September 20, 2019
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Dr. Craig’s Advice to Young Christians Interested In Science

And I would like to just use this
opportunity to encourage any of you young folks who are interested in science and
are thinking about science as a field of study. To pursue that field of study! Get a
doctorate in that area and begin to live out your life of Christian discipleship as a
professional scientists. The evangelical community has not
distinguished itself in the sciences when you compare it to
the Jewish community – there’s so many Nobel Prize
winners that have come out at the Jewish community, but very few Nobel Prize winners have
come out at the evangelical community. And I think that’s a a scandal and a great shame. We need to help our young people see the
value of a calling to professional science as a way of their living out their
Christian discipleship. So if you’re a college or a younger student here today and your
you’re interested in going into science, I would encourage you to see that as a
calling from God and to go for it.

Otis Rodgers