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DIY Travel Tarot Mat

Hello there, I hope you’re doing well.
Today I’m drinking the October teas, from my Sips By box that I just got – we are
drinking the Harvest Apple tea by Ahista Tea, I’ll leave a link of that in the
description below if you want to check that out.. It tastes like apple pie. So,
grab yourself a drink for your tea or your coffee and let’s get started.
Today I’m really excited to give you this video, I’ve been waiting to record
this one I’m going to show you how to make this travel tarot mat-slash-
travel bag. It doubles as a travel tarot bag and a map so you can read on
the go, and it’s customizable and incredibly easy to make. I have
everything that you might need in the description below so I’ve listed that
just in case Today I have Maria with me so I’m going
to be teaching her how to make this mat alongside with me. First you’re just
going to need a fabric of your choice this can be cotton or silk or whatever
you like. I’m going to be using these two fabrics in the spirit of Halloween and
this may or may not be the giveaway and these two are the ones that Maria is
going to be using. The next thing you’re going to need something to close your
tarot bag with so this one I’m using a stretchy band but you can also just use
some nice ribbon such as this but I’ll show you how to use both of those in
this tutorial so the first thing you want to do is measure your tarot cards
and figure out how big you want your mat Maria’s cards are smaller than mine so
she’s making a smaller Tarot mat but again it’s totally up to how large or
small you want your mat to be and I personally like my mat to completely
cover my cards so that it gives it more cushion when I put them in my bag or
take them with me. This particular mat that I’m using here is 19″x13″ inches
but remember to leave seam allowance when you’re making your cut if you want
to make this exact same length then cut 20″x14″ so that you have that extra
seam allowance when you’re sewing them together so we’re going to start with
Maria’s Tarot bag I’m going to walk her through how to do this and we are going
to wrap it just like you saw the first tarot mat of just with a
ribbon you want to take your fabric and flip it on to the wrong side up meaning
whatever pretty design you have you want it facing downwards so that it’s easier
to mark where you’re going to cut so as I said before in the beginning,
Maria’s cards are much smaller than mine so we’re just kind of folding over the
fabric and getting a general idea of where we might want to cut and again you
don’t have to use the dimensions that I personally used so try it with your
cards to see where you want to cut and just remember cutting more fabric than
less than you need is always better because you can always cut more off but
you can’t add it back so once you have that first piece just lay it straight
over your next piece and don’t worry if you didn’t cut completely straight
because you’re going to be sewing these two together and flipping them inside
out, so as long as you sew somewhat straight it should be fine. If you have
pins I recommend pinning these two pieces together so that it’s easier to
use as a stencil and it doesn’t move around if you don’t have pins than
anything like clothing pins or bobby pins or even those black office clips
can actually work too. So once you have your two pieces cut out and pinned keep
them pinned because now we’re going to figure out where to place the ribbon
that’s going to hold our tarot mat closed. Grab your ribbon and we’re gonna
figure out how much we need, and I don’t really have a certain length again it
depends on the size of your cards but to figure it out just put your cards in
your mat and wrap them up as if your mat is finished, use the ribbon to wrap your
cards together however much a ribbon you’d like to use it’s totally up to you
but I find that wrapping them around completely twice usually works pretty
well. Leaving a little bit of a tail so that you can tuck it in and secure it
once you have your ribbon cut measure the shortest side of your tarot mat if
you have a short side and find the middle point the middle point is where
you’re going to secure your ribbon so this part can be a little tricky: you’re
going to put your ribbon in between your two pieces of fabric with the right
sides facing together so once you have that middle point put the
right in the middle point in between the two right sides of the fabric and pin it
into place so then when we flip it inside out the ribbons going to be on
the outside this is where it starts to all come together so now you can either
hand stitch it or use a sewing machine but just sew all the way around leaving
a gap like this so notice in the corner that I did go around the corner this
just ensures that there is a sharp corner and I would back stitch over
where the ribbon is a few times just to make sure that it’s super secure and
it’s not going to go anywhere so leave a little opening so that you can flip it
inside out and then hand stitch that closed later on teaching Maria to sew so real quick before we completely
finish off her tarot map I’m going to brush over the band method instead of
the ribbon method with my own tarot mat that I’m making here so just like the
ribbon you’re going to take a measuring tape or some kind of ruler and find the
middle point of the shortest side of your tear on that or wherever you want
to secure your band and again just like the ribbon you’re going to secure it in
between the two pieces of fabric with the right sides facing together the only
difference is that with the band you’re going to secure both ends so that you
can wrap it around and secure it kind of like a hair tie but just make sure that
it’s not twisted in a weird way so here just to secure it with a pin and same
thing like the ribbon go over it a few times just to make sure that it’s extra
secure but other than that small detail everything is pretty much the same and
after you’ve run it under the sewing machine or hand sewed it together sewing
all the way around getting all of those corners and leaving that extra little
gap so that we can flip it inside out to make sure that you get really crisp
sharp edges I like to trim pretty close to where so just be careful not to trim
where the thread is or it will all unravel cutting off each of those
corners makes it a lot easier to get a really sharp corner when you flip it
inside out and once you’re done here I completely forgot to do this when we
were making these tarot mats but I like to run a iron over the edges and flatten
them down because then when you flip it inside out it comes out a lot cleaner so this is the part where everything
comes together you just pull through that small gap that you left when you
were sewing so that both of the right sides come out I like to use a pencil or
some scissors and poke out the corners so that I can get that really sharp
crisp corner lastly if you have an iron just go over
it quickly like I said it’s a lot cleaner if you iron down those edges
before you flip it inside out but it doesn’t really make a huge difference
so just ironing out all of those wrinkles and all of those bubbles
I guess the “poofs” that the sides kind of get but that will come out due to
time as well then you’re pretty much done now of course you can hand sew that gap closed. I did have some people give me a really great idea of slipping
papers with sigils inside there, and you can either sew that closed or
continuously switch them out, but I personally like to close mine so that is
how you make a DIY travel tarot mat so you can easily take your tarot mat on the
go and if you’re a quilter you can also put some of the quilt batting in there
to make it even softer some of you have some wonderful skills embroidery so I
would love to see some of those things implemented in this tarot mat tutorial if
you create one of these taro mats please please please show us what you made
because I love seeing all of your creative ideas and your personal twists
on things and share that with the hashtag, #wonderlustcoven on Instagram
all of you have such amazing posts and I absolutely love seeing everything that
is on that hashtag but that is all that I have for you today and I hope that it
becomes just as nifty as it is for me other than that as always, I will see you
in the next video. Best of luck, be kind to each other and may your gods treat you, as you’ve treated others. Bye.

Otis Rodgers



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