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Do a Person’s Looks Always Tell the Full Story? | Tell My Story, Blind Date

(light music) – Selfishness really turns me off, so I guess that’s the main thing. I have to be attracted to
them, that’s important. I tend to have this whole list of things, but then you just meet someone, and its like, wow, this person’s great. – The guy that’ll get me to
turn by head is probably, I really like tall guys, and if they’re a little dark and handsome, I know it’s cliché but gets me every time. (light music) Your name is Steven. This is your story. You are 35 years old. For work, you are a graphic designer. And your cultural or ethnic
background is Hispanic/Italian, maybe mixed with Caucasian. – So, my name is not Steve. It’s Kalim. And you said 35, I’m a
little higher than that, I’m getting closer to 40. And I am not a graphic designer. I’m actually a corporate attorney. And I’m half Hispanic and half Caucasian. But, on my mother’s side,
there’s an Italian line, so you actually got everything,
so that’s kinda cool. Your name is Melissa,
and this is your story. You are 29 years old. For work, you are a designer. Not a graphic designer, a designer. And your cultural/ethnic background, I put African American, but I also put maybe not from the U.S. – My name is actually Catelynn. I am 26 years old. For my job, I’m a dancer. And my cultural and ethnic background is
definitely African American. That’s the easiest answer. – I was curious about the Steven. (both laugh) – Well, I know a guy named Steven, who looks similar to you. I always go with my intuition, and that was the first thing
that came into my mind, so that’s what I went with. I don’t know, I usually
don’t get 29 very often, so I’m kind of flattered by that. (Catelynn laughs) So, thanks. All right. – I haven’t been single forever. I actually was married
for a couple of years. I tend to have relationships
that are very long, and also not a ton of them. – It was my first boyfriend ever. I was in college. It was a very toxic
relationship, actually, but yeah, it was not what I
thought love was supposed to be. I think I learned a lot about self love. If you could only win one major award, you would want to get a Nobel Peace Prize. You go to bed between 11 and 1 a.m. And your nickname, I said you
didn’t have any nicknames. – Yeah, if I could win anything, probably a Nobel Peace
Prize would be good. You got the bedtime right. 11, 1 a.m., that’s actually
right on the money. Yeah, I had a ton of
nicknames when I was a kid. – So wrong. I was so wrong. – I was raised in Chile, and if you’re raised in South America, you will get a nickname, and it’ll not be a nice nickname. So, I walked kind of funny, so they could call me Penguin sometimes. (Catelynn laughs) Yeah, I know. If you could only win one major award, you would want an Academy Award. You go to bed at around 10 p.m. And I said your name was Melissa, so I gave you Lisa as your nickname. – I would like to win an
Academy Award, actually, a life goal of mine. – Gotta check that one. – I go to bed around nine
or 10, so you’re right, spot on. Nicknames. It’s really ironic,
’cause I don’t like birds, but my grandmother calls me Bird. (Kalim laughs) – [Catelynn] Yeah, not
my favorite nickname. – [Kalim] Think we’re getting
better as we go along. – You know, we really are. – Yeah. – [Catelynn] Okay. – You can find the love of your life, but maybe that’s not the
right time for them, right? That’s the tricky thing
with finding someone. Could be the right time for you, and that’s already great
and winning the lottery, when you find someone that’s perfect, but then maybe it’s not
the right time for them, or you don’t meet whatever it
is that they’re looking for. You do believe in God or a Creator. In your family, you grew up Christian. And, when you do, I think you do believe
your soul will go on. – I do believe in God or a Creator. I am not religious, but
I try to acknowledge that there is a spiritual
connection always. There’s a reason why
I’m here with you today. You know? My family, growing up,
wasn’t very religious. We didn’t go to church
or anything like that. Yeah, I definitely
believe in the afterlife, and I also believe in past lives. I think a lot of things
that we do, as people, are reflective with what
happened in our past lives. You do believe in God or a Creator. In your family, growing
up you valued religion. And you do believe in an afterlife. – I do believe in God. And my family, growing up, you said, what did you say about religion? – I said you valued religion. – Yeah, I did. My dad, he’s American. He moved to Chile because he was a Baha’i and he wanted to help the community there. So, I was raised with a lot of that, so– – That’s amazing. – Socioeconomic development projects, all those sorts of
things are very, sort of, ingrained in my background. I do believe in an afterlife. A wonderful, beautiful afterlife. And I do believe that my soul will go on. – Cool. (light music) – So, I said I would date you. And, the reason is, the
first time I saw you, I actually looked your eyes,
and I saw a lot of joy there, and that just made me think, this is a person I wanna get to know. – When I first saw you, I said
that I would not date you. That’s what I went with. – All right, that’s fine. Sorry, I didn’t mean to throw
you under the bus or anything, but I am very, very, very fit, and I would love for my
partner to have that. It’s really important to me. – Mmhm. – However, the more I talk to you, I think that you’re a
really awesome person, and I would really like
to be friends with you, because I think you’re really cool, and I think that I may have
used my physical judgment, before I got the chance to
actually speak with you. I think I learned that
I do know what I want, and that, although this
meeting was a potential date, I think that it was just
cool to meet someone new. – Well, I think maybe this
sweater makes me look fat. (Kalim laughs) No, I’m just kidding. I think what surprised me is the amount of answers I got right,
and that she got right. We had a few seconds to look at each other and write all these answers,
and a lot of them were right. – [Electronic Voice] Soulpancake. (upbeat music)

Otis Rodgers



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