February 17, 2020
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Conscious Judaism, EP 1 By Yakov Kirsh: Introduction to Conscious Judaism

All right so we’ll get started make a
little הקדמה (introduction) before we’re going to start teaching Reb Tzadok. Whoever hasn’t
heard about Reb Tzadok, he was born a couple of hundred years back about two
hundred years ago he lived to about 80 years, he started off his life in a
household that was not defined as Hasidic. It was a Misnaged (anti Hasidic) household (sort of).
I don’t know how much there was in his Hisnagdus (anti-Hasidic sentiment), but they didn’t really acceptthe derech (path) of the Baal Shem Tov, however, at the age of I think it was 25 he he
met with the Izhbitzer Rebbe (Author of Mei Shiloach) and that completely changed
his life and he started devoting himself to a different type of Avodas Hashem (Worship of G-d) and these Sefarim (books) that he wrote one of them were going to start now called ‘Dover Tzedek’ are a result of that shift in how he perceived the world, how he perceived
the Torah, how he perceived Judaism and religion in general. So we’re going to
start off it starts off this sefer (book) in a very deep level. We’re going to start
maybe in a very deep place in the ocean where most people are not comfortable
swimming and maybe we’re going to come back a little bit over time and try to
explain these ideas in a way that we can relate to them so we can start from the
shore and walk in. But in the beginning we’re just going to plunge in. Okay. He starts with Gemara in Eiruvin. It’s on the first daf (page) in Eiruvin where it says אשכחן משכן דאיקרי מקדש. הוא ענין לשם יחוד קודשא בריך הוא This is the concept of combining ‘Kudsha Brich Hu’ – קודשא בריך הוא which we relate to as God The Divine Presence And maybe later we’ll talk about the
terminology. Today we don’t really have the terminology to describe these concepts appropriately. The differences between
the names of God like א-ל (E-L) or אלוקים (ELOHI-M)or הוי-ה (the Tetragrammaton) or in this instance we’re
going to talk about the the Shechina. So all these we can call them different aspects
of the divine. The word ‘God’ – the way that it’s used in in the secular world
doesn’t really apply to Judaism at all in fact Judaism doesn’t have a word for
that for God. God doesn’t exist in Judaism in the sense that people are
used to and the reason for that is because when we relate to life we’re not
relating to life in a philosophical format it’s not an intellectual exercise
we use the intellect to define what’s happening but the actual experience is
not an intellectual experience. The word God is an intellectual word. The word God
describes an entity that has never been seen or understood or come in close
contact with and therefore it’s an intellectual word that doesn’t have a
specific meaning. In Judaism, we try to relate the concepts that we can actually
incorporate into our experience and the שם הוי-ה (Tetragrammaton) and the שם אלוקים (Elohi-m) and
the שם א-ל (E-l) they all have different forces within ourselves that we can
relate to that these words are trying to give rise to, they’re trying to develop
inside of us so that we can have some kind of an ability to maneuver with
inside the nefesh (soul) with inside the person and the cause shifts in consciousness, shifts in understanding and how we relate to life. That’s the ultimate
goal so this is why before every mitzvah (Commandment) where we say ‘L’shem Yichud Kudsha Brich Hu u’Shchintey’
לשם יחוד קודשא בריך הוא ושכינתיה this means that we’re taking two different parts of our
experience, two different perceptions within the mind of human being and some
somehow were unifying these aspects of reality and saying even though these
aspects might seem different than our experience we know that at their very
essence it’s all one and the same and they’re all flowing and all of life is
flowing from the same core, from the same purpose, from the
same reality that is trying to manifest all of life, all the different particles,
all the different structures and systems that create life – they all flow from one
specific purpose and this is at the very essence of what we believe. This is based on the verse of Shma Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad
Hear, O Israel: the LORD is our God, the LORD is One’ where we actually use
these terms ‘Hashem’ and ‘Elokeinu’ also to unite these two and to have a
deeper understanding of that; here he’s talking about a term called קודשא בריך הוא
(Kudsha Brich Hu.) [Audience] there is male and female? Kudsha Brich Hu u’Shchintey is clearly male and female, correct. But beyond male and female there are
different distinctions of the energies that we’re talking about what they
really mean in our lives. How did they manifest within us how can we relate to
these things and obviously when we are exploring these things we’re trying to
go back to a wisdom that was established close to 6,000 years ago and was then
given over for a few millennia before it actually became the Torah the way that
we know it with the full text that we have and then it’s further extrapolated
into more detail and we have today we have obviously books and books and books
with an unlimited amount of information that all relates back to
this wisdom that comes back to the 22 letters and the 10 nekudos (vowels) and the
thirty-two taamim (cantillation marks) that creates the language of Judaism . Now, there’s a lot of
things that got lost over this period of time. A few thousand years is a long time
for human consciousness specifically when we’re talking about language. Language for each individual is different we all have slightly different
definitions of different words even on the physical plane but once we go to the
spiritual plane which is internal our language becomes even more
differentiated each person basically living in their own universe. And the
reason why we’re so fractured is because we don’t have access to Lashon Hakodesh- (The Holy Tounge)
the way that it was spoken thousands of years ago. Lashon Hakodesh- (The Holy Tounge) was a pure language in which reality was was explained or quantified
in a very specific way in a way that doesn’t allow for mistake it doesn’t
allow for misunderstanding or misinterpretation even though after the
other languages became developed and after thousands of years of civilization
creating their own structure on top of nature which doesn’t really correlate
the nature so now we have a virtual reality made of words which is based on
Greek philosophy and it doesn’t really correlate to the type of language that
we’re dealing with that came pre Greek philosophy at the time the Torah was
given closer to the ancient wisdoms of Egypt and the countries – Mesopotamia -the ones that were closer to the beginning of speech where speech started to
convert from symbolism into letters and words which gave rise to the ability of
creating a virtual reality of creating a society that has different functions in
life that have nothing to do with nature like the entire economy the way that we
have it now and the different structures of government that are holding up
society these are all man-made structures. They lack the natural depth
and the natural coexistence that exists within everything of nature. So nature has four levels of existence the way that we know it the
דומם, צומח, חי ומדבר (Inanimate objects, Vegetation, Animal life and Human) and all these correlate in a certain way where for
example; vegetation is also inanimate, and an animal is also vegetation and inanimate.
And a human is also alive and vegetation and also inanimate. Meaning a
person who’s alive he has all the levels below included in him. So some when we
say he’s alive and his a medaber (speaking) we’re not saying that he’s when we’re saying is in
madaba we’re not saying that he’s not an animal he is an animal that speaks we’re
not saying that he’s not a plant because the body is a plant based organ that
grows with food that’s put into there and the water that we have to give to
our bodies to allow it to grow the way that it does.
So our nervous system is very much as many similarities to an actual צומח (plant) a
growth that grows from from the earth. But beyond that, the spiritual realm the
the מדבר (human) which is where we live which is where we think the spirit listening
to me right now is the חלק המדבר (speaking part) that’s converting the sounds that are
making into words and meaning that function that part of us has infinite
depth. It has the ability to perceive life in all the ways that life has been
perceived from the beginning of time until today it’s all there what we call
בכח – in potential – and as we live and as we come into contact in life with all
kinds of different energies and forces so that כח – that potential -which we
call a Nefesh – comes out and manifests into actions and words and ideas and
concepts and for each person that’s different for each society that’s
different for each generation that’s different and that has a tremendous
tremendous potential of manifestation and this is where Judaism really tries
to dig in tries to understand what is the potential of this being of this
medaber – מדבר – beyond just survival beyond its ability to configure tremendous systems
to keep itself alive and to arrange for food and to arrange for comfort and to
arrange for air conditioning and other stuff that make the human comfortable
what is the potential of the כח הדיבור – (faculty of speech) but what is the potential of the Nefesh (soul)
to manifest and how do we give rise to that force within the nefesh that
will make it manifest that will make it come out and show itself to us in a way
that is different than what we’re used to. In a way that is not restricted to to
the logic of the of the Greek philosophy of the Western cultures and the way that
we used to perceiving life. So there are many things in language that we’re going
to have to go back to to dig up sort of and understand how they saw life
before we can really relate to how the Torah is trying to teach us and how
Torah is trying to guide us in the way of understanding who we are and what we
are and why we are here. So one basic word which people are very
familiar with what most people don’t understand is the third word in the Torah is Bereishis bara Elokim בראשית ברא אלוקים
(In the beginning God (Elohi-m) created) so the word אלוקים (Elohi-m) Today, אלוקים (Elohi-m)=God. Right? But, when we say God, we’ve taken away all meaning from it Because, like we said before, God has no meaning God is beyond meaning God is the one
that made all this be. Now, according to the Zohar God – the עילת העילות – (Highest of the High) the One that made all this come into existence is not accessible to the human mind
or to the human experience. Not just us not just to people that are not that
spiritually advanced but even the most advanced spiritual seekers which would
include the Neviim (prophets) they did not have access to the עילת העילות (Highest of the High) because the עילת העילות (Highest of the High) is beyond perception. it is life that cannot be perceived. As soon as
there’s consciousness we’ve already been removed from the עילת העילות (Highest of the High.) We’ve been
removed from the source of life. Source of life is beyond consciousness it’s the
source of consciousness. So when we talk about the names of God we’re not talking
about God in His eternal essence. We’re talking about the properties of God, the
wisdoms of God that we can have access to so that we can live our lives and
fulfill our potential. So what we’re talking about God essentially we’re
first and foremost talking about reality The way we know there’s a God is simply
by knowing that there’s a me and there’s a you. You don’t need anything more than
that to know there’s a God. Now you say how do you know somebody did this we
don’t need to know that we know that whatever is has a system and has the
wisdom of how it works and that’s enough for us to allow us to pursue that wisdom
and to dig in and find out what this experience is all about so that we can
understand that the one who made all this had this potential in mind for us.
How do we know? Because this is what he created so we know the
Creator from creation. We don’t know Him through a philosophical argument, We don’t know him because we think life is so logical and therefore if it’s not
logical it doesn’t exist, in fact, nothing in life is really logical. Our birth is
not logical our death is not logical and nothing that happens in between is
logical logic is a great tool which relates to the Divine attribute of ‘Bina’ where you
can travel once you have specific facts in order once you know certain things
about life logic will give you the ability of being מבין דבר מתוך דבר (extrapolating something from what we already know). So you can take two truths two realities and bring out a child from them and
bring out a conclusion a logical conclusion however logic does not work
in a vacuum so in today in Western society we’re used to thinking logically
about life but the place we’re coming from the givens that we’re using as a
basis for our opinions and our understandings are completely false and
therefore logic just builds a virtual reality around false assumptions. And that’s not a way really of interpreting life or understanding life so when we
want to come back to the Torah we’re trying to establish what are the forces
that are creating my experience and how did they work. So the word אלוקים (Elohi-m)
which is gematria (numerical value) of טבע (nature) refers to the structures within nature. The structures
within reality the forces within our very own being that are creating
whatever it is that God created and they continuously do so. So בראשית ברא אלוקים (In the beginning God created) didn’t stop six thousand years ago or whenever it happened בראשית ברא אלוקים (In the beginning God created) is a continuous experience of the forces of nature creating reality and
this happens continuously non-stop if it had if it stops for one moment. And the
forces of nature said ‘now I want to take a rest’ then everything we know
disappears. And this is not only outside of us, this is most importantly inside of
us because the spiritual reality is obviously at the base of the Jewish
religion it’s the base of any religion and understanding what the spirit is, how
it works and manifests that’s ultimately what brings
a person to a higher level of consciousness and allows him to really
be the being that that was created by nature and not an imagined being that
was created through a random philosophy that he came across in a book or
somewhere. So when we think about בראשית ברא אלוקים (In the beginning God created) we need to realize
the continuous significance of that statement. That whatever is happening
right now, whatever brought you into existence, whatever brought your parents
into existence and whatever brings your conclusions about life into existence –
these are all forces of nature forces of nature that according to our tradition
need to be understood. You need to have a relationship with them, preferably a good
one, otherwise they’ll punish you and once you start understanding how this
really works and you start going deeper inside and getting to know that being
which has been you the entire time but you have noticed then you’re starting to
make a spiritual connection with your neshama (soul). Now one of the basic
misunderstandings we have about spirituality is also the concept of
spirituality itself what is spirituality and for most people spirituality
something vague that’s not really definable it’s something you do for God
so now we’ve thrown that into the unknown domain – because if we don’t
understand God how are we going to understand spirituality how are we going
to know how to go about it and it could turn into very easily into a guessing
game of what am I supposed to do first how do I know which one’s right which
one’s wrong and if I can do everything right what should I drop first and this
is all because we don’t have a deep understanding of what it is we’re
dealing with it’s not real to us it’s not true it’s just conceptual its
intellectual and intellectual and intellectual world in a virtual reality
everything could be more important than everything else and there’s really no
way of defining it however in our reality where we are, there is two sides of the same coin which we call
a human being and the two sides of that coin is the physical side which we refer
to as the body which can be perceived by the five senses and the spiritual side
which we refer to as the soul: the nefesh the ruach, the neshamah the chaya, the
yechida – these are all different names for the same being they just have different
names for it as it evolves and it becomes more self-conscious it gets a new name. So what is that? What is the nefesh? Right? How do you define a nefesh? So
the closest thing we can we can have to understanding and nefesh is
understanding the language that the nefesh speaks and what is the language
that the nefesh speaks? The nefesh speaks and thought so every moment that
we are listening to something or we’re contemplating something we’re just awake
(conscious aware) something )right) the spiritual being that we know is there
because he’s talking right now but we cannot see that logic, that intelligence,
that being is our spiritual side so in all of life we’re going through life on
two dimensions constantly. And when I say dimensions I mean families of dimensions.
The physical – you’re physically doing the spiritual -you’re spirtitually thinking things You’re spiritually experiencing emotions your spirit is
spiritually coming to philosophical conclusions all these are spiritual
activities. And then we have a tool that can come from one world into the other
and can change worlds and it is the כח הדיבור the ability to speak. Speech can
dress spiritual concepts spiritual terms like we’re doing now as we’re talking.
Or speech can also address physical concept, physical terms; you can talk
about your body; you can talk about your business, you can talk about products and
things that you can feel, you can touch anything that goes under the domain of
the senses and we all know the five senses vision, sound, smell, taste and touch
which permeates the entire body. all these senses give you access to the
physical world. The senses of the spiritual world are all within your mind
within your brain and your brain has many different areas and many different
abilities and many different functions all these functions are spiritual
functions. And your brain is doing that and allowing you to perceive your
spiritual being .Now this seems fairly simple fairly straightforward (right?) and
if things were that clear and they’re easy then evil wouldn’t exist. so when we
actually look at life and we try to understand the process that’s causing us
the human experience we’ll notice that there’s a level of misunderstanding
going on within our own brains, within our own minds, within within our own
experience. There is a level of confusion, a level of misunderstanding that is
constantly causing us to get into areas that are uncomfortable for ourselves and
obviously none of us have any interest to feel uncomfortable. So if we’re
feeling uncomfortable it is because something outside of us or something
beyond us something we don’t fully understand is causing us to feel a
certain way. And this is where the Torah comes in. The Torah is here to heal people. to give chaim – to give life – through wisdom Because the Torah’s claim is that
if you understand how these forces work if you understand the spiritual forces
and you understand how they interact to create your experience you will be able
to improve the process so that your spirit can freely express itself to you.
And it will take out the guessing work that is involved in our spiritual
balance and the guesswork is simply because the language that we speak is
not a spiritual language so when we have certain feelings certain emotions
certain things that are happening outside of us which I have tremendous
leverage on us and they make us feel threatened that they make us feel
inferior these forces, these energies really don’t
have power over the human psyche, right? The human psyche is its own
own master it can decide whatever it wants and it can conclude whatever it
wants through the power of words, however, given the fact that we grow up amongst
other people and a lot of preconceived notions are put into our minds before we
even become become fully conscious . So then all these different energies, all
these different flows, all these different habits, all these different
ways of thinking and interpreting life start becoming obstacles in our way of
understanding who we are and what we are. To the extent that most people – if they
look at their lives they’re going to say life isn’t fulfilling its promise to me.
Life is not really giving me what I’d expect life to give. And obviously life only gives what life is supposed to give. Life has a wisdom and has a way
and it hasn’t changed ever. We’ve been evolving. Life hasn’t. The spiritual world is fixed. The spiritual world never moves – it only moves within the human experience. But the concepts, the principles of how life works remain the same. One plus one is two. Wherever you go on the map – if you fly to the moon – the
principles remain constant. But the experience changes. And the experience changes based on language. Based on the words we use to understand them. And based on the flow that comes to us from our spirit and it’s in its mood and its
feelings and its emotions and that causes our interpretation of what’s
happening around us. So Reb Tzadok here is starting to talk to us about these concepts of Hakadosh Baruch Hu. And the Schina. And he’s going to try to
describe to us in a very basic level how this unification takes place. What are these forces that we’re talking about. What’s being united and how are
they being united. He says: וביאורו הפשוט כמ”ש בריש פרק כיצד מברכין (ל”ה:) אביו הקב”ה ואמו כנסת ישראל וענין כנסת ישראל הוא האם ומקור השורש אשר משם התפשטות ולידת כל חלקי הנפשות מישראל. So he’s saying there is a portion of reality,
there’s a portion of our nature that has been invested within us. This is what drives us, this is what gives us the ability to feel, to experience, to be
aware, to be conscious. There’s something alive within us, right, that life, that
intelligence that knows itself and has the ability to make decisions and
actually come into existence and manifest the words and actions – that
life force is called the Shechina. The Schechina resides within all of us. However,
within most of us, and maybe today we can say within all of us, the Shechina is in galus (exile) What does it mean the Shechina is in galus (exile)? How can a spiritual concept
be in galus (exile)? A spiritual concept is in galus (exile) when
it’s misunderstood. So you don’t understand the life force within you and
you’re frustrating it, then the life force is captured within you and it’s in
galus (exile) and it wants to get out. Which means it wants to be understood. It wants
to know itself in a way where it can actually manifest its deepest desires
without having to run into obstacles and these obstacles are the
misunderstandings where you think something should be a certain way and
it’s not so if you try to manifest in that direction that thing which is
is not real is going to become a problem for you. The ultimate place where
we actually face reality is the day we leave the world. And that is why as we
live we become more and more conscious and we try to delve deeper and deeper
into knowing who it is we are beyond the body so that when we leave the body
we’re in a comfortable place, we’re in a place that we understand we’re in a place that’s familiar to us somewhat even though obviously the whole
background changes and many realizations come in at that time which we can’t be
ready for necessarily. However there is a certain understanding that we can have
about how life happens and how it manifests so that we don’t regret later
not living life in accordance with these principles. So that’s the Shechina. The Shechina is the part of God, כביוכל, (right) even though the word is not appropriate it’s the part of the Divine, it’s the part of
life, it’s the part of Eloh-im of the natural forces that is giving us life and this this portion of life is not unique to us (right?) life is within the
animals life is within the צומח within the trees and even the
inanimate objects even the elements have life in them. They have energy that make
them be the way that they are with all the different properties that they have.
However when we talk about a person connecting spiritually when we’re
talking about a person’s life we’re not talking about the physical
life. Life, like we said, there’s life on many different levels what the medaber (human)
what we have as an advantage over all the other forms of life is that we have
the intelligence we have the awareness and we have the language to become aware.
So that there can be an התגלות (revelation) of what it means to be alive and that’s
real life. that’s why the Torah is called Toras Chaim (a Torah of Life). It’s not Toras Chaim (a Torah of Life)
necessarily because it makes you physically live even though there’s a concept of the Torah creating the whole world and therefore it gives you life physically
in that sense. But the Torah that you learn is the Torah that wakes up that
part of you that can be self-aware and can understand itself – and that part of you becomes alive through Torah and that’s why we have this statement
רשעים שבחייהם קרויים מתים. That evil people even though they’re alive they’re
called dead. Why are they dead? Because they are not conscious. And so they’re alive.
they’re alive the way a monkey might be alive but they’re not alive the way
the human being is alive – where they’re self conscious and they realize what’s
really in their best interest and how to go about life in order to make that
happen. So the concept of Shechina is all of life that is manifest. All of life
that is manifest, all of life that we can relate to in an immediate sense relates
to Shechina it’s manifested the Divine energy {continuing the text} וידוע (and it’s known..) And now he’s going to get into that concept a little more.
חלק ד’ עמו ‘ We, the nation of Hashem were part of Him and He is part of us. שנפשות ישראל הם חלק אלוק The nefashos (souls) of Klal Yisroel (the Jews) they have a Divine portion. They have the ability to create – to
co-create with God (right) there’s different things that Chazal (sages) say that if you do them you become a שיתוף במעשה בראשית you become a partner
with God – creating the universe Creating life. {retuning to the text} It says- כמו שכתוב ויפח באפיו מאן דנפח מתוכו נפח. When He blew into his nostrils – the One who blows blows from himself Meaning, that the life within us, the life force within us – is a Divine life. now if you believe in the Greek concept of God in a philosophical God this idea is not logical. It doesn’t work. Because God can either be One or it can be multiple He can be or it will be and the you’re
never gonna get out of all these different philosophical questions that
might arise from this statement however like we said before these these
teachings come before Greek philosophy they come before our structured minds in
the way that we think and they’re very difficult for us to to contemplate
because we’re so used to thinking of life in a certain way however if we ever
want to understand what it is these people were writing thousands of years
ago we don’t have a choice but to start relating to reality the way that they
did and not to relate to reality the way that our mind is used to relating to it
that’s actually the barrier between us and reality. If we only think within a
certain philosophy, within a certain logic, within a certain way – we can miss
the entire point of life. so we have to really dig deeply into our most basic concepts of life and who we are and what we are. Things that maybe we understood
when we were very young. And we have to rewrite all those files so that we can
understand them as an adult because obviously
these were things these were concepts and wisdoms that people devoted their
lives to 100 years couple hundred years people before the you מבול (Flood) had people
lived for hundreds of years for 900 years and this nature this wisdom is so
deep that they’d never have a dull moment
but we’ve been disconnected from all this and in order for us to connect back
to this wisdom we have to be able to leave our perceptions of what’s real and
what’s not real and how our life really works and what this being inside of us
is really capable of and we have to start looking at life with an open mind
to see what is it really that is happening within us because one thing
that we all know about consciousness and maybe not everybody’s aware of it but
intrinsically we know is that that being inside of you he is whatever you believe
he is and he will act accordingly because you have a tremendous say about
what he is and what he does and therefore when your mind decides that it
is a certain way then lo and behold it is that way and that’s the power of
emunah (belief) now there’s different people
who have the Greek philosophical mind they want to see proof so they say, well,
if belief creates everything why don’t you prove to me that you can change
something physical. And although we do have a tradition that the prophets could
do that and we have a tradition that even though there were Tzaddikim a few hundred
years ago that were capable of doing that that is not a spiritual pursuit. By its
very nature that’s a physical pursuit that’s a person who hasn’t left the
interpretation of life that he received from his five senses. his mind, his
intellect hasn’t yet noticed that there’s somebody inside of him that is
not his five senses. there’s somebody inside of him that can do math. there’s
somebody inside of him that can give meaning to words. and that being is the
one we’re concerned with, so if you can change that being, you’re a spiritual miracle
worker. Even if you can’t change anything outside of you that’s irrelevant because
what we know from our tradition is that as soon as your body
is done, as soon as your spirit leaves the body and it removes itself from it.
whatever your five senses picked up while you’re going through life are not
relevant the only relevant part is how did it affect the being inside of you. So everything we do, everything we think, everything we speak gets recorded within
our being and that’s what we take with us to the next day to the next week to
the next year/ this defines us, this creates our character, creates our
personality. /So as we go through life we’re learning more and more about
ourselves, but this learning is not a learning that is external/ this learning
is us, it defines us and once we leave the body it defines us for eternity.
because this was our chance to sing this was our solo/ we sang for as long as we
sang and then we’re done/ then we reflect back and realize what really happened
and how it really affected the people around us and the rest of society and
the rest of the universe/ because every action has reactions that continue till
Eternity .///so the spiritual like we’re talking about now when we’re referring
to the Shechina is the התגלות (reveletion) the understanding of what reality
really is. and that is what is called התגלות השכינה or השראת השכינה. or on a lower level if somebody gets access to just certain parts of reality and doesn’t understandsonly a part of reality. That’s called רוח הקודש. (Ruach Hakodesh) רוח הקודש is when a person can perceive what’s real and what’s not real. He can differentiate because the
part of his nefesh (soul) that is responsible for that intelligence has woken up ./ until
that happens the person is perceiving reality but his responses to reality are
pre-recorded /they don’t really have that much meaning they’re not as deep for a
person to really understand how he makes conclusions about life /he really has to
observe himself for a very long time and to start noticing what are the patterns
of his mind and what’s causing him the trouble/ how does he get himself into
areas that are uncomfortable ?and if he identifies the mind patterns properly he
can basically shift to a different reality where he doesn’t have those
limitations anymore// so all this is about working with the shechina. {returning to the text} וכמו שכתוב ונתתי משכני בתוככם “I will give my Shechina (I will rest)” “within you.” אני ד’ השוכן אתם I am Hashem who rests within man.
Who rests within Klal Yisrael (the Jews) הוא חלק אלוק’ ממש השוכן בקרב כליות ולב נפשות ישראל. We are talking about the Divine Spark that rests within the kidneys and the heart of נפשות ישראל (Jewish souls.) The reason he mentions kidneys here is –
also something that was known very very widely thousands of years ago /and today
we’ve gotten so externalized we’ve gotten so chitzonistdik (external) that we have
no idea what’s going on inside of our bodies and how that affect consciousness/ but from the Sefer Yetzira – Everything that’s inside your body is affecting how
you think and feel and that includes obviously, the most important organs in
the body for decision-making which is the מוח the לב and the the כבד. The מוח is the brain, the לב is the heart and the כבד is the liver. These three are the main decision makers in the body. the מוח is the place where the neshamah
rests. and the neshama. When we talk about the neshama we’re talking about
your spiritual portion. /What is the spiritual portion? /Spiritual portion is
an intelligence that allows you to make decisions based on the criteria that youre receiving.
you’re receiving. So every neshama receives data all the time through the
five senses and through its own thoughts the conclusion that you make after you
get all that input that’s you. That’s unique to you and that has to do with your neshama. It has to do with your perspective. A new way of seeing – your way
of understanding life. However, you’re not getting a clean flow from your neshama. You’re not getting a clean flow from that intelligence. That intelligence is filtering through your middos, right? Your emotions – meaning – if you’re in a bad
mood you’re going to come to different conclusion than if you’re in a good mood
with the same information and it’s also filtering through your beliefs because
like we said before you are in charge of who you think you are
and that’s a belief. And when you think you are a certain way
even your neshama cannot override that It can make you feel extremely
uncomfortable so that you notice that something is wrong, but it cannot tell
you that what you’re thinking is wrong because it doesn’t have the language. It
has a language barrier -/ you believe that that that can’t be/ so any thought that might
come from your unconscious telling you a message of that nature will be filtered
out even before you notice it./ Your consciousness will not notice it. and
that is why beliefs are so powerful and so dangerous and everything that was
done with humanity from the moment that humanity became conscious until this day
was by working with beliefs and understandings /now beliefs are not
necessarily true or not true/ but beliefs are concepts (usually built from words)
that you accept that’s true /and once you accept them as true they will filter
whatever it is you experience and they will not allow you access to reality
anymore Once you have a belief it’s going to be
like it a גדר (wall)/ it’s going to be a gate and it’s not going to let you see
reality /so basic example: in the past right people observed /that if you plant
if you plant seeds if you plant whatever it is it’s going to grow /doesn’t grow
immediately it grows a time later /now if a person’s never seen this in action
it’s up to his belief (right)/ if he believes enough and what he was told
then he will plant/ if he doesn’t believe he’s never gonna plant and guess what if
he’s never gonna plants it is never gonna grow and he’s never gonna change his belief./
and that happens to us on a daily basis in many many different areas in our life
where we lock ourselves out from different possibilities because of our
beliefs./ and the most important area where this affects us is in our beliefs
in the spiritual – /and how we believe who created this world/ why did he create it?
is he a friend or an enemy? what does he really want? why are things so difficult
in this world? /why are people suffering why the hospitals are so full ?//all these
questions (right?) caused people to have certain beliefs./
these beliefs are going to dictate their experience in life/ and as events happen
they might change their beliefs/ but events will never tell you to believe
anything/ events are there for interpretation .the interpretation is
done by something beyond our beliefs which is our intelligence and below our
beliefs which is our emotions our middos (character traits) /it’s very important for a person that’s trying to grow spiritually –
the first thing he needs to realize is that we really know nothing about what
it means to be a human being / we really know nothing about how this life works,
how we ourself, work why we do the things we do, what can we do differently, what
are the possible experiences that you can have with this machine we call the
body – all these different things are beyond our ability to comprehend while
we’re at this level that we are at only after we leave many many believes that
we there have been ingrained in us from a very young age and we really
understand what those people were trying to tell us from from hundreds and
thousands of years ago only then that is do these ideas come to life these areas
of our brain that are necessary to be able to understand these concepts start
developing and then we can have more access to the spiritual domain to
understand how the my friend which is the mind and the Middle’s which is the
emotions cause our thoughts to be what they are and then from the thoughts it
bounces further and it causes our speech interaction and this is this is the
entire manifestation process of a human life which is happening constantly this
moment every thought every meaning you give to my words is unique to you and
only you I have no idea what is going on in your mind right now even though in my
mind I have a certain concept I’m trying to transmit in your mind you have your
initial interpreting those sounds into whatever it is it means to you hopefully
something useful and that is going to enrich your your future life your future
manifestations because you’re going to be more aware of what’s happening and
realizing that what’s happening is now necessarily what needs to continue
happening but you have a tremendous amount of control over what’s going on
even beyond your thought but only through understanding the spiritual
understanding how life works understanding who you really are
so that you can manifest intentionally and not unconsciously so we covered the
covered is delivered so oh so we started with the more the more the mark is the
neshamah and the neshamah is the intelligence after the intelligence
there’s the lathe the lave is the heart and the heart is in charge of the
emotions in the the basic primary emotions are love which is considered to
be to the right of the spiritual realm and fear which is considered to be at
the left these are the two emotions that drive all of life a good Society is
mostly fueled by love to the right and an evil Society or a difficult Society
to live in it is mostly fueled by fear these types of fuels these two fuels are
driving the entire world everybody is bringing is bringing home money or
bringing home goods bringing home whatever it is they need to bring on by
using these two primary animations of life right the body is just a fixed
entity a physical entity that has no interest in moving and these two the
emotions which are spiritual in nature and when the person starts feeling an
experiencing emotion it animates the body to manifest action because it now
wants to do something or wants to remove itself from somewhere whether it’s love
or fear and therefore the emotions will give fuel to the body and cause it to
work however love is a positive emotion that gives life gives good fuel to the
body and the bodies appreciates it and and feels better and more comfortable
more secure after a transaction that’s based on love and fears the opposite
fear is a is a force that takes life that makes you feel uncomfortable makes
you feel insecure and therefore it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a force that should
be used as last resort meaning if if love can
make things function then we’ll use some fear but the primary goal of a
civilization the primary goal of a society the primary goal of the
community is to be is to have enough wisdom to be able to configure is a flow
of life that is motivated by love and that all relates to the heart and the
heart when there’s too much fear it can go a little haywire and cause a Sholem
if it’s too much of that people people’s hearts give out also so the heart is the
one that tells you if you are okay with life or you’re resisting life
and that’s something that relates to the heart the liver the collate is where the
nefesh at same maahes we spoke before about the growing the living and the
speaking so the growing lives in the cover the covered is the head of your of
your tree which is your body it’s the head of making sure that the body grows
and all the actions according to desire gets filtered through the covered
because the covered has a very strong relationship with the blood and the
blood flows into the brain to allow us to think what we’re thinking and to
imagine what we’re imagining and that fuels the physical portion of our body
and that’s why they covered which relates that soweth relates to the
actual physical being the the body and the help the first layers the russia
terrace of the three organs we just described is mela maya flavin covered
because this mela is in charge of you it basically decides everything that
you’ve done until today was decided by these three organs and continuously what
you’re going to do going forward however you can gain control over this malik you
can become this manner or you can be dominated by it and this is what you
learn america refers to initially when it says toughest trollish rugs or ‘it’s
because of three things the the earth is angry and we know earth always refers to
the body three reasons why the body would be uncomfortable within
not a good situation and one of them is evident when a slave becomes a master
meaning that the consciousness within with with inside that being is not in
charge there are other forces there are habits there are misunderstandings there
are other things that are going on that are causing a manifestation that is
uncomfortable to the resident of that of that being to the actual mela that is
supposed to be on top if we want to look deeper these these three so we would say
that the covered and now we can look a little bit more at the spiritual aspect
of these three the covered RIP represents the nephesh the nefesh when
we call it knavish right so we like we said before the spiritual being is one
being you can’t slice it up but we can relate to it from different aspects like
we do with with the ultimate reality we can relate to our very own spirit from
different aspects and we’re going to talk about mostly the level of awareness
within that being so at the lowest level the Kuwait is the level of nephesh and
that awareness we all have we’re not fully conscious about it but we have the
awareness which is that we feel wherever there’s blood in our body we feel
conscious we feel awareness within our fingers within our legs and this is a
function of the blood this is a function that relates to deliver with the nephesh
rests and if a person were to stop the blood from any of his body parts so soon
enough he won’t feel that body part anymore the nephesh will not have access
to the body part because the circulation of the blood is no longer going into
that area so as nefesh has been disconnected from that body part the
Ruhr which lives in the lave is the basis of the word rooh canoes Rock Neos
spirituality and Judaism is actually called Rewa which we can call spirit or
even air physically because the reality is that within the physical air that we
breathe in our mind has the ability to project an illusion ation which we call
thought at the top of our brain and this this this ability this
projection lives within spirit that lives within a rua actual physical
oxygen that we breathe in goes into our lungs gets transferred into our blood
and where the heart pumps it up into the brain and then we get a flesh fresh raw
fresh ability to elucidate right the ability to think if that procedure if
that process of delivering oxygen to the brain is stopped for just a few minutes
the human being is out of commission because it doesn’t have the ability to
be conscious any longer and that’s because his blood does not contain fresh
oxygen and he’s ready red and imprinted everything he had to imprint on the
oxygen that really exists in his blood and it’s time for a new for a fresh dose
which is which he doesn’t have so his connection to life is through Rua and
this is why in the time of kazow and even before that the time of the Toyota
rock has a very used word it’s a word that’s very misunderstood but it’s a
word that’s used in the Toyota many many times I would say that it’s actually
advised if somebody has the time to look up the different places in the Toyota
where the word Rock has used and try to understand how that what that experience
was of the Ruhr so besides just having the basic differentiation between roukoz
royce which means bad spirits and Rufus toy boys but there’s there’s something
called Rua Hashem there’s something called raha Kadesh there’s something
called there’s different drugs like the apostle says below our love shells are
mooses or some people say this and Matsu shabbos that there’s a rock the dress
tamer by by Shimshon it says – yo hashem la palm oil that in his heart started
beating with the raha sham there’s a new heart beating him through the work of
God – the wrath of the divine that woke within him and he started living in a
different level a different consciousness and it motivated him to do
different things so that’s the level of rock this rock
takes its intelligence takes its ability to differentiate and to be aware and to
make decisions from the neshamah a neshama is the
intelligence within us there is a divine intelligence meaning if we were if we
vibrate at the level of neshama when we look at life we think of life the same
way that they create a thought of life and therefore whatever we think is right
and this is the level that that nevere made access to whether it could go up
into the level of neshama and the neshamah is powered the intelligence of
the neshamah is powered by something called the National Energy AMA which is
a college berroco or sometimes it’s called kiya the level of life
undifferentiated life just pure life without any conditions I’m like this I’m
like that I’m this one I’m that one I just AM I’m alive that’s the level of
higher and the lovely of your heater’s even beyond that there is no I there is
not there’s just there’s just pure pure consciousness pure being I can’t relate
to it really because I don’t understand how it works but we know it’s there so
when a person goes through the levels of rising within his own being and
understanding who he is eventually he realizes that he is an integral part to
everything else there’s really no separation there’s no different reality
the difference that we feel is simply in our minds because we recorded words that
make us feel different because we were given an identity that makes it make us
feel separate and this is because the people talking to us when we were young
we’re talking to us out of the base of Greek philosophy of misunderstanding
life and therefore they made us feel a certain way about ourselves which is
actually very unhealthy according to our tradition so this is so so this is the
different levels and this is obviously the neshamah relates to the Maya where
the intelligence lives and so this is the level of Mela if you look at the
other end of the words of Maya craving covered you’ll find Chabad which is
coffin bean and ass so Moyock the hairs from the mark
creates the hoffmans in the which is in the mind and the base from lave creates
the bina which is in the heart and the Dalit from covet is the dust which is
but where both of them come together to create the actual consciousness the
understanding of life that we have on a daily basis what’s that Oh
so the claw is the closer mentioned it I disclose your artists clothes give
advice and the reason they’re called your arts is that they give advice is
because everything in our body functions based on our thoughts and there are
different the different ways of proving this obviously people get sick through
stress and through fatigue so that’s that’s an easy way of proving it people
also get excited people get people have different physiological physiological
changes based on their mindset I think that’s easily observed so within that
bodily spiritual language the clothes which physically clean the blood and
remove urine and and make sure that the blood has whatever it needs to be to
give the brain a balanced experience that balance can be changed can be off
so if the clothes are not doing their job the brain gets the more experience
that’s moment to stuff that’s not pleasant you know have a clear mood you
don’t have a clear mind that’s why people used too fast in order to have
that clear perception so that they can really delve into what it is they’re
thinking and they can understand themselves so a sluggish brain somehow
has to do with the clothes with the with the kidneys so therefore people are
spiritually in tune they would be able to tell based on their kidney function
if what they believe is properly aligned with their nature or not so they could
by the way tell as they’re thinking or believing things that are not within
their nature they can feel within their within their consciousness that moat
that the mind is not fully calmed the man’s not the same way that it’s
supposed to be and that would tell them how to shift their consciousness and
their thoughts and their perceptions in order to find balance again within their
being and I coined the causal this is how of roma vino found the truth because
he didn’t have a toy at the time he learned that he learned with shame and
aether but chairman ava were not necessarily Jewish
the tremendous amount of wisdom that came from before the marble the
Hoffman’s been academ which is where we have most of ours to logical wisdom from
we have astronomical wisdom with these people leave lived for long lifespans
and they had a much deeper understanding of what it means to be human and how
life looks before there are words before you can be manipulated by other people
but simply from the experience of life itself what it means so for these people wisdom was their way of life but Avraham
Avinu was trying to find the ultimate route of wisdom to trying to find out
the route of himself basically he used his kidneys well I’ll say Nassif
strictly ossification era bone him his two kidneys became like two teachers
and through them he learned everything there is to know about reality so so the
kidneys and like I said all the body parts are involved in consciousness
there’s nothing there that’s just there for physical function all the physical
functions are spiritual functions like the everything that happens to the blood
will affect your perceptions it will affect your imagination and you can see
this in the language because the word Des Moines comes from the source
root of the word dumb so dumb is blood and Des Moines is when blood manifests
into spirit that becomes a Des Moines and they said it’s like a similarly
thing – owl which means above an element which means the one who is above so the
same way dumb Endymion have the same relationship and when the mind sees when
the mind receives blood flowing through it it reads it and it writes in it all
right it’s influenced by it and it influences it and then the mind has to
be map can bend down the dumb bend then lead in Benegal or Nega to understand
what is it that is real what is it that is fake and what is it there is causing
damage to my spiritual physical being and how can i heal it and that’s
ultimately the the wisdom that goes back to the people who actually understood
the body understood the mind we see these things in Egypt for example how
they can we preserve a body for thousands of
years at enough today they even have the the ability to do that and today we’re
very advanced however it’s a whole different type of advancement it’s an
advancement that according to the toy is actually driving backwards because the
physical side of reality is the easy side you need food you need sleep you
have some basic functions that you need to take care of and you’re fine however
the spiritual is much more complex and it takes much longer to actually become
familiar with it and therefore in the old in the olden times when people were
not so confused they were designated the entire life to understanding the spirit
and in the current life we designate our entire life to survive to keep our body
floats we have food and we have shelter and that’s completely upside-down
however technological advancement did make survival very easy and many
different ways so when the spiritual becomes alive again it will have a very
good resting place a very good CLE where it can live it can live in a comfortable
place but the ultimate goal the ultimate idea of us studying Torah and the reason
why I tour is so treasured and the welcome because I’ll give to somebody
learn study or Amish unlimited and and that’s because only through healing the
spirit will we be able to realize the ancient wisdom we will be able to
realize what it is that much of a know and Kazaa we’re actually trying to
impart in us and through that we’ll be able to to get closer to the to the
final redemption which will happen speedily within our days so I think
we’re going to finish here for now we didn’t describe a college bar for yet we
only described the screener however it’s very important to get the
basics concept of spirituality and and what we’re really talking about before
we delve into more terminology because otherwise if a person doesn’t know where
we are and what we’re talking about and how it relates to him here and
so it becomes an intellectual exercise and it’s not really effective so without
the shell next week we’ll try to get into the kitchen really more to
understand what is this unification that we’re talking about and how does that
affect us and how can we help that happen sooner feeling does not see me in wickedness
talk about kidneys we’re talking about a person who can actually differentiate
it’s not just a regular guy saying oh my god tells me this can be based on she’s
just afraid you got starts talking to you and you’re afraid really and you
know somebody scares you your stomach is gonna tell you wrong doesn’t mean that’s
the best idea no

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