December 8, 2019
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Find the real You Guided sleep meditation  – A life purpose talk down for clearing negative blocks

welcome to this inward looking and mind freeing
guided meditation. in a moment, the music will change, this gives
you the next few moments for things to settle down and possibly accept a little relaxation.
please make sure that the area you are listening in, is comfortable, safe and unobtrusive of
distractions as can be. as the meditation begins and progresses, a
personal journey of awakening the real you will appear, along the way, you will take
a step outside your comfort zone, you will look at things from
a fresh perspective and possibly find where life fits in with you.
its very easy to fit into life, blend in, having your wants and needs masked with the
going ons of life, but if you could mould it to the shape of
your heart and soul then things will be more positive, happier and peaceful.
This can be an emotional journey where you realise changes may need to be implemented
in your own life as you begin to open up, you can pause this
recording and come back to it at anytime if you find yourself overwhelmed.
peace inside the mind is very important, and is what creates a sense of well being. from
doing things the right way to ensure your happiness, you are
being fair on yourself and others. being the true, real you, and expressing it
is where you will find life flows much better. along the way, patience is needed, as you
quietly absorb everything that your mind and body is telling you.
so please take a relaxing and fresh breath in, letting those muscles melt downwards as
you exhale out much slower, your journey is about to begin. now that you are ready to begin and prepared
for what YOUR journey involves, take a slow deep breath in, allowing your chest to expand
and your lungs to fill, with fresh new oxygen. Aaaaand exhale,
very slowly and calmly out through your mouth. as you exhale that breath of newness and acceptance
in willing to seek out the true you, your back and shoulders pleasantly and gently ease
downward, bringing a little peace to your private atmoshpere.
allow your breathing now, to be automatic and without thought, as you progress through
your journey, the relaxation your mind and body accepts will in
turn calm every breath to a slow and smooth rhythm.
in a moment, you will begin a full body scan, from your head to your toes, to prepare for
this very personal journey. before you do, let everything in your mind
just go for now. what do i mean by letting go?
i mean, let go of any beliefs you have of yourself, either put on you by other people
or circumstances, remember, these negative thoughts do not define you
as a person. a negative image of yourself has to be let
go, to accept your most heartfelt desires and wants of life.
through positivity and stretching yourself out of your comfort zone you can accomplish
anything, and attain everything you want out of life.
this journey will open your mind up to the lessons you have learned in life so far, allowing
you to find a new mindset, where you only attract what you
want. at this moment, if there are any thoughts
that you can let go of, allow them to evaporate out through your neck muscles, releasing the
tops of your shoulders further into a relieved and relaxed state.
there is no need to keep hold of negative thoughts, as they do not serve any purpose,
releasing more, out through your chest. feel that negative energy leave your body,
as your muscles slide positively downward more and more, relaxing further with each
and every calming breath. the relief of this uninvited guest of negativity
leaving, sends the muscles in your arms down, to a heavy feeling of peace.
as your breathing becomes more restful and your body fills with a more positive state
of being, your back becomes loose, heavy and warm on the surface that
you lay upon. let go of anything holding you back from relaxing
now, by loosening the grip of your wrists, hands and fingers. each digit uncurling sleepily
with trust. sending the last remaining unserving thoughts
down through your body, your hips and thighs unclench, loosen and freely inch toward the
soft sheets below. warm, resting calmly and going deeper into
your own mind, gaps of peaceful silence fill your mind every now and then.
with the next quiet gap of calmness, your knees allow your calf muscles and ankles to
unlock into a loose version of themselves, weighing down with a very
relaxed sensation of warmth. there is no need to second guess any feeling
of comfort in your body or quietness in your mind, what you are beginning to experience
is a peacefulness within, a calmness that feels quiet, and a
stillness that brings your inner self into a state of wonder.
with your eyes becomin heavier, with the gentle lull of your relaxing body, your consciousness
begins to fade, dipping heavier into the gaps of silence
that you now observe. at this point, you may perhaps fall asleep,
or be in a state where you watch yourself from within, either way, it doesnt matter,
as your mind will pick up the parts that are personally important
for you. relax down more now, just by observing how
your body lays, and sensing the peace that you feel inside.
let your body wash with more relief, as the tide of your breathing, rolls in, and then
out, calming, and relaxing you more and more. taking yourself now, out of any image your
mind may be showing you, imagine and visualise the setting of a beach.
feel the sand beneath your feet, warm, smooth and relaxing.
see the shimmering of the yellow sand, in the light of the soothing heat the sun provides.
become more calm in seeing a blue sky, which creates more clearness in your mind.
there are palm trees slowly swaying in the breeze on one side, and on the other, the
sea, lapping crystal clear waves onto the shore . your shoulders relax from the warmth of the
sun, and your feet become heavier with each foot forward in the deep piled soft sand.
heavily descendiing deeply into a heavily relaxed state, your body feels relief in every
way possible. beathing automatically deeper and longer breaths
now, you go deeper into this scene of tranquil beauty, using every sense available.
the smell of the ocean lengthens each and every breath, your eyes become heavier as
the sun kindly shines down on you, the warm breeze affects every muscle
into loosening, and your ears are massaged with the sound of each wave that gurgles ashore.
your mind, gently calmed and your body, heavily relaxed, let go of everything right now.
as you look about, you see that you are at the shore of your mind.
the land you now stand upon, is that of the present.
staying positive and very present as you scan the area, you see the things that surround
your life right now. keeping an open mind, as you begin your journey,
you can see the people in your circles, friends and family, you see your home, and any obstacles
that seemingly restrict your way through life.
again, being very present, it is natural for you to feel a slight tightneing of your muscles,
just be aware of this,and adjust those areas down to that relaxed
state once more. if it helps, take a slow deep and relieving
breath in , and relax out on your exhale. now, there is a boat shored up on the jetty
next to you. this boat will take you to the beautiful island
you see on the horizon, across the sea. the island provides a place for you to contemplate
your most personal thoughts, wants and desires, and also provides peace.
you step onto the solid wooden jetty, walking up to the boat that will drive you to tranquility.
scanning the land from which you came, you make peace with all that you see, and climb
onto the boat. looking back, as the boat departs, the white
wash of the motors beneath, trail back to shore, over the gentle waves and splay out
as they fade from view. the blue sky becomes larger, as you begin
to see the bigger picture. the mainland, where all that you know inhabits,
starts to be distant, the further you travel away and edge closer to the island destination.
at this moment, feel inside and within, which images of your life you see more apparent,
as you watch them shrink out of sight. these are the important areas of your life,
that need nurturing or perhaps, changing. turning slowly around, towards the front of
the boat, you let those images automatically fade off, and the emotions that you felt melt
down with your muscles. at this point, you are commited to changing
your life for the better. making the decision to take this journey takes
courage, stepping out of your comfort zone is where you will find positive change, you
know deep down inside it is the only way that you can be true to yourself.
as you look ahead, a tiny island grows before your very eyes, as you get closer, you begin
to see details. in the distance, palm trees fade into view,
on a white sandy beach that looks untouched and uninhabited.
behind the palm trees is a vast and dense forest of green lushious trees, that reach
up high into the sky. a waterfall spills out from the rock formation
at the front of this island oasis, onto the ocean below. this place is like nothing you
have ever seen. edging closer to the shore, just the sight
of everything you see brings comfort to your mind, as you relax down more and more.
reaching shore, your boat docks at the side of some large rocks that extend out into the
clear sea water. you wonderously exit out of the boat and onto
a surprisngly very warm white sandy beach, as your feet touch the fine grains below,
a wave catches your ankles. being wamrer than expected, your whole body
waits for the next gentle roll of clear, clean and sooothing warm ocean water.
again, your feet and ankles feel relief, allowing your shoulders to drop down to a state of
fully letting go. taking steps forward to explore this peaceful
haven, your feet continue to experience a deep relaxation as the sand massages in between
your toes, and up, over the top of each foot.
scouting with your eyes, the land you see before you is soft and gentle on your inner
being, helping you to remian present and calm. there is nothing but the gentle lapping sound
of the small stroking waves that unobtrusively reach out to the shore.
you watch as the boat heads back to the land from which you came, fading out of sight,
and blending in with the vast ocean ahead. now quiet and even more calmer, you are now
alone with your true thoughts and feelings, and also able to recognise how at peace you
really are. be one with yourself for a moment, cherish
inside, every sense of being one with your inner being and this beautiful island. now, feeling a little more rested, taking
this moment for yourself is doing wonders for your well being.
you head away from the drifting water that meets the soft white sand, up to where the
palm trees line the beginnings of the beach. as you walk, your feet absorb every calming
effect that the fine grains of the beach massage you with.
under one of the palm trees, you decide to sit, sheilded from the warm heat of the sun,
and facing out to sea. your legs feel tired, heavy with relief as
you cross them, and your shoulders ease out from your neck muscles.
with your hands on your lap, you look out over the blue clear ocean, toward the mainland,
gazing far and wide. beginnig to day dream about your wants and
desires of life, you relax more. just imagine what life would be like for you,
to achieve living in that more positive way, choosing the people you want around, the places
that mean something to you, and the accomplishments you would like to
gain. right now, you have left behind everything,
it is all on the mainland, even anything of a negative nature, here you can start again.
looking across the ocean, in your minds eye, only see the things that would benefit your
true self. from the people that encourage, create trust
and champion you, to the things that you would like to do.
perhaps you want to complete a project of sorts, change your career, or better your
life in some other way, see it in your mind, right now. to accomplish all of this, the lines of communication
between your true self and the outside world need to be opened.
communicating your true feelings to someone else is beneficial in every way. if you do
not assert your thoughts, then no one will truly know how you feel.
it could be that you find it hard to say no to people, giving up precious time tht could
be spent on your own life. saying yes to things that your heart is not
connecting with, will keep you from strving twards your own goals, dont forget that there
could be someone else who could be the yes person, who would like
to do it. doing things for the right reason, and that
is your happiness and fulfillment should be your first priority.
so, imagine the people on the mainland, across the ocean, that positively connect with you
on most levels. being with and being surrounded by positive
people will gain you energy, lift your spirits and thrust your confidence forward.
negative people have the tendancy to drain that much needed energy, so now imagine your
life, with only the positive people around you.
a weight feels like it has been lifted, remember, you can say no to things, it does not mean
you are a bad person or should feel guilty. next, think of where you would like your life
to head. examine the path to that goal, which or what people need to be part of your journey
for you to make it there.
along the way to your destination, you will meet with resistance, but with the practice
of visualising that destination, you will become unflappable, shedding
negaitivity along the way. now think of the routines you have. do you
make time for yourself? spending time by yourself is important to
implement positive changes inside, this is where you realise the true you. what you want
out of life, and achieving it in a way that doesnt compromise your intergrity.
allowing small amounts of time to be consumed with just being present help you to gain perspective,
harvesting patience and re enforcing the path you
wish to take. looking at the mainland in the distance, across
the ocean again, ask yourself, is the path you wish to follow being considered by all
and everything that inhabits the land you see before you?
if not, then, what changes need to be made? there may be some difficult choices to make,
once you get back to the other shore, but in the end, the benefits outweigh the negatives,
if you think in a positive way, and one that accepts give and
take, then you cannot go wrong. sticking to facts, and again being present
helps to let you make informed decisions. changing anything is always a foreign experience,
and once you begin to make positive changes, the habit will reward you with signs that
propel you along your journey.
to become that happier version of yourself, anything unfinished needs to be completed.
have you noticed tension and stress from incomplete circumstances,
this is where your energy is spent. complete these things and your energy will soar, propeling
you further along your path. take a moment for yourself, to just ponder
over any thoughts that may pass. now, it is time to go back to the mainland,
there, you will begin to implement the workings out of your journey, that ultimately satisfies
your inner well being.
taking everything of a postivie nature back with you, you board the boat, once again.
as the boat rides the ocean, you feel determined in your quest for true happiness and look
forward to the doors that open from being your true real
self. feeling content, you look forward in anticipation
and are now ready to reveal the true you.

Otis Rodgers



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