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Did God really say? (Creation Magazine LIVE! 5-14)

Even many Christians wonder whether Genesis should be read as a historical narrative or not.
Did God really say? This week on Creation Magazine LIVE! Welcome to Creation Magazine LIVE! My name is Richard Fangrad and I’m Calvin Smith.
Our topic this week is: Did God really say? How are we supposed to understand Genesis? You may have heard this in the past, something like this…“Genesis should not be read as real history.
It is just a poetic account of the creation of the universe given to the simple and unscientific
Hebrew culture who would not have understood the sophisticated theory of evolution”.
These kinds of statements are commonly used among theistic evolutionists for example, those who believe God used evolution to create over millions of years, to convince others that Biblical creationism is untenable
in our modern scientific world. It’s actually a circular argument. Because by assuming
evolution is true, you assume that people were “simpler” in the past, and that means they
wouldn’t understand complicated theory of evolution so then God kept
it really “simple” for them. So its a circular argument. But if you assume that the history of the Bible
is true, then you understand that people started off incredibly bright and have been
suffering from degeneration ever since that time. Yes. Now as far as the idea that evolution
is too complicated for simple folks to understand, a Canadian book designer got a book out to teach evolution to children ages 8–13. That may come as a surprise to some of these people. Its called;
‘Evolution: How We and All Living Things Came to Be’ by author Daniel Loxton. And it won the 2010 Lane Anderson Award in the young reader science category and was a finalist for the prestigious
Silver Birch Award. So they are teaching this sophisticated theory to quite young people. It seems to work and it’s receiving rave reviews from skeptic and pro-evolution groups. Here are some comments from some leading atheists and evolutionist
sources, one was: “An excellent resource for both students and teachers … and fills a gap
in books about evolution for this age group.” And another one: “Loxton hits the key concepts perfectly, and without being stuffy about it.” And here is another one: “Explains the facts simply without distorting the science for the young reader.” OK so it is possible. The book review on the overtly atheistic
states this; “Can something as complex and wondrous as the natural world be explained by a simple
theory? The answer is yes … ” Similarly, if evolution was the way God created
why couldn’t Moses have written something like; “In the beginning the Lord created
the first living thing, and this creature’s offspring changed slowly over time, eventually
becoming every living thing across the entire earth”.
That would have been pretty easy to communicate and understand. I mean it’s the same stuff
they are teaching kindergarten children today minus the “God” part. There were also many Hebrew words that God
could have used in Genesis to communicate vast eons of time—if that’s what He had intended. Surely
adults comprehending complex laws like those in Deuteronomy for example, could have understood such straightforward concepts? These ideas are now taught to kindergarten
age children all over the western world, such as Loxton’s own son. He quotes, he says; “I’ve got a five-year-old son and when I tell him that he’s actually part of the same family as everything else
on Earth that has ever existed, that understanding kind of shines out of his eyes … ”
So, what’s his key to communicating to young people? He says:
“The trick to writing for kids, he said, is not to dumb it down. “They just need
the best information available,” he said. “Keep it simple, but make it true.”“
And of course we agree, we don’t agree with his information that he’s giving, that’s why we produce Creation magazine. CMI produces Creation magazine. That’s why we have Creation Magazine LIVE!, and of course we’ve got accurate material for all ages, just go to our web store! As a matter of fact it only takes a person of say average intelligence to understand
what Genesis plainly says. It’s only when people try to add millions of years and evolution
that it becomes difficult and complicated to understand. Perhaps doubters in a plain reading of Genesis
should understand we don’t need to look to sources outside of the Bible to interpret
it. God kept it simple, and of course its true! We don’t need scientists that don’t believe God’s word is true to take information and give it to us so that now we can somehow discover what the Bible was supposed to plainly say. And we’ll be back in sixty seconds… Copying the
work or design of another person, without
giving them due credit, is called plagiarism. But even though plagiarism is widely regarded
as a terrible thing, ironically, it has actually inspired a whole new field of science known
as biomimetics. As the name suggests, biomimetics involves mimicking or copying designs seen
in the biological world. For instance, the geometric eyes of lobsters
have inspired X-ray telescope design and the amazing properties of spider silk are inspiring
chemists in the production of ultra-strong materials.
Since scientists are continually uncovering excellent examples of design in nature that
are worth copying, isn’t it reasonable to conclude that our Creator must have designed
them? And if they are copying the work of a Creator,
and not giving Him due credit—isn’t that just another form of plagiarism?
Romans chapter 1 speaks of those who do not honor God for what He has created. To find out more from Creation Ministries International visit our website If you’ve just tuned in, this week we are talking about Genesis. Is it historical?
Many Christians around the world today believe that God used the big bang and processes of
stellar evolution and gradual geological change over millions of years, those kinds of things, to make the world what it is today. Some people also believe that God used the process
of neo-Darwinian evolution to bring the different life-forms into existence. The former are
called progressive creationists and the latter are called theistic evolutionists.
Now when confronted with what the Bible says about origins, many of these Christians have argued
that God couldn’t have communicated that He created in this manner to people in a pre-scientific age. That’s what we were talking about in the last segment. They say that Genesis, was written in that way because the ancient Hebrews, for instance, would not have understood today’s
sophisticated cosmological, geological and biological theories. That’s what they’re saying…
Let’s explore this a little more deeply by using the simple vocabulary of Genesis
to show how God could have said it, if indeed He had created as progressive creationists
or theistic evolutionists imagine. See if this sounds right to you as we read
this re-rendering of Genesis. “When God began to create the heavens and the earth,
he expanded a small grain of dust and said, “Let there be light.”
And it eventually became so. From this grain of dust, over many great ages he formed the
stars and then the sun and finally, after a long age, the earth and the moon. And the
earth was hot and dry. There was no water anywhere on the earth. Very nice, OK so to continue on;
“Slowly, God caused the seas to come forth, and from the water he formed exceedingly small
creatures in the sea and he said, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and be slowly changed into fish
and plants of the sea and creeping things and animals and plants on the land and birds
in the sky’.” “And after thousands upon multiplied thousands
of years, as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore, it was so.” Seems pretty easy to understand. Yes! Let’s continue; “But in those days there were terrors on the land and in the sky, and many also fell prey
to a host of terrible plagues. Animals were eating each other, and killing
with poisonous stings, and from time to time many of the creatures that God had made died
and were buried and were no more. But new ones arose to take their place.”
“Then after a further number of long ages, God said, ‘Let us make man in our image.’
So God took one of the animals that had arisen, which looked like a man but was not, and God
breathed His spirit into this creature so that it was changed into a man.
And God called the man Adam. In like manner God made a woman also and Adam called her Eve.
And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.’ And it was so. And
from this first pair came all the people of the earth. Wow this is really sophisticated. Hard to understand. “And after many generations those people who lived in the land around the Tigris and
Euphrates rivers, called Assyria, became exceedingly wicked. God found only Noah to be righteous
on the earth. And He said, ‘I will send a flood to destroy all the sinful people.’
So God told Noah, ‘Take your wife and your three sons and their wives and your animals
and move to the land that I will show you. There I will protect you from the flood that
will soon come upon Assyria and this people’.” Its hard to say… Here we go; “And Noah and his family obeyed God and they
alone were saved, along with their animals. All the other people in that land of Assyria
died, along with some of the creatures there. The birds which had flown away once the waters
began to rise returned soon after. And Noah and his family multiplied and gradually divided
into different languages and tribes and spread over all the earth. From one of those tribes
God called a man named Abraham … .” And now we’re up to Genesis 12. So there is a rewriting, well a summary of Genesis 1–11. Done according to what theistic evolutionists or day-age theorists etc would say. Now having read this fictitious re-writing of Genesis 1-11, is someone then reads the biblical text, the contrast is pretty stark.
If God created over millions of years and flooded the earth with merely a local flood
in the Mesopotamian Valley, modern-day Iraq, He could not have been more misleading in the way that God actually wrote the Bible. Exactly. I mean this is kind of funny and it was kind of hard to read it that way actually because its… That’s understandable, if evolutionists are sure millions of years happened it could have been written in the way we just did this little paraphrase, crazy thing here. And its understandable. That’s right, absolutely would have been understandable, it wouldn’t have been hard for God to actually display it this way. And it just shows that this argument that we so often hear from theistic evolutionists and so on, it just doesn’t hold any water at all. So, something for people to consider if you do get confronted with this argument. And we will be back in about sixty seconds to discuss it more… Creation magazine is a 56-page full-colour family magazine that is an essential tool
for anyone wanting to ‘immunize’ their family against the anti-biblical worldviews
bombarding us from all sides. With no paid advertising, every page of Creation magazine
is full of powerful articles, ammunition to intelligently discuss nature, history, science,
the Bible, and related subjects. Although written for laypeople, every effort
is made to ensure the content is technically accurate so that even experts are satisfied.
And young children look forward to the section written especially for them.
Visit to get your subscription! On this week’s episode we are talking about
how to interpret Genesis. Could it be something other than a historical narrative?
We just showed how Genesis could have been written if God created over millions of years,
or used evolution. There’s a huge contrast between that and the way the text is written, you can see that. However, if God:
1. created the universe and everything in it in six literal days about 6,000 years ago,
then 2. cursed the whole creation when Adam sinned
and then about 1,600 years later 3. judged the whole world with a global, catastrophe, a
world-rearranging Flood at the time of Noah and then
4. supernaturally created different languages at the Tower of Babel to precipitate the formation
of nations; then we’ve got to ask this question: if God really
did all this, how could He possibly have said it more clearly than He has in Genesis? Let’s go through some verses and try to
imagine what God should have said if Genesis was really supposed to take place in an evolutionary
fashion. We’ll read that version and put the actual biblical text beside it. Let’s
start with Genesis 1:5. And there was evening, and there was morning—the first eon. That’s an interesting verse. Genesis 1:14–19. And I encourage people if you’re sitting at home right now, take your Bible out, Look up the Bible verses and then see the contrast. Genesis 1:14-19. And God said, “Let lights in the vault of the sky appear to separate
the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and
years, and let lights appear in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth.
And it was so. God caused the two great lights to appear
as the cloud cover slowly dissipated—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser
light to govern the night. He had also made the stars back in the First Eon long before
the Earth. God allowed them to appear in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth,
to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was
good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the fourth eon. OK. The fourth eon. Because some people are saying God didn’t create the sun on day 4 because that doesn’t fit the evolutionary scenario so He just revealed it on day 4. OK let’s have a look at Genesis 1:26–28. Then after as many years as the number of grains of sand, God said,
“Let us make man in our image.” So God took one of the animals that had arisen over these vast ages, which looked like a man but was not, and God breathed His spirit into this
creature so that it was changed into a man. In like manner God took a female hominid and
made a companion for Adam. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill
the earth.” And it was so. And from this first pair, and from so many others like them, came all the people of the earth. Well you’d have to re-write it to make it fit with…anyway… How about Genesis 1:29–31. Now we’ve covered this a little bit before but I’ll add a little bit. But in those days there were terrors on the land and in the sky and in the seas, and many also fell prey to a
host of terrible plagues. God gave humans and animals to each other for food.
Some plants and animals killed with poisonous stings and bites, and from time to time many
of the creatures that God had made died and were buried and were no more.
But new ones arose to take their place. Animals and humans suffered from gout, osteoporosis,
and bone cancer, and God called this “very good”. He called it ‘very good’? Well see that’s the problem with any of these… At the end of Creation…. At the end of His creation all of those diseases were taking place as God was creating over millions of years. And its all very good. Let’s try another one, Genesis 2:7- Then the Lord God took a few thousand hominids formed from ape-like ancestors through evolution and breathed in them, and they became spiritual beings. Now there is a contrast between the day-agers who believe there were ape-like hominids and then God breathed… or the evolutionary scenario where there was hundreds and they all… Genesis 7:18–23. This is the Flood. The waters rose and increased greatly on the land, and the ark floated on
the surface of the water. They rose greatly on the land of Mesopotamia, and all the mountains
under the sky were covered. Every living thing in that land that moved
perished—birds, livestock, wild animals, all the creatures that swarm over the earth,
and all mankind. Everything in the area that had the breath of life in its nostrils died.
Every living thing on the face of the country was wiped out; people and animals and the
creatures that move along the ground and the birds were wiped from the area. Only Noah
was left, and those with him in the ark, were safe—as well as all those living in the
rest of the world unaffected by this flood. Once again you can see the absurdity of this.
More when we get back. What does a cow have in common with a compass
needle? The answer is that both of them “know” the orientation of the earth’s magnetic
field. No, this isn’t crackpot science. In 2008,
the prestigious journal, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, published
research documenting how cows grazing in a field have a tendency to align themselves
with the earth’s magnetic field. And this phenomenon isn’t just limited to
cows. Many animals including deer, birds, turtles, bats, and even some bacteria, can
sense the earth’s magnetic field for alignment or navigation.
The fact that so many living things have this ability is rather ironic, considering that
the famous evolutionist J.B.S Haldane once said that evolution couldn’t produce magnets.
Just as man-made magnetic compasses are the product of forethought and design, so, too,
the magnetic sensing in animals points to an intelligent designer.
To find out more from Creation Ministries International visit our website Our subject this week is how should Genesis be understood? Well, we’ve been comparing how Genesis should or could have been written if evolutionary processes had actually occurred instead of
Biblical creation, what the text actually says. Here’s a few more that will make you think, or cringe, whatever the case may be.
By the way, this is satire, please don’t take offense. We are stating things this way
to highlight the respect people should have for God’s Word. OK? Now here’s a famous verse, Proverbs 1:7- The empirical method is the beginning of knowledge. A little off there. Proverbs 3:5- Trust in science with all your
heart, and do not lean on the LORD”s understanding. That’s the way I memorized it. Proverbs 29:25 The fear of man is most important for today’s Christians to maintain academic respectability, but he who trusts in the Lord
is naïve. Ouch! Yes. John 3:12- If I [Jesus] have told you earthly
things like the fact that Adam and Eve existed “from the beginning of creation” and the
global Flood really “occurred”, and I’m wrong, don’t worry; just believe me anyway
if I tell you heavenly things. Yeah, amazing. John 5:47- But if you do not believe his, referring to Moses’, writings, it’s not a problem, because you can believe my [Jesus’] words anyway.
How about Acts 17:11- Now these [Berean] Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica, for they
received the word with all eagerness, examining the word and the scriptures daily to test
them against uniformitarian science and reinterpreting them accordingly. That’s what we ought to do right? Be like the Bereans…Romans 1:20- For since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities—his eternal
power and divine nature—have been invisible in nature, which looks like the results of
survival of the fittest, so unbelievers have a good excuse. Wow, that’s a powerful one. If God created evolution then non-believers do have an excuse. If you can’t look at God’s creation and determine that design implies a designer, that there’s a Creator there then you get that as a result. Crazy! Romans 8:20–22- For the creation was always afflicted with futility because of him who
created it that way, in hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to
corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.
For we know that for millions of years, even billions, the whole creation has been groaning
as in the pains of childbirth until now. Here’s another one; Romans 12:2- Be conformed to this world and
be transformed by the renewal of your mind towards secular academic thinking.
2 Corinthians 10:5- We affirm arguments and every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God,
and make Christian teachings captive to every scientific thought. that’s about it isn’t it. Amazing. Here’s another one; Colossians 2:8- Absorb modern philosophy, and make sure you follow the tradition of
men according to the rudiments of the world, and accordingly judge the teachings of Christ. Doesn’t it come down to that? Backwards. Christians judging God’s word? 2 Peter 3:3–7- You must understand that
in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. They
will say, “Where is this ‘coming’ he promised? Ever since our ancestors died, everything
goes on as it has since the beginning of creation.” But long ago by God”s word the heavens came
into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water. And by these waters also
one locality of that time was deluged and destroyed, but these scoffers understandably
forget that because this local flood left no trace. That’s about it. And those are the ways those verses could be re-written if evolution or progressive creation is true. Ya and I think there is probably a bit of ‘ouch’ factor there even as we read those things. Doesn’t it just kind of…to me even speaking them…its a parody, its satire but this is God’s word that many Christians are actually reinterpreting that way. If you actually study what they are saying that’s the way it would have had to be written. We’ve got a brand new book that just came out.. Well we’re recording this in 2015 for broadcast next year but ‘The Genesis Account’ is the Rolls Royce of Creation books. It is a verse by verse commentary from Genesis 1-11. It does what normal commentaries do. It draws the meaning from the text faithfully using the original Hebrew and so on and it brings in the science. You can get that at 30% off when you check out at Use the code CMLGA, Genesis Account, and you’ll get 30% off of this amazing resource. We’ll see you in a minute… Creation Ministries International edifies
the body of Christ by providing more than 30 years of Bible-supporting scientific research
delivered through speaking engagements, books, magazines, and a variety of media, much of
which is archived on our website Did you know that if you read 3 articles on each day it would take over 7 years to read them all! Such a wealth of information
didn’t arise by chance however; we do this through the faithful prayers and gifts of
our supporters which also fund ongoing research. Support the building up of the Church by partnering with CMI. Donate today at OK welcome back. To round things out here we are going to look at a feedback. We often get emails and letters into our office globally, there’s 7 offices around the world, Creation Ministries, and here’s one that came in, the title we put on it is ‘Is God obscure and arbitrary in what He wants from us?’ And the letter that came in, the email that came in, a little bit pointed but here is what this person said; Start with an analogy. “You walk into a classroom. On the blackboard, the teacher has written on the board, ‘You have one hour to find out what the color of the box is’. You are given 4200 books which were written thousands of years ago—all of which stating that the box is a particular color. You try asking the teacher questions about the box, but he does not reply. At the end of the hour, teacher then rewards the students that guessed the right color and then sends the rest of the children to detention. You argue that it was logical to say that you didn’t know because you knew nothing about the box (where it was, where it came from, etc). But this isn’t a good enough excuse and you are sent to detention. How is this fair? the person asks? ‘This is exactly how God treats his children’ they state. If you do not believe this is fair, then god is unfair, and why do you believe? I’ve actually heard this kind of argument used from someone that used to call themselves a Christian. It’s popular, they’ve phrased it in an interesting way here but it a popular argument… So one of our folks, CMI’s Shaun Doyle responded this way, “There is little correspondence between your parable and how God treats us. For a start, your story assumes that God has left us completely in the dark about His power and majesty, which Christianity denies. We don’t need the Bible to know we have a moral obligation to worship God and give thanks to Him, and we don’t need the Bible to know we fall far short of honouring Him properly: And then he quotes from Romans 1:18-21. Which is the whole key here. “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of people who suppress the truth by their unrighteousness, because what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, because they are understood through what has been made. So people are without excuse. For although they knew God, they did not glorify him as God or give him thanks, but they became futile in their thoughts and their senseless hearts were darkened” This ties in to what our topic was today. It does yes. Because the scripture makes it very clear that we can know God exists because of what He made and so when Christians adopt evolution which is really saying no, nothing’s has been designed, nothing has been created it just happened through naturalistic forces you’ve given people like this an excuse. So you’ve taken this passage here in Romans 1 and just chucked it basically. Chucked it which means you don’t have an answer to questions like this that the person has put forward. We live in an information age right? If people are wondering about how they can be reconciled to God, the biggest question that anyone will ever face is “How can I escape the wrath of a Holy God against my sin?”, against what I have done against God. That is the biggest question anyone can face. We live in an information age, that information, the answer to how to do that, to how to be saved is everywhere! Go to Google. Its all over the place. Name a Christian website that doesn’t have a Gospel message. Its all over the place. People have no excuse and you see that as well in nature. So we will see you next week and hopefully this was a good way to help you understand why this was important.

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