my belief in God, and finally opened the door of my heart, (Thank God!) allowing me to hear the Lord’s voice,
and welcome His return! Thank God! I’m so thankful for His salvation! Thank the Lord! We’ve finally welcomed the Lord! The long-awaited day has arrived! The Lord didn’t abandon us! Without knowing how, we’ve arrived
at the wedding feast of the Lamb. We are truly thankful! Thank the Lord! Thank God!

Otis Rodgers



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  61. Brendalee Clark Posted on March 17, 2019 at 4:34 am

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  62. MARKUS BRAIK Posted on March 31, 2019 at 2:15 pm

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  63. anna chen Posted on April 1, 2019 at 1:12 am

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  64. QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose Posted on April 21, 2019 at 5:31 am

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  65. Sabrina Lee Posted on April 27, 2019 at 2:37 am

    the scorpion of God has come, and the will of God has come, and the kingdom of God has come, and wakes up,etc!

  66. Felipe Bravo Posted on May 18, 2019 at 4:56 am

    We live in the empire of Babylon. The term “Babylon” is derived from “Babel,” and signifies confusion. It is employed in Scripture to designate the various forms of false or apostate religion. The Babylon of which the book of Revelation describes: "And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication" Revelation 14:8; "And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth." Revelation 17:5. An empire of religious confusion and false theories that have the multitudes of the earth disoriented as a drunkard with the intoxicating effects of its teachings. "God is not the author of confusion but of peace…" 1 Corinthians 14:33. False interpretations of the Bible is the work of Satan and his agents. "The Saviour says, 'Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with Me.' Revelation 3:20. He is not repulsed by scorn or turned aside by threatening, but continually seeks the lost ones, saying, 'How shall I give thee up?' Hosea 11:8." {Christ's Object Lessons pg. 235.2}. "Every time you refuse to listen to the message of mercy, you strengthen yourself in unbelief. Every time you fail to open the door of your heart to Christ, you become more and more unwilling to listen to the voice of Him that speaketh. You diminish your chance of responding to the last appeal of mercy. Let it not be written of you, as of ancient Israel, 'Ephraim is joined to idols; let him alone.' Hosea 4:17. Let not Christ weep over you as He wept over Jerusalem, saying, 'How often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.' Luke 13:34, 35. {Christ's Object Lessons 237.1}

    We are living in a time when the last message of mercy, the last invitation, is sounding to the children of men. The command, 'Go out into the highways and hedges,' is reaching its final fulfillment. To every soul Christ’s invitation will be given. The messengers are saying, 'Come; for all things are now ready.' Heavenly angels are still working in co-operation with human agencies. The Holy Spirit is presenting every inducement to constrain you to come. Christ is watching for some sign that will betoken the removing of the bolts and the opening of the door of your heart for His entrance. Angels are waiting to bear the tidings to heaven that another lost sinner has been found. The hosts of heaven are waiting, ready to strike their harps and to sing a song of rejoicing that another soul has accepted the invitation to the gospel feast." {Christ's Object Lessons 237.2} The door on which He knocks is the door of the heart through the calling of the Holy Spirit and human agents with the message of the "everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
    And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation;…" Revelation 14:6-10.

    "If pupils respond to the pleading of the Spirit, and open the door of the heart, that Jesus may come in, He will open their understanding, that they may comprehend the things of God." {Counsels on Sabbath School Work 61.1} "The Lord has been waiting long to impart the greatest, truest joys to the heart. All those who look to Him with undivided hearts, He will greatly bless. Those who have thus looked to Him have caught more distinct views of Jesus as their sin bearer, their all-sufficient sacrifice, and have been hid in the cleft of the Rock, to behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world. When we have a sense of Christ’s sacrifice in our behalf, our lips are tuned to the highest, loftiest themes of praise." {CT 369.4} “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17. No man can of himself cast out the evil throng that have taken possession of the heart. Only Christ can cleanse the soul temple. But He will not force an entrance. He comes not into the heart as to the temple of old; but He says, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him.” Revelation 3:20. He will come, not for one day merely; for He says, “I will dwell in them, and walk in them; … and they shall be My people.” “He will subdue our iniquities; and Thou wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.” 2 Corinthians 6:16; Micah 7:19. His presence will cleanse and sanctify the soul, so that it may be a holy temple unto the Lord, and “an habitation of God through the Spirit.” Ephesians 2:21, 22. {The Desire of Ages 161.2}

  67. Angel Joy Posted on June 22, 2019 at 8:02 pm

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  68. Dick Vine Posted on June 22, 2019 at 8:53 pm

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  69. Alisa Lee Posted on June 23, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    Lord, thank you for guiding me to watch this movie.
    Previously, like Yang, I also listened to the pastors in everything. When my FB friend shared the gospel of the Lord’s return with me, I didn’t seek it bcz the pastor said all the preaching of the Lord’s return is false. This movie makes many verses of the Lord’s return very clearly, the words they read are also very powerful, I feel it is like the Lord’s word, I think I should seek it well this time rather than blindly listening to man’s words.

  70. Grace Posted on June 23, 2019 at 3:06 pm

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  71. Annie Wright Posted on June 23, 2019 at 5:46 pm

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  72. Mary Vettore Posted on June 23, 2019 at 8:45 pm

    Our pastor told us the Lord must ride upon a cloud to appear to us, I always believed that but ignored other scriptures. Indeed, if the Lord rides upon a cloud for all to see, how will there be the foolish virgins? and how will the scriptures about the wise virgins hearing the voice of the Lord be realized?

  73. Rosie Shannon Posted on June 24, 2019 at 1:46 am

    It’s a REMINDER to me! I had been thinking the Lord will come in the cloud, but I just know I ignored the Bible also speaks of the Son of man or the Son of man comes! I can’t just watch the sky to await the Lord!

  74. Linda Davies Posted on June 24, 2019 at 2:53 am

    God's judgment is not condemnation. God expresses words to judge us and help us know our sins and break free from sin so that we can become the people in line with God’s will.
    I could feel judgment is God’s most true love for mankind.

  75. Sheila Fleming Posted on June 24, 2019 at 3:16 am

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  76. Heidi Thomas Posted on June 25, 2019 at 3:25 am

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  77. Betty Morris Posted on June 25, 2019 at 5:42 am

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    If we just await the Lord coming in the clouds, I think we may miss the opportunity of welcoming the Lord.

  78. Darlene Moxley Posted on July 17, 2019 at 5:05 pm

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  79. Jessica levina Posted on September 8, 2019 at 7:29 pm

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