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Geydar Dzhemal: Is Islam a religion of war?

Discourse The Eternal Rome of the Western Civilization
Opinion of Geydar Dzhemal Generally speaking, it’s interesting how it is constantly being brought up that Islam is a religion of war, that it was spread by sword, what is more, this topic is not being raised by Indians or the Chinese well, shall we say, Indians could probably raise this question because back in the days, the Timurids, the descendants of Tamerlan the lame a great Turkic Dynasty it conquered India and established a regime of the Great Mughals a monarchy, a great Empire wonderful and existing for a few centuries before the arrival of the English. But when these talks are coming from Europe I just get lost before this volume of hypocrisy, impudence and ignoring of the commonly known facts. Well, as it is known, all main wars come from Europe from Europe comes the conquest of the world and the creation of great colonial empires, from Europe comes the genocide of autochthonous peoples The Europeans destroyed dozens of millions of Indians in South as well as North America. I’m not even talking about Australia I’m not talking about Tasmania the entirety of the natives of Tasmania were wiped out I’m not talking about Africa I’m not talking about the slave trade, a giant export, about 10 millions of people were shipped as slaves into the United States. Alright, these are the colonial wars, and what about the wars in Europe? When During the Thirty Years in Germany an eyewitness described that one could ride in South Germany for weeks without seeing one person just carrion crows and dead bodies. Such were the European wars take for example the 20th century, the age of civilization, liberalism, culture. Two most destructive wars, with dozens of millions dying in the first war holocaust, and more than 100 millions in the second war (Though Dzhemal doesn’t believe in holocaust – Paul Lefebvre) some say that the number is much bigger than 100 taking into consideration the uncounted real casualties of the Soviet Union (The real casualties of the USSR after the WW2 were never fully counted, many more graves and casualties are being found each year – Paul Lefebvre) What is more, all white, European, Christian nations took part in that war, they were fighting among themselves and they were fighting against Asia in the face of Japan. And against this background, to say that Islam is a religion of war when the serious war the most serious war in the Islamic world was a series of local conflicts between the Ottoman Empire and Shiite Iran after the year 1500 well, the conquest of India which led to the creation of a completely new civilization, the Great Mughals,a very colorful, very bright, very interesting one, which still remains an indelible mark in the common Indian civilization of that subcontinent. What more wars? The thing is, there is a very interesting moment, many are wondering why the Asian states possessing a big potential possessing technologies ahead of everyone at that moment of time, for example those like China those like Japan did not create colonial empires Back in the day, when the Portuguese and some Dutch landed on the Japanese islands and familiarized themselves with Japan they were terrified, around the year 1500. Because on these islands lived 20 millions of disciplined people with a Samurai class possessing military technologies and a level of war-craft that Europe had nothing to contrast with. It was an ethnical monolith, they were building stone cities, they were all literate, They had technologies that included firearms which existed in China and Japan since the 12th century, incidentally. That is, to put it shortly, there were as much Japanese as all Europeans, except all Europeans were divided, unsanitary, all extremely localized, and still didn’t extirpate feudalism and fragmentation. Why? Not only did Japan not conquer Europe, but it didn’t even colonize the empty Australia. The only problem of colonization that existed before that same Japan was Korea, which they could not colonize before the end of the 19th century. They factually lost the war against a little Korea. The same could be asked of China, how did the mighty China, with a population that was twice as big than the European already by 1820, with GDP that accounted to 33% of the world in China, Do you understand? In other words, China produced more than the United States ever produced of world GDP in their best time, in 1820. Why didn’t China use its technological, economic, human and other superiority? Well and at last, it is completely incomprehensible why the Islamic world, which had absolutely all possibilities to use its superiority, did not conduct Islamic campaigns real Islamic campaigns in Europe, did not islamize Europe in the 10th, 11th and 12th century. Islam was only in South France and Spain but the superiority of the Islamic world remained until the year 1800, only in 1800 the production per capita in Europe matched that of the Ottoman Empire. That is, it catched up to the Ottoman Empire economically in the time of Napoleon. There were crusades, Islam fought defensively, Why wasn’t it the other way around, so to speak? I will explain. Because in actual fact What does really annoy the Europeans? The Europeans are being irritated by the fact that Islam is the only civilization that dynamically spread throughout all Eurasia and blocked the advancement of the Western colonialism That is, broke the backs of the Western colonialism everywhere where it was possible China was neutralized, practically wiped off the face of earth. Factually At the beginning of the 20th century, it was absolutely shrinked from opium, neutralized economically, absolutely the messengers of the European powers walked into the palace of the Chinese Emperor without wiping their feet stood before him with their hands on hips , and just didn’t care a hoot. While the ritual there, the ceremony of the Chinese court was one of the most fastidious of all existing monarchies. And the Islamic world was in that huge human sea the only core which did not let the West walk free as it wanted to. And that caused a ferocious hatred, right there Islam became a religion of war. That is, these people walked everywhere, the Europeans, they trampled everyone, they destroyed everything, but they stumbled over the Near and Middle East. Four times their face was smashed in Afghanistan the toughest power of the Western history Great Britain. And of course Islam became a religion of war. And in reality when they refer to Christianity being a religion of peace this is utmost cynicism mixed in with utmost ignorance. First of all, the main tradition of Europe is not the tradition of Christianity. It is the Roman tradition it was Roman and it remained Roman. You can go to Washington, and you will see all signs of Roman power. The capitol, the senate, all attributes of Rome, so to speak. They call themselves outright Rome, they consider themselves Rome. Europe openly, absolutely consider itself a derivant of Rome and Rome is all about aggression, colonial expansion and suppressing the surrounding peoples. Rome was building its empire with fire and sword 2000 years ago in the time of Christ. Nothing changed But whenever they get beaten, they begin to scream, Islam is a religion of war. Cynics and hypocrites.

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    Historically illiterate, let us not forget the massacres carried out by the Mughals and Ottomans some of which were genocide.