January 17, 2020
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Daily Assemblies: Deepening Relationships Through Ritual and Recognition

>>Tim: Creating this strong sense of community inside our
school empowers our students to transform their mentality. Creating that positive culture
is something that we’ve done that has been very, very effective.>>Every morning we start our school
day with something we call Community. And really, that’s a celebration
of our students’ assets. It’s stand up in front
of the entire school, all your classmates, and be applauded.>>Gregory: Community is a time for
all the young men to gain some sense of self, but also a sense
that you’re not in it alone.>>Dion: We’re able to see one
another’s faces every day, and we’re able to come
together as a family. It’s the ritual, it’s the relationship,
and it’s also a little respect.>>The drums start Community. We always try to make the
connection with something that is historically
significant in their culture. So now we’re going to
line up, come to order.>>Dion: Good morning.>>Students: Good morning.>>Dion: How are my black
and brown, beautiful and intelligent young men today? Very, very good. Let’s check in.>>Quintin: We check our uniforms to
make sure that we’re nice and neat. We’ll all walk around and
shake each other’s hands and basically greet each other.>>Dion: It is time to show
your brother some love.>>Gregory: The togetherness,
that’s a big part of Community. It just gives a different
type of feel to the connection between student and teacher.>>Quintin: Just getting to cooperate
with people and seeing them every day and shaking their hands, I start
to get like, “Hey, I know this guy. I can’t talk to him in the future.”>>Tim: We like to focus on our young men
as assets, as opposed to the negatives that society so often focuses on
when it comes to young black males.>>Dion: We’re celebrating those young
men who have reached the 4.0 mark. Give it up.>>Teacher: At least three days a week,
we distribute gold ties to our students.>>Deveon: If you receive a gold
tie, that means that a teacher or staff member has recognized you for
doing something that was exceptional over the course of the week, so then
you get to wear a gold tie for a week.>>Dion: These young mathematicians have
risen to the occasion when called upon.>>Deveon: In my math class, I was seen
as an outstanding student and sometimes if I see one of my fellow
students struggling, I’ll try to help them as much as I can.>>Lionel: We want to celebrate you
for being excellent in your classes, for showing academic growth, for being
a great citizen, for having a commitment to doing the right thing, for
getting accepted to college.>>Tim: Then we end Community every day
with reciting the Urban Prep creed.>>Deveon: We believe.>>Tim: The creed was
developed by our first group of teachers and administrators. We asked ourselves, what do we
want our students to believe? And those eighteen lines of
that creed are the answer.>>Gregory: It’s important that we say
it every morning, so that they get in ingrained in their minds.>>Gregory: Some students see the
true value in the creed, instantly.>>Gregory: And for some, it may be
like, why do we have to say this?>>Gregory: It’s all about
that maturing and growth.>>Timothy: As I was going through it, I realized that I was
becoming more responsible, and a lot of the core values
that we were drilled every day in community were actually
becoming a part of my life.>>Teacher: When they leave community,
feeling good about themselves and being an Urban Prep student,
it’s more likely that they actively and positively engage
in the academic process.>>Tim: If you create rituals within
your school that are uniquely yours, a student feels like they are
part of something special. It’s an experience they
can’t get someplace else.>>Lionel: You believe in their
greatness and you celebrate them, but you also hold them accountable.>>Deveon: If I was to ever slack
off, I know that I have hundreds of other people who would
get on me about it. We’re all brothers so
we just help each other. It’s all uplifting.

Otis Rodgers



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