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(Eng sub) A little love song ep 3

Doctor I’m fine. I don’t need rest Xiao Tao. You came Are you stupid ? You are sick and you are still doing these problems I said it already I will finish this workbook That depends on your IQ Without me will you be able to finish it ? I won’t be able to finish it Then what can you do ? Xiao Tao Are you still angry with me ? That day in the hospital Why did you trick me ? I dare not say Then I’m leaving I will say. I will say then it’s fine right ? This is the last semester You said that with my grades I would only be able to go to Da Liang University But you will certainly go to Beijing The time we have together is getting shorter and shorter But if you play tennis Then we can have more time together It was just because of this Why din’t you tell me earlier ? If i were to tell you then you would have definitely been annoyed with me and told me that I’m like a bug following you around I will be annoyed with you But I’m more worried that you will fall sick because that way you will still be troubling me only so I have decided for encouraging you in studies for not letting you fall sick From now I will play tennis with you What did you say just now ? You will play tennis with me?! I’m so glad !! that we will play together Calm down Then later on we can together dominate the world of tennis But I have two conditions First You cannot let my dad that I’m playing tennis Second This final exam You have to get a rank within 20 Okay I agree I will certainly make it and rank within 20 Fine There is not much time left before class ends pack up your things Once I take you back home you can have some porridge Where is the person ? You are looking for that female student right ? she already left What a delicious smell Your hungry ? I want to have barbecue But Dont you have stomach upset ? You can’t eat such items But i really feeling like eating that Why don’t you buy and eat it I will only see. I wont eat. ( yeah right as though that’s possible ) Absolutely not Try it out How is it ? Tasty ? It’s alright You can only have 1 It’s super tasty pretty tasty Really really tasty Why is it him again Ep 3: The Rise of the Tennis Prince Three months later Pay attention to your centre of gravity Later this year there will be a test for entering the professional team Especially the ones in grade 3 Use the winter vacation to practise with more energy Wei Yuan ( His name ) Especially you Look at you state right now. Your strikes are so feeble with no strength Okay And you Wei Chang ! Don’t get into unnecessary things And Maintain your condition well Don’t worry The first place is going to be mine Look at Li Tao He’s just been playing for 3 months and what’s more he only plays on weekends Unexpectedly he can keep up with Zhang Sheng who has been playing for 5 years He improves really fast You look Isn’t my vision amazing Coach Yang, Din’t I tell you before There is nothing that Xiao Tao can’t do That’s right Why did you have to use so much force ? You had too much food ? I’m tired to death Thank you Here you go These two are sticking together again Not bad Every time you play tennis you need to do this to the racket you need to take this that’s right Li Tao Since the coach said that you improved really fast This time We can have a fair match In what way is this fair ? It has not been long since Li Tao joined and you have won championships in matches This.. you make it sound like we are bullying you you only know how to provoke people Why aren’t you saying anything ? Are you scared ? Not scared. It’s just not a fair match why should he play a match against you I accept Xiao Tao Okay If I win Then I will send her home from now on If I lose then she has to send me home I think that’s quite good Wei Chang. What do you mean ? wheather you win or lose both are advantageous to you It’s like this If I lose I will let you decide what you want Anyway you cannot win What does Wei Chang mean to say ? You really want to play against Wei Chang ? But Wei Chang started playing tennis from junior high Although you are also amazing but time plays an important role here that’s right and also right now you can only play against girls My boss… has won a lot of championships you will lose It’s pretty simple If Wei Chang really wins then what about Zhang Sheng Thank you Let’s go only you can make this mess you are really ruthless Dad Uncle How come both of you are returning home so late ? I was studying in the library I have training What are you carrying ? Uncle, that’s mine Recently I have been practising with a pair Sheng Sheng Grandmother What are you doing ? Grandmother Mother, it’s so late and yet you have not slept Tao’er is preparing for college entrances He’s studying really hard Sheng Sheng’s parents have gone for a business trip again I want to make them some food to eat okay come The previous few moves regardless of whether it is serving or receiving the ball both is a problem Although you are good at serving the ball and can score there But your physical strength is lacking also your play is not effective In the state i am I have the highest probability of receiving the ball in the first game from behind it’s a straight line drop the most pressing matter for now is to increase physical strength 8 secs Looks like a person who hasn’t played What are you doing ? Why are you speaking nonsense quick let’s go practise Din’t we just finish practising? I want to lose weight. I’m fat Add one more portion of beef Wait Make that two portions You also eat Stop Li Tao if your practise is like this then you will lose for sure I don’t think so Before when he played against me he won 3 out of 10 innings but now when we play it’s a tie His physical strength has also improved You only know how to speak up for him You… can fool yourself into that kind of thinking can you fool Wei Chang with that ? We can still work harder right ? we can still improve sister there is only three days left for the match This is the match that Wei Chang played vigorously till the opponent lost his physical strength and then he won His physical strength is good He also knows that my physical capacity is not good he will certainly make me run everywhere but tennis is a game where you have to run about If it was table tennis it would be have good it only requires hand strength. no need for running What did you say ? Tennis is played with hands so his hand movements will spur my leg movement I got it ! I have reached Old Zhang (Zhang Sheng’s dad) you are working so hard It’s weekend and yet you are working overtime its okay, Im just checking the gas cooker we are done for My dad thinks I’m in the library No way we can’t let him fine out that you are playing tennis hide! I will look into it for you Okay, it’s not a problem I have entered the house Don’t worry It’s nothing. It should be okay I will look into it Don’t worry. don’t move Nothing has happened. The gas is off don’t worry it’s safe no problem isn’t this your house? what are you hiding for ? let’s go test our new method I can’t let me take breath only you have such a weak physical strength you should practice more what do you mean weak ? its already been three hours No even if you go back like this you will win for sure why are you practising so hard oh god look. he is still practising Let’s go take a look Li Tao Tomorrow i will definitely beat you Of course I will win against you in front of Zhang Sheng Okay Boss he is provoking you Li Tao i’m serious Xiao Tao What happened ? it’s nothing let’s finish picking up all the balls on this side Okay we haven’t finished speaking yet Li tao. what do you want ? you you lets go we’ll see how you will be able to play against him/(wei chang) tomorrow what’s with wei chang recently he is acting strange do you have time to worry about some one else right now that’s right xiao tao do you think our method will work out ? i also dont know but do your best and leave the rest to god’s will afterall in this short time we have done everything we could Right ? so don’t worry about the results only if we do our best then can we win that’s right if we do our best we can win Xiao Tao, why are you always so smart that might be because of you me ? how come ? because you are stupid so I seem a little smarter i am not stupid wait for me. I’m not stupid Recently you have been playing quite well No It’s not been that good I heard that there is going to be an internal match today Let’s go and watch Do you know whose playing against who ? Wei Chang and the new guy That’s not going to be fun. I’m not going Players please come on the court Give your best Xiao Tao Heads or Tails ? Let him choose I chose tails Tails Serving or receiving first ? Serving This side First set Li Tao is serving The match begins 15 to 0 ACE ball although the serve was pretty good he could even manage an ACE Don’t speak It’s luck What ? That was due to Li Tao’s own capacity What is ACE ball ? ACE ball is When you serve in such a way that the opponent is unable to hit back that is called ACE It looks like Li Tao is quite amazing He’s already won 15 points No that’s not it In tennis 15 is just one point score 30 is equal to 2 points then there is 40 One who scores 40 first wins the set and this is the first set The person who first wins 6 sets is the winner of the match The first set has ended Score is 1 to 0 Li Tao is leading Li Tao has unexpectedly taken the lead No. It’s just by accident What do you mean accident ? Losing is losing okay ! Both the sides take your places on the court Li Tao This is just the first set don’t be happy too early Wait and see Boss give it your best ! Xiao Tao Keep going! Nice ball 0 to 15 Good! This time boss is serving he’s got this for sure 0 to 30 0 to 40 The second set is over Score is 1-1 Tie nicee! Really amazing boss has got back what he lost no boss has got back his playing condition you guys keep calm this is how a game normally proceeds Don’t think Li Tao has lost This is because he has not yet warmed up enough to receive the ball but you all have seen just now his serves were quite amazing that even Wei Chang could not return them Isn’t that right Zhang Sheng 0 to 15 0 to 30 0 to 40 The third set is over Score is 2 to 1 Wei Chang is leading 0 to 15 0 to 30 0 to 40 The fourth set is over Score is 3 to 1 Wei Chang is leading good work Manager Guan It looks like Xiao Tao’s speed has reduced Wei Chang is hitting towards one side and then the other.. here and there he is purposely making him run everywhere on court He is purposely exhausting Xiao Tao’s energy 0 to 15 Physical strength and speed are both pretty good it’s also difficult to predict where his ball will go This Wei Chang is pretty good but the one playing against him is so weak That is Li Tao. He is also pretty good After all he has only played for 3 months and what’s more he has a remarkable natural talent This Wei Chang can play at a professional level and he is playing with a beginner what’s the point to this match ? The fifth set is over The score is 4 to 1 Wei Chang is leading Let me tell you boss will certainly win Li Tao already lost 4 continuous sets What did I say just now The first set was a fluke right ? you Players take a break sit sit sit Boss you played really well just now you must be tired to death What’s there to be tired about playing with him is like not playing at all Speak a little softly don’t let everyone hear you. that won’t be good right ? It can’t be helped. He is a scholar afterall What is he doing ? Writing winter vacation homework Looks like he’s given up Break is over. Let the match continue 15 to 0 He din’t even hit this one What’s up with Li Tao ? This is boring. I’m leaving first Left side Next ball Right side 15 to 15 What’s happening ? Li Tao’s luck is too good He guessed right where the balls would come at Let’s see what trick you have The sixth set is over The score is 4 to 2 Wei Chang is leading Din’t you say that that guy can’t receive balls well ? He has good fortune you say good fortune but can you play like that ? How does he know which direction I am going to hit the ball Xiao Tao is finally striking back Jia you ! Jia you ! The seventh set is over The score is 4 to 3 Wei Chang is leading Wei Chang missed it So what if he missed Din’t he clearly give Li Tao points ? that’s… We still have the upper hand here Left side It looks like the newbie striking back is Already making Wei Chang mess up How the hell is he guessing out of bounds right side The score is 4 to 3 Wei Chang is leading What’s happening ? Wei Chang, that kid everything is good but his state needs readjustment desire to win is too strong Score is 5 to 5. Tied What is AD ? AD means the one with advantage when there is a tie, the player that scores first has advantage but that doesn’t mean that the player had won only after scoring once more can he win the set Xiao Tao can do it for sure Boss is actually being beaten by that guy How can that be ? Interesting Don’t be anxious This is not over yet even if you don’t say it boss knows that The 11th set is over The score is 6 to 5 Li Tao is leading 6 to 5 I never though Li Tao could still turn the tide I have said it before Xiao Tao can certainly do it Players rest for a while There is still 1-2 sets I can’t run fast Don’t overexert Its okay if you just do your best So I have to win this next one How does he know which direction I’m going to hit It doesn’t matter let’s see what trick he has Finallyyy over (disclaimer: my tennis knowledge is quite poor) Sorry the next episode might come quite late.. I have exam coming up….

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