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Faith And Hearing Jesus For Yourself

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Jesus and if we have faith in the Lord then we are going to enter the kingdom of God.
People write me and ask me how do I enter the kingdom of God? How do I know if I wont
go to hell? How do I know if I’m pleasing to the Lord? How do I know what if I die and
go to hell? People ask me Jesus doesn’t speak to me, I don’t know what to do. Well today,
I want to encourage everybody that we have to have faith even when things don’t go the
way we think they should go. We always like to try and work it out and get everything
now, but we don’t see the kingdom of heaven yet. But Jesus promised that in time if we
stay faithful we will see his kingdom. And his kingdom is going to come and he’s going
to prepare mansions for his people in the kingdom of heaven. And he promised that himself.
That is why we have to have faith and not get all worried and concerned every time we
think Jesus doesn’t speak to us, or think that we’re going to hell and just give up.
Just because we through some trial and maybe we fall to some sins, you know maybe we fall
to some sins. We go to repent, get out of them and keep following Jesus. We cant use
sin as an excuse to continue following the broad path to hell. Now what is this broad
path to hell? This broad path is the part of living for yourself, living after what
you want to do, and you don’t spend your time seeking to know Jesus and serving him. That’s
the broad path. But the narrow path is the path of denying yourself, not following what
you want to do in this life anymore, and instead spending your time praying and serving the
Lord. That’s what the narrow party is. Are you walking the narrow path or the broad path?
Now Christians and nonbelievers alike, write me and they say ’93well I don’t feel close
to the Lord anymore’94. Or ’93I don’t know the Lord he may not like me, he probably doesn’t
care so I feel like just giving up and just going on with my life’94. Dear friends, that’s
a very poor excuse. Some people say, ’93well I’ve sinned too much and I feel that I backslidden
too far’94. But thats even worse excuse. That means you’re just going to go on in your
sin? Just gonna go on in your way of life that leads to hell anyway and just reject
the Lord? That is not a very nice way to treat Jesus, after all he died on the cross and
was scourged for you and he was beaten for you. And then you still can’t follow him because
you think that, ’93Well my sins condemn me anyway let’s go on in sin, let’s go on in
our own life’94’85 keep drinking, keep smoking keep doing sin. Dear friends we don’t want
to be like this, we want to have faith. Because while theirs faith and while there’s life
we have hope. And the hope is the eternal kingdom of God to all who believe in Jesus.
And it is more than just believing in Jesus, when you believe you actually go and you live
for him. You see Jesus said that if anybody wants to follow me, he must pick up his cross,
denying himself and come follow me. People say yes I believe there is a Jesus. He was
a man who lived 2000 years ago. We did we do believe that but he is not the son of God.
That’s what they say. But the friends we know that Jesus is the son of God. He rose from
the dead on the third day. And he proved that in my life. That’s why I can say that Jesus
is the son of God, because Jesus himself set me free from sin. He gave me the power to
not curse and follow the ways of sin no more. He helps me to continue walking that way.
Now it can get hard you can get tempted and I get tempted too. And the devil can come
along with all kinds of evil desires and try and influence you to go and sin again, and
maybe give up hope. It’s all possible, but dear friends it is we who live after the hope
of eternal life in Jesus Christ, we crucify the flesh daily and put it to death by the
power of the Spirit and we live. That is how we live, why? It’s only because of one thing.
This one thing is faith, faith in Jesus Christ. If we have faith we will be saved. Praise
the Lord. But you must have faith, praise the Lord. I want to read to you what Paul
said about, he says here he says: we rely on what Jesus Christ has done for us we put
no confidence in our own effort. Though I could have confidence in my own efforts indeed.
If others have a reason for confidence in their own efforts then I Paul, could have
confidence in mine even more. Because I was circumcised at eight years old, and I was
a pureblood Israelite and I was from the tribe of Benjamin and I was a real Hebrew. I was
a member of the Pharisees of the strictest sect. And I was zealous and harshly persecuted
the Christians and as for righteousness, I obeyed the law without fault. I once thought
that these things are valuable but now consider them worthless because of what Christ has
done. ( you see Christ died for us on the cross so we got to have faith in him) yet
everything is worthless when you compare the infinite value of knowing Jesus Christ. Knowing
Jesus is more than more than just a belief. Jesus is the son of God and that is what we
base our faith on is when you get to know Jesus. But first you must have faith. And
you got to seek and then you’ll find. And the Lord Jesus is going to start to change
things in your life. He will set you free from bondages. He will start to speak to you
in different ways. And people say, well how do I know the Jesus? How do I speak to him?
In different ways, and the answer is simple; we just give our lives to him and we live
for him and then he does the rest. He may not speak to you all once, or he may be speaking
to you and you don’t realize that he is speaking to you. He may be speaking to you through
a bad situation in your life because he’s trying to show you to leave chasing your own
desires lead to the fire. The Lord can speak in many ways we have to learn to hear him.
I’ll read on, Listen: for the Lord Jesus sake I have discarded everything and I no longer
count on my own righteousness of obeying the law of Moses, (you know the law of Moses don’t
you? As written in the book of Deuteronomy and Leviticus) I become righteous through
the faith in Jesus Christ. For God’s way of making us righteous with him depends on faith.
I want to know Jesus and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead. (you
see Jesus Christ was raised from the dead by the power of God. And you too need to have
his power in you praise the Lord) I want to suffer with him so that one way or another
I’ll experience the resurrection from the dead. I don’t mean to say that I have really
achieved the goal and reached perfection, but I press on to possess that perfection
for which Jesus Christ first possessed me. (you see we are here to possess the perfection
of Jesus within us) I focus on one thing; forgetting the past and looking forward to
what lies ahead. I press on reaching the end of the race to receive the heavenly prize
for which God through Jesus Christ is calling us. The prize of eternal life. Let all who
are spiritually mature agree on these things. Dear friends Paul was striving to enter the
kingdom by keeping the rules. Now that’s what everybody must do. We cant expect to enter
God’s kingdom if we don’t follow Jesus Christ and don’t obey him and strive for his perfection,
praise the Lord. Because Jesus himself commanded that we are to come the way of the perfection
of God, not the way of the righteous Pharisees. People who just say that they are keeping
the 10 Commandments and they make a good show of it, yet their hearts are not righteous
and you know what they’re doing in secret. Dear friends we have to be living in faith
in Jesus Christ nothing else, and we are here to strive to finish the race of faith. Stay
true to the Lord dear brothers sisters and fix your thoughts on what is true, honourable,
right, pure, lovely, admirable and think about these things that are excellent and worthy
of praise, and keep putting into practice all you have learned and the Lord’s peace
will be with you. Dear friends we have to have the faith of Jesus Christ and not be
just losing our faith and following our own way. And you know, don’t just think that you
can you can just go on in the world and have Jesus at the same time. We have to stay far
away from that dear friends. We have to have faith and not doubt about it. People they
doubt a lot. They say, ’93well you know the Lord isn’t speaking to me so that means that
maybe he just doesn’t want me, so I can just go back to my old way and lets just give up’94’85
people are very quick to give up and when the rope of life is thrown to them, they want
to just let go of it again. And while Jesus is trying to pull them into the ship, they
don’t want to stay on the rap even though it is hard to hang onto it, they want to just
let go. So he throws them the rope again, and they hang on for a little while, but then
they just let go again. Dear friends, we don’t want to be like that, we want to hang on to
the rope till he pulls us aboard. Not just half way, and then just let go again and say,
’93you know the Lord doesn’t hear me’94. Or, ’93I don’t hear the Lord, let’s let go
of the rope’94. Or maybe the storm so loud that you can’t hear him. Maybe you’re too
focused on the deep water under you that you can’t hear him and you are in panic. Dear
friends, we have to hang onto the rope and allow Jesus to pull us into the kingdom of
heaven, and don’t let go. Don’t think the rope rope is going to break and don’t doubt
that the Lord has the strength to pull you in. because he does, he has both the strength
to pull you in and the rope won’t break. So that is why dear friends we have to trust
and put faith in Jesus even though we may not hear him, or we may not see him, or we
may think that he is not there or any of these things that cause people to doubt. You know
we just got to focus on the Lord Jesus. If you don’t you will fall off the end of the
rope, you cannot be saved. And people don’t realize you know that if we just let go of
the rope and just fall back into the waters, we’re going to die and then we’re going to
go to hell. Nobody wants to go to hell dear friends, Jesus came for the reason of saving
people from the fires of hell. From where people send themselves for their own sin.
Dear friends keep away from sin. And that’s what Paul was talking about. He was talking
about not relying on men for your salvation and not relying on people, but relying on
God. For he is the one who brings you the hope of salvation not man. So you have to
rely on Jesus Christ otherwise you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. You’ll never
be one of those few people who do we are told to strive to enter the kingdom of heaven.
And strive and few make it. Many try a few make it. You will never enter the kingdom
if you don’t strive and that goes for me too. At any time we can become discouraged and
we start to want to let go of the rope. And we start to think well you know I feel down
today, you know maybe I let the Lord down too much. And you don’t want to have faith
anymore. What’s the use of giving up dear friends. We are not here to give up. We need
to strive on the narrow way until we enter the gods kingdom. The prize of eternal life
isn’t for quitters, it is for only those people who finish the race of faith. And its not
a race of seeing it is a race of faith. Why do you need faith if you saw the kingdom of
God all around you? And you could see Jesus walking with you? You wouldn’t need faith
if you could see everything and know everything and know the future. That’s why God doesn’t
show you the future much and that’s why you don’t see everything. Because down here it’s
all to do with faith. It doesn’t work like that down here. It is all to do with faith
alone. And faith is: what is Faith? Faith is believing and hoping things that you cannot
see but nevertheless you know will happen in time. That’s what faith is. In time you
will see. In time you will inherit the kingdom of God. If you can’t have faith in the cross
knowing that you will inherit the kingdom of God if you believe in Jesus, then what
you have? Nothing! Either you have faith or you have nothing. Either you have faith or
you’re a nonbeliever who goes to hell. And dear friends we want to have faith because
we know that the Lord died for us. We know because we’ve been changed inside. We already
have his peace in us, so we must stay with it until the end even when things look hard.
Or you think maybe God is not helping you right now. I’m sure some of the Christians
who were martyred in the days of the apostles up to this day, they could easily say, ’93well
where is my God, you know these people are going to kill me’94! But dear friends, God
isn’t everything about the flesh, when we die we go to be with him. Its not about everything
to do with the flesh. God is to do with spirit and God is Spirit and people are spirit and
we’re only inside flesh bodies on this earth. So we must have faith. If you don’t have faith,
dear friends, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Not only that but you cannot please
him. You cannot believe Jesus if you don’t have faith. You see there was a brother in
Christ who was shown hell and he was shown by the Lord in a vision. You see he wanted
to kill himself and the night before he killed himself the Lord Jesus showed up and showed
him the reality of hell. Thats where he found himself. And he asked Jesus, Cant I take back
something from this place to earth to show the people? Something tangible, something
you can see. A piece of hell, then people might believe. But the Lord Jesus said, it
doesn’t work like that down on earth, it doesn’t work like that. It is only through faith.
And dear friends if you don’t have faith, you cannot please God. Down here it is by
faith. When you’re going along in your normal life, it is by faith that you believe in Jesus
for salvation. And when you accept him in faith, the reality of the Spirit does come
into you. Does speak to you, does change you. Does set you free from sin. I have brethren
who have been set free from our alcohol addictions, from smoking addictions. They have been set
free from all kinds of addictions even drug addictions, and it was all through the Lord
Jesus Christ and his power and they became new people born again of the spirit and totally
changed. Because of Jesus Christ. So you see dear friends we can throw off all doubt today
because we have such a cloud of witnesses around us of people who have been changed
by the power of Jesus Christ. And I myself have been changed, so we can have faith knowing
that since he has changed so many people and helped so many people throughout the ages
until this very day, that we have no more room for doubt and we can throw it all out,
and just lay faith in the fact that he died for us so that we could inherit the kingdom
of heaven. And as long as we just deny ourselves and live for him, we will be saved. Isn’t
that wonderful! You see entering the kingdom of heaven through Jesus Christ is a free gift,
but it comes at a cost and there are also conditions. The condition is is that you have
to believe in Jesus and obeyed him. Thats the condition. You have to obey the Lord.
And the cost is that you will lose worldly things. Things like friends and possibly money,
you may lose a lot of things I don’t know. People will hate you you won’t be included
in society no more and you wont fit in. so these are things you will loose. You wont
be able to chase after all the sin loving paths anymore because you don’t want to go
those ways anymore. So you are going to lose things like this, and the conditions of salvation
through Jesus Christ is that you obey him. Theres no use saying you believe yet you don’t
believe him, thats the condition. And other than that, its free and you’ll enter his kingdom
if you obey him and you follow him. Because Jesus said that people who look back, back
to their old life, he said they’re not worthy of me. He said that no person who puts his
hand to the plow and then looks back is worthy of me. Worthy means, they are not worthy of
Jesus at all which means neither his cross nor death for them, nor anything. They’re
not worthy of him as a person. As God. And Jesus also said that he who does not keep
my commandments and does not obey them is not worthy of me either. Does not love me.
He said he who does not love me will not obey me. But he said that he does love me I will
come into them and me and my father will be with him and we will reveal ourselves to him.
Jesus has revealed himself to me. Has he revealed himself to you? If he hasn’t then seek! Jesus
reveals himself to people. But you got his seek dear friends. You ask knock and seek
and the Lord will reveal himself to you also. Isn’t that wonderful praise the Lord! We have
to seek ask and knock, then we will find. Dear friends let us do this. Let us have the
Lord revealed himself to us. He spoke the truth. He said plainly that those who love
me will keep my commandments and me and my father will come into him and we will reveal
ourselves to him. Think about that! Reveal ourselves to him! Thats revelation. That means
Jesus comes into your life and becomes a reality in your life. All of us need the revelation
of God in our life. That’s why so many people always ask me how can I know Jesus? How can
he be in my life? How can I have his revelation? And I cannot help you have that, I can only
tell you well you have to go and ask the Lord and seek him and only then will you have these
revelations and you will come to know him. But you have to seek. You have to ask. To
knock and then you will find. Thats the only way. He who doesn’t seek, doesn’t knock cannot
find. That’s why I say you have to have faith, because unless you ask and seek and knock
in faith, and you believe in Jesus who is the Messiah, then how can you be saved? You
can’t be saved until you do this. We have to ask, dear friends, in faith knowing who
he is is who he is. He is the Messiah. He is the Lord who was raised from the dead and
he came to save all people who believe in him, praise the Lord. So let us have faith
in Jesus and not doubt anymore. What is the use of doubting dear friends? We must not
doubt anymore, we must have faith and strive to follow Jesus. If I didn’t have faith why
would I be here speaking to you? Would I be just going on in my life, doing what I want
to do? Why would I bother to to tell you about Jesus if I didn’t have faith in him? If Jesus
hadn’t changed me so much why do you think I’m here? If Jesus hadn’t done so much to
me why you think I would bother to set myself apart for the Lord Jesus Christ if I didn’t
know him, and I didn’t have any faith and I didn’t experience him? Dear friends that
is why I’m here speaking, because not only did I find the Lord, but he also showed me
things, speaks to me and leads me. Otherwise how could I be here and talk confidently about
the Lord? How can I leave my sins if I didn’t come to know the Lord Jesus Christ? You have
to have faith. You have to lay your faith in Jesus today and decided to give your life
to him and not just go on in unbelief. Don’t be like the people who who think well you
know Jesus just doesn’t speak. So Im just going to give up or I am doing some sin Im
feeling really bad about it and I think I’ve backslidden too far, so let’s just give up
and just go back to the world’85 why do you want to be like those people of little faith?
People who don’t have faith don’t go to heaven. People who realize that Jesus is the savior
of the world and realize his reality in their minds and hearts, they’re the ones who get
changed by the Lord. So Im trying to push you to see the reality of Jesus for yourself
knowing that if you turn to him he seek him with all your heart you will indeed come to
know his reality for yourself. And it will start off small and as you continued to walk
the race of faith, it will grow and grow. And it will become deeper and deeper into
the reality of the Lord. He starts revealing himself more to you. But when you go off and
walk in your own paths again, suddenly the reality of the Lord starts to leave your life
and you start to fall away and you think well what happened, I used to know the Lord so
well and I just don’t feel he knows me anymore’85.and that’s where people fall away, because they
just start going back to the world and their own ways. You know I get people they message
me and they say well you know I used to know the Lord that I don’t anymore’85and I have
looked on their channels and all I can see is whole walls of video games and in their
liking all these worldly things like pop music, rock and rap and they’re liking movies and
the are all just following the world and their wall shows it. They have all these likes of
the world. And it is no wonder they don’t know the Lord because they have drowned him
out in the world. They ran off from the narrow path. They’re back on the broad path to hell
and you know what people on the broad path to hell do. You see what they do every day.
They go to the movies they watch TV. The people on the broad path to hell live for themselves.
They seek their money, they seek to advance their careers. They’re seeking to get everything
but they don’t live for the Lord. They’re entertained by the world. They love the comedians
of this world. They’re laughing at the jokes and the foolish things of this world and they’re
not separating themselves onto the Lord. That is because they don’t know Jesus because they’re
on the broad path to hell. But Jesus warns them and brings people to a point in their
life where they have to cry out to the Lord. And he wants to come out of the Broad way.
Thats what the Holy Spirit gives warning: come out of the Broad way, come onto the narrow
way. And people hear and they decide to believe and have faith so they come onto the narrow
way. And they start believing in the Lord and they start following him, but then trial
and trouble comes then they all fall away and they go back to the Broad way again, and
then suddenly death overtakes them and the next minute they end up in hell. Having had
a chance of salvation but then going back to the broad path. Going back to that of the
worldly friends the music you know the wine women and song, the pursuit of pleasure and
next minute they’re in hell. Chance over even they had a dig for a chance at one time. Dear
friends let us learn from these people. Let us not end up in hell with them. We need to
have faith today and stay on the narrow way. Theres no prize for quitters, there is only
eternal life prize for people who strive on the narrow way obeying the commands of Jesus
and doing what he says. Because those who obey Jesus is the ones who love him and they’re
the ones who will have the blood wash away their sins. You see the big deception in this
world especially among Christian circles and churches, is that they believe Jesus washes
away everybody’s sin. They think that everybody has their sins washed away. They don’t realize
that it’s only those who have faith in Jesus who have their sins washed away. It is not
other religions, it is not atheist sinners Christians are go on in sin, they don’t have
their sins washed away. It is only those people who have faith in Jesus and they follow him.
They’re the ones who have their sins washed away, because 1: they agree and they believe
that Jesus is the son of God and that he is the only way to heaven. 2: because they believe
that with such a strong conviction that they want to obey him, and so in their hearts they
know not to lie, they know not to steal, they know not to cheat, they know not to bribe,
they know not to drink, they know not to curse, they know not to follow the world and get
all in tangled in the ways of this generation, they know not to to fall to sexual immorality,
they know not to practice fornication. Dear friends, they know these things and so what
they do is because they know it because they want to be with the Lord and because they
have faith in him, they leave sin. They turn away from it. They know not to do it, because
they love Jesus. And because they do, they have his blood wash their sins away, they
have his power come in to their life and they no longer need to follow sin because he sets
him free, and they are able to follow the way that leads to the kingdom of heaven. Now
who do you want to be? The people who just go back to the world and go to hell, or the
people who know the reality of Christ so they turn from their sins and they follow him and
they enter the kingdom of heaven! Who do you want to be? The lateral or the former?

Otis Rodgers