December 6, 2019
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Discover New Voice and Health Technologies in Our Digitally Connected Health and Wellness i-HOME™

hello I'm an old shirt and I'm here in Orlando Florida at the hem show where we've created a demonstration intelligent home there's a lot of technologies in this home and I'm just going to take a few minutes to introduce you to a few of them so one of the first devices I want to talk about is this device from Amazon it's an Alexa but it's an Alexa with the screen and at the show today we have this set up with something from the Mayo Clinic so I'm just going to ask Alexa to show me something about first aid Alexa open Mayo first aid welcome to nail'd first aid the information provided is notice so what's nice about this device is in addition to talking to me it's giving me screens of information so it's popped up now with a number of things I might want first aid about and I can select from this list so I could go to Burns I could go to broken bone I could go to fainting fever heart attack and whichever one I say Alexa will then take me on this app to more details about that particular issue the next device on the counter here is called pillow and it is one of a number of devices on the market that will dispense meds that can be programmed to dispense meds according to our predefined schedule what's particularly unique about this though it it has here a camera and it uses facial recognition so that it's impossible for someone else to take out your meds it's programmed for different types of the times of the day so if I'm supposed to take something at 8:00 in the morning I come in I look at it and based on facial recognition it will dispense the meds I'm supposed to take at that time of day hi John would you like me to dispense your meds now and of course if I don't happen to show up at 8:00 in the morning when my meds are due it will send me messages and let myself or my caregivers know that I have missed a medication another device is this one's from our health that I'm carrying around my neck and this is a nebulizer so for people who have asthma and I have to do therapy a couple of times a day perhaps they can use this with one touch of a button they're taking their therapy it's got all of its being recorded in an app and again they and their caregivers can see the results and contract that in fact they're doing what they're supposed to be doing to treat their particular conditions as you're probably aware more and more people are being sent home from hospital where they still need an awful lot of monitoring and looking after and there's a lot of technologies that allow you to be monitored remotely from hospitals from clinics from your doctor's office one of the technologies that were showcasing in the acute bedroom this year is from temp track so what this is is there's a patch that you can wear just under your arm or on your armpit it lasts for up to 48 hours and it continuously monitors your temperature and sense temperature readings to an application that app you have on your phone and so you are getting messages if your temperature is going out of range but at the same time those readings are being sent to a clinic or to your doctor potentially to the hospital where they are also monitoring what is going on with your temperature one of my favorite new technologies this year is called my ethel and what's particularly good about it is this tablet can be set up by a caregiver and you configure the entire thing when it gets to a senior person they simply take it out of the box plug it in and they don't have to do anything else so here we are at the home screen and as you can see I can request a call and if I did that who should call you and I could pick a picture right so it's very clear it's very visible so I'm I could click on my son here and say have him call I can look at videos so again I can have names of videos that my family has sent me and watched them photos same story I can look at different photos that I've been sent and who sent them please take your pear center mall with a glass of water done so you can program it with all types of reminders I can do a video call again who would you like to call and have a video chat I can do exercises so for people who are starting to feel quite isolated that you're not able to visit very often it's a wonderful way to stay in touch this product is a smart ostomy bag from eleven health so this bag comes along with an app and as you wear it it monitors how much fluid is going into the bag and it will be able to track first if if the bag is full it will let you know so you can empty it and and deal with it in a timely way but it will also let you know if there's not much fluid there at all which will potentially alert caregivers that you're getting into some trouble as you can see right here there are sensors in the bag and it's via those sensors that they're able to link to the app and track the fluid that's going into the bag many of the new technologies today are voice enabled like Alexa who is one of many on the market and over the next couple of years I'm sure there'll be much more technology coming available to help people live in their homes longer so the question isn't where's the technology does it exist I think it's much more how do I get it into my home who do I talk to how do I figure it all out what is it you need do you need medley minders do you need to be reminded to drink water are you lonely do you need a device that will allow you to easily reach out to your grandchildren talk to your son or your daughter or your neighbor there's a lot out there the question is what will fit you you

Otis Rodgers