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Fear of God Essentials Pacsun VLOG - The Hype is back

you know what is good everybody think you saw something or something by the channel you want to get from us over here at locus wild honey so as you see behind me we're out in front of pack Sun because as you guys know today is the fog essentials drop and today we're going to be kind of going over the whole experience as we've done time and time again in the past in previous videos super nostalgic I love doing this but today is really special because it's not necessarily a vlog type of feel to me more so like a documentation of kinda want to pick up and all that good stuff anyways yes if you guys do enjoy the fear of God at Central's with vlogs comment down below let us know because we want to keep them going also like today's video cuz that definitely helps us a lot anyways guys let's go ahead and jump right into today's video all right so we're here in line if you guys didn't see my Instagram picture I'm wearing the new lows what do you guys like more lows or highs eyes all the way all of a sudden lows it is summer time Harrison I swear we got Ethan here we're out in front of packed Sun first and foremost I gotta ask you what times you pull up today eight and so two hours for the job not too too bad but definitely it's pretty early for summertime oh yeah he did bring up one of the vlog that's actually one of my favorite blogs that we just talked about super nostalgic which vlog got you into the channel when he first heard it was the when when you're going under like cages and stuff like that hiding from security at that the fear gone vans man such a crazy vlog if you guys are oh geez comment down below if you guys did see that vlog and when I he's referencing it's personally one of my favorite ones one of the worst nights of my life but one of the best vlogs for sure pulled up at 8 a.m. I guess the next question would be what are you looking forward to purchase today it's those nylon shorts yes super clean essential for the summertime anyways but appreciate your time thank you so much for this important now as it relates to my outfit I am wearing this cactus plant hoodie down for the shorts I am wearing the essentials shorts that are dropping today and then last up is the Travis Scott lows you guys are I see the calm maggot section in today's picture super funny because I just subtly dropped that I just got a perfect time because they just arrived in the mail thing was last night so yeah I had to break them out for today's video anyways we're just waiting here in line about to enter this store really really excited so here's what it looks like that's pretty I don't know it hasn't been like this in a while so it's really interesting to see the hype kind of build up again for a long time it was just like you know maybe one person here but yeah this is nice this is refreshing well done Jerry well done the collection looks outstanding you guys already know how I feel about it why would you do that he's being annoying what do you do to new sellers right now guys don't know they're two resellers right now piece to me it's like two lines finding a gazelle it's what happened to Street where world show now he'd been here this is all this is honest honest a biggest finestra no get his face get his face shame him he's first I just know that for sure yeah he's first for sure I really like the setup it's a lot more organized the line got a whole lot longer as well I want to say there's like 40 people here list here menu how did the finestra get here dude today who should I knock him out should I knock him out should we narc yeah I think I'm gonna have a small windbreaker so there's there's that coveted jacket man this thing's sold out so quickly online it's seriously so crazy both stock is super limited actually didn't even get any smaller at all in the swap and I was ill yup my size in a black one but thank you so much I appreciate it hi guys so we just got done got my stuff here secured the bag everybody got their stuff the we kinda just adopted Ethan into our group there's so good he's been a subscriber for a while bro I appreciate you what you end up getting what are you looking forward to purchase today it's those nylon shorts yes and did it was prophesied in the beginning came into fruition so good I don't know why you're with us dude like you got all he got the most stuff and he cut we ended up getting her stuff really successful day packs on thank you so much for having us on this film inside who appreciate you deeply guys you guys did enjoy today's log be sure to hit the thumbs up on and calm it down below I'm gonna see you guys at the house because I'm gonna show you guys what I ended up purchasing hey that's not you know what does get everybody so I just got back home and I did secure the bag so to speak I'm go ahead and show you guys what I ended up purchasing this black basic t-shirt but it does say essentials in 3m I thought I was like a really nice hit so originally I did sleep on this piece um the only slept on it for like maybe five minutes because literally stocks were insanely low from store to store I got a ton of DMS of people saying like dude this stuff is all insanely limited this specific piece did self maybe after the fifth person in line so I actually try to go back and get it but by then it was already in somebody's hands so I did end up going to a different a different mall and this was just kind of sitting there so picked it up my size very pleased to have done so so yeah guys stuff was crazy limited online I know a lot of people took else which is crazy because there's a special kind of link that we have in a Facebook group that enables you to kind of cop with certainty but now it's crazy nobody was able to get the nylon active shorts I think that was one of the hottest ticket items I think and also the anorak or the wind breaker how everyone look at it but I was actually able to get a windbreaker in my size so here's the windbreaker size small it does fit oversize as predicted a very very boxy but man how this thing is so fired so here's the jacket on body cutting up the Crouch here a little bit to fit in the frame but yeah definitely a really sick jacket super easy to wear the last item I got in store is a pair of simple sweatpants now actually don't have a black pair and this Pacific pair is really nice because it does have like a fade to it I don't know if you guys can kind of see here on camera but it does have a slight fade to it does fit just a little bit more narrow than last collections or like the fleece ones but super soft in hand so just before I let you guys go I did want to give something away I know a lot of people weren't able to cop things or took Ella's or whatever so I just thought this to be a nice gesture so feel free to like today's video comment down below if you'd be interested but I'm giving away I'll go ahead and get it I think the retail price was $90 I didn't pay for it it was gifted to me but this is in no way like a sponsored giveaway by PacSun or anything I just thought I'm probably not gonna wear it's really hot out here and – definitely sick piece of mazing quality so if you guys are interested definitely let me know it is a size small so uh comment down below follow me on Instagram and I'll pick somebody from the comments section in a couple days here but that is it guys anyways that is gonna it for today's video hopefully guys did enjoy it if you did let me know by hitting the thumbs up on and commenting down below also if you want the jacket just let me know comment down below I'll pick somebody at random puts my IG story it's pretty straight up hopefully you guys got those nostalgic mob vibes it's been a while since we did one of these vlogs and man oh man was it great to meet you guys and I get out there and just do our thing the community ate the locusts one honey Facebook group oh my goodness it was poppin this morning and I seen nothing but great feedback amongst the community and all good stuff so thank you two guys for Megan's community special and welcoming I truly believe that we were set apart for a reason and that's to encourage one another anyways that's gonna do it for me thank you so much once again honestly privileged to get to make content for you now as an elevator here at Locust wall honey I would say peace and be blessed you

Otis Rodgers



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    Thanks for posting on the same day!!! LOVE IT

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    wearing black hoodie, with 3 underlayering shirts

  12. Jordan !! Posted on July 23, 2019 at 8:27 am

    🔥I slept on this release, deff wouldn’t mind the vest my guy. Hopefully there’s another drop soon, need the nylon shorts as well as the black tee with 3m 😫

  13. Rodrigo Navarro Posted on July 23, 2019 at 8:27 am

    Ayyy back to fog vlogs, sweet video! Would love to win the jacket btw

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