December 13, 2019
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Dao in a Min28 What Daoists believe

Hi I’m Lao, welcome to the next Dao in a minute .okay so I want to talk about a concept that i think is pretty severe in the foremost of most people’s minds who know nothing about Daoism and maybe they picked up a Tao Te Ching, the second most translated book in the world after the Bible. What is Dao? what does it even mean? obviously the character you can read anywhere means The Way. The way of what? the way of everything and we talked about this in previous episodes but let me get a little more fundamental if I can what does a Daoist care about? the answer that is as complex and it’s myriad and has more strata than you can imagine simply because for every Daoist following the way, there’s a different way to do that, and some confuse it with having their own Dao and there’s the great Dao, it depends on how you look at it. But what a Daoist cares most about in the beginning is one thing: finding and reuniting with their own original nature, original nature is everything when you’re born into this world and as a newborn you have what’s called your true nature that nature is identical to the nature of the Dao but then as we become a child and we learn things like spiders, and we learn things like ladder, we learn things like grass and self and other becomes differentiated, then we come into our original nature which is the nature of who you are in this incarnation this lifetime. and then we go to the teen angst ears and oh my goodness Johnny Rotten crotch won’t talk to me anymore and so we break up our original nature we start to make our identity, and our identity is how we come to get our connection and we start to feel important how we get our security and how we get all the different lessons in various ways, and then we grow and we make what’s called our identity and that identity is removed from our original nature because we’re afraid that if we live who we are, and people see us for who we are we won’t be loved, and we have all the anecdotal evidence to say that but it’s not true. So the first step is not going right back to our original nature, it’s becoming what’s called a whole person so all those things you say: that can’t be me, no way, or people say oh my god this is the most amazing thing in the world that’s me. It’s all of you every bit of it is you and that what you get rid of, your going to project onto other people they that’s a terrible person. that’s you. the the things you say when you’re feeling small and insignificant you say oh no I wish I could be like that, that you too it’s all until you embrace and bring it all together can you call a true person or an actualized person, a realized person, or even just a whole person you will not be able to get onto your original nature and your original nature is why you were born to be here. Birds fly, that’s their nature. Penguins don’t, that’s their nature a penguin is not ostracized by the other birds and made fun of, because they don’t have a mind. It is your mind which carves your block and makes you the half person you are, losing your mind coming to your senses helping you to be a whole person, and then figuring out what to do with that. My distance education, my in-person classes, all my workshops are about helping people to become whole people. You already are everything you need it’s not changing the world is changing yourself and changing so that you can accept and come to understand who you are, that that’s okay and then what amazing things you could do with it. ok that’s enough for this time next time we’ll talk more about original nature and will go a little bit into some different concepts and areas ok? until then we’ll see you next time on Dao in a minute

Otis Rodgers