February 19, 2020
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Christian Prince : ustad Abdul Somad dawah

[Music] [Applause] [Music] alright hello everyone and peace of Christ to all of you I hope my voice is coming good and clear please inform me if you have any problem or difficulty first of all I miss you miss you all of you and I’m so glad that I’m back home and we are going back to normal now today we are going to talk about many things and we will start with some custard from Indonesia you know before before I start just to inform you my skype is open but all the Muslims they can call me any Muslim he is polite he is willing to discuss with us he is welcome and in the same time please maintain your good language in the chat anyone he say or call names use bad language doesn’t matter you claim to be Christian Hindu Jewish atheist we will block you so please be respectful speak nice and we are here to speak as adult not as a bunch of street people who have a dirty language so we are going to discuss some issues you know in Indonesia they have the havoc big problem in front of me here I will put in the screen a website and this is an article written by Indonesian I have no idea who wrote this article I had nothing to do with it and I am just showing you what I saw Abdul Samad who Studds German now I don’t know what even that mean but what took my attention that in this new Mandela a newspaper or magazine they are talking or having an article about mister abdul samad or some odd I don’t know how to say his name here it says that mr. Abdul Samad he make or he collect an average of six thousand dollars per sermon $6,000 and you know I was asking myself a man of God serving God in a country it’s called Indonesia which I love very much I love Indonesian people but it’s not a secret that Indonesia is a poor country the majority are very poor why he need six thousand dollars per sermon is that to pay his rent is that to pay for his salad per sermon so if he do for sermon a month he make just from this $24,000 in Indonesia that will make you live better than a king and that is telling me and here you can see the list of how much money he is making you know so that’s telling me that those people they are not serving God those are serving in their pocket out of the spor indonesian people this country need universities need manufacturers need need need need need yet those poor people they are willing to pay a man who say nothing speak nothing he know nothing and I challenge him to come and debate me any time and I will show you that this guy he have no idea what he is talking about and even who decide the horn I die laughing I saw videos of him as an example this video here satisfy lost self in Islam I cannot play the video for you you can play it but you will see in this video this guy he caught for us the Quran says that a Muslim a good Muslim is the one who protect his private part and it’s not lawful for him to have any sexual activity with anyone except what is lawful for him his wives or his slaves so he is teaching you in the year 2019 go own slaves and rape them and that is supposed he will satisfy the lost of a Muslim this what he caught for us I wish I can play the video anyway you can search the video here it’s a quote satisfy lost self in Islam by o stars Abdul Samad in different video a person asked him he had a paper in his hand a read him from handshaking with nan Muharram Muharram in Islam it is somebody I mean it’s funny not Muharram like if you have a family member you can shake hand like you know you can shake hand with a meal he is your uncle as an example you know you are a female so the question very important question and this will be paying him six thousand dollars on every sermon because we want to know if it’s ok to shake hand with a stranger or not the only one who can give us their answer is this guy and then he tell you that good Muslim women she put a tissue over her hand and then she shake hands with you Wow and that supposedly make her a make you following Allah you know I would like estas Abdul Samad to explain to us how the Prophet peace upon him he allowed the Muslim women and Muslim man to share bed together without marriage for three days three night it’s called muta and you know that this is not temporarily marriage this is nothing it’s even the name is Mata which means sexual pleasure so how you are so conservative following Islam and then you say to us that you have a prophet he told the following let us see the hadith so people would not say we are making things up so almost one she cannot shake hands if she want to do that she have to put a tissue or a hora or a little help fabric over her hand and then she can shake hand with you and by the way since when that I mean we’re in his time it says you can shake hand with someone he is a man by doing such a thing when this guy’s could even this from it just fabricating I changed a Muslim by the way to show me like where he got this from asking what is the difference in the front of us we have the prophet speaking and here there is a false translation as an example he says their marriage said last three nights it doesn’t say anything about marriage in this hadith this is the – in front of me it says that the messer of rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam appalled hey you margarine whatta Murata waffa waffa Ichiro to Marina who method earth Allah Ellen Reina have burned it as a uh-oh yet a terracotta Taraka very simple there is no marriage any man any women they want to share sexual relationship together for three days three night if they like to increase the increase if they like to decrease the decrees or they could lift each other what is the marriage what is the word marriage who would it show me the word marriage in this but it appear in the translation and they put it for you here temporary marriage okay can we have temporary shake and handshaking so in Islam we can have sex it’s called temporary sex but we cannot have temporary handshaking according to Abdul Samad Mustafa I mean do you see how conservative this religion is we can go in the bed and have boom-boom no moon doom-doom but we cannot shake hands with the harem brother it’s Haram Haram we are very conservative people there if second a exact Aniki have a different idea second Iook he will not agree with this guy let us call him there attempted in him tell him tell him tell him tell him could happen I thought you talked to me and I told you you were three hey brother we have a problem here because your brother in Indonesia who stares Abu Samad he said that you can shake and with the Muslim just put some tissues in the top of it you do not know he talking about it had a very clamp because this is forbidden and he in the top rim brother hold on don’t go crazy what about the Prophet allowing you to have a temporary women in the bed so temporary Sheikh Hamdan is Haram but temporary women in the bed is halal put the boiled obligated and in the third memory abrogated or not how and what kind of religion allow a Muslim man to have a temporary or women in the bed so it was lawful now it is not lawful what kind of God he makes such a thing lawful anyway like was it in the time of MU says that a man he can have a women temporarily in the bed it was lawful in the time of her he said that somebody can have a woman temporarily in the bed so what happened Allah he make a temporary and the second day he changed his mind after vall undergo 203 I’m not good to come by later and I’m going to you as I can make you to me or not you have no answer what is the reason and what is the logic we cannot shake hands but we can shake them in the bed brother how you can explain that to me furtively click the print you are and you are some you thief show me your faith ever ever you what helped would this have to do with my face I can drag I want the answer my face is not good-looking I look ugly don’t you see no women wanna marry me I’m not like you you know you are sexy and you know it but where is the answer so you’re Muslim as you say we cannot shake hands with but we can help them in the bed and temporarily what kind of religion this religion is and you claim that you Muslims are very conservative hello brothers Eckerd are you there mmm he hang up so what i listening to those who called himself muslim scholars i found a bunch of you know jokers trying to make something out of nothing or they want to teach us that islam teacher to be like a person of modesty a person who protect himself a person who keep himself so we’re in hijab have nothing to do would be modest absolutely not because what the point if women be or can be sale for sale anytime anyhow and then now muslims they can have for women in the same time in the bed so I cannot have shake with for women I can have them in the bed and then I can divorce them after five minutes after I finish with them and then I will replaced it with other for women there is no limit no limit it can be for millions it came fifty million as long I can afford it so they try to fool us to make Islam look and present Islam as if it is a Persian who teach decency and modesty and women is a protected but the fact that women in Islam is became nothing but a product a product to be used and abused for buying and selling now if we are scanning Muslim give me the reason for the Prophet to allow such a thing that a Muslim women and a Muslim man they can’t go in the bed and Muslims would know I mean what I can say temper they put it between two bracket I look here he says their marriage should last for three nights have you ever heard of a marriage by the way what is the world’s best can be from we do not know but for three nights what about four nights I mean wait this guy stuck with number three the Muslim they say the Christians are people of the Trinity but yet everything in Islam is based on number three even even sexual relationship three nine three days Abra dad can I have it for half day what is that my skype is open if there is any Muslim would like to give us a call please feel free all you Muslims please only Muslims we will not take calls from non-muslims we have other a bus he tried to call me before but not today let us hope that he is not driving like he is driving as you all right if there is any Muslim would like to to call us please feel free if you don’t know how to find my ID in Skype I will you can give me your ID and I will call you and it’s for free as you see I mean it’s subscribe and you know and then that the issue we always receive from Muslims they try to present to us something is not exist in this in this we can’t call it religion it has an example you know when you say to me that this is was halal which means lawful and then it was not lawful okay where is the verse in the Quran it says this is not lawful because the one who said you can do that you can have women temporarily in the bed is in the horn what is the verse in the whore saying that this verse is abbreviated and why God you will have brigate a verse he made just two weeks ago or two month ago you see we are not talking about the Prophet abrogate in the verse of other prophet who came a thousand year before him we are talking about the same man he says something in the morning he changes mine afternoon the Prophet he remind me of someone working in the laboratory and he is examining things and this thing did not work he no he say okay don’t do it this is can’t be God and what is the wisdom of this three days three not and what K what we get with this I wish I can go back on time get my video camera I record the wedding of a three days three night how many within a day we have how many Muslims practice in three days three night honeymoon decency it is part of belief which he claiming to be coming from God I don’t see the Eason see here I see just only lost and somebody driven by sexual desire and this man his name is Mohammed is a trying just to drive his men to believe in him by giving them open it’s a hippie religion it’s totally a hippie religion you see they say to you we are we are conservative but the fact is Lama is a hippie cult because until now we can have four women in the bed an unlimited number of slaves what if somebody have 1,000 women slaves yes he can have the shared a bed with for one 1000 women it’s a hippie cult please means I don’t know if there’s admins in the chat anyone use bad language don’t force me to block you speak attack the topic don’t attack anyone alright now if there is any usted here we go actually some some of you who asked in Doster to join us and to call us life and to be to be in part of the conversation where is that text this text here jump in the front of me so I could look at the long see people are asking Muslims to call us and to show us really the good part of Islam I see nothing good there I see just a man you know he trying to do business he is the same as Abdul Samad Abdul someone would he make $6,000 per sermon he remind me of no one except Mohammed if we ask ourself a question what and how much money Jesus he used to ask for before you can meet him Lancer zero he never asked for a month a penny same as his disciples but if we go we find that Muhammad in the floor he will not accept to see you unless you pay him and not only that Muhammad he described a law religion as a Commerce as it is a trade business as you see chapter 61 verse number 10 it’s a business and Muhammad he promised the rich ones who invest in Islam to be in heaven as an example Muhammad he promised us not even one fan because he gave him a lot of money to be the first in heaven who are you Muhammad to promise people to go to heaven are you God who are you one of the clear proves that somebody is a preaching a scam that he promised you heaven if you give him money obvious you see the christian press christian prince current cannot guarantee you heaven for he is no one who am i today so say to you if you if you donate to me you go to heaven know how much he do that and he made it clear that you cannot even see him and come to his house unless you pay him why why in order to speak to a prophet of god who is doing you know he’s a man of god what is the purpose o who you believe when you want to consult the messenger of allah improve it spend something spend something have you ever heard of a religion like this before why you have to spend something in order to hear who stirred i was some odd six thousand dollars you know in indonesia with my respect to all indonesian i love them i respect them and I believe they are very wonderful people but all of us we knew that there is hundreds of thousands of female indonesian work abroad as made okay instead of difficut in a man $600,000 for dickless speech and he say nothing there what about save your girls from working abroad there is more than a thousand and two hundred female killed in saudi arabia killed and they went to work there as made to the point that yes the Indonesian government de force to stop sending any females to Saudi Arabia for a while have you ever heard of a one and one thousand two hundred murder and none of them was found I mean who is the one who killed her they killed them they rate them they enslave them and they torture them and all the reason for that because they are poor you know when you are poor everybody take advantage of you so a poor woman doesn’t matter by the way if she is a Muslim or not we speak for a human right we are not defending somebody because he’s a Christian or a Muslim we love those people who they are poor from Indonesia regardless if they are a Christian a Hindu a Buddhist a Muslims doesn’t matter so you give six thousand to somebody to give you what to give you a speech saying you have to put a tissue before you shake hands and what you get from that and not only that he teach in the video that it’s lawful for you to have a sexual relationship with your slaves but according to Islam a slave is you know the bent in the sect by the way the slave is not necessarily someone your own it can be somebody you pay because the Quran says it clearly that men are in charge of women because of this spent on them because what because they spend on them so any female you spend in her according to Mohammed the man is in charge men are protectors and maintainers of women because Allah had men on one of them excel on the other and because they spend to support them from their means so a female made according to Islam she is considered as equal to a slave she is lawful for him to have her in the bed because simply he support her from his pocket what kind of religion does religion is and what kind of a prophet he will not meet you unless you pay him you know I went to many poor countries I refuse even to accept a donation actually I met conditions that before we make the speech we tell them that if you make a donation to this church is not going to be for me countries like Philippine as an example those people they need my donation why am I going to take the nation from them for sure not everybody in Philippine is poor I’m talking about the poor one do we have any Muslim want to say something to us what kind of God if you are rich by the way Mohammed he copied Jesus we said that it’s harder for a man to go inside the eye of a needle if he is rich to go to heaven he is copying Jesus but Muhammad was a very very very rich man and the funny that Muslim they fabricated stories saying towards you know that the Prophet when he died he took money from a Jew borrow money he gave him even his weapon so he can get them my Mohammed he took money from he killed all the Jews were Jews there’s no Jews and he took all their money they fabricated stories to make to us or to make us believe that Muhammad was the most decent man who never took a penny from somebody Muhammad even he agree and he admit that even steal sandals of dead men and you can see that in a bicth ear and even he killed the man he took his donkey who is a nut was stirred from Indonesia is willing to call me and he is willing to show the world that Islam is a very very fantastic religion yeah I this is what I meant I mean it’s it’s a it’s very hard for a rich man to go inside that it’s easier for a man to go inside the eye of a needle but I’m quoting what Muhammad said trying to copy Jesus one of you by the way he asked me about that Allah he said he is the truth and he is saying and I said in the video that Allah is copying Jesus is not Allah is copying Jesus this is Muhammad Allah he called himself that he is the truth trying to copy the name of Jesus Jesus says I am the truth and he had the Muslim they say to you where Jesus said I am God one of the names of Allah is the truth do we have any Muslim would like to say something to us any Muslim would like to call us any Muslim would like to call me after we fan broadcast the Muslim they would say like some of you say there is some Muslim making videos to refute me okay where are they they refute me why you don’t call me life and refute me life and then you take the video by calling me and you post on your channel you win you win anyway simply those are fake a bunch of kids they don’t even know how to say their prophet name correctly any Muslim would like to call us and you know what I’m not going to ask you a question you tell me what to ask you what do you think you tell me what to ask you anyone obviously they have no answer and I understand you know if I am you I will not have an answer to you see many people they say okay well look like we are not having a smart Muslim to debate or etc or educated it doesn’t matter actually the educated Muslim is the easiest to defeat I mean I’m talking about defeat his answer will make it a lot easier because a kid who’s ignorant he can say whatever you want I mean who is going to count on him what he’s saying but you notice right away when we speak to somebody have a PhD in Islam he cannot play much games it’s very easy to destroy his argument and we have many videos like those with those who claim to have a PhD in Islam anyone he have a master in Islam in case you don’t have a PhD man gong-myung NRI almost a my friend are you Muslim if you are a Muslim no problem you can call me we need a Muslim please because here you know we don’t want to do what Muslims do Muslims they take questions from Muslims only because they are afraid of if they take a question from a Christian is going to be fake a Christian you know IMing like there’s a guy his name is Yousef estate he have a cell phone in his hand life on TV he hear the ring but nobody’s ringing it should even the phone is not ringing and then he says answer it hello uh-huh uh-huh yes okay all Christian okay uh-huh but nobody’s talking we have nothing they fabricate a call and they claim the one is calling the Christian because they have a premade questions do you want to speak about them in their program and they make it look like as a Christian is calling he wouldn’t do that here we have really challenged we want to start to not hahahaha this what they do and what i called the bean show they don’t let me go through because it’s a fake actually I have I have it recorded in YouTube we have 15 dislike already but we don’t have one Muslim caller how come contact bro gaming okay mr. blow gaming are you there give me your ax I saw him he is calling my name insulting me but it’s okay I will take him I will forgive him too give me your skype ID I will call you mr. bro gaming from Indonesia anyone trust me my friend I want to go to heaven if Islam is good for me I would be the first to convert I like to have our women there main main main but I’m worried about having 72 mother-in-law I mean why in the world a man he want to have all those women especially if all of them they have the same name the same face the same voice and they sing the same song like Barbies I mean imagine you will have a lot of versions and all of them they have the same look so helping one of them is the same as having a million it’s just a copy-paste so what the point with the point with the point builder epital editor cretin plantain why it is demand what the point to help given to women they look at him I will speak to you first of all let us say you have something very beautiful and because in use it you use it and you break it I know you are out of it but because they have 72 so if one of them and Reiki can thank you very much whatever one break this is heaven nothing will break there there’s no even when a close will never be wrinkled 72 women none of them look different they look exactly the same so with the point all right any Mohammedan one of the clear korea a clear like reason to believe in or to discover a cult is somebody promising you stupid things and i will explain to you what I mean by stupid things what about this do tell me what does that mean in the heaven of Allah Allah will give us women who we can see through their bones and we will see the murder of their bones is it a decision to pit and disgusting who is disturbed when I explained to us what is the point with the point brother to see a woman marrow bones I mean as is that exciting for you are you going to get so excited if you can see the marrow of your wife hello murder boner mara bones not up my beautiful wife each time I see the marrow of your bones I go crazy I cannot resist the temptation of your bones and your marrow and because if you’re Mary I marry you and because if you’re Meryl I’m with you and because of your marrow I’m going crazy and because if your marrow I’m here in heaven because of your marrow I pray to Allah because if you’re a marrow I convert to Islam because if you’re a marrow I said Shahada to get your marrow and your bones thank God my dog is not here now otherwise he would go crazy after speaking too much about bones what is this this is a prophet and this is a God and he promised me in heaven I would have a lot of women and I will and they are transparent what is more hilarious that idiotic transparent okay hold on I’m going crazy now what in the word the purpose of having a women she is a transparent and we see through what what is there I’m scared you can search right now in goggle for women x-ray and we pause the pictures before we show it to you it’s really crazy there’s women they are making like some certain kind of post which is funny but it is x-ray we’re in high years I mean that’s that’s that’s crazy so if you want to convince me that the one who said that is a prophet you did not convince me that he’s a prophet you just convinced me that this guy he have a connection with Harry Potter as simple as that and actually now I am if I was going to think to quit married because of this now I’m not I mean imagine your wife she take off her clothes you see what you saw marrow of her bones you don’t see her and you didn’t see even like you look at her legs like what is dead look what happened to you my wife did you use too much the clerics the idea is very simple those are are up they are obsessed with the white color mohammadi exaggerated with his lies claiming that they are so white at the point he can see through I don’t have a dog I’m just joking if I have a dog I will not be able to go anywhere and by the way another thing is when we are talking about dogs I mean what kind of a prophet he promised us if we convert to Islam a brother we are you know we cannot have dogs at home because dogs are Naja’s dirty brother what is that hmm if you have a dog in your home Allah will take it from your deeds every day until you go bankrupt and by the way I find it very funny that Mohammed he never had a problem with dogs as an example here in the time of Muhammad in the lifetime of Muhammad dogs used to go inside the the main mosque of mohammed where muhammad pray every day and they pee they pee in the mosque and nobody clean about them so how do we came so dirty I mean Howard dogs they go inside the mosque and Muhammad the Prophet is inside the mosque and the don’t exist the end zip and disease and they go and nobody clean and Muhammad never say hey Garry go clean it not only they don’t care for them coming and getting out nobody clean it that what is called does not make sense you know you remember in the Bible how Jesus he was upset from the Jews for just buying and selling in the yard of the temple not inside the temple and he said to them you made the house of my father a bazaar a market for buying and selling so Jesus was so upset from just buying and selling while Muhammad he don’t care if even dogs they piss inside the mosque and nobody clean after the dog it’s a holy ground my friend and this what I’m saying in Mohammed he cannot be a prophet because he had no jealousy for God he ever jealous he only for his wives he have a jealousy for his money but he have no jealousy for God you know Mohammed always he claimed that he is defending God but the fact he used God it’s not God who use him who camp me wrong who is a Muslim camp Ramiro after we finish castries will see many comments Muslim saying Christian Prince you are a coward you are a liar you know okay you know what you can say whatever you want but you cannot answer me say as you wish one what is this why Muhammad is not said from dogs pissing inside the house of Allah if Mohammed have jealousy for his God he will not let those to do that and at least a clean after it by the way later I’m going to post more videos in my other channel about my trip so those who did not subscribe there yet please subscribe so he can join us there I’m looking at Skype to see if I have anything anyone anyhow nothing until now nothing not a single Muslim he texts me anyone what is the stud so stud are there only to collect $6,000 from you for a sermon to tell you that if a women she wanna shake hands she have to put a tissue over her hand when we call them they are not here those that is teaching you that you can go and buy a slave and it’s lawful for you to have the slave in your bed that is what austere that exists for where are they Indonesian Muslims where is your who stat okay this is my offer for the muslimah by the way I have a great in use for Indonesian people a mission before that I have a gift for the Indonesian but I will make a special video about it I am going to give my translated book in Indonesian for all Indonesian for free how’s that while you stars boosts Ahmad he is collecting $6,000 for sermon I will give my books to Indonesian for free totally for free I’m working in the book right now and soon we will have it published in the Indonesian language and you can download it for free as a gift for my beloved Indonesian Muslims and Christians and whoever will learn all of us we need money don’t take me wrong I’m not rich but saving hundreds of millions is more important than me and the Lord will provide always the Lord provided always the Lord provided soon we will have it ready and I will publish it so you guys can download it I will make a video about it when it’s ready and you all will know do we have any Muslim want to say anything so this is the job of this man well why they are not Kareena has to defend Islam anyone they are not here they are stud they do not know how to say their prophet name correctly they give you a funny stupid answers and they know nothing about Islam they are just doing business I’m it’s a great business you go to Saudi Arabia you stay there for a few month you come back with the hat you put it in your head and you call yourself a stud and then you will make six thousand in every speech and later they will give you a job in the government by the way you will became an important important figure anyone okay who is a Muslim he have an idea for me to prove to us that a time is can be considered something important anyone who is a Muslim you see we have 1500 more than a thousand five hundred people here but yet not even single Muslim is willing to call me because he need that fishy what is what is the proud people where is the ones who they are very confident about confident about their religion not even one you know this reminds me when Muhammad you know supposedly a bunch of Christians from from Iran they came to debate Muhammad do you know what he said to them you will not believe it I never heard of a debate like this before it’s a cursing debate chapter 3 verse 61 Allah saying to Muhammad then whenever this whenever dispute with you concerning him bracket essa or Jesus after this knowledge had that has come to you ie his a Jesus being a slave of Allah and having no share in divinity this by the way doesn’t say that in the translation try to fake translation all if this is garbage anyway say o Muhammad come come come come let us call our sons and your son’s our women and your women you’ll see yourself and yourself and let us pray to invoke sincerly the courtesy of Allah one who like I mean have you ever heard of a debate like this so if if if those who start they want to be built with the Christian friends though if they do it according to Islamic law they will set the Christian principle a cryptogram I told you to bring your wife and my wife and your husband and my children and you bring your good AM L good and you bring your friend and my friend and bring your what is there and what are we going to have a party of cursing yes it’s a party of cursing say what is the debate where is the be bait so now we’re starting Allah if I am lying cut my nose your turn I laugh I’m lying they close the door of the band over my finger which is there what is there because you have no answer you don’t know what to say so the one who debate you about concerning Jesus you said to him bring my wife and you there are monks they have no wives supporting the stories saying that those are monks there’ll be shops they have no why they have no childrens so even here the story is a stupid how you ask amount bring your wives and I bring my wives and bring your children and I bring my children and let us import God to kill us the one is lame what do you say Muslims there is somebody saying call me are you almost a my friend the one is saying call me Maggie my again whatever his name if you are a Muslim give me your ID in Skype I will call you my friend a friend I do not need to go to Indonesia I am in the heart of Indonesia Muslims are talking about me Christian talking about me who start talking about me and I am there trust me I am there and because I am there they are not here they will be happy to debate any Christian as long he know nothing the second you say my name they go bye-bye papa and the proof is in the front of you my skype is open right now actually I called a bus and a bus he said he is sick and I wish him a good luck you know I wish him feel better this is the only Muslim he is online here we go there just to show you the message I called him all right he said I cannot talk to thee and not well and I have a favor etcetera I told him we’re sure to be better this is the Holy Muslim he did you know I today I got a message from him where is the rest and the guy is sick we have a throat problem I cannot contact people by a phone because phone can come with issues you know he can say he’s harassing me he can say you know a bad phone is something private Skype obviously you know here we are live on air and if somebody want to talk to us inscribe that’s here’s a choice anyone very Muslim where are they the Muslims and by the way here I don’t know if you notice that the one who made this this verse he is suffering from a low IQ anyone notice why who wanna help me into me why proving that this is cannot be from God is the one saying that what is the problem here additional to bring your wives and my wives who notice something stupid there in this verse anyone who want to tell me what’s wrong you guys don’t know what is there a problem there in this verse there’s a big problem I don’t know maybe there’s a delay in the chat okay Megan he call me but where is his describe give me his escape I will call him no problem there’s a problem here in this verse anyone knows know my friend look at this here he says he would invoke invoke curse of Allah upon the one is who lie correct correct ok how why the word lie is there they tell Megan he can post his ID I will call him he have no excuse he can post his ID here and I will call him you guys listen to listen carefully show you how stupid the statement is if I’m debating someone he believed in Allah he’s not lying to me unless he’s lying here I mean if he said I believe in Allah he’s not lying so why or what what the point of this world lie here this is stupid if somebody is a Hindu and he told me is believed he’s not lying as long he is honest in his belief correct so this statement here is a statement of a somebody he is a liar and because he feels guilty because he’s a lie or he think or try to defend himself saying let us give us the one who’s lying are you getting my point it’s like a thief who says it’s not me who took it took what what about you talk about anything he took it how do you know that there’s something is taken because he is the thief if almost I’m his to me I believe that Muhammad is a prophet he is not lying he believed in a lie there’s a us different lying is you knowing that this is not true and you say something the opposite but if you believe in a lie that will not make you a liar that make you believe believer in a lie still you are honest you believe so this phrase proven to us that the one who made the Quran is an idiot so this is can’t be from God what the Bible says the father of all the lies is the devil is Satan people are misleaded but that will not make them lies you know they are misleading deceived they believe in a lie and here because Muhammad no answer he come with this execuse saying okay bring your wives I bring my and what the wives and the children have to do with this I mean what this what this is about so imagine if I want to be be to start with his name selfie a selfie stick I’m sorry selfie is shake shake hands with none her muharram who stirred up boosah mode so if I want to debate him I’m going to get marry first and then how you have to wait until I get kids and then we wait until they grow up and then we can set up a debate and then we go in the stage the brother and make then the stars who stars he says I threw away a law if I am lying me I look at my news now Christian Prince he take the microphone in his way but I don’t believe in Allah anyway how I’m going to invoke a law if I don’t believe in a law I mean have you ever heard of a comedy like this before the I mean selfie a selfie estas is selfish that he make himself self-hosted anyone in this business he make himself a scholar he killed himself a scholar and that said he make money he hold the selfie taking his hand take picture of himself and he says boost ad I am post ad how he became instead nobody knows and what does that mean nobody knows okay Christian Prince is not o study is not a priest he is not be not a bishop he is no one study cannot debate me the only certificate I have is a driving license brother you cannot debate me anyone is serious to contact me post your ID I will call you immediately and please that means don’t post a link for any other pages including YouTube or even patreon in the chat just leave this this thing here as it is any Muslim you send me invitation ok let me see my friend no problem I got nothing my friend why do they give me your ID I mean what the drama is about mr. mark Morgan why you don’t give me your ID and I will call you I know it sound like a you’re playing games now I got nothing I can show that I can show my my Skype life I got nothing from anyone post your your Skype ID and I will call you stop playing games anyone here although my friend you know let look let me show you what Allah do the Oz Muhammad how come a lot don’t have miracles okay Allah don’t have miracles read with me chapter six verse number 158 do they then wait for anything other than that angels should come to them all that your lordship calm all that some signs of your lord should come yes I mean come on all prophet they have miracles so this guy his God never spoke to him nay we never saw the angel it’s a guy his name is the hell can be looked like gibreel and he claimed that this is debris and he had no science yes they are waiting so what the problem okay the day that some of the signs of your Lord would do come so Allah saying and my son will come in the Judgment Day nice to meet you this is God so how come Jesus he have signs in his day not in the Judgment Day and Allah he cannot have any anyone by the way we why we have only 1000 like there’s a woman she was doing a video about lipstick she got more likes than this what’s wrong with you July calls I can egg to school you now umbrella theater theater pertinent mimetic Elizabeth and the DB month of the light in fact he do not deserve it and I’m going to prove it first of all Christian presence is not inaudible in fact he that I need and I hear him once he was saying in the phenomena Chiho I told you he is from the time and he is not even a Christian he is a communist and this is the fact of the proven second egg I was joking I don’t know what I was saying in Chinese actually even I thought I would do a mean thing and he was saying a lot of the tiny in China explain that to me I was like I was joking I said a lot of a Chinese in China because I saw nothing but Chinese exactly the coordinate or nothing except the Chinese and you are one with him and you know it okay I am a Chinese aesthetic a debate me we go back hmm let us see course am wanna call me please don’t say Jackie Jackie shine like this without profit build without peace be upon him that’s it is that how you say Jack Jack Jackie Shonda come on imma show respect I mean I cannot really handle it to see somebody calling Jackie Shan without say MP peace be upon him any Muslim no name-calling please admin’s please watch a text anyone he used bad language or record don’t attack the Muslims please be nice attack the topic stay away from attacking people and don’t call Megan Megan don’t call him names please don’t call him a coward maybe he is at not able to call me it’s okay hey Keith please don’t use bad language nobody please refrain from using a bad language in the chat please everybody is welcome Muslims Christians Hindu jews whatever you are no need to use a bad language in the chat do we have any Muslim would like to speak to us anyone not a single Muslim he called me Anton oh very disappointing not even one they make videos about refuting Christian prints and you see if you see the videos you die laughing from refuting I mean they debate themselves they win the debate what about refuting Christian prints life call him okay don’t call me I will call you don’t call me I will call you Your Majesty is very big we are small okay yes please from insulting Muslims they are poor people they need our help and remember if you are a Christian you have a duty and your duty is to love them and to tell them the truth not to insult we do not need they do not need our anger they need our mercy and our love yes yes somebody say in a question question please okay what the question question hey by the time you know you keep saying a questioning question please by the time you pause the question let us see what is your question all right anyone who is a Muslim he something to say to us anyone okay if we make a simple simpler question for the Muslims what is the proof that Islam is from the true God what is the proof of that who want to help us somebody asking me a question the question sound the kind of strange for me where was the question this is Chad jump how come someone like father Boutros know more than okay this is the question how does father zakaria boutros know more about Islam than people like David Wood I mean I don’t know what is the purpose of this question my friend everybody do his part and who knows better he can do better but doesn’t mean that David Wood is not doing his best so for us as a Christians every one of us he do his part depend in his ability and how much he knew first of all but rose he speak Arabic actually I think he ever have a Master degree in Arabic language so I’m not sure of that part but I think he for sure he have degrees and he speak Arabic and that’s alone his advantage of knowing about Islam if David would was person born of the middle-east speak Arabic language he will be 100 percent more powerful than just someone he reads it from English yes that’s the whole idea but does it mean that David wood is not doing good I mean he was doing his part do you do his part why the question is why you cannot do what David would do kora guys why some of us only they take care and they do their part and they study and they learn and they are willing to take a stand but you are not so if you’re trying to make David do it like he is not doing good job the fact he is doing good job based on his ability his language skills in Arabic is doing good and you know in circle when we do serve the Lord there’s nobody better than anyone because at the end of the day it’s about how much you can do and your ability but to make it simple there is there is someone an old woman she go in us in a church and she wanna make a donation to the church she have one dollar in her pocket and she gave 50 cents of the one dollar and there is a guy in the Scimitar she have ten dollar in his pocket he gave one dollar to the church that women she did more way better than the man because based on her ability she did really maximum ability the other person did not do so it’s not about how much it’s about what you do base in what you have this is what the Lord said from their fruits you shall know them so if they’ve it would was a lazy person he have two children in need then they need a special care he will say to himself you know what I have a lot of I have a busy life I have a children need my help I’m not going to give time to anyone I will focus only in my family instead he focused in his family and he focused in helping you so David what is a is a great person for me I don’t have to agree with him and everything you say by the way because it’s not the point we’re talking about I’m talking about that he do what he can and he do better than those who can do things correct maybe if I am him I will not be able to do what he’s doing actually I mean look at this guy he is married he have a children they had they have a special care special needs and yet he do what he do this is a lot there’s a lot of stress a lot of work so for him he’s taking it as a blessing for somebody else he will take it as in in different way so do we have any any Muslim please admin watch the text if somebody speak bad language block him with no hesitation anyone use bad language block him so do we have any Muslim when I speak to us somebody here saying let us pray to open the Muslim mind my friend you see prayer is very important Christianity because always you know we have to get the support of the of the Lord and the Holy Spirit but the important thing is is to do the work so prayer without work is a fake prayer and here we are doing the work and our work is a prayer the second we start asking question we are starting the prayer you see when we question about God and the question will lead us to know the true God that is a prior to lead there is people they want things to happen with by praying because they are fake as an example imagine you have somebody in your door and he is dying from hunger and you pray to God God give him a sandwich and then the guy died from hunger because you are fake what what do you mean – God – give him a sandwich so many Christians they try to focus in saying okay let us pray let us pray let us pray but they will not do the work because this is a fake prayer you see the Lord the Messiah himself he do work he says I do the work of my father so the father and the son they do work while you don’t you want the Messiah to do everything for you you know I mean you decide to be lazy the Messiah not only he work he did something nobody do he even washed the feet of his followers just for one reason to teach us how to live better how to be humble do he have towards the feet I mean imagine this is the Lord Himself washing the feet so true Christians is the one who do the work not only they pray any a Muslim brother he would like to call us and tell us something good about Islam brother anyone greeting from Jakarta Indonesia thank you my friend will come from Indonesia we love you all again I repeat again all Christians all Muslims from Indonesia this is a gift from me to you and to estas Abdul Samad my books my my books whatever books I translate and now I have my book the accession of Allah as a translated to the Indonesian language is going to be published soon for you for for free no money whatsoever this is my gift to Indonesian people soon you will have it just give me some time I just arrived today actually I slept only five hours since I came can we make a me can we use your name and make a t-shirt etc no my friend don’t do that because somebody want to make donation make donation without a t-shirt what the t-shirt for we don’t want to be doing business here my friend if somebody went to help ok no need for hat and t-shirt and I don’t want people to glorify me I am no one you don’t even know who I am there is nobody his name as a Christian Prince who’s a Christian Prince I’m no one I am NOT Oersted I am NOT a priest I am NOT a bishop I am the one who Allah and his apostle and his gibreel cannot defeat me as simple as that I do not need people to the below good little foamy the only one you can glorify is the Lord who is a Christian Prince I’m a sinner I’m no one I’m not better than you on anything anymore Hamedan I’m you know I’m shouting for the last hour saying who is almost Amana colas not even single one you believe it not even a single one here here a loony my friend Yahiro a loony he had a loony balloon in a loony all of them are saying they’re fake it’s just a pure business nothing personal the same as their God the same as their profit it’s all about money imagine Mohammed he made verses in the Quran saying that Allah he gave him the fifth from every attack why Muhammad need the fifth of the booty any Muslim can tell us the humble the one the Prophet who don’t kill for money he serve Allah he make a chapter about it not only the fifth the best of the booty and the booty is nothing but a theft they attack the neighbours they take their women they take their goats they take their animals they take their gold they take their silver and Muhammad they take the fifth yet Muhammad was poor poor look and know whatever of your booty that you may gain early one-fifth is a sign to Allah and to the messenger all right that’s a good one that’s a good one somebody asking question why okay this is a good question actually why do Arabic people still believe Quran the answer is easy money let us make it simple you see before the oil revolution Islam was dying in the least literally and then the oil come and money start coming like rivers literally it’s a money coming from the ground and a lot of money and then suddenly the Saudis don’t care for revision suddenly they start spreading because the royal family in Saudi Arabia they understand very well that they have no right to be royal and they have no right to rule the only way they can make it legitimate for them to be ruling the country is to get support from those who called himself the follower of the Prophet to live according were happy so they make a big budget from the money of the oil to silence them so they would not say oh you are stealing everything and that oil was directed to string doctor say to add a strength into Islam and then the propaganda started TV station satellite building most missionaries everywhere giving Quran for free scholarship even in Europe even in Europe they give his scholarship for free even in university like Stanford the biggest donate donators to big university in the world or Islamic organization and the purpose is very simple the Saudis takings in the same time they keep the word busy with Islam somebody send me the ID of mr. Morgan let us see if we can find him alright look like we found somebody okay mr. Morgan I just texted you please call me back all right call me my friend we have a Muslim from Indonesia I I think he is and he was trying supposedly to find my name he could not and now he can’t contact me let’s call him I’m not going to waste time because this guy he was desperately trying to talk hello hello can you speak louder please hello yes my friend go ahead you are live on air and this is a Christian Prince with you I’m speaking to who Mohammed hello yes I hear you do you hear me okay yes okay what is what do you like to say to us mr. Mohammed first of all you are from Indonesia right then follow me here wander from a friend what do you like to say to us go ahead with a ball I would like to say to do simunition Christian please don’t mock us please if you want to speak the truth don’t know us I’m trying to be nice yeah no no nobody is mocking you my friend we are here talking about religion at about you I do not know you do I know you do you know me no the topic is not you the topic my friend is not you not me it’s about God it’s about religion so what do you like to say to us mr. Mohammed about your religion Islam okay can you show me the proof that Islam is false the Quran all of it well me which one you want what can you prove you like you are looking for everything everything is here everything is okay let us do this speech let us do this to make it to make a 3d really a super powerful proof give me a prove that Islam is from God and I will use the same proof to prove to you that Islam is false what do you say no will get me the purse no no just just to show you how sure I am I just say to say to you give me something proved to you that Islam is from God I will use whatever you choose to prove to us time is fast you see how easy it is I mean you choose anything you want choose anything will prove to me Islam from God I will use what you give me you you what you give me I will use it to prove to us Lam is false what do you say okay now my friend so you are saying you are a hypocrite what hypocrite me how to say it in English I don’t know honestly I don’t know any but I know it okay hypocrite is somebody he say something but he don’t mean it do you agree yeah okay so you gave me a prove it’s time to be false because you said you are not hypocrite that’s when you’re the Muslim because the Hall say is every Muslim should be hypocrite that let’s go Allah he do not take you accountable for what you say but Allah he take you accountable for what do you mean is that correct here okay you just said that you’re hypocrite now because if you Allah Allah don’t care for what you say Allah care for what you mean so you can say to me I love you but in your heart you hate me you can take an oath and you say this is not intentional I swear by Allah I am telling the truth Allah don’t care for that because Oh what Allah care what you mean in your heart in your heart you want to lie to me but in your tongue you don’t mean it so Allah he encouraged you to be hypocrite and you just said to me prove to me it’s time to be false and you are the you the one who gave me the reason you know let us say you are the one says to me I am NOT a hypocrite that is as if you are a Muslim you have to be hypocrite in chapter 3 verse number 28 have you ever heard of this verse before I don’t see it in I will build it for you on the screen as I can give me a second please in chapter 3 I hope the Muslim website is working it looked like it’s not working let us see again okay that’s shows the funniest penny penny can you show me the first about the black book about what the black dog the black dog why do I change the topic don’t you see that God who teach you to be hypocrite to to be a liar now I know I go there I will go to the black dog but listen in chapter 3 verse number 28 it says that you can speak to me friendly but in your heart is this like that that is the devil don’t you agree if somebody says to you okay we can go to him and say I love you but as long in your heart you hate him it’s you are good don’t you agree that this is from the devil very tasty decor chapter 3 verse number 28 wait do you have a website you like me to open for you to show you now I will eat them in the nation porn hmm okay this you is a Mika Thea I’m trying to open the other website actually but it’s not working this is the government of Jordan here we go it’s working finally alright I will whip the screen a second just give me a second here we go alright this is your Quran chapter 3 verse number 28 and this is your Islamic interpretation and this is the cousin of your prophet evening a bus look what it says let not the believers hmm I don’t see anything on the screen refresh your page you will hear you will see it but just be sure you mute you to please so you don’t hear you don’t hear me twice so let the believers I have I am preparing it but okay come on yeah yeah I will give you the link to you can open the link hemicolectomy post it for you in Skype so you can see it no problem alright here we go this is the link I will post it to you so the verse here saying that Luke you know don’t take the hypocrite as a friends and who is the hypocrite the disbelievers but look what the Quran saying the one who take them as a friend he had a and he is sincere if you are sincere you have no protection from Allah you have no horner which we Muslim they can kill you the Muslim can torture you they can rape your wife they can do whatever they want if you are sincere so Islam teaching that if you are sincere you will be punished if you are sincere with the hypocrite if you are sincere with the Christians if you are sincere with the Jews you will be killed but if you are nuts see unless it be that you guard yourself against them save yourself from them taking it as it’s worth security saving yourself from them by speaking in a friendly way toward them while you’re hard dislike this so you are the one mr. Mohammed who said to me that you are not hypocrite that’s me you’re Thomas Tamm because the Muslim is the one who speak to me in a friendly way but in his heart is dislike this and if you are sincere now talking to me that’s mean you alte Muslim let me ask you mr. Mohammed do you consider me are you willing to take me as a friend of course not okay thank you mr. Mohammed is a very nice gentleman and he is a good guy but look the quran says you cannot do that the cross is the only way to to take me as a friend if you are lying to me as long you don’t mean it it’s fine but if you mean it you are not a Muslim no more look I says and the one who is sincere death that a seeking might and honor by taking the hypocrites and disbelievers as a friend he has no connection with Allah you has no connection although guys do you see it mr. Muhammad I’m not the one who saying that mr. Muhammad it is your Quran saying that because you want to take me as a friend you have no connection with all that what do you say it is fine here this is grown what’s a hey this is Quran chapter 5 verse 51 is say the same exactly – chapter 5 verse number 51 this is nobody can say this is Sahay and this abuse of Quran this is not not a joke it says take not Christians and Jews as a friends and you said to me and everybody heard you and I respect that from you you are being decent you are a good person and I will be happy to be your friend so chapter 5 verse 51 says o who you believe take not the Jews and the Christians as a friend do you see it yeah I don’t know maybe no no it is wrong for all time the Muslim the sick or all for all time and it doesn’t say for the bad Christian good the Christian says all you believe not that Jews and the Christians all the Jews or the Christians okay this is a proof that Islam is not from God because what kind of God he didn’t want us to be friends God he sent messengers to spread peace and love correct so but this is I prove to you you know Jesus says love your enemy Muhammad saying okay don’t take them as a friends so while Jesus saying pray to anyone even the one who want to kill you so even you Muhammad if you want to kill me Jesus ordered me to love you and to pray for you and to pray to your family and to pray to your country and to pray for your health you can go to any church and you will see they pray to all the Muslims in the world they pray to the Hindus they pray to the Atheist they pray to everybody for peace and mercy and love for all that is God my friend for God is love in Chapter five what do you think about hate Muhammad who spread hate between between mankind is that Shaitaan or God Shaitaan see guys Muhammad is a good guy Shaitaan is the one who spread hate between us and I agree I have to agree with master Muhammad but look chapter five verse number fourteen says that Allah he spread the hate between the Christians do you sit in the screen Hamid no no okay is going to show now just give it a little bit of time you see it now yeah yeah what kind of God he says that he went to spread hate between the Christians do you like do you like to have somebody from your family spreading hate Mohammed are you going to be proud about your son if he spread hate between people no am I going to be proud about myself but in hate No so what kind of God does got it is not honestly I I never read Quran every day it’s like I was blown from Islam and I’ll just follow it because it’s my family origin okay but I know but I don’t never know but the nice part will you do not know and this is why I’m here Mohammed I’m here to help you want to help the rest of the Muslims so they can say this is false religion but the bad I never had my Christian friends Mike Mohammed I know that you are I can tell you I can tell you are a good person I can tell even your parents are good people because you know children’s are the fruits of their parents mostly so you are coming from a good family you have a good mother you have a good fair parents and here we go we have a good gentleman and look how nice he is he don’t like hate he don’t hurt people he don’t never hurt the Christian he wouldn’t and why wouldn’t I hurt each other what for I mean we should be you know we have enough problem in this earth people they could even afford to pay their bills you know they take care of your family take care of your society be good to everybody but here we see an evil situation you you agree with me that the one who spread hate is Satan correct yeah let’s do a job of Satan here if okay if the one who spread hate between the Christian is Allah so what’s I can do for living what do you think hmm so what what do you think Hamid did I prove to us time is false I can say anything you know I wish with my Christian friends I always listening to their just music I never I would agree at then I respect them but I don’t know you suddenly I feel like they like my people my my my fellow Muslim friends the other sister are not arbitrary in Indonesia I don’t know I don’t know why that’s right why do I feel like sorry does not understand you why they are what well I was all of my of my Muslim brothers sister why I don’t know recently we are very very very hate toward non-muslim hmm but but this isn’t this is no I can tell you why the more they believe in Islam the more they will practice that because as you see this is all the teaching not only that you see okay what what do you know that Allah don’t consider those with our friends I don’t know your microphone is moving are you there I think you need to fix your microphone Mohammed are you there okay I will hang up on you fix your mic you have a problem with the mic too bad I will call him back why why the answer is very simple because Islam teach them to follow this crowd if you master leachate so what you will do this Mohammed are you there hello hello we have a problem okay yeah we have a problem you guys is my voice can be fine is my voice can be fine just to be sure not my microphone is it is my voice can in – good – you alright yeah he have a problem with his no problem the devil he felt that this guy he might accept Jesus right now the devil felt that this guy he might accept Jesus right now hello hello yes we hear you now good yes yeah so my friend do you know even that you cannot take your family as a friends in it’s not do you know that yeah I know that okay so what kind of religion this region is what my brother and my father as a friends with the problem just because they are not Muslims so hey I mean I I mean but Mohammed you are a smart person and I can tell you have a good heart what will make someone like you stay as a Muslim what about now you ask yourself which one is good the one to follow look the Muslim they say to your family there are Muslim and you are almost them they say to you that Issa is our life Muhammad is dead which one we should follow Muhammad do you want you tell me what do you think let us say me and you we are driving together going you know just for maybe to the beach to do some fishing and you say to me hey Christian friends this road say is go to Mohammed and the throat goals says go to ASA and then Christian print says to you is what Hamid is alive now you say no is dead okay so if we go that we will fight him in the grave you say yes and then I say okay is a SCI’s alive now you say yes so which one we should go on follow mr. O Muhammad the dead man or the living Messiah rip away we should follow he saw what I to ISA was give the power Y our to help people you know I think I think hold on you see I can acclaim him now that I am the one who the one who give he said the power to I can say here do you know that I am the one who made the heesu raise people from death I can say oh I am the one who gave power to easier to mix it they make him make the blind see I mean this is a claim the muslim claim things there’s no proof of it of because if allah can do what they claim he should do the same to Mohammed how come Mohammed could not make the blind see how come Muhammad did not make the one who is dead alive how come Mohammed did nothing so it’s a claim that Allah given the pole and then you only to ask yourself ok why Allah gave the power to ISA either want to give the power to Jesus ok let us see this we have a president or a king and then he have two employees one his name is ISA and the other one his name is Mohammed the one who his name is ASA he gave him the power of the following he cannot resurrect people from death he can create from the mother bird he can heal the Lipper he can make the blind see he can walk in water he can feed thousands he can tell you what you heard in your home and right now he’s alive and the other guy he got nothing I mean is it obvious Mohammed that we should follow Jesus Nagiko yeah when you come here all right so what are you waiting for logically and by the way it’s not don’t believe in logic I mean what kind of religion believe that if I pray to our God 5 time it would give me a lot of women inside the box for sex how would our my dear to do one what about what all my dear 51 what about it it says take not Christian and Jews as a friends right yeah ok I think I think I think there is a there is a further question I don’t know I know I didn’t fabric y’all I can I can trust anyone no don’t trust me my friend I’m not ask you to trust me I’m asking you here we go this is the verse in front of you what fabrication here we go this your Muslim translation this is your Muslim translation you know what let me search for the Indonesian translation even though I don’t speak Indonesian hold on Indonesian translation agency as you know I don’t speak Indonesian but maybe we can’t find it here Indonesian what the language for Indonesia what is the what which one I should have choose is it malai is it it says no I can’t is it Emilia is it Maria I don’t know which one Bosnia is that this one malai okay there we go okay this is it I don’t know what the nation I don’t I have no idea why it says there in in their language you tell me you choose any translation you want so what it says they got you think take them not as a friends Indonesian Court if you have I don’t know okay I am here I’m losing this website whatever it is there you know I don’t know what is there this is my luck I’m Ally but anyway any language all of them it’s going to be at the end of the day Millie yeah so what you will do now this is what Islam teach and you said to me you have no problem to have me as a friend and I will be honored to have you as a friend of Shari and maybe we can go and drink some coffee together and I’m sure you will be a good person to me why not but it’s time for Doby than you from being my friend if love is false what is thought the truth is the Messiah the Messiah my friend even even the liar himself could not denied Jesus even the liar who his name is Allah he could not deny that jesus is alive and Muhammad is dead even the book of hate as you see could not deny that Jesus never commits sin in chapter 19 verse number 19 it says the holy son Jesus is the holy son he is the hot Sun of who who is the father of Jesus how he can be a son but he have no father this lamp cannot explain that because this is a believe is stolen from a Christianity and Muhammad for he is a thief he could not explain to the Muslims what the point what for yeah there’s no point unless there is a purpose unless there is something big behind this all mankind they are born of a women but they have father except one person III don’t know what Bible because only way it bubble and I know them not not my Christian person and they were talk about my my father forever yet Mohammed my friend laughs it’s not about you about me this is bigger you are a good person you’re from a good family I will be happy to meet your family this is not about me and you my friend this is about what is right and what’s wrong and you are you agree with me that spreading hate is wrong and you agreed with me that the one who is like to spread hate is Satan and you agreed would mean that you have no problem to take me as a friend but all those things you agreed with me with it’s against Islam so you should know by now that this time is bad well discuss a while it’s a business don’t you see this guy is making six thousand dollars from every speech in a country like Indonesia most of people are poor is it a shame I mean if this guy is a good person he do not need six thousand dollars in in a speech give them to the poor say hey guys I’m going to make my stage it’s what is costing him what it’s caused him a speech I mean he is not even doing anything it’s just a speech imagine now I have two thousand people to say to me I say hey guys I’m not going to talk to you unless you pay me did you pay me anything Muhammad to speak to me but I’m not yes people they here for free are you paying me anything to speak to me I our trust trust problem today hmm well this is here a newspaper I think this is an Indonesian newspaper it says that mr. Abdul Samad he charged 6,000 per sermon I I never I never I never I never forget about they are the same which one what about Muhammad Muhammad himself okay what do you think about that so do you agree that a man who charged people to speak to them he is doing a business not serving God do you agree with me no they don’t agree if somebody he charged you to talk to you that’s mean he is doing business he’s not serving God do you agree consultation business okay here we go how many do the same before you break before you speak or a Quran chapter 5 58 verse number 12 don’t speak to my mother would go out and know you can read it tell me what it says into your language before you speak to the Prophet you have to give him money why why you have to spend some money to give the Prophet why the Prophet cannot talk to me without spending money Mohammed II promised 10 people to go to heaven number one was Oh smell my fan who was a very bad person he promised him heaven because he gave him a lot of money it says it says exodia what charge okay Oh charity charity you give it to the people after the profit yeah yeah okay um did Muhammad asked for the fifth of every attack tour to his to himself that Muhammad he asked for the best of the booty for himself which mean if we go to attack a house and we steal the furniture Muhammad will get the biggest TV what kind of a prophet his prophet is okay so what we will do now boy you wanna stay as a Mustang my friend wait it’s not ano so you know you’re a smart person you are educated and you know you you you shared with me already information enough to make me believe that you are against Islam because you believe that you can take a Christians as a friend and you said you have a friends which one is easy to go to hell or to go to heaven okay so what about we go to heaven it’s not me okay so here we go you want to stay with the hey I mean if I want to stay as almost time obviously this God is not prepared teaching me to be a better person is teaching me to hear the Jews to hear the Hindus to hit the Christians to hear the history do everybody even my parents so what why I want to stay there and this is not in a metaphorical way this is literally so why I want to stay there [Music] I’m shaking them who am i friend I’m inviting you in the front of all those people listening more than 2000 and I pray and they will pray with me that the Lord can you show me what the black know but let look first I mean I I do you love dogs yes I picked up Yes Doctor this is well asking me about the Dora if for me if if though yes if how I was quite white why we should kill kill dog I don’t know I understand enough I will tell you why first of all Mohammed he claimed I don’t know if you can see with me in the screen the master of Allah said and just do not enter a house in which there is a dog or a picture do you really believe in such a thing Muhammad that angels of not enter house because there is a dog in there is one of human this way IIIi don’t know cos okay why angel is so weak to the point he is a scared to enter a house have a dog let us say the most time they say that dog is dirty okay it’s dirty so we have a lot of dirt in house we have a bathroom we have it well see if you have garbage so what I mean the dog the dog is just another animal and all of us we we are a human being inside him is full of dirt even if we take a shower you cannot take shower inside right so you sweat you have a dirt your mouth has smelled bacterias there’s millions of bacteria in your mouth so what does that mean angels will not enter a house because there is a dog or a picture okay why Mohammed obviously have a phobia the phobia of the Cross the phobia of dogs the phobia they have a phobia this is a phobia and then he make it even worse he says that angels do not accompany a traveler who have with them a dog or a bell even the Bell is a problem to the angel why because this is the bill of the Christians the Christian have a bill why angels will not accompany me if I have a with the problem and what is the problem if they haven’t dealt you know those people at that time they would the bill in the head of the animal so if he lost it’s easy to find him you don’t know why oil again do Jara Jara but everything and then he says kill the dogs why and not only that he claimed look at this your parents have a dog in their home yes ok let me let me let me give you the bad news my friend the Prophet said he who kept a dog other than the one meant for watching hard or hunting would lose every day – kiryat of his good deed cure heart I mean Mohammed he is measuring our deed by Kurata it’s a weight Kurata it’s I mean this is stupid I mean how my my deeds is measured by it imagine I say to you I will use every I will lose every day 200 the grams of Deeds this is this is crazy and why because I have a dog so having a dog is a sinful Allah will make Al angry from you why this is this is madness and this is Jupiter that’s what I was asked to my gooosh past and no else water but dead okay what about what about the black dog is a devil no I don’t know if I don’t live anymore like dope and cuts East our people no no no no but he says but Mohammed he said the black dog is the devil he is the differ yes that’s where I was shaking like no I I don’t know I don’t know how to say anything the AWS mohammed when the difference between a black dog and a yellow dog or a white dog he said the black dog the guy he asked he said o a buddha what feature is there in the black dog which distinguish it from the red dog and yellow dog he said o son of my brother I asked The Messenger of Allah as you asked me which means same a question what feature between then what different between them he said the black dog is the devil how that can be how this is can be from God the black door is a devil the dog is the best friend for mankind if you go right now and you’ll you know you are in by yourself and don’t you wish to have a dog if you are going to sleep under a tree to protect you to alarm you why why I will not have a dog what the problem would what the problem between this God and this dog defendants itself yes because no matter what the color is there are no people I don’t live in that [Music] and what is the different is the color yeah I got it I couldn’t say anything I can say anything now hmm so you want to stay as a Muslim no no yeah you don’t want to stay as important but but but if if if from this force what if the port hold on hold on hold on hold on I heard you saying no did you decide to leave is not yet configured here we can say that so Mohammed you are leaving Islam is that correct yes I mean – that guy’s our friend Mohammed he just denied the Mohammed be a prophet and Allah to be God that’s wonderful and now he’s asking so what is necklace what is the truth there what is the truth the truth is the one who teach you love the one who walk with you would love he changed you from inside to be a better person not a person who full of hate a person who make you go and hate others he cannot be serving God even if he call himself a Christian anyone he teach you to hate others he is not from God so God for me is love this is number one love is God and God is love for God he loved the world he sent His only begotten Son so what the reason he loved the world he don’t hate us you don’t hate you because you are a Muslim and he had the other guy because he’s a Hindu and the other guy because his atheist and he had the other guy because he don’t hate us this is why we Christians we call him our Father the father who loved his a children while in Islam you are a sleeve of God in Christianity or a child of God and there’s a huge difference in the understanding and in the position so for us we are its children of God why because he loved us but that but man who starts a Christian looks is robocopy that’s a good thing to say actually because he just confirmed to us that Islam is false why because is it Allah in the Quran says he is the one who sent the injeel so musial can be fabricated that’s mean we do not need to prove that Allah books can be fabricated correct there so the Muslims start he proved to you that we cannot trust the words of Allah because it can be fabricated do you understand would have seen Muhammad yeah yeah I understand when a Muslim scholar or Sheikh he says to you the the injeel is fabricated he is just confirming to you that the word of allah it is possible to fabricate and that is extremely proving to us that islam is false because you just said it to me about of allah i cannot be trusted anyone can change it while jesus said the earth and the heaven they go they will perish but my words will not my words will never perish the same time muslims are proud to say that the word of allah they perish and they speak up put it loud and clear and they say that the engine of allah is corrupted will you just approve to me that we cannot trust anything have to do with Islam because you just told me you belong to our God who his religion perished Israel to ISA is a Messenger of Allah did say is ok well as the version of ASA perished when is the religion of Moosa as perished Allah actually according to Muslim he sent 124,000 prophet with their message where all they perished it’s gone so how we can trust this God and he do you know I mean so obviously this is cannot be from God the accusation itself is you remember when I say to you give me the proof that Islam is true this I will use the same proof to prove to you that Allah is false this is exactly what happened you should give me a verse but you just gave no reason now to prove to you that Islam is false but yeah I see everything you are you showed me and yes okay it’s false but on this first if this if Islam is false then I clean this first is also false this what okay exactly this is obviously this verse is Islam as far as to thank you very much that’s been everything the Quran says about Jesus is false that’s wonderful so now how we will know the truth it’s very sad no the truth is very simple my friend let me tell you it let me tell you how to find out the truth God and evil they don’t work together you agree do you believe God is good or God is evil okay go and show me what Jesus what evil Jesus did in crack no from whatever you want I mean where Jesus said go ahead go and do evil to others I never I never ate all right when Jesus says love your enemy is that is that something to be considered to be truth to be amazing to be beautiful love your enemy I mean nobody nobody ever said that right now in the year 2019 humor right united nation all this madness nobody dare to say love your enemy they kill each other Staunton now 2,000 years ago when people did slaughter each other he said love you in him how we can explain that let’s make french how we can explain someone 2,000 years ago saying to us pray for those who curse you you cursed me I pray for you you heard me I pray for God to do good to you it’s bitter cold yeah but this is this is you know this is telling me who is the Messiah the Messiah in the cross he says Father forgive them they do not know what the Ottoman imagined he just killed him they are just torturing him they just hanged him on the cross and he is saying forgive them they don’t know what they are doing which one if they follow will make our life better all mankind imagine Mohammed if a human being doesn’t matter what religion he he practice only one sentence Christ he said love your enemy can you imagine what will happen to his earth yeah the whole earth will change the hell this earth will became a heaven we spend trillions of dollars every year for defense why because nobody loved the enemy we spend a lot of money for security weapon instead of spending it to feed the poor building schools growing children’s teach them how to be good no we teach them how to hate each other how to kill each other even our movies about killing because all that those movies promote don’t love your enemy kill them just kill them this is Islam that’s not Jesus this why in those movies they keep cursing Jesus because he is their enemy the enemy of Hollywood while Jesus teaching love Brawl teaching violence this is why they always insult him in their movies my friend nothing nothing in this life difficult you know I mean I mean after I see Islam was locked but I don’t just anything that any other I did now I do what I do even Jesus is not original for me Jesus is not a religion who said that reduces as a religion he never came with any religion Jesus my friend is a person I believe in not a religion religion always is a man-made this Jesus was teaching the Jews that they are fabricating things he said to them you know Sabbath was made for the man not the man was made for Sabbath but the Jews they live their life practicing practice in the Sabbath and the Sabbath became more important than the man so Jesus he is always against religion because religion is a business religion is a priest religion is a is a like is a group lobby his politics this what religion is Jesus never came for this he is not about kings he don’t favor Kings over pour it on favor pour over Kings he favor good over bad you shall know them from their fruits from their fruits you shall know them so you are king you’re poor you are rich you are black or white or Asian who care who you are what God will know your from is your fruit and the fruit of Jesus is amazing so jesus said if you want to follow me walk my step carry your cross what does that mean as that mean we carry cross a piece of wood and I would know the cross is now you will have a pain you will okay I’m going to leave Islam I left Islam and now I became a Christian people will hate me people will reject me people refuse me but my friend that will be blessing and peace for you and heaven tomorrow so I invite you Mohammed right now to accept the Messiah as your savior it’s not easy accepting the Messiah not easy I mean I mean I I need to either to understand the Christian people do you have a question for me about Christianity I will be happy to help I need to know okay but Christy and I need to know everything from from robots from their heads because I did I didn’t want to like like ours give me love no I don’t want you to be like that you see this why Jesus says read the books search the truth and the truth will set you free see in Islam in chapter 5 verse 101 it says ask no questions why Muhammad is asked saying ask no questions because he knew he cannot answer the questions any Christianity Jesus my friend he will answer your questions or what you need to do is open your heart to the Lord he is a personal he have a personal relationship with us is not a slave owner he is not a God on a chair he’s acting like a king and nobody dared to speak to him he had a personal relationship with you if you choose to because he said knock at my door I will open for you so what you need to do Muhammad is to knock at the door of the Messiah and he will be just right there when he will say to you Muhammad what do you want how I can help you I need added to it with the book before I want you to read the books I’m not asking you to be Christian I’m asking you to accept the Messiah to accept the Messiah let us say let us me and you come to an agreement do you accept that the Messiah is the best ever wise lovable heard o eiko knowledge Micra knowledge but Messiah is lubricate then I don’t know where to search from now that’s why I’d need to question our work I will travel around no one advise you there’s not he is called a Christian and that’s something called Catholic there’s Jesus our friend don’t don’t do what many people do correctly I mean I’m in CV I mean I mean some if you want report some way if I want to if I want to learn about Messiah or Jesus I should read the Bible right right the only way to know about the Messiah is not only to read the Bible is to ask the Lord Himself to speak to you to talk to you to be with you open your heart for you you know open your heart for him and you know let him come to your life because reading a plain text is just a text it’s depend what I want from this text oh I want this takes to be in my life or just a my reach so if you are a person looking for vibration if I if I looking for the truth like I’m playing I don’t know I’ve been what if I pray like I was there doing Muslim like a salad you mean before that the real God or all my power will come to me my friend then Muslims when they pray they are not even praying they are repeating something say it to somebody his name is Muhammad SAW postie 1400 years ago where’s your player you don’t pray bismillah elemental a man am to learn and yet not only that you speak in a language which is not even your language I mean this is the most funny player ever player is you make a relationship contact with someone prior in language not necessarily with God like in the Bible you will see that the water prior come in some places as like I pray that they would understand I pray that they will know I pray they would be there but prayer prayer when you speak to God in Christianity is you and God connected it is you not somebody else words like when they ask the Messiah how to pray he says pray like this just to give them an idea our Father out of heaven so but you don’t have to pray like that you pray in any way you want however you wish speak to the Lord and he will answer you and this is what is making it more beautiful in Christianity it’s not a ritual where we repeat the same words lalalalala lalalala every day no it is something we live speaking to our Creator but yet he speak to us as a while has a children’s so when you speak to the Lord you open your heart you don’t repeat words say whatever you want they show yourself for me prove yourself to me help me I want to understand you I want to believe in you so if you read the Bible read it but read it in the purpose of getting closer to the one you’re trying to understand not in the purpose to read only there’s a huge difference between reading to read a reading to understand and to get the closer to someone it’s like you know like if somebody let us say you have a child I don’t know how old are you and he send you a letter and he say that I am going to throw some difficulty etcetera on he is explaining but this is not just a letter the letter have a life there’s a life of a person involved there so either you read it as a plain text without feeling or those letters can make you even cry for your child you know I mean yeah so if we really just as a letter and we don’t care really what this person saying then this has no point of this but if you read it and we try to be live in those words in depth not like the Quran written in a language you don’t understand and now we try to understand it and after all the interpretation the interpretation itself it says Allah knows best what he meant which means nobody knows what he meant so what the point so read the Bible yes I encourage you but try to open your heart and try to live the story as an example when Jesus speak about parables he always tried to reach inside your heart teach me wisdom in the same time making you live that time and the moment and to make it simple for you all the teaching of Jesus is something happened truth the two thousand years ago but you can find and you will find that every speech the Messiah he said it fit for your life today even today we are in the time of the internet in the time of the satellite the time of the cell phone smartphone computers yet what he said to you two thousand years ago faithful would your life so take a story of Jesus he’s saying speaking to the crowd imagine yourself in the crowd try to live the story try to be one of them and he is speaking to you and then you will know how to read the story I will try all right but but I will try to read the Bible for this but I try I can I can I can I can I should desire our deesis I want you to accept I don’t you to accept unless you believe my friend we are not the same as Muslim decision either without understanding without knowing no we don’t do that I you know I invite you and still I invite you even though you are right you have to read and understand but I invite you because our life it might be taken from us we go to sleep when maybe we will never wake up again so I do my duty to save my friend the one I believe is a good person the one I believe he deserved to be saved his name is Mohammed I take opportunity to say hey Mohammed I have the best of the best I have someone his name is the Messiah the Christ the Savior the Word of God the Lord the mighty the one who is said I am the truth I am the Alpha I am the Omega I invite you to believe in him and I will leave that for you my friend you can call me anytime you can call and ask me questions and I’m happy for you that you decide to leave Islam and I hope that you are one of millions and millions of Indonesian they will leave Islam after listening to my videos thank you see anything I’m shaking right now all right my friend I’m happy that she called me and I’m honored that I have a this conversation with you and even you can invite your parents to speak to me I would be happy to talk to them if you want even we can talk in private no problem you know if you want your parents to speak in private even if it’s going to take 10 hours I don’t care for me saving one person is more important than Christian principles in his voice all right okay take care my friend I pray I pray and I ask all those who they’re listening more than 2000 people listening pray for our brother Muhammad to see the light to see the truth and the truth will set you free in the name of Jesus we pray Thank You Muhammad for calling take care remember remember that’s you know this why I say always please don’t be rude don’t be aggressive and the Muslims are there’s millions of them they need your help didn’t know the Messiah he said forgive them father they do not know what they are doing so give them a chance to know try to help them don’t curse them don’t attack them don’t call them names that will not help try to be a helper not an enemy Muhammad he wanted us to be enemies Muhammad he want me and Muhammad our friend the one who called here he want him and me to be enemies and now we broke that enemy thing we are not enemies he wanted to be my friend I will be happy to be as a friend Muhammad lost the devil lost really Christian and Muslim we should be friends we should be loved each other Gerson will not make better of you or me killing will not make better of you or me we destroy both life both of us we will be killed what for who is the happy here the devil the devil he is enjoying the party of blood shade love the Muslims and make the devil angry my friend love them he will be happy if he see you cursing them for this is what the devil is about do as Jesus said make the Messiah happy and the devil angry love them pray for them so they might know and glorify his name we are happy for my dad he decided to leave Islam at the same time we pray that him and his family they will come to Christ soon if there’s any other Muslim would like to call me anyone hold on we have a Muslim here he made a comment I’m going to put it in the screen give me a second there is a Muslim he made a comment all right this is a Muslim he said Arabian prophet stop your deceptions how sure are we that people who call you whore Muslims my friend because you have a evil heart and you lie you think everybody’s a liar like you actually this guy he was trying to call me and I was saying and people they were calling him covered correct guys and I said to him okay come on you know you want to talk to me give me your idea will call you there’s no way you cannot find me but because you are a person who is upset you say how we know that those people are Muslims as an example you mentioned dr. aji dr. ROH he is very famous man in Paltalk he is in Egyptian he live in Egypt and he have a PhD and he’s a sheikh and you can go right now to his Paltalk room yet even that you excuse me that this guy is not from a university what I will do to you I feel sorry for you my friend it is you it is you and look at the name you have look at the name you choose look at you I’m not going to curse you are not going to call your names I feel sorry for you you put my name next to bad words in the top of your head you see that is your head there do you see it that is your head because you cannot take it Christian Prince making thousands of Muslims leave Islam so you decide to put my name and some dirt in the top of your head good for you if that makes you feel comfortable well why not I mean what I can say maybe the dark he said to you that he said to you put the name of Christian Prince at the top of your head with some dirt I am a Muslim and I want to talk to you okay mr. Ito where are you my friend give me your give me your give me your Skype and that will be happy to call you give me your Skype and I will be happy to talk to you and again you know we we don’t allow people to use bad language and bad names so if you want to speak to us mister you call yourself CP what do you have to change your name because obviously you are here just to insult any Muslim would like to call us insult me no problem the Lord he said that this is blessing for us you know you insult me for I’m preaching the name of Jesus you insult me because I’m taking Muslims out of the culture first time I understand that is a blessing for me that’s not that’s not the problem I think Muhammad himself wants the Muslim the most time they made article saying Isis are not Muslims but everything I said is what Muhammad did so obviously Muhammad himself is that a Muslim – right Muhammad must must be he was a fake Muslim because he is the one who said go kill rape torture even Mohammed II boutonnieres in the eyes of people kneels I Isis did like Isis did that they are practicing what the Prophet did and people they say to you look how Isis are ugly the Prophet said be merciful and merciful where is that where is the merciful prophet between hot burnt nails in the eyes of people and the crucifying them and cut their feet and their hands and let them die slowly what kind of punishment this punishment is this is a punishment of someone full of love and romantic so Muhammad was eating some a grape in his and he have a cup of tea in his hand and he was heating some meals and he put those people in the cross and he cut their hand and he said to them a merciful and he cut the other hand and he said to him you see how merciful I am and he cut the other feet and he said to him how much mercy I have and he cut the second feet and he says do you ever saw mercy like this people and then he brought Neos he put it in the fire and he put in their eyes why they are alive and to prove to them that he is super merciful and yet they give or the madness of lying saying that the Prophet was a person of mercy even Allah his name is mercy a rahman al rahim yeah what about splitting a women to pieces as mr. MT said he brought a Mahadeva over the age of 80 and he split her to pieces where she’s alive and yet they say to you that the Prophet he said a person who gave a dog water a thirsty dog water he will go to heaven but the Prophet himself is the one who ordered to kill dogs so if you give water to dog you go to help him but if you killed old you go to heaven my friends I really miss you all and I’m really happy to have you today all together I was away for some time I was using my tablet I’m back home now I slept only five hours my fridge is empty from food I did not do shopping yet so I really apologize I need to go and buy some food even though today we are happy to be here together but still at the end of the day there is a limit for how long we can stay otherwise I would be really loved to stay more and more however we would do more and more and more and more and I promise and again for people in Indonesia my book is coming to you for free soon I will publish my book in Indonesian and is going to be 100% as a gift from a Christian Prince to all Indonesian Muslims and Christians you pay nothing for it and I would be happy for you to have it so I’m happy to see Indonesian learning the truth and the truth will set them afraid I made a lord provide us with more so we can give more he is our provider he is our supporter we trust no man we trust no women we trust Christian press we trust only one name his name is de Messiah for all man is sinner and everyone is sinner why you trust a man why you trust a person who commits sin why you put your trust in people who change trust the one who never changed that is the Messiah my friend we do as much we can to do good but the one who is good he himself is the good the Good Shepherd is the Messiah once a person he said to the Messiah you are good jesus said to him what you call him he good only God is good the Muslim will say to you see if Jesus says why you call me good but the Messiah he says when you call me good which mean what you are calling me God and Jesus himself he said I am The Good Shepherd I am the life I am the resurrection I am the truth I am the Alpha I am the Omega I am Who I am I am Jehovah your sin is forgiven the Messiah forgive our sin knock at my door and I will open for you and I pray today that before we sleep today we pray to our brother Mohammed who called us to be soon a brother in Christ not only a brother in humanity so he can be saved and I pray too that his family they would contact me and they will speak to me soon so we can save them to thank you guys for being here may the Lord bless you all and please pray for Muslims don’t be hateful and don’t be angry from them control your anger I know sometimes they do things which is really making us upset stay stay patient the same as the Messiah was the devil he want you to lose your patient the devil he want you to hate them the devil he wanted to be violent to them the Messiah he don’t want you to be which one you choose if we hear the Muslims the devil is the winner he just divided us the same as Mohammed did the Messiah he want us to be loving to them so we can bring them again to be the family the children of God millions of them wonderful people they need your help and let us help them together in Christ’s name I pray that what we said will come true and until I see you again may the Lord bless you all and this is a Christian prince was with you and see you soon again please subscribe and join our channel if you like what we do and I want to say thank you especially thanks for those who translate my videos to other languages especially in Indonesian language I saw videos have hundreds of thousands of viewers that’s really wonderful may the Lord bless you and from their fruits you shall know them thank you very much [Music]

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