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GOD OF WAR Old Vs. New (2005 Vs. 2018) (React: Gaming)

– I almost dropped this Cheeto.
– Ah! – You landed right on his back. – (screaming) – I’m gonna die! – (FBE) After the stream,
head over to Twitch.tv/FBELive where you can watch all
of our past streams for free and tune in this week to see
two generations finish Dream Daddy. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – God of War?
The new one or the old one? – Oh, Jesus Christ.
This is actually a game that I missed out on
when I was a kid. – Guy named Kratos,
he’s basically the ultimate warrior. He kills tons of gods,
but in the new game, he has a son and basically
he’s training his son to be the warrior that he was. – (FBE) Today, we’re going
to have you play the original God of War,
released in 2005. – That was still a good one. – Definitely graphics quality
is going to be hella rough. – (FBE) And the latest
God of War that just came out. – Yes!
You’re gonna compare, right? Yes, thank you so much. – I am so ready, guys. – Oh. – (Kratos) The gods of Olympus
have abandoned me. – Why? – There’s no character
that looks like that in any new games
that come out. This is what it looks like
in the first draft of the game. – (Kratos) Now there is no hope.
– The flip flops. That’s not good battle shoes. – (narrator) Cast himself
from the highest mountain in all of Greece. – Why?
Why would you do that? – Hopefully.
– (narrator) Death will be his escape from madness.
– Oh, to try to kill himself. – “Three weeks earlier.
The Aegean Sea.” – (Kratos) I will send you back
to the depths of Hades. – Yeah, PS2. – Oh, am I supposed
to fight now? Oh, okay, okay. – Oh God, I haven’t played
a game this fun in a while. You’re just merking these guys. – Oh my God, guys. – (FBE) Now that you’ve got
the hang of the controls, we’re gonna jump you
straight to the first boss. – All right.
Let’s do this. – Let’s do this.
I mean, I just hate how you can’t move the camera.
It kinda has that Mario feel to it. – That’s my life.
That’s my magic meter, I’m guessing. – I gotta climb.
Gotta climb, Kratos, climb. – Oh, cutscene.
– (man) Back, back. Get them away from the ship!
– Oh, it’s the giant dragon thing. – Oh, so we’re killing this guy.
Oh. – Look, there’s a key.
Damn, but if they eat him, there’s no point. – (man) Save me.
– That’s a wrap. – Guys, if one didn’t seem
like enough, I gotta go– no, three?
That is three. – How do you even attack?
Do I have to jump go up– oh, whoa!
All right. Oh, okay.
I can still hit him. – You got this, you got this.
Oh, you wanna play me? Oh, he’s breathing me over
to the other one. Wow, teamwork. – Oh, wait a minute.
Wait a minute. Ooh, they can push
that in. – Oh, I learned, okay.
I learned how to kill him. Now I gotta go drag
that chain down onto him. – Oh, okay.
And then we’re gonna pierce him, okay.
There we go, wow. – Bye, bitch.
Ka-splat. You done died, kid. – Okay, I need to climb up
this, I think. – Just jump up here.
Okay, dang. – Holy [bleep]!
How are you supposed to even hit this guy?
Oh okay, I hit his tongue. – I’m afraid I’m gonna
fall off this ledge. – Ah!
He got mad. – Yeah, that’s right.
Ah, ah, oh wait. Time attacks. – Come on, come on.
That’s a baby workout. – Oh, oh my God.
I’m a God, literally. Time attacks.
Break. Oh, oh, okay.
So the pole’s starting to come off. – Come on.
I’m pissed off. I’m literally fed up with this. – Circle. Just die!
All right, there we go. – Thank the lord.
You are dying. Yes. – 60th circle.
Smash his stupid eyeballs into the giant spike. – Come on, keep hitting circle,
keep hitting circle. Ah! – This is where I’m gonna fail,
’cause– oh, oh, this is so sick.
Oh, this is so sick. Oh my God,
that was so sick. – Jeez, that’s gnarly. – All right, now let’s go
get the key. – Ew, ew. – (man) Help me!
– How is this guy still alive? – Oh, he’s actually
helping someone. – Push him down,
take the key. – I didn’t come for you.
– (Kratos) I didn’t come back for you.
– I knew it! I came for the key. – Wow, he could have
saved him. – Dude, that was so much fun. – It’s still sick.
I mean, even with these graphics, it’s
still dope, but the new one, I can’t wait to play it. – Oh, it looks so good.
What up, little dude? – Hello little–
you have hair. You’re not my child.
Okay, we go in here? – I don’t know how
I feel about this. It’s so much different
and I feel like it takes away a huge
aspect of the game. – Are we hunting?
Oh. – (Atreus) Can I have
my bow back now? – (Kratos) Can you hit it
from here? – I don’t think he can.
Look at these graphics. – (Atreus) We should get closer.
– Oh my God. – I feel like he should have
taught him to shoot it from there. – (Atreus) You never
wanted to take me. – Oh. – He’s so cute.
– (Kratos) It was her wish. And it was time.
– Okay. Oh, he said okay
at the same time. That scared me. – He seems so dark.
This whole thing. – This is a beautiful forest.
See, already like I was saying, obviously you’re gonna see
the graphics get a lot better, but it’s crazy. – (Atreus) Father.
– Yes, we got this. Let’s go get that deer, son. – (Kratos) Wait for my mark.
– Yes, father. Kid’s got a tat. – Boy, I got you.
Ha ha. – (Atreus) I got it.
– I got it. I love how you can also
control the son, too. – It’s kinda sad,
but as long as they eat it, it’s okay. – It was so pretty.
Is that what deer look like? Aw, we gotta put it
out of its misery. – No, no.
We’re sorry. – Oh my gosh, okay.
No, don’t do it. – The poor deer is suffering.
He’s all hesitating. – (Atreus) I can’t.
– Then why’d you shoot it in the first place?
Come on, together. – Teaching him a valuable
lesson? Now he knows his actions
have consequences. – I can’t, okay.
Aw, he’s trying to be all sweet. – You can really feel
the love. – But he’s trying to connect.
God, this game already got me in the feels!
How did that even happen? – Oh, oh.
You did not just hit my son. – That was our meal, bro.
You know how long it took us to find that deer? – (Atreus) We’re gonna
fight that? – (Kratos) We have no choice.
– We’re gonna fight that? Of freaking course we are. – Throw it at your
stupid face. Oh, that didn’t do any–
oh God, shoot him. – Oh shoot, I didn’t lock in.
If you move too fast, this is going to–
there’s little spots I know to hit him,
but okay. – Oh my God.
Yeah, I need life. Okay.
Wow. No time to chill, man. – Okay.
Oh my God, okay. Move, move, move, move.
Keep going. – Oh, he’s down, he’s down,
he’s down. Oh, R3, R3. – We gonna crack his
neck open, bro? This reminds me of
Mortal Kombat, those finishing moves, bro. – Oh wow, the deaths
are almost as brutal as the first one. – (Atreus yells)
That’s what you get! You’re nothing to me!
– Okay. He’s got some issues. – Oh God, he’s just
a little kid. – (Kratos) You are not ready.
– Yeah, he’s not. – Yeah, I gotta give him
an MVP award for this fight, bro. He took a lot of the hits
for me. – If he was my dad,
– (Kratos) You are not ready. – I would’ve just been done. – (FBE) So, that’s where
we’re gonna stop you, Tom. – No, no, no, no, no,
but you said you’re gonna give me $70 though
to get this game, right? – God of War is life.
When you see those cutscenes man, it gives you chills. – It’s crazy how far
technology has come. Just what you can do
in the game and it’s amazing that a game
is still popular that was made 13 years ago
that people still want a new one. – Thanks for watching us
play God of War on the React Channel. – Subscribe if you dare. – Goodbye everyone.
We’ll see you next time. – Hey guys, Mark here,
producer at the React Channel. Thanks so much for watching
this episode. Now, I need you to head over
to Twtich.tv/FBELive and give us a follow,
then tune in Wednesday and Thursday at 1 PM
Pacific Standard Time so you can see us finish
Dream Daddy with the teens, college kids,
and elders. See you guys there.

Otis Rodgers



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