January 22, 2020
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hello and welcome to my channel Emerson 360 911 the spiritual helpdesk I'm here to offer clarity and guidance to those who need it a warm hello to my subscribers and took my viewers thank you for viewing this is your dark tarot reading and I'm using the yeah Aleister Crowley Toth deck you can have a little read about Aleister Crowley he's very dark strange character and I'm using the Union Tarot by Robert Lang I say focus card just a Major Arcana and the core cards also been saying Charles young it's Carl Jung the famous psychologist counterpart phrase if you'd like to know more about me just hit my bat page if you would like a personal reading or an extended reading on any of the readings I've done today I love this card um please don't hesitate to contact me oh and we have the devil oh well that's you know that says it all doesn't it for a dark karmic reading the devil is at play and look he's a goblin he's like something out of The Lord of the Rings what were those things called orcs you know he's flashy belt but look at these two I'm fascinated by these two they're all mummy DUP and the thing that I'm finding interesting about these two is they're bored out of their skulls they're so bored they're not writhing around they're not doing anything they're just plain old bored or perhaps they've been you know hit with a bit of Sheol or poison like poor old Frodo so these two aboard shitless and these this guy I mean the devil looks pretty bored too doesn't he in green of course envy jealousy the sea is very dark so very dark and it's you know it's it's level with these upper body so very dark heart yeah they're bored stuck in the sand they're stuck completely stuck so this dark karmic reading I'd say that the economy can the divine masculine a completely stuck the funnies over and I think the thing is like people say and I've heard somebody say to me I've got Christmas I'm gonna say this but I've had actually somebody say to me I think I'd rather you know like heaven in hell of course is just that's you know it's whatever it is to you but you know to use the biblical terms of half term hell I'd rather go to hell I think it'd be more fun no no it's not fun sharks lurking you are mummified you're not having fun that's not fun I mean that would be for me that would be he'll being completely bored to death would be he'll when I get bored I get active but some yeah yeah you know no they're not swinging about having a great time they're bored the fun is over they're all tied up you know and the Devils even got his hands outstretched as if to say hmm really these two just aren't even any fun for me anymore you know what do I do now is I arms are saying you know there's control there when the arms are like that at right angles there's an element of control there of conjuring you know manipulation so he's manipulated them right in the boredom what they thought was a good thing you know just really hasn't turned out to be the case so for the Divine Feminine sout they're feminine and masculine interchangeable of course no matter what body you're in we don't mind but for the Divine Feminine South there if you think your man's having a good time no new board you know all the jealousy and envy that's being created all the power and lust that's all been created you know all that Loucks were nice the stormy waters you know at the end of the day it's boredom because when a relationship is based on you know nothing more than the materialism of life ego and and this is very much you know as with you know it's very much you know ego devil energy is ego driven it's not spiritual it's not divine it's all about the earthly pleasures so you know these two have run out of earthly pleasures you know because there's nothing more between them then looking good feeling good you know all of all of that and more so let's have a look what's going on here more crop failure oh okay so what we have here is interference so this is eight of swords this is German I not very go that Gemini Libra Aquarius okay normally in the other decks we see somebody tied and bound I often talk about the fiber swords of pain behind and three of swords of fear of pain in front or heartbreak so you know this is eight of swords this is interference this is what it's called in this deck so you know swords are all about communication so it's miscommunication or unable to communicate effectively or mental conflict unable to calm the mind the body in the soul and how can you and you're all about devil energy and addictions and you know an addiction doesn't mean that you're a drug addict or an alcoholic or whatever it just means that you're consuming way too much of everything but here this is about mental conflict and here we have the Empress now the Empress is a three which can all you know which can signify third-party relationships but the Empress is a very nurturing well I'm a I suppose a third-party relationship in the Empress's world is creation is bringing forth life is birth and you need two people to you know sometimes – well you need two elements to come together in order to give birth to an idea or to an emotion or to you know or literal birth so you know two elements must come together first in order for the third element to come forward and here we have on her shield we have it's these are Swans and swans are very much about love you know we have the lotus flower purification of nature even in this Aleister Crowley card this Empress is very nurturing and very beautiful you know and she's very you know motherly all the all the essence of the emperor from Empress from other decks is here mother nature okay but the interesting thing here is that she has no mouth and she's like a statue so she's like this ideal woman that doesn't exist that's just she's a statue but her face it's very Roman like a Romans that statue if you can see that but still even in this position you know this Empress is everything that the Empress is even in annales de Crowley's deck but she's like this unrealistic idea of what a woman is so you know the divine masculine all tied up here in bored to death has idealized this this woman who has only turned out to be some kind of myth from the past like that's the Roman statue or the Greek statue the myth the goddess myth is lying in this card and in Reverse you know completely upside down completely well what happens you know when when we talk about statues if a statue is upside down then it's broken it's full and fallen off the pedestal in other decks I see this is you know you need to you need to take time to self nurture in this deck it's probably no different but the way I'm reading this statue is frozen meth in time this idealized woman in the mind of the divine masculine was just a devil's trick you know who has fallen off her pedestal and the Falls been great and here we have Jesus as bored as he is you know we have the card of change this is called change two of disks now it's the juggler in other decks and twos are about pairing teaser about decision-making twos are about coming together twos are about balance bringing the light and dark together and here we have yin yang the perfect balance of light and dark which is what we're all striving for that balance of feminine and masculine energy within us to fully complete ourselves so that we don't really need another in a needy way we can be successful and dependent and independent instead of needy and codependent but we have here the Python again this card's coming up a little bit King Python wearing the crown you know and we all know what the Python signifies is as far as aleister crowley's concerned python is definitely in you know a euphemism so here the light and the dark that a decision cannot be made because they're completely separated there's no clarity in this there's no ability to bring the light and dark together so it's black and white it's either black or white there's no in-between there's no gray area it's all or nothing and in this position it's a you know inability to change because it is separated by this Python black or white all or nothing you know when we stock in our ego green goblin devil you know we only see the exterior that you know we only look at the person's exterior I was watching a movie last night with thumb oh God I don't actually know his name he's a Scottish actor and it doesn't matter um iconic remember that I heard the movie god damn it all the ugly truth right and he plays this like loudmouth kind of TV host who's kind of slightly on the misogynistic side who you know basically can't can't be reached on an emotional level because of his past issues so you know what we have here is this inability to change and for him it was all just black or white you know like guys just want you know the guys out there all they want is tits bombs and sex you know which on the whole that's pretty that's pretty accurate but in the end you know decent guys or not decent guys there are just some guys who want more yeah as with women you know this women here it's all about ticks bombs and oh you know should I say you know I'm gonna be rude well why is it more rude to so for the mouth side it's not so you know dis dick bomb and God knows wanton fellatio and all cunnilingus and you know so it's like this inability to change black or white you know it's just about the ego the ego can't see the gray in between those little flickers of real deep you know love you know that's burning within them for the Divine Feminine that they know is there but they're ignoring because they're afraid to give up this this devil lifestyle you know a complete imbalance of light and dark because nothing can be balanced if it's separated it's like divine feminine and masculine in separation so the relationship can't be balanced only you can balance yourself in preparation for the relationship to come so there's interference here and the interference is this mental conflict you know this this mythical creature that doesn't exist just created all this mental conflict and created all this defeat you know five of swords spiteful Flyers of change also you've got to change your attitude you've got to change your point of view you know change this is air energy Gemini Libra and Aquarius you know this time for a change but be careful what that change is like I didn't notice with this car before but these are swastikas and you know what stickers were from the Buddhists and I think Hindu also you know misappropriated by Hitler to bring forth a you know because he was all about humans hypnosis and he was all about you know whole mind control him and his cronies you know and imagery so like media and advertising I was in advertising a long time ago so I have a very good understanding of how we can all be brainwashed but you know overlaying familiar images from other religions onto into in you know in inserting it into another religion you know in Hitler's case it was you know arianism and whatever godforsaken stuff he was thinking about you know but we've done that all religions have done that we've taken religions and you know Christianity has done that it took you know in order for the pagans to be able to take on Christianity more easily Christianity overlaid you know Christian beliefs or Church Catholic Protestant beliefs into or over pagan beliefs in order to that the people would accept it better so you know there's been things done here in order to get the divine masculine to accept things you know pretending to be someone they're not you know this mythical goddess that doesn't exist overlaying this appearance of being the goddess of love and nature when in fact the true nature is something much more dark and sinister and to do with mind control because interference in communication is a form of control aids mastery right when we bring these two cards together that's a thirteen that's devil energy and here we have the devil the master puppeteer the master of mind control the divine doesn't want to control our minds the divine wants to free it so that we can go forward as whole human beings with nurturing compassion and love so there's complete mind control going on here but there's not going to be a win with that it's creating other decks it's a male it's a masculine energy on this card so it could you know it perhaps this mind control this mythical creature that doesn't exist that's now just created nothing but boredom after all the sex magic and God knows what you know has created this more spiteful side to the masculine perhaps he's feeling a little bit more spiteful perhaps he's been pretending to be somebody he's not and he is masculine is pretending to be somebody it's not because he doesn't love this karmic he thought he did at first it'll look great at first relationships always look great at first but now you know it's stuck in this conflict and this defeat the divine masculine is continuing to pretend to be somebody he's not be he really loves the Divine Feminine he knows that he you know that this relationship is is dead in the water there's nothing but boredom but you know keeping on keepin on for the pentagirls for the money you know and this is you know often these karmic relationships it's about the ties you have with the months once the boredom sets in it's just all about the money they probably have bought things together they've probably invested in each other but this is a seven of Pentacles this is earth energy Capricorn I sometimes forget to say this also I'm sorry Capricorn but you probably all know them by now Capricorn Virgo and Taurus now this is complete crop failure no this is nothing but defeat and poison and toxicity has made this crop fail or perhaps you know it's interesting because it's seven Pentacles which is reaping what you sow it's in other decks it's somebody pondering their harvest about to reap their harvests thinking about their next move but this is seven and it's interesting because in pagan and farming history you know it was always that you had six years of farming of a field and then one year of fallow and fellow means just letting the field sit and let the you know animals go and poo on it and the birds coming too you know and just let it rejuvenate so in the seventh year you can replant your seeds so this has gone one year too long you know failure sevens you know sevens are actually angel numbers applauding you for your good you know your good deeds I'm not sure what Aleister Crowley saw about the number seven but here he's called this failure and in Reverse okay it's coming possibly coming out of this failure but the damage is done the damage is done this person this mythical creature this mythical goddess it doesn't exist you know nothing more than a stones cold statue stone cold board after all the fun you know this device you know this this they need to take a year off to let this rejuvenate and if they take a break take time let it all a fellow it'll it'll give them both time to realize that this relationship isn't for either of them there needs to be a change but instead of change and now as a Crowley stick you know the light and the dark can't blend in a harmonious way it's completely separated they can only see the black and white which is the money and we have the Hierophant another five card another cut number of change that's two fives now the Hierophant is the earth energy okay in this of course you know he's the high priest of you know sacrifice blood sacrifice virginal sacrifice you know the the key to the you know to the what do you call it God to the Ark of the Covenant you know again though we have a five-sided the star which you know when it's upside down particularly it's the star of that signifies the go to the Beast of the devil okay there's many masks here these masks need to come off and that's it you know divine masculine removing the masks no more sacrifice in the wrong ways no more sacrificing your bloodline in the hope of this complete crop failure is somehow going to manifest into something into good seeds for the future the only way this is going to turn you know manifest into good seeds for the future is if they take a break is if it breaks just so that everybody can clear take their masks off become true to themselves you know walk away from this interference so they can have some clarity about what this relationship is all about because it's moved from God knows war into boredom and that's why often these third parties have third parties who have third parties who have third parties and refusing to change you know the Hierophant is about wisdom it's about knowledge it's about spiritual wisdom in this Aleister Crowley cards it's about diet you know the darker side of that wisdom it's about black magic it's about you know power religious power as I said you know sacrifices you know not always keep saying that if you've got to shed blood in order to be close to the divine then there's something seriously wrong you know so the divine masculine has gone from a divine light has descended into darkness as we all do we have to descend into darkness in order to shed to become unhappy miserable and you know for life to be difficult in order for us to work out how we got ourselves there in the first place and then to come out an individual successful person you know but this high priest style you know illusion needs to be broken DeMarre as I said the masks have to come off so that divine masculine can understand that you know his wisdom isn't the kind of wisdom that's going to benefit you know himself others around him and and the you know in the world at large which is our divine mission is to go out to the community you know and shut our light not to spread you know our darkness you know it's all devil energy you know but a high priest is very different to a light priest you know to the hermit in this deck to a man of wisdom let's see even this virginal sacrifice here is you know at his you know dick level basically so it's all about you know basically the divine masculine has sacrificed his golden wisdom for dark wisdom for a ritual for black magic in ritual for ritual and that's what happens when were unable to balance a light in the dark we descend further and further into the dark well you know when we only see things in black and white because that's an ego and we need to get back in touch with our wisdom our lightforce wisdom divine wisdom you know clear and purifying yes drive another five that's five five five so you know God if this is not a message for change I don't know what is then strive sitting on top of all this interference and defeat more swords one's energy sorry Sagittarius Leo and Aries there's nothing but strife with this hard cold statue that doesn't exist that's crumbled to the ground that when turned upside down it's it's nothing but a lump of rubble you know poisoned earth you know you're not able to plant four new seeds in in amongst is failure our wisdom must be divine divine masculine wisdom must be divine you know not High Priest e3 here's my Grapes of Wrath you know three abundance cups energy Jam can't supply sees and Scorpio three's a crowd in this you know again this this constant cycle what looks pure but again all the lotus flowers are pointing down and what looks good what looks golden isn't all that it seems because grapes suit you know this is opulence this is Hedden ism had anise and look up hedonism but had an isms basically back in Rome and Greece in those times we you know they all had way too much money they all had way too many too much good food to had way too much good of everything it was like in the 80s greed was good you know golden showers again you know I have mentioned that before you know it's what seems what's ritual you know what seems Aleister Crowley believed that drinking these potions the Bloods of God knows what and drinking urine and all of these you know bodily fluid concoctions he believed that purified you but what it does it makes you the high priest far from pure as far as the light is concerned you know this is again sex magic third-party relationships I told you I know I was saying that the other one you know there's a third party situation going on here as well this Empress who seem to be the one and only who seemed to be the you know the mythical goddess who's turned to stone and crumbled and been shown for what she is three threes again you know isn't you know this is in this if we go with the analogy of you know golden showers and sex magic you know these are menage at hua menage tois but it's creating a crop you know a complete failure that the masculine needs to come out of because the masculine ultimately is divine and ultimately needs to walk towards the light and needs to come out of this darkness to understand his path and that his path doesn't lie in hocus pocus in black magic you know it doesn't lie in threesomes and you know had an ism that's not divine yeah you can enjoy that for a while but hey even that gets boring because you want to be able to walk with someone and laugh with them as well as having all that you know great fun you need to have a balance between the light and dark in your relationship if it's all just one-sided you know crazy Menasha toire you know toxic you know crop failures you know that you know comics who pretend to be goddesses and turned out to just be nothing but rubble you know then it causes all this conflict this strife this defeat all controlled by the devil who looks pretty bored as well you know and ruin we had this in them my first one complete and utter ruin 10 of swords that we have the three of swords here with a little heart you know complete heartbreak one two three four oh I can't count you know seven of swords lion treat a thief so you know the lion treat a thief masculine is lying to himself the feminine slaying they're all in third parties another three you know it's it's really is it's like some kind of like you know 1970s rock and roller I saw these lies like some rock and roller actually I saw that movie the other night rock and roller actually the dialogue I couldn't make henna tell of it sometimes but oh it was funny but that that's you know it's all it's all about the drugs to walk and roll for the guns [Laughter] yeah he's the rock and roll of a you know he's an old rock and rollin he's an old dude look at his face like you know he's been a hundred not that I can talk cuz I'm not that young anymore but you know he's like the old rock and roller and they're bored shitless with it all they want the eighties to come on so at least Greek can be good again you know I complete ruin complete ruin so you know here's the divine masculine in the karmic or bored utterly shitless because they had too much of everything too much of too much party it's like a kid that has too much cake you know how you have like I was one of those mothers I didn't like to feed my kids rubbish you know but I cooked a good food for them and stuff and I used to swap their lunchboxes you know they used to get the rubbish food from the other kids and my you know they're the other kids whose parents never cooked or whatever you loved my food it was kind of as always what you don't have is what you want but you know you always skate like Mikey would go to apart my oldest kid would go to a party and AH you know by the time he finished he'd be so sick and that's what this is the party's just gone on too long Rock'em Olaf yeah Guy Ritchie Madonna's ex he wrote it and everything is actually it was good I enjoyed it so yeah so surrender you know even the devil surrendered he's going to come on is anyone gonna take these two off my hands they're boring I surrender not even the devil wants these do come on divine masculine at times we must surrender the old for something new because we're bored rock and roll on being silly I'm sorry I'm bored I'm bored and bored you can enter our lives let go and all will work out so even though this complete ruin here in this relationship with the karmic and divine masculine they've got to start facing that it's change there's three fives and here you know they've got to stop seeing things in black of mine so I'm all about defective girls you know it's not all about you know worshiping the things you know the penis it's a whole balanced self worship it's not all about thinking you're wise because you know you've got your great and bad or you know you can be the rock and roller what if they got wise guys that's it in America you call them wise guys yeah you know you thinks he's a bloody wise guy well you know it's not it's not the wise guy divine masculine you're not the wise guy you know I ain't you sick of the menage tois yeah don't blame me if you don't get sick of that boys will be boys power you instinctively know what is right for you and you have the power to say no or walk away anytime so you know that divine masculine needs to walk away and he can walk away anytime or divine feminine if your divine masculine is up to all this you know you definitely you walk away in every way and just focus on yourself you know you've got the power to walk away from all of this you know manizer tois golden showers The Grapes of Wrath fee you know I had an assumed you know you're all gonna end up with gout look up gout that's when you bloodstream can't handle all the toxicity versus sugar and alcohol and drugs the words the drug drugs time you were trying too hard give it time is that for me am I being too much for trihard tonight I am laughing a lot you're trying too hard give it time well I'm just going to read that as time it's going to take time for them to untie themselves because you know it's gonna be a bit of a struggle to get out of all of that maybe they need a Sam Gamgee or who saved Frodo was it sound came Samwise Gamgee came and saved him from the big Shelob you know they need they need rescuing from themselves these two it's gonna take a bit of time because you know no one's changing in a hurry there's five cards here insisting on change but you know they're all tied up in this you know defeat interference conflict strife you know some people you know ruin you know when everything goes to rubble when the great Greek goddess of stone crumbles you know amongst the ruins the Phoenix shall rise so that takes time but know that the divine masculine he will surrender he has the power the divine masculine czar very very powerful much more powerful than you realize you know as the Divine Feminine Tsar so you know they're just Oh transformation so yeah time you know transformation is going to occur the divine masculine is going to transform the divine masculine has gone from you know running to you know obviously she's got him back and tied him all back up again with the devil thank you that to KL for supporting me to transform from my past challenges from all his ruin from all this strife from all this interference from all this too much of everything abundance you know from all this toxic crop failure we need a fallow year divine masculine take time out this should be called time out card you know you're not the wise guy you've got to become the wise magician wisdom in a wisdom intuition in order to transform Oh earth angel Thank You angels for inspiring me to be more like you that's it divine masculine you know while you're sitting all tied up just think about you know what you really want you know long lasting peace and happiness and good times and good fun you know just because you're having a good time in divine light doesn't mean it's a boring time you know in fact it's less than boring because it become the power couple and going to all good things with your life and bring double the amount of success that you're going to have once you separate and have a fellow year spiritual gifts thank you for helping me channel my gifts and talents see divine masculine you have gifts you have divine gifts okay but you can't be the wise guy you can't be the rock and wallah forever I met a guy recently use any 60s and here was this devil rock and roll up and he found me very attractive and I was talking with him he was very intelligent and interesting and you know but he delayed a very violent my feet guitar by his hands that he was a street fighter his knuckles his hands were all gnarled you know and but he said you know he got lost for 25 years he'd wake up and a woman's bed he didn't know who she was he was always drunk and he was good-looking was tall but he was rugged like really bright he looked a bit like the devil actually you know every longish guy except better-looking um you know but you could see that he really liked me and he wanted to get to know me more but there was things that he said and and I just said to him you know why background cuz I've you know I had a lot of violence in my background when I was a kid and I said you know you know it's made me a bit you know concerned about that kind of thing and I says what happens if our relationship goes to I said you know can you trust yourself not to hurt me can I trust myself too you know can I walk on eggshells forever because my background was it was just not a good match for his background but you could see the sadness you could see the sadness in him and it made me feel very sad and I know this sounds corny and cliched but here was the Wacom roller that just didn't know when to stop and then he meets a beautiful woman who could love him and nurture him he just couldn't trust him it's hard to trust you know I've got a lot of alcoholism not me myself but in my family I don't really drink very much you know it's hard to trust when you've been through you know violence and it was a shame because he really felt like he needed that trust so dry and masculine don't wait 20 years 30 years or whatever it is to get yourself out of the drunken stupor Kiki the comics out of your bed you know and I just have this empty life this guy had no children he had no family and you could tell he was you know lonely yet he was so articulate and you know he could have he could have had a big dreaming you know he could have had an amazing life as a divine masculine if that was his path anyway enough of that this was your dark karmic reading bye

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